Winter Reds - Saeran/MC

love letter to winter I. this is love letter to winter II. 💜 

word count: 1.3k

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He doesn’t quite know when his life sifted between the fingers of fate and landed in her cupped hands. He recalls scrabbling for the narrow precipice of reason he had slipped from and he remembers the bitter taste of fear as he stumbled through uncharted territory. He also knows when he had haphazardly made it into her arms– ones that had waited patiently for him.

She had greeted him with a smile that remains etched in the back of his mind, with a touch so warm it reached beyond physical means. If he were to draw her into his mind, he’d feel the warmth of her presence wrap around his heart, a well-worn blanket, and the memory like a well-loved book- words faded, pages missing, but the story remaining. It still makes him wonder why he had ever danced around the line of commitment.

Friends? Lovers?

He should have known the answer quicker, but he didn’t. She waited until he did.

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if you don’t think tony stark’s security systems aren’t programmed to announce that “winter is coming” every time bucky enters the building you’re dead wrong


Early season snow flurries at 12000 feet in the Maroon Bells wilderness, Colorado 

Last week, Glacier National Park in Montana received its first snow of the season. While it closed Going-to-the-Sun Road from St. Mary to Logan Pass for a short time, that section of the road has reopened, offering visitors as chance to enjoy a beautiful, wintery world. Photo by National Park Service.