winter's solace

“Winter Solace” – When peace reigns in the mind, one is always happy, even if external conditions are not ideal

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Winter Solangelo

I got a request for some fluffy Solangelo and I wanted to give it a winter spin! (Man this took my a while to get to. Sorry.) 

-Nico is perpetually cold. 

-He really likes Holiday sweaters but being that he has to keep up his ascetic he only wears the sarcastic ones. 

-With the exception of a couple sweaters Hazel knitted for him. 

-Will is the human embodiment of Christmas spirit.  

-The Apollo cabin is always the first decorated and Will starts suggesting Christmas songs at the bonfire in November. 

-Nico finds this equal parts annoying and endearing 

-There are several little Holiday type events that happen in camp half blood

-Will makes Nico go with him to all of them

-Nico doesn’t actually mind that much. If nothing else there’s always free food, and Will’s cute when he gets overly excited. 

-Holding hands through gloves

-Nico hates Christmas movies. Will loves them. 

-The Nightmare before Christmas is the only one they can watch together

-Nico Will never admit how much he likes cuddling with Will when it’s cold outside. The boy is just so warm. He’s like a human space heater. 


some will solace icons!!

- ̗̀ art by cherryandsisters ̖́-

How to create a perfect ship

Step 1: Take a tall, hot, blonde and cheerful guy with majestic eyebrows 

Step 2: Take a short, hot, dark-haired and grumpy guy with a terrible past

Step 3: Ship them together….


Proofs: Eruri - Levi x Erwin (Attack On Titan)

Jasico - Jason x Nico (Percy Jackson - Heroes of Olympus)

Solangelo - Nico x Will (Percy Jackson - Heroes of Olympus)

Stucky - Steve x Bucky (MARVEL)

art by commanderbolo, sabertooth-raccoon, cookiecreation and kovvu

This drabble didn’t fit the prompt I was trying to fill but I thought it was kind of cute so I’ll post it anyway. Also, I’m in a really wintery mood. In which Will is not a winter person.  (Poor Will is in for a rough winter, if things continue as they are.)

Nico stared warily down at his boyfriend, exasperated.  He’d found Will laid out spread eagle in the snow wearing only jeans and a light jacket, a tranquil smile on his face.  According to the kids from the Demeter cabin, he’d been there a while.

“What are you doing?”

Will’s eyes lazily blinked open.  “Soaking up the sunshine.  Only so much of it this time of year,” he grumbled, flopping his head back against the snow.

“I know you’re a son of Apollo, but I don’t think that makes you solar powered,” Nico deadpanned.

Will hummed.  “All humans need their vitamin D.  Why do you think I worry about you spending weeks on end in the Underworld?”

Nico rolled his eyes.  They were not having this argument now.  “They put Vitamin D in milk these days, you know?  And it’s probably a hell of a lot healthier to drink milk then risking hypothermia by lying for hours outside in freezing temperatures for no reason whatsoever.“

Will made a face.  “Don’t lecture a doctor about health.  I know what I’m doing.”

“You’re going to get sick.”

Will held up a finger.  “On the contrary, being cold doesn’t make you any more likely to get sick.  That’s just an old wife’s tale.”

“You’re really an idiot.”

“Hmm…. love you too.”  Normally, this would have caused Nico to grow adorably flustered and lose his train of thought, but today the son of Hades hardly so much as flinched, his eyes narrowed in annoyance.  

“Just get up.”


“You’ve been out here for over an hour.  I’m sure you’ve gotten enough vitamin D.  So get up.  Now.”  

Will moaned softly.  Honestly, he’d stopped feeling cold a half hour ago. Now, his body just felt blissfully numb.  If he closed his eyes and focused on the sun, he could almost imagine he was sleeping in a soft bed of grass on a warm summer day.

“Pretending that it’s summer is not going to make the winter go away.”

Will emitted a pitiful sound at the fact that Nico had somehow read his mind. He hadn’t realized they were that close yet and it was actually kind of cute, if not a little annoying.  

Nico chose that moment to decide he was done being patient, and grabbed Will by the jacket, tugging him roughly to his feet.  The son of Apollo put up little resistance, slumping against him.

“You’re a toddler,” Nico hissed, dragging the other toward the Hades cabin.  Will had little choice but to follow him, defeated.

When they got inside the warm cabin, Nico immediately grabbed a blanket and wrapped it snugly around Will’s shoulders before the other could protest.  They sat side-by-side on Nico’s bed while Will shivered miserably.

“I hate winter.”

“You don’t say,” Nico replied, an amused lilt to his voice.

Will groaned and dropped his head onto Nico’s shoulder, attempting to bury his face in the crook of the other boy’s neck.

The son of Hades patted him on the back.  “Hey, only four more months.”

Will whimpered in despair.

film featuring Colin you’d love to see a sequel to

that’s quite interesting.
the first films I thought about are Fright Night, Winter’s Tale or Solace but then I realized he died or disappeared in all of them haha
I’d loe a sequel  to Fantastic Beasts (in which he appears obviously) or maybe Seven Psychopaths. I did’t really get the movie when I watched it so yeah.
Oh now I got it. A sequel to Lobster. the end is open and above the cliff so I think it would be possible altough I did’t like it that much. i don’t know. I like his movies no mater whether they have sequels or not.

She would stand on the ice
Paper thin, bare skin,
Hoping that it’d crack
And that she’d meet the blue below
Letting it take her body,
Freeing her soul.
She spent summers waiting
Simply for them to end,
For summer was her enemy,
Never her friend
She welcomed her old friend autumn,
Such a timeless woman,
Who would hold her hand
While she waited for the snowfall
To begin, and then
She’d frolic in winter,
Finding solace in the snowflakes
That often times,
Ended up painting smiles on her face.
Then she’d wait for the spring
When the big melt began
she’d stand on the ice
Paper thin, bare skin
Hoping that it’d crack
And she’d meet the blue below
Letting it take her body,
freeing her soul.
Years went by
Seasons changed,
And she met her old friends.
The ice never cracked,
No matter how paper thin.
She stayed so stuck in her ways
That she couldn’t comprehend,
Just when
she started waiting
For the ice blue of his eyes
—  I got caught up in my feels again