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‘’Why is she wearing my hoodie?’’

A/N: Here is just another fluff bomb for you all, hope you it! Please let me know what you think. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky tries to figure out the reason behind his missing hoodie one day, relishing in the idea that might be a win-win situation for both of you.. but what might that lead to? 

Warnings: Fluff overload

Word count: 3745

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It all started out innocently enough, on a monday evening after a return home from a particularly difficult mission. Your feet brushed against the cold kitchen tiles, a shiver trailing through your body as you made your way to the fridge for a late night snack. You grabbed a plate of brownies, showing the fridge close with your elbow before making your way to the television room.

You were surprised to find it empty, smiling to yourself as you relished in the idea of being able to pick a movie for once as you planted yourself on the couch. You placed the plate on the sofa table, bringing a brownie to your mouth as you browsed through the selection available on Netflix until you found something of your liking. Another shiver trailed down your spine, your body being tired and drained of energy from the mission and you reached over to the blanket at and brought it over your legs. Your eyes landed on a grey hoodie, figuring it was Steve’s you contently threw it over your shoulders and enjoyed the warmth and smell of the large garment that covered your figure.

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Peter Parker/Spiderman x reader 

               ⚓  PART 2   (+350 notes)  

               ⚓  PART 3   (+300 notes)

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x reader

Tom Holland x reader

Draco Malfoy x reader

Sirius Black x reader

             ⚓  PART 2 (+250 notes)

Shawn Mendes x reader

  • “Too tired” - Shawn stays up late to finish one of his songs and a very sleepy y/n comes to check on him. (+2,6k notes gUYS!!!)
  • “By the time we get there” - Shawn and y/n promised to come to this one party and he kinda breaks the promise. (+300 notes)

Park Jimin x reader

champagne kisses {b.b}

summary: bucky hates tony’s parties. so, (y/n) decides to cheer him up a bit with a hot tub and champagne, just for the two of them.
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
word count: 3.6k
listen to: stargirl interlude - the weeknd, lana del rey
warnings: PURE FILTHY SMUT, language
notes: posting this before new years bc i just really wanted to share this with you guys also as a present for 1k followers!! like holy shit!! thank you guy?!?!! :)

Tony’s New Year parties are legend, for multiple reasons, but this year is even more so than usual. Besides the copious amount of alcohol that, more often than not, leads to a complete contrast of morals, Tony goes out of his way to ensure that there are all kinds of crazy forms of entertainment available. 

When one is drunk enough, even the bouncy house smashed into the corner looks fun. (Y/N) is used to these parties. She’s been with the Avengers for several months now and Tony’s over the top celebrations hardly even faze her at this point. The same cannot be said about the latest member of their group though.

Bucky Barnes looks utterly lost. He’s been downing shots like a broken record for the past hour, though he’s as sober as he’d been when he buttoned up that impeccable suit and fumbled to make the tie look presentable. His super soldier qualities apparently don’t make it easy for him to get drunk, because any normal person who be stone cold by now. “Hi, soldier,” she greets, sidling up to him with a smile. He gives her a forlorn, ‘what-am-I-doing-here?’ look and she laughs. When she peers at the shot he’s currently cradling between three fingers, though, she starts coughing. “Is that Patrón? Jesus, how do you not have alcohol poisoning by now?” she mutters to herself, and quickly intercepts the shot before he can down it.

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Bucky Barnes:

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Bucky Barnes headcanons: Little intimate things

Here’s my Peter Parker version!

I don’t own Bucky Barnes or anything else from the Marvel universe!

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  • First of all, Bucky is an early riser
  • Decades of brainwashing can’t get rid of his army habits
  • Sometimes he’ll wake you up with breakfast in bed, but most of the time he’ll have gone for a run by the time you wake up
  • On the rare occasion of you both having a lie-in, he still wakes up first but takes the time to just watch you sleeping
  • He loves the peaceful expression on your face, and the way you unconsciously move towards him if he tries to get out of bed
  • Yours and Bucky’s morning routine together has been mastered to a fine art
  • He gets back from his run and has a shower, meanwhile you drag yourself out of bed and make him a coffee
  • Then, you get in the shower whilst he’s shaving (he decided a while ago to ditch the beard, you’re not sure how to feel about it)
  • He’s cut himself shaving a few times because he can see your silhouette dancing around behind the shower curtain and he can’t help but laugh
  • You have a habit of singing in the shower, and he’s started joining in with you whilst he shaves
  • He knows now not to laugh at your attempts to reach high notes, because the one time he did he had a shampoo bottle thrown with deadly accuracy at the back of his head


  • You and Bucky are the ultimate power couple on missions
  • You’ve mastered the art of fighting back to back, and you’re so in tune with the other’s movements that you may as well be one person
  • It’s not uncommon for you to swap weapons during the fight; you’ll feel your pistol being taken from your belt at the same time as you sneak one of Bucky’s knives from his boot, both of you knowing that you’ll swap back later
  • Contrary to popular belief, you’re not actually very protective over each other
  • You both know the other’s capabilities, and know that it’s better not to try and play the hero by sacrificing yourself
  • You do, however, have a competition going on how many times you’ve saved each other’s asses
  • You’re winning
  • After missions, you patch each other up on the Quinjet
  • You know exactly how to care for each other, for example he knows that he needs to catch you by surprise with any injections, and you know that you need to tell him where you’re going to touch him before you do so that he doesn’t get a fright, especially if it’s around his amputation wound
  • Once you’re both patched up, if you’re both capable of standing, you share a shower
  • There’s nothing sexual about it; you just stand in each other’s arms, coming down from the adrenaline of the mission and letting the warm water soothe your aches and pains


  • You and Bucky love dancing together
  • If you cook together, you always have music on and dance around the kitchen together
  • You’ll go from slow-dancing to Frank Sinatra to both of you shaking your hips to Shakira within five minutes
  • He loves trying to get you to dance like he did in the old days, and doesn’t so much as wince when you stand on his feet


  • Your hands are Bucky’s lifelines
  • Whenever he’s anxious or scared or insecure, he reaches for your hand
  • He prefers you to hold his right hand, not because he’s scared of the left one, but because he needs to be able to feel you holding him
  • Bucky always has your fingers laced together if he’s holding your hand, he needs to be as close to you as possible
  • He loves how you always seem to know a second before he does that he needs to hold your hand, and you’ll take his hand wordlessly with a reassuring smile just for him
  • When he needs to ground himself, he traces the lines of your hand for ages
  • He has the pattern memorised, and even finds himself doodling it on official reports he really shouldn’t doodle on


  • Bucky’s kisses are breathtaking
  • He puts all of his feelings into every single one
  • When he kisses you, he has to be holding your cheek with at least one hand (but it’s usually both)
  • He loves kissing you when you’re smiling, so much so that he worked out how to use the internet just so that he could find cheesy jokes to tell you before kissing you
  • There are routine kisses, like before he goes for a run when he leaves a kiss on your forehead, or when he wordlessly presents his cheek for a kiss before you go out
  • Kisses when one of you gets back from a mission are intense
  • Even if you’re not overprotective of each other, you know that the odds aren’t great of you both making it home some days
  • When Bucky gets home from a mission, he literally lifts you off your feet to kiss you
  • When you’re having a bad day, you’ll go and find Bucky just to wrap your arms around his neck and press a kiss to his lips
  • He can tell you’re sad, so he kisses you back softly, nuzzling his nose against yours and holding your waist gently
  • After a kiss from Bucky, it’s pretty hard to be sad

A/N: Feedback in my ask would mean the world! Have a wonderful week, you deserve it!

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I Wish it was you


“he looks a little raggy but he’s okay.” Shuri said as she took you to the hut. a beautiful man with one arm exited it, seeing you and stopping to stare. 

“hi.” you said, approaching the man with a smile, “i’m Y/N, seems the world needs you again Mr. Barnes.” 


“okay, listen man, you’ve been away from most people for a while but you gotta know,” Shuri said after pulling Bucky aside, “staring at a woman like that?! dont be so obvious man!”

“she’s beautiful.” Bucky stated.

“true. you know it. i know it. we all know it. but you have got to pull yourself together!” Shuri said, shaking his arm, “and i am going to help you get a date with her. you’re my new project.”


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Safe House

Originally posted by violet-blur

AN: Y'all, this starts out super angsty but it does get super domestic and fluffy in the second half, I promise. This is also me being selfish and letting myself write a story with pups. 

When a mission goes south, you make it a personal mission to make your boyfriend Bucky Barnes see the light at the end of the tunnel by taking him to your safe house. 

words; 3505

Your hand reached across the granite countertop in the Avengers compound to reach your ringing phone that was ringing only a foot away. You shoved a mouthful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch into your mouth and shoved your recent mission reports away as you glance at who had been calling you. 

Steve Rogers. 

Your brows furrowed in confusion and you glanced over to the calendar taped to the fridge— Wanda, Bucky, and Steve weren’t due back for another three days from their mission, so as a result, your heartbeat picked up in anticipation. You slid your finger across the screen and were met with the sound of raspy breathing on the other line. 

“Steve?” You asked, mouth still full with your breakfast. You and he had gotten close since you had joined, and had grown even closer since you had begun your relationship with Bucky— so formalities weren’t too much of a concern for you both. 

“Y/N,” he began. His voice was laced with pain, and the effort of which he spoke sent chills run down your spine. “The mission didn’t go to plan, and we’re on our way home. I’m just calling you to tell you—“ His voice cut off as if he was looking around him for anyone that could be listening. 

“To tell you that Bucky is going to be blaming himself for this one. I don’t want to tell you what happened over the phone, but we found some things out that could mean bigger things for us.” Your eyelids fluttered closed and your fingers came to rest delicately on your forehead. You welcomed their cold touch as they calmed your suddenly feverish skin. 

“Get home soon, Stevie. I’ll be here for him.”

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The Ink of My Heart

Summary: Prompt 51 for @rotisserierogers ‘s writing challenge: A tattoo artist gives clients tattoos that determine their fate 

Pairing: Tattoo Artist/Alchemist!Bucky x Reader 

Word Count: 2824 Words

Warnings: Fluff, angst in the form of physical pain and being scared

Notes: This is pretty cute, but I’m so sleepy that I dunno anymore ahaha, sorry this is late Kumi!

Permanent Tags are OPEN | masterlist

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“Nattie, I’m fucking terrified. Is this even legal?” You’re gripping her hand so tight that you’re sure that you’re crushing her bones.

She gives you a withering look, before pulling up her sleeve. “It works, every time, guaranteed. Look at mine. Perfectly passive, and it’s gotten me my dream job and boyfriend.”

Your eyes linger over the highly detailed tattoo on her bicep, before looking back up at her. “You sure that this guy won’t use his…tattoo powers to murder me?”

She snorts, leaning against the brick wall. “He’s not allowed to do that, he doesn’t know what he’s casting but they can’t involve death or illness. Well…maybe illness, but there’ll be a good outcome. He sort of has a selection of objects, and you choose them, and they’re meant to influence your tattoo’s meaning. People don’t know what they’re getting, but in the end, it’ll be something that they’ve wanted for a while.”

“Do you know how sketchy that sounds?” You cross your arms, heart running wild with panic and oh shit this is a horrible idea isn’t it-

“Shut up, you’ll be fine,” Nat snatches your hand and marches you towards the door of the building, “you can’t miss your designated appointment, he stores his magic up for each client.”

“So what is he? A wizard? Like, from Harry Potter?” The bell tinkles as you enter the waiting room area. You take a brief look around, taking in the modern interior, with succulents on benches and plant pots dangling from the ceilings. There’s nothing ‘magic’ to this, what with fluffy blankets on the arms of the sofas, and industrial light bulbs casting a glow over the room.

“I’d prefer the word ‘alchemist,’ but you can call me a wizard if you want.” A voice says behind you, and you shriek, whipping around instantly.

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Marvel Writing Masterlist

Infinity war imagines have Infinity war written next to them because spoilers!!!! - feedback always appreciated!! - Thanks for reading and hope everyone recovers from Infinity war even tho I don’t think I ever will.

Bucky Barnes

Temporary Bliss

Never caught a feeling this hard

Mornings with Bucky

i’m just a sucker for pain

Looking after him

NSFW alphabet

Only fools fall for you   Part 2

Your heartbeat of solid gold - Infinity war

Tell me you love me, even if you don’t

I’ll be waiting for you - Infinity war

Breaking me

I want to have control

Steve Rogers

The wedding guest

I can’t quit you (part 1)

I can’t quit you (part 2)

To the very last

Trust in you (Part 1)

Trust in you (Part 2)

Trust in you (Part 3)

Will you still love me when no one want’s me around

Somebody else



Too in love to let it show

When it feels like the worlds gone mad - Infinity war

I was always there (Part 1)  (Part 2)  - Infinity war

Peter Parker

Don’t give me space

Dr Strange

Lay me down - Infinity war

Loki Laufeyson

I fall apart - Infinity war

Thor Odinson

Weight of the Universe - Infinity war


My Star- Lord - Infinity war

“Creampuff Heist”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky wants to smuggle a dog out of the shelter but needs the help of someone who has experience carrying out a heist.

A/N: please remember it’s the owner who raises the dogs to be evil and aggressive, not the dog itself! - j. x

Bucky plops onto the cement in a heavy but swift manner. He wiggles his flesh fingers through the small holes of the chainlink gate, trying his best to get closer to the pitbull behind the gate.

When (Y/N) suggested he volunteer at the animal shelter as part of his therapy routine, Bucky grunted his reluctant approval. Truth be told, he initially didn’t have any interest in animal shelters and only agreed because he wanted to make (Y/N) smile.

But that all changed on his second day of volunteering, because for the second time in his life, Bucky Barnes fell in love.

Acting on instructions to check every water bowl, Bucky was making his way around the shelter when he made eye contact with a blue nose pitbull with scars running across her face. Both super-soldier and canine warily stared at each other, fatigue shining from both of their eyes, their posture a bit slouched.

The pitbull took the first step of courage, carefully padding to the chainlink gate barricading her from freedom. Her soulful eyes never breaking contact with his blue ones, the canine stuck out her muzzle to the best of her ability and licked his hand. And just like that, Bucky’s heart melted.

Her previous owners called her Scarface, but Bucky calls her Creampuff.

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I Don’t Touch Just Anyone

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Just fluff

Word Count: 2600+

Request: “You do requests, right? (Good god I hope so) What about an enhanced reader x good ol’ Buckster? Where they have a love-hate relationship and he just teases the reader relentlessly but it’s like pure flirtatious borderline threats? I live for fluff pls (Hopefully that also made sense…)” @not-reptilian

 A/N: Okay so I know I said I was taking a break(break what’s that?) but I found sometime in my schedule and managed to whip this up between my classes and school work. I also needed a pick me up after Infinity War. I hope that you all enjoy this! Like and reblog, let me know!! ❤️❤️

 The gif isn’t mine, credit to the owner.

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

“Hey, doll.”

Y/N rolled her eyes at the cursed nickname, ignoring the familiar light touch on her shoulder. Bucky passed behind her seat at the bar, fingers skimming along her back from shoulder to shoulder. She huffed and shook his off finger. Bucky just chuckled, a smirk spreading across his face. Y/N glared at him over her shoulder for a moment before turning back to her cereal bowl.

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine this morning.” He drawled, reaching to grab a coffee mug from the cupboard. Her gaze narrowed at his chipper tone, eyes trailing along his broad back while watching his muscle move under the white tank. Unconsciously, she tugged her lower lip between her teeth, worrying the skin. Just because she might find him insufferable half the time, it didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate the perfect human specimen he was. Unfortunately for her, she also wasn’t the subtlest person in the world.

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How Y’All Dance (Avengers Preference)

Hey guys! I know I said I’d be writing more but I haven’t posted anything! I was out of the country for a little bit and then went on a family vaction, but I am back! I know this isn’t a full blown one shot, but it’s better than nothing (And I had so many ideas sooo!)

I hope this is what you had in mind and that you like it! If not please let me know and I can try again!(:


Tony Stark:

Most people would think Tony liked to dance like he’s at the club. Your back pressed close to his front as you swayed mindlessly to the beat. However, Tony’s favorite way to dance with you was ballroom style. His parents had forced him through cotillion when he was younger and the art of ballroom dancing had not been wasted on him. Tony loved the way he got to twirl you around the dance floor, making you feel like a princess. He enjoyed the way everyone would stare at you as if you were the most beautiful person in the room (because you were, especially in that stunning dress Nat picked out for you). But most of all Tony loved the way he got to look into your eyes as he made you laugh and drew you closer.

Steve Rogers:

Steve was not much of a dancer. Sure he had gone to clubs, and (never, ever tell Tony this but) even took a few lessons throughout the city, but Steve just couldn’t dance. On undercover missions he was actually forbidden from dancing in order to prevent another Johannesburg incident. But in the quiet of you guys’ apartment, whether on a lazy Sunday afternoon or the middle of a Tuesday night, Steve would hold you close as y’all swayed aimlessly. Sometimes you would have the radio playing modern music (from Ed Sheeran to Beyonce), sometimes Steve would be listening to his old records, and sometimes there would be no music at all. Steve would hold you as close as he could and slowly sway around the living room, your head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat, while he placed soft kisses to the top of your head. 

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky loved dancing like he had back in the 40′s. At first his memory was a little hazy but after watching a few videos and trying it out a few times Bucky realized his muscles remembered exactly what to do even if his brain didn’t. Bucky loved the feeling of getting to go somewhere and feel like he fit in. To be perfectly in sync with those around him as he melted into the music with the perfect partner. He loved the chance to impress you with his moves as he spun you around before pulling you in close again, giving you little winks or short kisses on the forehead or nose, before spinning you out again. Bucky also couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the fact that for once when people were staring at him wide eyed and open mouthed they were staring in awe of his skills and in jealousy of the beautiful dame he had with him.

Bruce Banner:

Bruce was hands down the most awkward dancer you had ever seen in your entire life. Every time you guys tried dancing it ended up with your toes being stepped on (and once you even got a bloody nose when Bruce accidentally got off beat during a line dance and his hand hit you square in the face). But for some strange reason Bruce was really good at square dancing. Clint had dragged you guys to square dancing in Bryant Park one day and while Bruce had been reluctant at first he was surprisingly very good. It probably helped that he was getting constant instructions on what to do while also getting to follow what everyone around him as doing. Whatever it was, Bruce was soon taking you to as many square dances as he could find, loving the fact that he was able to take you dancing and NOT have to patch you up afterwards.

Clint Barton:

You name a dance and Clint could do it. He could two-step, waltz, foxtrot, every dance Clint had been trained to do it perfectly, able to blend into any crowd so he could go undercover. But even though he was an expert at every dance and was able to blend into any room of dancers, Clint stood out when he swept you into a tantalizing tango. He would lock his eyes with yours and lead you around the room, other couples jumping out of the way as Clint would twirl you out and bring you back in before sweeping you back so far your hair tickled the ground. If Clint was honest he had never really cared for the tango before he met you, but the old saying “it takes two to tango” had become his favorite line since finding the perfect person he wanted to tango with.

Pietro Maximoff:

Pietro loved club dancing. He loved the fast beats and the vibrations of the floor as he held you close and moved to the rhythm of the music. Pietro also enjoyed getting to hold you close and show you off. His hands would grip your hips as he pressed you close to himself as everyone around you guys shot jealous looks your way. On top of the fast music Pietro loved that he got to hold you body close, allowing him to steal kisses whenever he wanted, not having to wait to press his lips to your forehead, nose, neck, etc. While most people would say that this type of dancing was too impersonal (what with the sweaty strangers around and the music so loud you can’t hear yourself think), but that was one of Pietro’s favorite things, that he didn’t have to think about the lyrics to the music or running into the people around him, he could just get lost in you - your body and eyes and the way you made him feel like he was the luckiest man alive. 

Thor Odinson:

Thor loved the traditional ballroom dancing of Asgard. The elegant dresses that his mother would get made for you, made him beam with pride as all of Asgard stared at you with wonder. He loved getting to teach you the elegant dances of his people- happy to be teaching you something for once instead of the other way around. The rich music was just soft enough to let him hear you counting under your breath as you tried to concentrate, only for it to be broken when Thor told you how happy he was that you were here with him. Thor loved getting to show you his world- knowing that one day you would make a wonderful queen. 

Loki Laufeyson:

Loki was a very graceful dancer. His slender body was made for grace so when you first met him you would assume he enjoyed the more traditional types of dancing like his brother. However, Loki really loved line dancing. The Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, etc. For someone who usually hated “stupid Midgardian” things Loki always got a kick out of the synchronized dances. You remember the night he made you stay up so you teach him all of them (the furniture in you guys’ apartment being pushed against the walls to give you more room). Loki’s eyes would light up as he scurried to the dance floor to clap his hands and wiggle his shoulders around. After finally asking him one day why he loved it so much Loki admitted that he enjoyed blending in for once and just being in sync with those around him.

Sam Wilson:

Sam liked simple dancing. The slow swaying and shuffles seen at weddings and during slow songs at Tony’s parties. The slow movements allowed him to relax into you, not having to worry about stepping on your toes or running into other couples. And the fact that there was no real rhyme or reason to the motions meant he could focus all of his energy on talking with you. Whether y’all were joking about the people around you (leading to Sam’s favorite feeling of you laughing as you tucked your face into his chest), or you were staring into each other’s eyes as you talked about your own wedding some day. Sam just loved that he got to be with you, physically as well as emotionally and mentally as you shared those moments he would carry with him for the rest of his life.

Scott Lang:

Scott loved to do random dance parties with you- managing to make the most embarrassing dance moves ten times worse. It didn’t matter whether you were at a party with music or shopping in the middle of a crowded target, Scott would take your hand and start “dancing” like a maniac. He would do things like the sprinkler, the lawn mower, the shopping cart, anything you see awkward nerdy people doing in the corner by themselves at parties Scott had perfected as an art. You should be embarrassed but instead you would just jump right in making everyone around you either burst out laughing or look away out of second hand embarrassment. Cassie would pretend to hate it when you guys were in public but as soon as you got home she would join right in. 


T’Challa enjoyed doing the native Wakandan warrior’s dance. It was a complicated dance that looked more like a planned fight with the swift movements that brought your bodies so close, but never quite completely together- it was stunning. It had taken him months to teach you the entire thing but the finished product was worth it. It was a dance that only the Black Panther knew and T’Challa had been taught by his parents when he was growing up so you were very honored to have been taught the dance. While it wasn’t really something you could just show off at a club or one of Tony’s parties, it was something you guys did when hosting parties in Wakanda for fellow government officials. And even though countless people had asked you how to dance the beautiful ritual you knew it was a secret you would share with T’Challa until you had your own children to pass it down to.


I hope you guys liked them! I tried to make them a little longer to make up for my constant absence!

Also requests are CLOSED… BUT I have gotten a few requests for the soulmate stores so f you guys had any ideas revolving around those (for Clint, Pietro, Loki, Tony, Bruce, Scott, or T’Challa) please send them my way! I would love to hear you guys’ ideas!! Ok love y’all!(:


“so why did he choose you to show me around?” Bucky asked.

you grinned, “he said its because im ‘the happiest face in the Avengers’ and that my ‘positivity’ would be a good thing for you.” 

“but?” Bucky asked, hearing it in your voice.

“but…” you laughed, “i think he chose me because he thinks im your type, correct me if im wrong.”

you both got into the car and Bucky shook his head, “he wasnt wrong.”



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Addicted to Love


◌ Season’s greetings

Sharing a Moment (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So I wrote this whole thing out, then decided I hated it, scrapped all but two paragraphs and re-wrote the whole thing. I don’t know if it’s my best work but I tried. Hope you guys like it.

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