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Summary:Hello I’d like to request an imagine! Bucky x Reader, where she’s a young avenger, Steve and Tony’s « protégée » , really sweet and always keen on helping people, basically radiates happiness and Bucky gets really shy because of her and develops a crush on the Reader, super Fluffy! Please, thank you have a great day xx

A/N: I’m really sorry this is so late whoever requested it but I have finally got time to write so I hope you enjoy it

Y/N Y/L/N was the female version of Bucky Barnes back in the 40′s when he was simply part of the Howling commando’s an all round funny guy. A guy who spent his time in bars chatting up women with his radiating smile and cheeky jokes, he was the one who wore his Sunday bests to help Doris from down the road go shopping because her husband died in the war and now she was lonely. Bucky Barnes was everyone’s favourite man back in the war just as Y/N Y/L/N was everyone’s favourite girl today.

She had been freshly plucked out of her university course, top of her class, best they had seen in years since Pepper Potts had graduated. After the chaos of Tony Stark just randomly turning up at her door and offering to take her to lunch she had come to terms with how her brilliance would fit nicely on the team of superhero’s.

On her first day she had turned up with cupcakes and refused to take no as an answer, after gaining a smile from the one and only Natasha Romanoff her days only got better. On her fifth day Steve Rogers promised to give her self-defence lesson and turns out she was quite the natural hence why now Y/N /Y/L/N was now not only the Avengers scientist but a field agent in the making. Sam Wilson had found a personal film buddy who knew everything there was to know about Star Wars therefore instead of Y/N dragging herself ten blocks home everyday at three in the morning after a Star Wars marathon and then ten blocks back at six AM the same day she now shared a floor with none other than Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Y/N had gone from being a 20 year old, top of her class, working a dead end waitressing job and living in a tiny studio apartment too living and working with people that adored her and found her pointless facts of the day something that brightened theirs. She had a routine now that worked for everyone she came into contact with on a daily basis.


She would get up to the ringing of the American anthem blaring out of her phone, answer it and hear the wonderful voice of Steve Rogers who would have just gotten back from his run. He would tell her his getting into the elevator now with freshly cooked good from the bakery she loved, it left enough time for her to get out of bed brush her teeth and pull on workout gear. She would swing her door open in time to match Bucky’s being pulled open on the opposite side near their own little kitchen, “Morning Buck, sleep well?” Her soft voice would break the lovely morning trace and Bucky’s eyes every single morning would open to the size of saucers.


Y/N would practically crawl out of the elevator after the hour and a half training session with Steve. Every other day Bucky would be placed in the corner of the gym beating on a punching bag until it fell off its hinges, his eyes darted over every now and again and Y/N  would catch him so every time she would shot him a wave or a smile. Last time she had been a bit more daring and set a kiss his way to which he punched straight through the bag.


After her shower and a the daily dose of helping Wanda plan a date for her and Vision or an outfit that will get his attention she heads down to Tony’s lab where his usually stab himself with something or cut himself. Finally she actually gets to her work. Bucky would sulk down her end of the lab at about half past ten to sit with a large bowl of strawberries or blueberries depending on the weather and munch his way through them watching Y/N work. She would quite happily sit within close proximity of his not saying a word, joking with Tony every now and again and sometimes leaning over his metal arm to nick a bit of fruit or two. Steve had explained to her how her aura seemed to bring happiness to whoever she was around and when Bucky had been through what he had he didn’t have a lot of happiness left whilst Y/N had a lot to spare.


She would normally catch Sam for lunch just twenty minutes away from the compound where they would sit just outside and make all sorts of Star Wars references and puns. At just gone three she and him would make their way back where she would find Bucky waiting by the elevator ready to take her back to work. On the short elevator ride up she would talk about meaning less thing at him with only grunts and nods coming from him. Their ride would stop off at Bucky’s floor first where she would catch his cold arm and drag him back towards her, she places a single kiss on his check and always say “I’m here.”


Y/N’s day was always cut short by Natasha bursting in claiming a girls trip out was necessary and nearly everyday Natasha Romanoff worlds greatest spy would beg Tony to let Y/N go early. They would go out for a coffee and sit and talk about the same things they did every day. Normally Bucky would come up and Natasha would tell her about how he would get shy around her, how whenever Y/N entered a room he became silent with a hint of a smile.


Y/N and Sam would end up on the big sofa in the common area watching re-runs of friends or Everybody loves Raymond with blankets and pillows spread about the place. At about their third episode Bucky would slide in next to Y/N and rest his head on her shoulder. By the fifth Y/N would be fully submerged into Bucky’s arms, blankets up to their chins. 

A lot things went right for Y/N at the young age of 20 but Bucky was the best, she didn’t know why because she spoke a minimal of 12 words to him on a daily basis but he felt like comfort to her. He never spoke to her much more than four times a day but every time brought a little bit more of happiness to his life and as far as Y/N was concerned she was happy to give a helping hand 

I like they way this turned out whoever requested it please let me know if you liked it x

You’re My Sanctuary (Epilogue)

Summary: You have been in an abusive relationship with Tony for years, convinced that he loved you. The night you were supposed to go out with your friends, he prevented you from going. Your friend finally calls the police, tired of seeing you being controlled. Officer Bucky Barnes shows up to finally free you from this endless cycle of abuse. (Modern Police AU Bucky Barnes X Reader)

Word Count: 2,572

A/N-  I hope you’ve truly enjoyed this series, I know that I enjoyed writing it. It took me so long to figure out how I was going to include everything that I wanted to happen, and I made it work! I’m graduating tomorrow, and I’m so excited to begin my life! Also, please be my friends ;-; all of mine are moving away. Message me, and I promise you that I won’t bite.


WARNINGS: Offensive Language, Alcohol, Justice, and most importantly: Happy Ever After

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