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Starlight Grounds - Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: The reader is a barista at a coffee shop. There is a beautiful girl who comes in at the same time every day to get the same drink. She asks after the music. A mixtape happens. 

Warnings: None, except for MAJOR TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF. Honestly. 

Words: 2,424

A/N: Day 2 of the Write-A-Thon! Sorry for posting so late, I had a really big day. There are songs that go along with this fic, and I’ll add links in the paragraphs! Just click on the titles. Thank you to @protecting-my-legacy for proofreading this and letting me use your wonderful self as a side character. 

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Starlight Grounds was a little hole in the wall coffee shop, tucked neatly into the corner of West 46th Street in the busy crowd of New York City. It serviced the tired actors and crew who needed a morning pick-me-up before going to a day of rehearsals at the Richard Rodgers, which happened to be just down the street. Every day was a long one, even for such a small coffee shop, but the job was happy and provided good tips. It was perfect for you.

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Slow Hands: Ivar edition

So he wouldn’t not let me write this. It’s um, very, very different from the Ubbe piece. I’ll put it under a keep reading cut. Word Count: 1,135

Trigger warnings: knife play, blood play. It seems dubcon in the beginning but as you go on it’s clear that there’s full consent.

“Y/n,” Ivar’s voice was dangerous and smooth, honey laced with arsenic, but you wanted to eat every last drop of it anyway. “Where do you think you’re going?” You turned to face him, fisting your hands into your skirts to hide their shaking.

“N-nowhere, master,” you replied, meek as a kitten.

He nodded. “Good. I already told you, thrall, to meet me in my chambers. Go there now and wait for me.” You were quick to obey, anticipation blooming in your chest as you wondered what Ivar had planned for you tonight. You hadn’t meant to disobey, it was only that cleaning up after dinner had taken longer than usual. Some of the men had been rowdy and made a mess of things. Still, you knew Ivar wouldn’t accept your excuses.

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B l u e   H o l e

Requested: Nope

Member: Min Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, implied smut, heavy angst

Word Count: 8,420

Warnings: This story contains mentions of death, suicide, and abuse. If you aren’t comfortable with these subjects, you should not read it.

A/N: Okay, so this story is based off of one of my favorite books, titled “All the Bright Places,” by Jennifer Niven. I started crying while writing this, so it’ll probably spark up some kind of emotion in you. Thanks for reading Lovelies~

      Is today a nice day to die?

That question, that seven word question, is one I, (Y/N) (L/N), ask myself every single day that I live. So far, as you can see, the answer has turned out to be no. Or, rather than no, it would be “maybe, but let’s just push ourselves to get through one more miserable day in this hellhole, and see what happens next.” And I’ll never know, maybe I’ll go out with a bang, dying from something in a crowd, or silently passing in my sleep. Life is full of mysteries, and death is the only one that I care to think about daily.

      Will today be the day?

      And if not today - when?

Also a few other questions I ask myself on the daily, including today. The thoughts swirl around in my head, as I stand on the narrow ledge of my high school, watching the oblivious passerby that look like simple ants. I feel like I’m one with the sky, I’m so high up. I could just let the wind drift me down to the ground, I would make Marry Poppins look bad. I don’t really remember how I got up here - as well as what happened before this winter. It always turns out like this, my memories vanishing into thin air, only the smallest fragments being left behind, but never enough for me to put them together piece by piece. That’s what happens when I fall Asleep. Not necessarily as in the body function of sleeping, but something else. Here, allow me to explain.

      To be Asleep is to be dead. Not physically, but emotionally, as well as mentally. Think of it as being someone who has no emotions, no path in life. A living, breathing, human zombie. You cannot feel any pain, you cannot love anyone, you cannot hate anyone. You’ve basically gone brain dead. But, after what seems like a lifetime, you’ll become Awake again, without any memories of what the hell had just happened to you. Anyways, enough about being Asleep, and back to what actually happened this fine day.

      “Ladies and gentlemen. Is today the day? Is today the day where I end my life, with all of you here to witness this great show?” My speech only brought the common mumbles from the other students from below, the normal, “Go ahead, we won’t miss you”, “Get your crazy ass down from there before you hurt someone”, and the all too familiar: “You act like any of us care.” But, then came a few proclamations that you hadn’t heard before - “Wait, is that Yoongi?”, “What’s he doing up there?”, “He’s probably gonna talk her down. Poor guy, he thinks that she actually matters.” And that’s when you saw him.

      The Min Yoongi, standing on the other side of the bell tower, staring blankly at the ground.

      “Whoa there, hey, boy, are you okay?” Only when he turned did I see that look in his eyes, the look to end his life. I knew that look. I saw it staring back at me every day in the mirror. Shit. Good boys shouldn’t want to kill themselves, that’s my job. “H-hey, don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine. Okay? Just step away from the ledge. I won’t hurt you, you’ll be okay, come here. We’ll get you down safe. Alright?” And then, the realization sunk into him, and I saw the look of pure horror on his face. The look that said, I don’t know how I got up here, I don’t know what I was thinking, but please, please, just help me. So that’s what I did. “Here, swing your leg back over the railing, and grab onto the bell. The ledge is too thin for you, come, it’ll be okay.” He moved in probably the most ungraceful way I could’ve ever seen, but I saw all the beauty that was held beneath this boy’s cold exterior, hidden under his head of mint hair, and buried deep underneath the left side of his black leather jacket. Maybe death wasn’t the only thing I loved. After he was safely behind the railing, a few claps came from the ground, and as I peered over the ledge, I was only met with the piercing and judgmental gazes of the other students and my principle, Mr. Wiele. I hate that man, that fat, stubby, ugly bald man. But, just gotta keep up my happy little facade and maybe I’ll be okay. Maybe. I swiftly jumped over the railing, to be met with the boy’s gaze, staring at me deeply.

      “A thank you would be appreciated, Yoongi.”

       “U-um, t-thanks… (Y/-”

       “(Y/N). But you can call me (L/N).” I beamed a smile at him, and I couldn’t possibly see how this boy was the confident, cool Yoongi you had always heard rumors about. “Well, you’d better get down there. Everyone thinks you saved me, because I just couldn’t get the wonderful title of being a hero. Go on, shoo. I’ll see you later.” Just then, my friend Charlie comes up. He has a darker complexion, and also gets laid more than anyone I know. But, then again, I don’t really know that many people.

       “They’re serving pizza today.” He says, as if I’m not eight stories above ground ready to kill myself. But, I’m not, because you shouldn’t kill yourself if there’s pizza in store for you. That’s just a rule. Well, not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. Now isn’t the time, (Y/N). Not when you get to have pizza. I smiled, and looked over to a blank looking Yoongi.

      “Well, we’d better get going. See ya Minty.”

      “Oh yeah, (Y/N)? Mr. Hoarts wants to see you.” Ah shit. Maybe it should’ve been today. But there are a lot of people around, I’ll still have to wait.

      “Ugh, fine, let’s go. Bye Minty.” I offered a smile to Yoongi over my shoulder, only to be met with an empty gaze. So much for a thank you.

      “Do you think this is some kind of joke, (L/N)?” Mr. Hoarts’s voice seemed to bounce off the walls, and god, I hate his voice. It’s so annoying and whiny and ugh, he’s just terrible.

      “No, sir.”

      “Do you think your death is some kind of joke?”

      Yes. “No, sir.”

      “Do you think your family would be okay? And that they wouldn’t miss you?”

      They wouldn’t give a single shit, they’d probably be glad that I left their lives. These thoughts started racing through my head too, and soon it would be too much of a hassle to answer these questions because he knows that what I’m thinking is true, and he also knows that I know that he’s secretly reading these questions off of a pamphlet under his desk. “I’m sure they would miss me, sir.” A sigh left his lips. His ugly, hideous, disgustingly chapped lips. No wonder he’s single. He leans over the desk, his hands now crossed and setting on a few papers, which looked like forms for some depression pills, which, surprisingly, aren’t prescribed for me. But I guess I already have some. He was too close for comfort, even though there was quite a distance between us. If the distance isn’t the problem, maybe it’s the fucking garlic bagel he had for breakfast. God, did you just eat a full clove? Learn how to brush your damn teeth! You need a mint? I got some of those. Some gum? Got that too. Anything man, just please, you smell like a dog’s asshole.

      “(Y/N), you’re a good girl.” Ew. “You have a lot to live for, and you don’t need to squander it by making bad decisions, and you surely don’t need to end it. I care about you, kid.” Ew. Again. And, that’s also one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. That, and the fact that my dad loves me. That right there is pure bullshit. But so is this speech. “Don’t kill yourself. Okay?”

      “Yes, sir.” I hope he knows that’s the best answer he’s gonna get. Another sigh, and he leans back in his chair.

      “You’re free to go. I don’t wanna see you back in here for a long while, (L/N).”

      “Yes, sir.” And I left. He never once mentioned Yoongi, and I’m relieved.

       By lunch, the news that Min Yoongi had saved (Y/N) (L/N) from jumping off of the bell tower to her death was all around the entire school.. On my way to the cafeteria, coming from English Literature, I got caught up behind this group of girls who were talking about it. You know, the girls who talk really high-pitched, and at the end of every statement they say, their pitch raises just a bit more and makes it sound like a question. So, like, I heard she had a gun? And like, Yoongi had to wrestle it out of her hands? And, she was, like, about to shoot him? Okay, so apparently I’m all tragic and dangerous now. Oh yeah, I think. Totally.

       “So, tell me the scoop on the Yoongi dude.” I shove a piece of pizza into my mouth as I say that, looking over at Charlie and my other friend Violet expectantly.

      “Don’t you both have like, five classes together?”

      “What, do you think I actually talk to him? Today marks the first day he’s ever even glanced in my general direction, even if I did just talk him out of killing himself. He’s with the cool kids, right?” Their hums of approval urged me forward, realizing he’s had a few scarring incidents of his own. “Oh… wait, he was the one with the brother who got in a car crash, right? Last winter?” More hums. “Ahhhh… So I’m guessing today means something important to him, if he’s just now going to the ledge. Besides pizza, I mean. That’s important to everyone.” Now an eye roll from both of them. “Well if you two aren’t gonna be any help, I’ll just head to class early then.” I picked up all my shit and saluted to them both as I threw my trash away and sauntered out from the lunch hall.   

      I get to my U.S. Geography classroom, feeling some emotions, like power, excitement, invincibility, and strangely, exhilaration, as if I just escaped, well, death. I look around, and no one is paying attention to me, nor our teacher Mr. Scizer, who is literally the largest man I have ever laid my eyes on. He has a beet red face, that makes him look like he’s always on the verge of having a heatstroke or a heart attack. Which, he probably is. And his has this wheeze when he talks, and even when he breathes. 

      We’re doing some sort of “Exploring Indiana” unit, where students have to actually get off of their lazy asses and get out of their houses for once. It was also a way for kids to, “Learn more about our glorious state and discover all of the beautiful things it holds.” A quote from Mr. Scizer, except without the wheezing and breathy pauses he had to take. No joke.

      A noise somewhere across the room stops his speech, possibly the sound of a boy dropping his book on the floor. He bends down to pick it up, which then upsets the rest of his books and causing them all to tumble to the ground. A quiet, “Goddamn it,” leaves the boy’s lips as he grabs everything from the floor. This is all followed by laughter, because we’re in high school, and apparently this shit is supposed to be funny. The boy who dropped his books is Min Yoongi, as in the one I saved from plummeting to his death on the bell tower. I can see the slight glimmer of annoyance in his dark chocolate orbs. Not the, ‘You-are-all-so-damn-annoying-and-I’m-about-to-just-walk-out’ kind, but more like the ‘I’m-about-to-die-from-embarrassment-right-now-and-if-you-all-don’t-shut-the-hell-up-I-will-kill-you’ kind. I have felt this many times before, and, seeing as Yoongi is about one dropped pencil away from strangling someone, I knock one of my own books down. All eyes are on me. Leaning over to grab it, I purposely shove the others off my desk, followed by more laughter and the normal, “Nice job, freak” from the school’s biggest dick - Gage Raymond.

      “If you’re… Done… Miss (Y/N)… I would like… To… Continue.” I settle back into my chair, take a bow, and offer a wink and a smile to Yoongi. I see the slightest upturn of his lips, before he turns back to the front of the class, and I immediately feel so much better. 

      Mr. Scizer fixes his gaze on Yoongi, then on me, back to Yoongi, back to me, and finally, onto the blackboard behind him.  He picks up a piece of chalk and scribes out the words, “Wander the Wonders”. He’s really bad at titles.

      “As I… Was saying… You all need to… Wander around Indiana… In pairs as you… Discover the beauties… Of our state… Together.” He goes on to ramble about how we can choose wherever we would like to go, and however we would like to do it. We also have to try to find out ways they all relate, and we have to document the fact that we actually went there with videos and pictures, along with a ten page essay. “This assignment… Will be worth… Forty-five percent… Of your final grade.”

      I raise my hand.


      “Do we get to choose out partners?”


      “I choose Yoongi.”

      “You can both… Work that… Out… After class is… Dismissed.” After class it is then, I mouth to him. And he smiles. Again. I made him smile.

      As per usual, Gage Raymond blocks my way from getting out of this hellhole.

      Raymond says, “I’d better not catch you looking at me again.” I try not to laugh at this, because I know if I do, it’ll start a fistfight.

      “I wasn’t looking at you. Trust me, there are about a million other thing I would rather look at, including Mr. Scizer’s large, naked ass.”

      “Fag.” Breathe, (Y/N). Count. He isn’t worth the effort to kill. Just count. You’ll be fine. One, two, three… And that little voice inside my head was right. He wasn’t worth any kind of effort, especially the kind that would go into having to distract everyone, kill him silently, drag him off somewhere, and act innocent. Instead, I plastered this dumb, sweet smile on my face as I looked up at him and said,

      “I’m glad you know who you truly are.” And I walked out.

      At home, I jump onto my computer and do something I’ve never done - make a social media account. I create a Facebook name, post a profile pic, and go straight to Yoongi’s page. I send a friend request, and I wait. Then, a few minutes later, I’m suddenly engrossed in a conversation with him on where we should visit for the project, actually being accepted by someone for once in my life. 

      After skipping dinner, the conversation suddenly got a bit too deep.

Me: So, why exactly were you on the bell tower today?

Yoongi: Well, today would’ve been my brother’s 19th birthday. He always said some shit about how he was gonna wreck the whole town on this night, and he’d bring me with him.

Me: Oh, that makes a bit more sense. You just didn’t seem like the person who would want to.. Y’know… Kill themselves.

Yoongi: Well, what about you? Why were you up there??

Me: Oh, I was going to jump, but it was too public, too crowded, and it was probably gonna be too messy. Then I saw you, and I thought, “Oh shit, we don’t need the janitor working overtime.”

Yoongi: Shit, I’m sorry for asking…

Me: Nah, it’s fine Minty.

Yoongi: “MINTY”???


Yoongi: Oh my fucking god, you’re the only person I will ever let call me that.

Me: I feel honored, Sir Yoonglz.

Yoongi: oKAY, goodnight (N/N)


Yoongi: and sweet dreams to you too.

      And now, now that I’m still here, that I’m still alive, that I’m still Awake, I’m actually happy. Because I may have never fallen in love with this boy if I wasn’t. 

      “So not today,” I sing, “I won’t leave yet, because he smiled at me.”

      Yoongi and (Y/N)’s Rules for Wandering

  1. There are no rules. Life is one big rule as is.
  2. But, there are guidelines. (What? They sound less strict, okay?)

           a) No using phones or a GPS to get us there. All maps. (and the occasional civilian) 

           b) We alternate who chooses where we go, but we also have to just go with the flow of where the road takes us. But, no matter what, under any circumstance, can the spot be ordinary.

           c) At every spot, we have to leave something of ours behind, kinda like an offering. And, if we’d like, we can use it as an exchange, and take something with us from the spot.

      I clamber into my old pickup, better known as Combine, because this baby could plow through anything. It’s the middle of the night, and I step on the gas as hard as I can. And off I go. My foot is pressed down against the floor of the truck, the sudden urge to go faster hitting me like a bullet. Faster, and faster, and faster, I speed out of the town and fly down the gravel roads. The speedometer climbs up higher and higher, a joyous feeling as I see the needle shaking, and going to it’s furthest point. And then I let loose. I slow to a stop, and I turn around. Now I’m on my way to Yoongi’s house.

      I make it back there in about five minutes, and I park the truck halfway down the street so I don’t look too suspicious. As I come up to his house, I grab a few pebbles from the street and fling them at his window. After seeing no sign of him, I climbed up the vines and hopped through his window. That surely woke him up, because I immediately see him shoot up and pull out a hunting knife.

      “God fuckin- Shit, (Y/N)!  I was about to fucking stab you!” I fall onto the edge of his bed laughing and clutching my stomach, clawing at the fabric of my thin shirt. “Stop laughing!” I could hear how his smile was slowly spreading over his features, and lighting up his eyes as a quiet chuckle escaped his lips. 

      “I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has a knife at hand while they’re sleeping.” At this, a wide, adorable gummy smile pulls at his mouth, and I didn’t know any kind of disease or sickness that could possibly be more infectious than that damn smile.

      “That makes two of us. But anyways, what are you doing here?” I smiled again, and chucked a shirt and some sweatpants at him after noticing that he was completely naked, save for a pair of boxers that were loosely hanging around his waist. 

      “We are going wandering. Chop chop, leave a note or something, and off we go.” I threw some shoes and socks onto his bed, slipped into a sweatshirt of his, and quickly pulled him out of the window before he could tie his shoes. “Hurry up and climb, I’ll race ya to the truck!” With that, I bolted off down the street, sprinting in the middle of the road. Surprisingly, he caught up and and beat me to the truck. We both jumped in, and we sped off to my special place, my safe place, the Blue Hole.

      I could see his head turn to admire me, and I tried to hide the enormous grin that was bound to paint itself on my face. “So… Where exactly are we going?” Oh, I think, there’s the grin. I crank up the radio so the music carries its way out of the window, and I laugh when I look over to him. Who would’ve known that he could look so beautiful in the moonlight?

      I lean over and peck his cheek as I look back at the road ahead of us, Combine, my mind, and my heart, all racing at the same time. “The Blue Hole!!” I have to yell in order for him to hear me over the radio, but fuck, it feels so good to be able to yell. “It’s my safe spot, it’s like- Y’know what, you’ll see when we get there!!!” I smile over at him again, and it’s like the entire world only consists of us, this truck, and this road.

      We get there at the crack of dawn, the sunrise painting the sky in an array of vibrant colors, like violet, blue, orange, and various other shades. I turn over to Yoongi, smiling from ear to ear. “Okay, so this is the Blue Hole. It’s a quarry with on of those trenches in it, where if can be eight feet deep for one foot and then suddenly you’re sinking down into a hole of a deep blue abyss. So, I named it that because it’s kinda like a black hole, only with water, sucking you down deeper and deeper. So yeah, come on!!~” I put Combine in park, get out and slam the door shut, rip off my clothes, and dive in.

      “(Y/N), WAIT!!!!” I can hear Yoongi’s distressed cry even from how deep I am. I must be at least twenty feet down. I stay down there for around five or six minutes, seeing how long I could stay. I’m used to practicing at home, in the bath or just out of water. Being surrounded my the liquid made it all different. My lungs are screaming for air, trying to claw and grasp at the faintest molecule for any sign of relief. My eyelids are slowly drooping, and the light from the surface seems to be slowly fading. I swim up, up, up, to the point where I think this is all a dream, one repetitive motion, and I’ve really been Asleep this whole time. After what seems like an eternity, air gets sucked into my lungs as I gasp for it, trying to shake the black dots away that are littering my vision. I swim to the side where I can stand, and I look up to be crushed in a giant hug.

      “Y-you bitch… God… I-I thought you were dead… I though you left me…” His voice cracked as many times as possible, and I heard how broken he was. He cares for me, I thought. He missed me. He was worried. I slowly move my arms up, ignoring how my muscles were pleading for rest, feeling like sandbags were tied to my wrists. My fingers dance through his hair, closing my eyes to soak up this moment. He really does care. I squeeze my eyes shut and croak out, noticing how dry and harsh my voice sounded, knowing it would stay that way for a few days. 

      “… I-I’m so sorry, Yoongi…” I didn’t realize that I was crying until the salty liquid hit the corner of my lips. “I’m so, so sorr-” I couldn’t hear my voice anymore, but I could feel the soothing feeling of his lips on mine. He hoisted me up and carried me out of the water, my legs instantly wrapped around his waste as he walked back up the trail to Combine. I had already had a thick comforter in the flatbed, it being taped down from when I would drive off and spend days in my truck. He laid me down, instantly climbing between my legs as he slipped off the last pieces of clothing I had on. I had no idea what emotions really were before I met Min Yoongi.

      I laid in his arms, both of our gazes directed up to the clouds. My fingers absentmindedly ran up and down his arm, leaving trails of goosebumps in their wake. My heart was still calming down from what had just happened, because it happened with someone I love, and they love me back. I just couldn’t wrap my head around that fact. I felt like I could live forever - and for once in my miserable, useless, life, I don’t feel apposed to that idea. As long as I’m by his side.

      As we gathered our stuff and threw on our clothes, I held his shirt and smiled up at him. “I love you, Sir Minty Yoonglz.” His laugh reverberated throughout my being, his smile nothing compared to the sun beating down on us both.

      “I love you too, Miss (N/N).”

We decided that this would absolutely be a spot, so I threw a few historical coins into a tin from my truck, and Yoongi tossed his old necklace in with it. We buried the tin near the shore, and turned back to Combine. With one last kiss, we were both back on the road to what normal people would call, ‘home’. 

      We’re as far from normal as possible.

      “I’m home.” My voice rang through the house, my sister’s head poking out from the kitchen.

      “Good. We have to go to dad’s house tonight, remember?” God. Not him. He was a poor excuse for a human, even worse than myself. Fuck, he’d be a poor excuse for a damn rat.

      The words left my lips before I could process what I was saying. “Don’t call him that.” I’m lucky this was my sister, because we both believe that he shouldn’t even be on this planet. “You and I both know his status is lower than a damn gnat.” I sighed as she looked at  me with eyes that told me, yes, I know. He’s terrible. And I feel sorry for mom. I went up to my room, and lit up a cigarette as I changed into something. I shouldn’t even be putting any effort into this, I thought. He doesn’t deserve any effort. I decided on some black ripped jeans and some worn out black Chuck Taylors, keeping on Yoongi’s sweatshirt that I had almost forgot was on my torso.

      “(Y/N), let’s go!! Take your truck, I’ll head over now!” I looked toward the door and yelled back down to my sis.

      “Okay, don’t let him touch you.” I could hear her faint sigh as she grabbed her keys and walked out. I heard her car pull out from the driveway, and I turned to look at the picture on my desk. It was one of me, my sister, my mother, and what used to be my father, except for how I tore him off and burned him with a lighter. He left our family after abusing all of us, then finally saying that he’d already been cheating on our mother for six years prior. Then, my mom died in a car crash, and now it’s just me and my sis. I grabbed the frame and slammed it down onto my knee, shards of glass propelling all over my room. Why is he still alive? He shouldn’t be walking!

      After I got all of the glass out of my palms, and washed off all of the blood, I hopped into Combine and drove off to my “Father”s house. It really was a nice house, very expensive and very fancy. It was obvious he was in this relationship for the money. He married this really rich Daddy’s Girl, but she’s a surprisingly nice person. I have no idea how she’s dealt with him thus far, especially without getting a few broken bones from him. She’s probably scared, I think. I pull up and park my pickup in the driveway, hoping that the neighbors won’t have to call the cops again. Yet we all know just that will happen. 

      My fingers are prickling, like ten thousand needles all stabbing me at once, and I feel the need to wrap them around someone’s throat and just squeeze. I hop out and enter almost completely silent, a tactic I’ve used to get into Yoongi’s house in broad daylight. I offer Rhynna, the new wife, a nod, glare at her scrawny little boy, Tyler - who may or may not be that man’s, I still don’t think so - and I head downstairs to see my sis in the corner on her phone. My stature hardens instantaneously at the words that fall from the man’s mouth.

      “There’s my other girl.” Don’t. Fucking. Call. Me. That. Before I could stop myself, I’ve already stalked over to him and slammed my fist into his jaw. I heard the cracking sound of his right jaw joint dislocating, and a surge of power washed over me. The prickling in my fingers is getting stronger, and I encase his throat with my hands and wring them back and forth. 

      “Don’t you EVER call me that again!”  Next thing I knew, I was the one getting strangled, my whole body being held up in the air by his hand on my neck.

      “Is that how you treat your father? Don’t call you what? Huh?! Spit it out, bitch!” I feel an immense pain shooting through my back, and up to my skull as I see I was thrown into the wall. This is how family reunions go with us.

      Now I’m getting picked up again, by my hands this time. I feel my fingers touch the back of my hand, all the knuckles and joints twisting and snapping. Once again, I’m being dropped, and I’m met face to face with the man, who’s in an unconscious state from a vase - which is probably worth more than my truck - that hit him on the head. I look up to my teary and red-eyed sister, and only mutter a few quiet words.

      “Please don’t take me to the hospital. Just get him behind bars.”  

        We get home after a while, and my sis stitches up my head and chin, as well as making some makeshift casts for my hands. After many attempts, I finally type out something on Facebook, that he would possibly be able to read.

Me: Please come over.

      A few minutes later, after thinking he hadn’t seen it, my bedroom door bursts open to see Yoongi, a panting, disheveled mess, but still as beautiful as ever.

      “What happened?!” I’m ready to laugh at him, tell him this is all a joke, that it’s a big prank, with makeup and cameras. But I can’t. Because I know he see the pain in my eyes. He can see how I’m trying to hold onto that last, tiny shard of sanity I have left. He knows me better than I know me.

       My voice is hoarse and broken, surprising even myself at how I sound. “My ‘dad’ happened.” I can see how he’s ready to apologize, how he’s ready to say how sorry he is, but he doesn’t, because he knows that sorry has no meaning. Instead, he walks over to me and sits next to me on the bed, pulling me in for a warm hug, and my figure melts with his perfectly. We stay like this for a majority of the day, only breaking apart when my sister brings up food for us.

      “I love you, Sir Minty Yoonglz.”

      “And I love you, Miss (N/N).”

      Yoongi is always around now, helping me when my sis is at work. School excused the both of us, believing our bullshit lie that I got into a car crash and Yoongi was my designated caretaker. One morning, while he was still asleep, I managed to slip away from his grasp and get into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and chopped off the casts. That probably woke him up, because he rushed into the bathroom and looked at me with wide eyes once he saw the casts on the floor.

      “(Y/N)!!! What are you doing?! You need the casts so you can heal proper-” I cut him off with a kiss, knowing well what he was going to say afterwards. I held either sides of his face with my mangled, twisted, crooked fingers, and looked deep into his eyes. His sigh tickled my lips, and he looked back at me when his hands wrapped around my waist. “I just… I hate seeing you this way. I just don’t want you to be hurt.” I dare not say how I’m already hurt. “It pains me to think about you like this, let alone see you. But promise me this-” I hate promises. He knows this. “-You’ll be careful.” That’s the worst promise of all. I just give him a simple nod, and he knows I’m lying, but he doesn’t push it. “Now what are you doing? Why’d you cut off the casts?” My eyes light up at this, a smile spreading over my face.

      “We’re going wandering!” I lightly grab his hand, because my fingers are still barely mobile, and tug him out.

      “What? No, no, you can barely move! I can’t let you do this, (Y/N). I can’t let you do something when I know it’ll hurt you.” He slowly pulled me to a stop, and I could see the worry in his eyes. 

      I sigh, and look up at him. “This will make me feel better, Yoongi. I promise I’ll stay in bed for awhile after, but please, just come with me.” There’s conflict swirling around his eyes, his brows furrowed in concern. He’ll say yes, I think. Knowing him, and him knowing me. His head makes the tiniest movement upward, and that’s enough for me to pull him out to Combine. I hop in with a grin, and speed out of town with my hand in his. I roll the windows down, and crank up the radio until the sound speeds out the windows and into the open air.

      “So where are we going again?” I could faintly hear Yoongi’s voice yell over the booming music, and I looked over to be met with the smile that could cure my seemingly never ending sadness.

      “I don’t know the name, but I call it the bookmobile park! There’s a bunch of mobile homes- actually, you’ll see when we get there!” I laugh as the wind licks at my cheeks, my hair flying all around. This is what life should really be like, I thought. Something worthwhile.

      We drive about thirty miles away from town, and finally, we come up to about half a dozen old mobile homes sitting in a barren field, with nothing around it for miles. I smile and jump out with him, racing him to the park. I follow him into one that has his favorite genre painted on the outside, the letters chipping and peeling away. I’m surprised he could even understand what it said. He gathers up some books, all with worn covers and damaged pages, and I smile once I see the familiar childhood titles.

      “My brother would read these all to me when I was younger. We would go back and forth with the lines. He’d read one, and I’d read the next. I memorized all of them, and he called me crazy for it. Hell, I probably still have them memorized.” I can’t really imagine having something like that happening to me. He’s my everything, just like his brother was to him, and I couldn’t bare the thought of loosing him. But it would happen sooner or later. Rather, sooner than later.

      We’d gathered up a pile of books, and went to pay. The owner, an older woman, let us off for free saying that we were a “Cute couple, and they get things handed to them.” Then we realized that we had to leave something, so we left twenty bucks anyways and a few cigarette butts we had earlier. We packed all of our books, and sat in the car. I realized how much I love him. I realize how much he cares. But I realize that I was a mistake, a walking, talking, living, breathing, fuck up. I should be dead by now, I should’ve jumped, or stopped holding my breath, or had too many pills. I realized all of this, so I got in Combine with him, and I told myself: Just drive.

      He picks a place now, called the Painted Rainbow Bridge. I let him drive, and we speed off to find it in Indianapolis, not giving a care in the world. We pass a cigarette back and forth, and finally, after three cigarettes and more than one hundred songs, we find what we’re looking for. I get out and walk with him, a sharpie hidden in the pocket of his sweatshirt I’m wearing. We walk over to the more hidden side of the bridge, and I pull the sharpie out and hand it to him.

      “Time to do some cliche teenager move.” I laugh with him as he scribbles his name down, and I shakily position the marker in my bent fingers. He holds my hand to help, guiding it along to spell my name. God, I’m going to miss him. Anyways, we walk our way along the bridge, reading all of the old love notes scrawled out on the sides. Swinging our hands back and forth, we race each other back to the truck, which ended up with him carrying me like a newlywed because he was worried about my back. We left a banged up tin of Altoids under it the bridge, along with a dented can of beer. He drove us back home, and he stayed the night with me, starting up a warm bath for my joints.

      I need to end this, I thought. I can’t let him know.

      Later that night, we made a fort in my empty closet, and he saw all my post-its hanging on the wall. “What are all of these?” Reasons to die.

      “Oh, I just wrote them down in case I wanted to use them for a song. In that case, here, I have something for you.” I rummaged around in an old shoebox before I found what I was looking for. I had thrown together all the songs we listen to while we’re wandering onto a cassette tape, as well as a whole other one with songs I wrote for him. “I don’t know if you’ll really like them, but I threw them together pretty quick.” A kiss was all I needed from him, as I moved to his lap, so I could feel how much I actually mattered to him, so I could feel the desire he had for me.

      Later, we tore down all the sad, miserable, and painstakingly true notes, and we replaced them with notes of love, and happiness. Two emotions that I learned now that I had Yoongi with me. Once he falls asleep, I look up at the old, glowing, sticky stars that are on the ceiling.

      “Maybe not today,” I sing. “Maybe not today, because he cares. They say every life is important, but only one person cares about mine. It’s the first breath of air you get when your head’s been drowning underwater, that’s love.”

      We let Yoongi go home tonight, after giving him many kisses and dancing for him just to show that I was all okay. I couldn’t sleep that night. So, I went to my bathroom and slid open to mirror to find all my pills. I had some pain killers and sleeping pills that my sis gave me, earlier in the phase where everything was aching. I pour all of the pills out into my hands from both bottles. 22, 23, 24… 24 in total. What happens if I down 24 pills? I didn’t know, so I tested it, doing 12 at a time. I felt nothing for a bit, but then it hit me, the aching pain in my head, how reality was slipping out of my reach, black dots trying to cloud my vision. No, not yet, I told myself. I didn’t get to tell him. Crawling to the toilet, I shoved two fingers down my throat, pushing them in and out, until every last little pill was floating in the water. I flushed them down the drain once I counted another time, just to make sure. Well, that was easy. Maybe I’ll leave that way.

      I wake up in the morning, or more like late afternoon, and quickly blast some music so I could function a bit more properly. Later, I logged onto Facebook to see where we’d be going today.

Me: Got any ideas Sir Minty Yoonglz?

Yoongi: Surprisingly, I do. There are these two roller coasters some junkie dude built in his backyard. I think he’s kinda old now, but I called him to check if we could come, and he said we could. We’re supposed to be there sometime around 4 o’clock, so you’d better get ready because I know you just woke up. 

Me: You’re saying I just woke up? You were still asleep and just woke up from the notification and you know it! 

Yoongi: Yeah yeah, whatever (Y/N).

Me: Love you too~

      After getting ready, I packed up a few strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches and some cold root beer for supper. When two arms wrapped around my waist, a smile found its way onto my face. I tilted my head up and kissed his cheek, smiling up at him.

      “Ready (N/N)?”

      “Indeed, Minty Yoonglz.” We walked out hand in hand, and he drove us off to Bruceville, off to meet the junkie genius named John Ivers, who built two fucking roller coasters in his backyard. Now that’s talent. It takes us a while to get there, but it was definitely worth the wait. They weren’t the giant, eighty feet tall kind, they were only about fifteen feet tall, and really short. But the second you got on, it was the most fun you would have had in a long time.You go up and down, through all the twists and loops, in a super short period of time. It really gets your blood pumping, to know that this thing might fall apart any second, and hey, maybe that’s how I’ll die. Having a coaster cart crush me as I fall fifteen feet down to the ground, or maybe the seat belt isn’t secure enough, and I’ll slip out and hit my head too hard. We both take turns, going on and off, and then we try the Blue Flash Too. That one isn’t nearly as fun as the original, so we go back to it. We ask John a few questions while I scribble some notes down, and doodle a few pictures of the coasters down. Later, we drive off to a field and eat the supper I packed.

      “So babe… Tell me about your brother…” I could tell how his body froze a bit underneath me, and I knew I should’ve just left it alone. Typical, stupid (Y/N).

      “Well… His name was Seokjin. Though, everyone just called him Jin. We were driving back from a party one night, and we were fighting in the car. I told him to just take the bridge, even though it was bound to be icy. He did it just so I would shut up, just so he could make me happy… T-the car crashed up against the side of it, and… I was the one who lived… God, I should’ve been the one who was driving, I should’ve died, I should’ve just let him take the damn road! I should’ve jumped.” My heart slams into my stomach at that, my arms wrapping around him tight.

      “You’re too young to die. You have too much ahead of you, too many great things that will get you ahead of life’s threats. You’ll get through this Yoongi. Trust me.” Trust me, I thought. Trust me, just this once. Because it’ll be me, not you. I really couldn’t take this, knowing what would happen to him. I know he should’ve stayed away, but really, his life would’ve been worth more to save then mine. So now we’re here. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t be alive, he should be all okay, with a better girl, and a better life, and everything would be okay. I wouldn’t have dragged him down with me, he wouldn’t have even known I had existed, I’d just be the girl who killed herself. And I’d be okay with that, if I didn’t meet him. And that’s been the best and worst decision of my life.

      We finally get home, splitting our different ways. I sit at my chair and  look down at the combinations of black and white keys, and I slowly play some chords, letting the sound float around my room. Then I sing. “I can change my mind each day, changing how I live, but I still remember your birthday and your brother’s favorite song. I didn’t mean to wear you, so I’m sorry. I’m sorry I treated you like shit, I’m sorry for not believing you loved me. Someone will, but someone isn’t me.” I stay up the rest of the night, move all of my stuff into a corner, and pull out some paint. I cover the walls, painting it all black. I take some chalk and scribble down a note for someone on the wall, and I take everything out of the room. I keep a few blankets, and I spend the night in my closet, emptying all of the clothes out of it. I stay up, looking at the glow in the dark stars, just thinking, maybe I could become a real one tomorrow.

      I was supposed to be at school the next day, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t anywhere. Because I was everywhere. During our lunch break, My computer and phone both started blowing up. Yoongi was worried. He didn’t have to be.

Yoongi: (Y/N)? Where are you?

Yoongi: I haven’t seen you here all day.

Yoongi: I know it was something I said.

Yoongi: God, I’m so sorry (Y/N), I didn’t mean any of the things I said last night.

      Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to mention, but after I told him that he had too much to live for, a fight broke out. See, once again, all my fault. Just like everything is.

“Who are you to tell me what I have ahead of me?! He was my everything! I’m nothing without him, I don’t have anything left of him, and he was my best memory. I should’ve died, I should just go kill myself, maybe I’ll just crash this damn car, and go out like him! Maybe it’ll look like an accident, just like us.”

      I had never seen this side of him, but he obviously doesn’t like it. I hope he’s okay. I love you, Sir Minty Yoonglz.

      He went to Charlie and Violet, thinking that they would know. No one really knew.

      “Do you two know where (Y/N) is?” I can just imagine the worry in his eyes again.

      Charlie actually looked up from his phone for once, and calmly explained what he thought had happened to me.“Oh, she’s probably just off doing her things again. She’ll be back sooner or later, don’t fret. It’s just her.” I won’t be back.

      “Aren’t you at least a bit worried about her?”

      This time, Violet spoke up. “Really Yoongi, don’t worry. She’ll be okay, she just randomly travels sometimes, no one really knows when it happens or where she goes. But she always comes back.” Not this time.

      It had been weeks, months, even, since anyone had last seen me. Same for Yoongi. He had gone out to look for me, going back to every wandering place, back to my house, seeing every note I had written. He knew he was hot on my trail, seeing how every hint I gave was still fresh. He was still a bit too slow, though. He had finally come back to the place where everything was made official, where everything started fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Where the first butterflies had come in, where the first kiss had happened, where we had shared our first tears together - The Blue Hole. Quickly, he dug through the old, crumbled dirt, looking for that old tin. Finally, he found a mound of disturbed soil, and he pulled out the tin. Everything was still there and intact, except for the added Polaroid of us in front of the Blue Hole, and a note, a small note that read:

      To Yoongi, aka Sir Minty Yoonglz.

I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. You were my one and only lover, my first and my last, the only one who cared, and the best and worst decision that ever happened to me. I didn’t mean to leave you and all of the things that we had behind. You worried about me too much. No one else worried enough.

From your lover, (Y/N), aka (N/N).

      That’s when he knew. That’s when he knew that the tears hitting the paper weren’t all some part of a terrifying nightmare, or that this wasn’t all normal for me to do, or that this wasn’t all a prank that would have over a million views on Youtube. That’s when he knew.

      He knew when he saw my body, floating lifelessly in the water, on the other shore of the Blue Hole. That’s when he knew he was too late, and that he had just missed me.

      That’s when he knew he lost the single thing that he had cared about.

      That’s when he knew he lost me.


So, a while back, someone brought up an ace!Yang headcanon for Elderburn, and I decided to give it a shot. However, I’m not ace, so a big shoutout to @keena-kapu and @thegreatersea for their assistance in writing this. Warning for NSFW elements in the beginning segment

Contrary to popular belief, Yang Xiao Long was a very smart person. Her grades throughout her combat schooling rarely reflected that because she did most of her assignments at the last minute, more keen on using her free time to focus on her interests rather than homework or studying, but she could retain information very well. She also could read people and situations, anticipate everyone’s actions and reactions, and generally adjusted her actions accordingly. The blonde had spent the first month at Beacon learning her new teammate’s limits, how far she could push a joke before it was no longer funny, what subjects were off limits and which ones just took a little bit of time to get them to open up about it. Her perceptive inclinations had rarely steered her wrong.

But everyone meets their match sometime and she’d met hers about three years ago.

Winter Schnee, her teammate’s older sister… no one could’ve expected them to hit it off as well as they did. Maybe it was the circumstances- both of them wading through hell and high water to protect those they cared about- that bound them together or just a strange sense of companionable compatibility, because no one really laughed at her puns with such genuine amusement the way the other woman did and, despite her more laid back demeanor, Yang had found herself extremely motivated to accomplish even the most inane task since meeting Winter. When the dust settled and they stood victorious, when it looked like they could turn their sights to rebuilding and moving forward, the two fell into step beside each other almost without noticing, just… comfortable together. They officially started dating almost a full year after that and it easily constituted the best romantic relationship Yang had ever had.

Unfortunately, she knew the reason for that, and terror gripped her heart in that moment as her worst fears came true.

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anonymous asked:

Okay, you want angst, I'll give you angst, for both your happiness and mine! ;) How about a scenario where the boys are not paying attention and don't see a car coming when they cross the road and their s/o pushes them out of the way, only to get hit instead and a sad ending where the s/o gives up her life for her love? You wanted angst and I delivered! ;) For Noya, Lev, Oikawa, and Bokuto, please? 😈 Thanks! ❥

This is super long because I love angst scenarios like these ;u;

I tried my best to not make it too repetative, but they kinda are.


“Haha, wait for me Noya!” You laughed as you ran after him who was laughing along with you. “Maybe if you can catch me!” He exclaimed as he continued to run around town with you. 

You loved this, running around town fooling and joking around with Nishinoya. You loved the rush that went through your body as you ran with no care in the world like you were flying away leaving all your problems behind.

The breeze felt nice in your hair as you watched Nishinoya’s back, trying to catch up to him. He’s always had so much energy and you loved that about him. 

There was a stop light ahead and Nishinoya waited briefly until it had turned green again and signaled for pedestrians to cross, you still trying to catch up to him.

Your breathing was heavy as each foot landed on the sidewalk, one after the other. Nishinoya was still far ahead of you and he ran so carefree and happy, you wanted to catch up.

But something was off.

All you could hear was your breathing as you watched the truck speed down the road, not stopping for the red light it had. Any minute it would head straight for Nishinoya and there would be nothing you could do about it.

“Noya! Stop running!” You screamed as you forced your body to run passed its limits. Nishinoya didn’t understand though, he continued to run forward, “What are you saying?” 

Your heart stopped beating and your breath was caught in your throat as you ran your fastest and finally caught up, throwing your arms in front of you to push the male out of the way,

“Yuu! Look out!”

It seemed as if time had stood still as he felt his body hit the ground. All he could hear was ringing around him and everything looked blurry as he sat up and looked around for you, “(Name)?” 

“Sir are you okay?!” People came running by to the scene to help, some running over towards Nishinoya to help him onto his feet. “I’m fine, just a little scratched.” 

He looked around for you, but couldn’t seem to find you. What had just happened?

Something seemed to have sparked in his mind as his eyes widened in shock. He remembered you pushing him out of the way before the truck slammed into you, throwing you a few feet before you continued to tumble and roll onto the street.

Gasping, he ran over towards the truck and found you surrounded by multiple people trying to keep you alive. Blood pooled around you and the street as you tried your best to stay awake.

“She’s my girlfriend!” Nishinoya cried as he pushed his ay through the crowd reaching over to hold you, “(Name)! (Name)!” He cried as you slowly opened up your eyes to look at him.

“You’re okay.” You say happily as you brought your hand up to caress his cheek, “I’m’re okay.” It took you multiple breaths to be able to spill your words out to him. 

You retracted your arm back as you closed your eyes to take in another breath, but it was extremely difficult to do so. Nishinoya grabbed your hand in his and squeezed it.

You felt rain drops on your face before they rolled off your cheeks. Opening your eyes again, you saw Nishinoya crying over you as he held you. “I’m so sorry,” He sobbed, squeezing your hand so more, “It’s all my fault.” 

You smiled gently at him, “I just…want you safe..Don’t forget that..I love you, Yuu.” Your eyes gently closed as your head fell back into his arms, Nishinoya shook his head before leaning down to hug your body.

“I love you too.”

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a day in the life

Grouping: Reader and Taehyung, roommates

Word Count: about 1900 words of slice of life

Summary: A typical day living with Kim Taehyung consists of constant fights for the blanket and watching him steal your crop tops

Taehyung knows you’ve come home not because he sees you come in and tiredly swap your outside shoes for indoor slippers, but because he hears you slam the door shut and proceed to let out a dramatic, 20 second sigh. Somewhere in the corner of his mind he remembers that its Thursday, so you must have had all your classes and lab.

He half-listens to you trudge your way through your shared apartment, probably shedding layers as you make your way to your bedroom. You’re probably not expecting to see him camped out in your bed, he muses. But he knows you won’t mind. He looks down at his loose outfit before considering that you might mind that he borrowed one of your sleep shirts. The door swings open, interrupting the quick apology he was formulating in case you got mad.

“Oh,” you blink as you take in the sight of your roommate stretched out in your bed with all his notes and books scattered across the duvet. “Hi, Tae.”

“Hey, how was your day?” He makes sure to smile extra wide at you through the round lenses of his oversized reading glasses in case you’re mad. You’re not, though. But if you were, you wouldn’t be anymore because he knows you’re a sucker for his big eyes and boxy smile.

“It was complete, total, utter, absolute shit.” You walk around the room and unwind the long scarf that was protecting your neck from the almost-winter weather. Taehyung hums sympathetically.

“Wanna rant about it?”

“Oh my god, yes.”

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haikyuu!!, matsuhana // "I look at you and think of all the trouble we're about to get into"

for San. happy birthday!

It’s been exactly 1 year, 10 months, 3 weeks, 3 days since they jumped on that plane to Sapporo and Hanamaki dropped his soft-serve in the snow, the haskap-berry purple blooming on white like summer moss. It seeped through the ground and stained his good shoes. Matsukawa could only laugh, say, what possessed you to wear your good shoes here anyway, and Hanamaki turned up his nose and said I don’t own bad shoes.

They stumbled upon a Family Mart in some back alley, bought a pack of fried chicken to share, bickered over who’d get the crispy little bits and listened to music at record shops till the sun set. Winter hummed in the streets, firefly-soft, the night up north a 4PM whisper that made Matsukawa hug himself and suppress a shiver.

Hanamaki tossed him his gloves, declared, “Next time, we’ll go up to Niseko and ski.”

Matsukawa nodded.

It’s not like he’s been counting the days. If anything, he feels, sometimes, like they’ve been counting him; like he’s driftwood on this tide and Hanamaki is the tinge of pink always in the corner of his eye. Maybe a star, maybe a lantern far from the shore, maybe nothing as cheesy as that at all. Maybe just a voice in his ear, one so familiar he forgets the colour of it, and is quietly surprised all over again sometimes.

Standing now in front of a long row of dull grey counters, a beanie pulled tight over his ears, he yawns and blinks. Next to him, Hanamaki downs the last of his coffee and looks up.

“There’s our flight, the 8:20AM to—what? You’re staring at me.”

“Am I?” Matsukawa murmurs, following Hanamaki’s gaze.

“If you sleep on the plane,” Hanamaki warns, “I’m going to poke you. You snore so loudly.”

Matsukawa smiles. He pats Hanamaki on the shoulder.

“Good luck getting up from the snow yourself when you fall,” he says, and Hanamaki smirks, turns elegantly on one heel, in the manner of someone who would never fall, what are you talking about.

A light, a voice in his ear, a song like a tinny announcement over an airport speaker, now boarding, now boarding—

Matsukawa, cradling pink for the coming springtime, goes.

yoursummerfrost  asked:

Ford, B!

B. Under cover of darkness. 

Introducing for the first time ever: FoxFarmer (another offshoot of polyfarms) 

warnings: canon-typical alcohol use, mentions of food

Also on AO3 

Jessica’s first season with SMH comes and goes with the first of week of Spring. It’s earlier than the last few years, they tell her. Which seems to put most of the team in low spirits. Justin and Larissa make plans to celebrate their birthdays with a big party. 

But before that, the team has an entire week to just laze about, letting the beginning of an end wash over them like fresh waves of sunshine. She’s hung out with the sophomores, Frogs, and Tony and Conner, or Tadpoles apparently. 

She’s a tadpole, they tell her. They don’t say it like her roommate’s boyfriend gets called a pledge. It’s not an insult, or a reminder that she has to fight to gain her place. This is her place. She belongs here. They tell her so every chance they get. 

It’s in the little things like “hey Jess, I saw this and thought of you” or “yo’ Foxtrot, check this out.” It’s in the way Derek and Justin meet her subtle glare when no one else knows who Dawnn Lewis is. It’s in the way Connor lets her vent, Chris says hi with a smile and a new vinyl to listen to, and Tony always gives her a reason to laugh. It’s in the way Dex drives her to the good hardware store in the suburbs, and physically pushes away assholes when they crowd around the power tools that they argue she knows “nothing” about. 

Derek brings up the idea of having a camp out in the backyard. He chirps Dex about serenading him with some air guitar. Dex’s ears get bright red. 

“I have a guitar,” Dex grumbles.

Derek stops snickering. “No way. Are you good?”

Dex snorts, cocking an eyebrow. “I hope. My band in high school played a lot of gigs.” 

“I can’t tell if you’re fucking with me or not,” Derek says. 

Dex shrugs, leaves, and comes back twenty minutes later with an acoustic guitar and Caitlin Farmer humming along beside him. Caitlin is Chris’s girlfriend. She lives in the women’s volleyball house a block down. She’s got half a foot on Jess, she’s almost always in a Samwell hoodie, and her smirk is beautiful and confident enough to make anyone blush. 

Her Spanish is crude and sloppy, but also lively–like a salmon swimming upstream. Caitlin runs past the house almost every morning as the hockey team is walking home from practice. Jess is thankful that cold weather has allotted her the ability to hide her stunned expressions behind big winter scarves. She’s horrible at starting, and continuing, conversations with Caitlin. 

Somehow, the Frogs and Tadpoles successfully start a controlled fire in the backyard. The guys manage to carry the couch out back. 

“Don’t get it too close to the fire,” Connor says. “You wouldn’t want to make Bitty happy and actually destroy this thing.”

“This couch doesn’t go until I graduate,” Chris says firmly. 

Jess chuckles quietly to herself. Caitlin nudges her, waving Jess to sit next to her. Their knees knock together. Jess feels her face heat up. She tries to scoot away slightly, despite the fact that the couch is absolutely packed. 

“Hey, no worries,” Caitlin says. “Unless you want more space. Dex can sit on the ground.” 

Dex grumbles before doing it anyway. 

“No that’s fine,” Jess insists. “You don’t have to.”

Dex shrugs, his frown softening when he looks up at her. 

“Taking requests,” Dex says. 

“No dad rock,” Chris says.

“Says the guy who incessantly plays Black Sabbath,” Dex chirps. 

Tony eyes him warily. “What genre do you normally play?” 

“Alt rock and indie rock,” Dex says. 

“What’s the difference?” Tony asks.

Dex gapes at him. “You’re joking, right?”

“Wow, Dex, I didn’t know you were a music snob,” Jess says with the straightest face. 

Derek and Caitlin laugh. Connor offers her a fist bump. 

Dex rolls his eyes. “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.” 

Derek chokes on his can of Natty light. “Marry me,” he says. 

Jess doesn’t miss the pleased smile Dex’s face. Although she thinks Derek might have. Dex does know a lot of grungey covers of older songs. But he also plays some songs from groups he discovered on Bandcamp. After a few drinks, he, Chris, and Derek get into something like a jam session. They put together the most impromptu experimental rap performance she’s ever seen. 

It almost sounds harmonious. 

They try for smores. But no one knows where Bitty hides his good chocolate, and no one feels like going to Murder Stop N Shop tonight. So they make do with graham crackers and marshmallows. Caitlin apparently likes hers burnt.

“I only eat things as dark as my soul,” she explains with a wink. 

Jess swears she sees Chris swoon. 

She doesn’t know if it’s the shitty beer or the fact that she’s never really been in one place with Caitlin for this long, but Jess feels herself loosening up. They make a lot of jokes at the guys’ expense. They talk about New England is nothing like living out West. 

“Do you miss the mountains?” Caitlin asks her at one point. 

Jess nods through another sip of beer. “All the time. It’s so fun to drive in through the foothills. Every road feels like it’s own roller-coaster.” 

She sighs. “I miss being able to wear sweaters one day, summer gear the next.” 

Caitlin nods. “Me too, weather doesn’t change as much in California. But, it still beats winters around here.” 

Jess hums quietly in agreement. The energy from earlier is dying down. Connor and Tony are making out behind the couch. Chris and Derek are falling asleep on Dex’s shoulders as he keeps playing songs she can only vaguely recognize. 

It must be a quiet evening in Boston, because Jess can see more stars than normal. It’s getting colder out, and she only has a thin periwinkle cardigan on to keep her warm. Larissa’s letting her sleepover this week. But who knows when she’ll be back from the bars. 

She feels an arm wrap around her shoulder. Her gaze flickers to Caitlin who looks sort of guilty, but also hopeful.

“Is this alright?” Caitlin whispers. 

Jess nods, scooting a little closer. And because she’s feeling really brave, she rests her head against Caitlin’s shoulder. When Caitlin settles back against the couch more, making them both more comfortable, Jess lets out a sigh of relief. 

She wants to say something, to be a little more brave, and courageous. It’s one thing to have three hockey players explain that they’re dating each other…and that one of them has a girlfriend. It’s another to be interested in someone who could want her too. 

The concept knocks the wind out of her lungs a little bit. 

Whenever she thinks of Caitlin, her mind flickers to thoughts of waves lapping up against a sandy shore, of  columbines dancing in the wind, of arepas she didn’t know she missed. She thinks a lot about those corny lens flare filters and why sunlight always seems to catch the outline of Caitlin’s cheek. 

This isn’t the first time she’s felt this way about a girl. But she thinks this is certainly the first time she can do anything about it. 

Jess swallows a little bit of courage–real courage. 

“Hey Cait?” she murmurs. 

Caitlin hums, taking her head away from its comfortable spot on top of Jess’. “What’s up?”

Jess ducks her head a little, biting her lip. She steadies herself, eyes meeting Caitlin’s. Caitlin has all this warmth and encouragement swimming in her eyes. Jess has never been more excited to potentially make a fool of herself before. 

“Can I kiss you?” Jess asks. 

Caitlin leans in slowly, hair falling to the side of her face. Her lips are an inch away from Jess’. 

“Yes please,” Caitlin whispers. “I’d really like that.” 

Their lips get a little stuck from Caitlin’s lipgloss at first. But then they find a rhythm, and it’s really good. Their tongues are slipping in and out of each other’s mouths as their bodies get closer. It’s a little awkward but fun. It makes the beating of Jess’ heart race a little faster. 

Hands wander; kisses deepen. 

She ends up lying on the couch, her hair mussed and definitely in need of some love. Caitlin’s hovering over her. It’s dark out, but she can still make out the vibrant red tinge of Caitlin’s face. 

“How was that?” Caitlin asks. 

“Amazing,” Jess admits. 

Caitlin giggles. The sound feels like coffee in the morning. 

“I’m glad,” Caitlin says. She bites her lip. “Hey Jess?”


“Could I take you out sometime? Like a date,” she clarifies. 

Jess has to cover her mouth to hold back an excited yelp. She nods, before swallowing thickly. 

“Yea,” Jess says finally. “I’d like that.” 

Everybody thinks that four in the morning
Is the coldest time of the night,
But in truth
It’s right before the sunrise
Because that’s when you expect it,
That’s when you’re waiting for the light and for the heat.
That’s when your hands really start to freeze.
I still have the smell of you on my hands and on my sheets,
My pillows still play me your memories
When I sleep.
I can’t tell you the amount of frozen mornings I’ve spent
Trying to thaw the thought of you out of my head.
My bet is that you’re sleeping soundly in your bed
While I’m making friends with these suburban streets again.
I want to erase you,
Wipe you clean off my windshield so that
I don’t have to see your face unless
I’m looking at the rearview mirror waving goodbye.
I’ve stopped eating breakfast
And started waking up past noon
Because you were always a morning person,
I don’t want to be anything like you.
It’s snowing;
And living next to power lines means
The dawn is humming with electric heat
As the flakes fall into copper.
The static that fills my brain is the same
As the static that I hear
But in the background I can still find faint traces of your humming.
I think that no matter how much time passes,
There will be a part of me that always loves you.
There will be a part of me always searching for your eyes
In a room full of strangers,
Part of me always training my ear for the sound of your laughter.
I think there will always be a part of me that is no longer a part of me
Because you have taken it.
You once used to keep that piece tucked safe in your ribcage
So despite how much your smile made it flutter,
It couldn’t escape.
Now I think you have it in an old shoebox
Collecting dust in the back left corner of your closet,
Most probably among the other things I gave you over the years.
I know you live by train tracks,
And you can hear this electric humming too as the first commuter train makes its way through.
Does it remind you of me the same way I’m stuck thinking of you?
Are you sick of the pieces of me the same way
I’m sick of being stuck
With the pieces of you?

“Pieces Of You (Pt. II)” - Nishat Ahmed

Pt. I can be found here

Some more headcanons! Feel free to add on anyone!

  • Cress and Thorne are always like a newlywed couple, before an after they get married. They actually don’t get married for a long time, since Cress is only 16. They’re just always in that honeymoon phase, a “oh my stars i can’t believe he/she really loves me this is amazing” thing.
  • On the other hand, Scarlet and Wolf are immediately an old married couple. They get married fairly soon, a few years after everything, when the farm has settled down and the neighbor kids have gotten used to Wolf. They’re worried and hesitant to have kids, not knowing what kind of complications could arise because of Wolf’s condition, so they adopt instead. There are tons of Lunar shell children now looking for homes. 
  • Cinder and Kai also don’t get married right away. It takes a few years for Cinder to decide she really wants to settle down and become an empress, after all, she was only 16 when she murdered Levana and completely transformed Lunar society. Life has been tough and everything has to settle down a lot first. Kai and Cinder act a lot like they did at the beginning of Winter, with a little nervousness but mostly just sass and casual romance.
  • Thorne takes Cress anywhere and everywhere. They start adding special markers to Thorne’s map about where Cress has been and where she want’s to go next. They never really settle down but do occasionally go visit the Benoit farm or ,for special events, the Eastern Commonwealth palace. The Rampion is their home. 
  • For as long as Cinder is still there, Iko stays on Luna. It takes a while for people to get used to her but soon Kinney’s disgust turns into tolerance and eventually into something resembling friendship. She flirts with all the guards and is a constant source of chatter and sarcasm. She becomes a sort of ambassador as well as Cinder’s stylist and publicity manager. 
  • Cress’s hair never gets longer than her shoulder before she trims it again. As much as she misses being able to pull and twist on it when she’s nervous, she likes the manageability of short hair better. Besides, the Captain seems to like it too.
  • Winter often hums “You Are My Sunshine” as she walks down the halls or to meet Jacin.
  • They do put up a plaque honoring Scarlet. She only promises not to rip it out off the wall and burn down the entire building if they put up a second one for Wolf.
  • WInter and Jacin get married almost immediately. A year after the revolution. Jacin is incredibly flustered because he’s so worried something is gonna go wrong and he’s like “i shouldn’t have put this stress on her, what if she has a fit at the alter, what if someone tries to hurt her, i shouldn’t have done this omg help” but Winter has been planning this day since she was like 8 so she has scrapbooks upon scrapbooks, the wedding planners barely have to do anything. also he calls her Trouble in his vows. everything goes perfectly and Winter doesn’t have any visions for like a week after because she’s so happy.
  • It takes Thorne years to finally pay off the Rampion (It’s apparently a very expensive ship) and when he does he repaints the lady onto it except this time Cress swears the lady looks vaguely like her.
  • Cress and Thorne are actually really intimate with each other and constantly touching, by holding hands or Thorne resting his head on hers or just brushing shoulders in the hall. He doesn’t really want to her to do anything though, since she’s so young and he’s too scared to hurt her. They do share the same bed some nights, but nothing ever happens for a long time.
  • After the revolution there’s a surge of women mechanics, technicians, programmers, all inspired by Cinder.Cress and Scarlet.

nessflixx  asked:

*offers cookies* How would Mccree Genji Widowmaker zenyatta react to overhearing their s/o singing to themselves? (ill let you decide whether or not they sing well or not ;) ) thanks love!

Thanks for the cookies!! And this is so cute omg get ready for the fluff! Thank you for the request~!

-He’d be coming home early from work and would smell his s/o is cooking something.
-He would try to surprise his s/o in the kitchen and he would be the one surprised when he hears/sees them singing!
-Would listen for a while, just smiling and loving the way their voice washes over him.
-If it’s a song he knows, he’ll start singing with them!
“Sorry, darlin’. I couldn’t help but join you and your beautiful voice.”
-Totally does karaoke nights with his s/o in the living room
-Loves to listen to them sing when he’s going to sleep; he finds it very soothing.

-Definitely stumbled upon his s/o doing their own karaoke night because Genji was out on a mission and they thought they had the place to themselves.
-Genji would watch them quietly until they finished and he would announce himself by clapping (cue s/o whirling around too fast and Genji having to catch them before they fall).
-“GENJI?! What are you doing home?!”
“I have returned early. I’m quite glad I did, as I would have missed your wonderful performance.”
-Isn’t a singer himself, but enjoys listening to his s/o and humming along on occasion.
-Has totally recorded his s/o singing a few times and likes to play back their voice when he is feeling down.
-Is super proud of his s/o’s singing ability and likes to tell Hanzo about them over their weekly tea sessions.
-“You should hear their voice, brother. It is unlike anything I have ever heard!”
“I believe you, but only because this is the fifth time you’ve mentioned it in the past twenty minutes.”

-Finds out from hearing them sing in the shower and is really surprised to hear they have a good voice?? (I just picture her s/o to be someone who is really cute but super clumsy and bumbles around a lot)
-Waits until they’re in bed together later that evening to confront them about it
-“Ma cherie, why have I not heard you sing before?”
-S/O is super embarrassed because Widowmaker is so cool? And how can they compete with her?
-Widowmaker teases them for a bit before saying she loves their voice and would like to hear it more often.
-S/O knows when Widowmaker is drawing into herself on certain days. Those are the times when they sing the most.
-S/O tries to sing songs in French and manages to butcher the language only slightly. But it makes Widowmaker smile and sing back to them in her native tongue.
-Widowmaker likes to sing them lullabies, surprisingly. But she is always one for small gestures of affection.

-He overheard his s/o singing while they were helping to tend their shared flower garden! His s/o isn’t the greatest singer, so they only do so when nobody else is around. (Zenyatta likes it anyway)
-“Do you enjoy singing?”
“Oh! Um, yeah, but I’m not that good…”
“It matters not; as long as you enjoy it, then I shall enjoy listening to you.”
-Zenyatta finds out what their favorite type of music is and downloads everything possible to make them happy.
-He likes to listen to his s/o while they work on the flower garden and when it is winter.
-He hums along on occasion if he knows the song.
-Zenyatta is always keen on his s/o’s emotions. If they’re feeling down, he’ll have a playlist of their favorite songs on while they cuddle! 

It's Snowing

Winter had almost passed yet there were still days where rain would fall, wind would blow and you felt like you may possibly freeze and today happened to be a day that consisted of all the three bad points of winter. 

You were lucky enough to have your apartment high enough to have window wall, during night you loved that window but not at times where you wished you could just curl up into a ball and sleep, which you had tried. Sleep was the main reason you hadn’t moved the blinds to cover the horrid weather behind the window.

But the angry weather outside had none of your attention as you curled up against your husbands warm side and rested your head on his chest, using it as a pillow.

When he chuckled at you acting like a baby you felt it rumble it’s way from his chest and it tickled, you pushed your cheek into his chest and laughing and wrapping your arms around him. 

Yifan looked down and smiled at you, from his point of view all he could see was the top of your head, which he happened to love kissing. Lifting his arms, that had been lying by his side, motionless, he wrapped him around you before rolling the two of you around so he was laying on top of you; you felt all the breath from your lungs huff out and you let out an odd sound.

Every time you moved in an attempt to get out fro under your husbands massive body he only wrapped his arms more tightly around your smaller frame. You pushed, he pulled, you tugged and so did he and finally after a battle and sounds of frustration your arms were finally on his sides and not being crushed by him. 

You sneakily let your fingers reach his waist as you started pinching at his sides. “You’re. So. Heavy.” You emphasised each word with a pinch to somehow get him off of you. The sounds of his laugh started to fill the room as his body wriggled trying to get away from your fingers but you were stubborn and just pinched him even more, in the same way he’d grabbed onto you and wouldn’t let go.

Seeing Yifan so helpless made you laugh, he always acted like the manly man outside of the house but the second the door closed he became a dork and that is why you weren’t going to stop annoying him, only to see him be that weirdo you loved. His pleas were given no attention to as you started tickling him, to make sure he didn’t get away you wrapped your legs around him.

“Stop! Stooo-oop!” though he was telling you to stop but his effort to get away was saying otherwise. Instead of trying to get away and wriggling like a worm, like before, he only lay on top of you, well…more like flopped onto you.

Once again your breath left your lungs and you tried pushing him off. “_____, don’t start again. My hands, in case you have not seen, are a lot bigger than yours! If you pinch me then I’ll lose my cool and pinch you!" 

After that being said you didn’t try to pinch him because you were too busy trying to hold your laughter in. Yifan felt you moving to cover your mouth and his eyebrows rose as he rested on his forearms. Though he was reluctant he asked; "Now, what?”

“Lose my cool” you imitated him in the best way you could before explaining yourself; “Well, Mr. FanFan. You lost your cool a long time ago, or maybe you just never had been cool, don’t you think you should have chosen better words?”

The look of disdain on his face was enough to tell you how shocked he was by that but seeing the smile on your face wiped his look away and he sent a gummy smile your way before caressing your face.

“You’re lucky that I love you too much. Otherwise I’d be tickling you a million times more than you tickled me” he said in a low voice before moving closer to you and kissing your nose. You felt the warmth and love with that one kiss.

“Do you remember last winter? When we played in the snow and you got a cold?” Yifan’s deep voice sent vibrations through your body as he mumbled into your neck. While playing with his hair you smiled at the memories of last winter and hummed to let him know you do remember.

Hearing your reply made him quickly move and look out of the window, which you’d been avoiding to look at, and gave you a look of expectancy when looked back. 

“It’s snowing,”

Ready? On Three.

“Okay, okay. Your turn. Tell me something.” 

She giggled and sank lower to rest her head on your chest. Side by side on the twin mattress, the top bunk with the makeshift canopy. Earlier she’d strung up fairy lights and the butter soft glow twinkled in lazy patterns. All things considered you two should have roasted in there, but outside it was the dead of winter and the hum of her body warded off the cold. 

“I really like it,” Penny said, “When in movies, they don’t kiss.”

“Me too.” You agreed without hesitation. “It’s so gross watching strangers swap spit.”

Your fingers laced together. Every little metal joint moved fluidly as tissue and bone, and the synthetic skin was so soft you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was fake if she didn’t keep reminding you. 

Another low noise sounded deep within Penny’s chest. “That’s not why.”

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anonymous asked:

BUT what about Hum-verse, with post-coital kageyama singing santa baby softly to hinata while they're sprawled out and sweaty on their bed with christmas lights twinkling in the background? and maybe hinata shrieks and slaps his butt and tries to leap out of bed but kageyama grabs him around the waist and begs him to get back in bed and sing it with him? ??????????? and hinata gives in because kageyama is adorable and also it's too cold to be out of bed

First of all I’d like to state that I’ve been utterly ashamed about not including Hum-verse in the poll since I got this ask. Second, I’d like to thank you, anon, for bringing this to my attention. I wrote a smol santababy in your honor

There are so many things that are awesome, Hinata has learned, about being an Adult and having an Apartment, and especially living with Kageyama. Technically, he was an adult and had an apartment (dorm) in college, but that hadn’t been the same, not at all.

For instance—he never knew before that Kageyama loves Christmas carols.

In past years, he sometimes caught the tail end of little tunes, snatches of melodies, but always sung as an afterthought. Living with Kageyama during the holidays is an entirely different situation. “Jingle Bells” sung in the shower. “Deck the Halls” when Hinata takes too long getting out of bed in the morning. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” as they dance around each other cooking dinner. Kageyama knows the words to all of them better than Hinata does, but Hinata sings along anyway, and hums the parts he doesn’t know, which always makes Kageyama smile bright, so bright.

There’s also other perks to being an adult and having an apartment and living with the love of his life during the holiday season; unexpected, fun ones that are maybe a little bit weird. Like naked present wrapping.

To clarify: they weren’t, initially, planning on wrapping the presents whilst naked. But then—perhaps a little festive grinding happens under the kotatsu. ‘Tis the season, as Hinata always says (he actually does not always say this, but the sentiment still stands). Which lead to them being too warm and too sweaty to get dressed right away, but they are seriously behind on the Christmas preparations, and now Kageyama has glitter dusted abs and is cursing Hinata out for his choice of sparkly wrapping paper, and Hinata is giggling madly and has stick-on gift wrap bows plastered over his nipples, one red, one green.

No one said Adults with Apartments had to be mature individuals. That’s a myth.

“That looks fucking awful,” Kageyama says of their latest endeavor, a pajama set they got for Natsu. The package seems impossibly lumpy, considering it’s just a soft shirt and pair of pants.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Hinata says.

Kageyama sighs in defeat and Hinata leans against his warm back, wrapping his arms around his neck, wanting to cheer him up. Sad gift wrapping sucks.

“Buhbuhbuh-bum… bah-bum, bah-bum—” he sings, voice comically deep, and Kageyama snorts.

“Don’t sing, help me,” he says.

“Moral support—” Hinata claims, taking another deep breath “—buhbuhbuh-bum, bah-bum—”

Kageyama grabs a length of ribbon and attacks another box. “Santa baby—” he starts to croon, somewhat viciously as he struggles to wrestle another package into submission.

Hinata cheers him on, singing intermittently, though Kageyama takes over for most of the song, and by the time they’ve sung it through three times, the rest of the gifts have been wrapped and Hinata is starting to feel chilly again.

They share hot cocoa with extra whipped cream, a blanket, and kisses that turn into Christmas carols to keep the cold at bay.

Black Ink|Chap. 07

// He was God. He wrote with such beautiful, spindling words, they lured anyone to their own death if it was deemed. And every letter of every book he ever wrote were those of Spring - beautiful, and clean, and pure, and fresh. But he was cold like ice, and his eyes were harsh with all the ugly words he could never write. And she - well, she was his Ending.

// Chap.01 | Chap.02 | Chap.03 | Chap.04 | Chap.05 | Chap.06 | Chap.07 | Chap.08 | Chap.09 | Chap.10 (FINAL) | Epilogue |

// jihoon x reader

// word count: 1632

  The days after that had been rather shaky, to say the least. Coffee meetings were no longer the same, and the hushed words Jihoon felt on his tongue for the past weeks were now being rolled off and printed messily on lined paper. He no longer tried hard at cooking meals for Y/N, and when she’d sit down in front of him with a smile, he’d slide over a tupperware filled with what now looked like convenience store foods.

  Not that Y/N minded, of course. Food was food. But there was still something upsetting about eating his food that had no real meaning behind it, and instead of devouring pretty, meaningful meals from Korea, Y/N was picking at cold hot dogs.

  One Monday night, Y/N arrived particularly late. It was nearing midnight, and when she sat down in front of Jihoon, he was already huffing, the words still spilling from his pen in such a fast pace, that Y/N herself wasn’t sure if he’d even be able to tell apart the letters in the messy sea of sentences. She cleared her throat, smiling as she hugged her sweater tighter around her body. Seungcheol still hadn’t hired someone to fix the thermostat.

  “What took you so long?” Jihoon’s murmur was harsh, and he pulled out a square tupperware from his bag with one hand as he continued to write with the other. Y/N leaned back in her seat, catching the dish before it fell off the table with the force Jihoon had put into pushing it. She decided to shrug off his harsh tone. Perhaps it was just an author thing.

  “Lessons.” She replied quietly, opening the tupperware. Inside was a cold tuna sandwich, and Y/N sighed. She’d hoped that Jihoon had gotten her something warm - it had been a long, cold walk to the coffee shop. “I’ve been practicing a lot harder lately.” She quietly put the lid back on the tupperware.

  Jihoon hummed, his eyes still on the paper, and there was suddenly an empty feeling inside Y/N. And not just because she was hungry, but also because she’d felt like she’d just lost someone. Never before had Y/N really realized how much of an impact Jihoon had on her life until this moment. Until this moment when he was hardly listening, and he no longer put any thought into the meals he cooked for her. She looked down at the table.

  “I… passed the second round.” Jihoon hardly paid attention at the comment, and her heart broke at this. His eyes merely flicked up to look at her, and Y/N fakely smiled. He raised an eyebrow.

  “Really?” She bit her bottom lip, nodding, and Jihoon hummed once again. He went back to writing. Y/N began tapping her fingers along the table, practicing the new song she had been planning to play at the finals.

  “I only got by in second place, but… it’s better than nothing, right?” Jihoon didn’t answer. Y/N frowned, and she felt her stomach growl with hunger. Nose scrunched, she flipped open the lid and stared at the sandwich once more. Flicking her eyes up, she hoped to see Jihoon’s eyes, but found the top of his head instead as he stayed hunched over the piece of paper. Y/N huffed.

  “For the final round, I’m going to play a classic. It’s Frederic Chopin’s Etude Op 25 in No. 11. It’s called Winter Wind.” Jihoon only hummed in response. He seemed to be doing a lot of humming lately. Y/N faltered, and she poked at the tuna sandwich, the growing hunger in her stomach only making it all the more tempting to eat the cold meal.

  “You know, Jihoon,” Y/N began quietly. “I know you probably won’t think so, but it would mean a lot to me if you came to the final round to watch me play. You know, cheer me on and give me support.” He remained silent, no words or humming coming from his lips, and the knot in Y/N’s stomach grew even tighter. She’d thought over the idea of asking Jihoon to go to her final performance a million times on the way to the coffee shop, and just when she’d worked up the courage to, he wasn’t answering. Y/N licked her lips. “Jihoon?”

  Rolling his eyes, Jihoon finally looked up with a huff. His hand stopped writing, and he was tempted to scold Y/N for interrupting his process. After all, Jihoon was close. He was so close to finishing this book, he could just about taste the sweet ending like he’d done with Winter’s Frostbite. This was it. This would be the book that would be better than his last one - this was the book.

  “Can you hurry it along? I really have to get back to this.” He realized his words were sharp, cold. A lot colder than the ones he was writing, anyway. Y/N shrunk back in her seat, eyes falling to her hands which had folded on top of her lap at some point.

  “O-Oh…” She stuttered, trailing off. “It’s… it’s nothing. I just… wanted to know if-if you - maybe - wanted to come to my performance at the final rounds? It’s just that… I’ll be really, really nervous since this is my first time, and… and I would really appreciate it if you came to support me…”

  Jihoon let his eyes fall over Y/N. And it was then that he realized. Maybe it was the way the cold tuna sandwich lay untouched. Or the way she was pressed so tightly against the booth to be as far away as possible. Or maybe it was the light blush covering her face. Or the way she was no longer smiling that smile that Jihoon adored so much. Maybe it was the way her hands were folded so tightly against each other on her lap, no longer tapping the table. Or maybe it was the way she hugged her thin sweater tight around her body because of the cold. Or maybe it was the warm coffee that Jihoon had not yet touched, and had not even bothered to offer it to Y/N to keep her warmth. Or maybe… maybe it was just the sudden fright in her usually bright eyes that brought Jihoon back to reality.

  In that exact moment when Jihoon noticed these things, his pen fell from his fingers, and, out of the corner of his eye, he saw ink drip onto his paper, smudging his words, but Jihoon didn’t care.

  “I’m… sorry.” He apologized quietly, and Y/N finally looked back up at him to meet his eyes. There was something like worry in them, mixed with the fear that Jihoon had previously spotted, and, God, if he just didn’t hate it so much.

  “You’re… what?” She was confused, but Jihoon took no time in repeating himself. Instead, he shrugged off his heavy jacket. He could remember the countless times when he’d let Y/N borrow it, and, yet, she seemed to bring it back the very next day with that fresh scent of lavender.

  Before he knew it, Jihoon was out of his seat, letting his jacket fall around Y/N’s shoulders. He took the tupperware with the tuna sandwich, and walked over to the front counter, dumping it out in a nearby trashcan. He ordered a fresh mini pie that he’d seen Hansol, the baker, make only twenty minutes earlier. Thankfully, it was still warm, and Jihoon carried it carefully back to their booth as he set it in front of Y/N. He took his respectful seat in front of her, and pushed his cup of coffee forward. Y/N was still, to say the least, very confused.

  “I’ll,” Jihoon paused. “I’ll be there for your performance.” And a large smile spread across her face. That smile that was her and made Jihoon’s heart race like nothing else. He softly smiled in return, watching intently as she stole his pen to write the details down on one of his blank sheets of paper before returning them both. And then she began eating, a grin on her face. Jihoon watched her for a few moments, a light feeling in his chest.

  He looked down at the paper he had previously been writing on. Indeed, his pen had bled ink all over the words, and sentences were now smudged together, understanding far beyond the written letters. He frowned, trying hard to remember what he’d written, but nothing came to mind. Huffing with frustration, Jihoon ran his hand through his hair before looking back to Y/N.

  She seemed to be happily enjoying her pie, taking occasional sips from the cup of coffee that Jihoon had offered her. Of course, she had added sugar and milk to her liking, but it came from Jihoon nevertheless. His jacket was loose on her shoulders, but the cold seemed to no longer bother her. She sat closer to the table, her free hand tapping a melody on the table absentmindedly. And, most important of all, the fearful glint in her eyes was no longer there. Instead, there was the usual bright glow to them, offering so much yet so little at the same time, and Jihoon couldn’t even possibly begin to understand who Y/N really was.

  He sighed. It was all her fault that his words had smudged. It was her fault that Jihoon was suddenly a kinder person. It was her fault that he offered and did so many things for her. It was her fault that he had taken to writing again. It was her fault that he was in love with her.

  And it was all worth it.

If Only (Werewolf!Calum Part 2)

Word Count: 3.4k+

Warning(s): Swearing, Use of drugs, manipulation of someone’s feelings

A/N: I know you all have been waiting for this for so long. I’ve been caught up with work and school but here it is, part 2. I hope you enjoy! Also, see if you can catch an references I make in this chapter.

Part 1



The harsh chill of winter hummed against the branches, pushing them against each other. Everything  stilled as a quiet whisper ran by once again. Nothing but the white patches layered on of the other.  It was breathtaking to look over the mountains and see the earth beneath his feet. Behind him were the trees lined row by row, and in the hollow paths was you. The scent of autumn just resting in the veins of your skin, pulsing with every breath you took. Your face unrecognizable to him, but your scent was too familiar. Somewhere, at sometime, you both had met. 

“Calum!” His mind swirled back to reality as a shrill voice called out to him. It was Missy, who had been babbling on about God knows what. “Uh, were you even listening?”

He had to be if he really wanted that file. “Sorry, I was admiring your face.” A lie, but at least it made her smile.

From across the room, two tables down to be exact, his brown eyes met the imagine of you laughing at something Grant, on of Barry’s friends, had said. In fact the whole lot of them were snickering away. The tanned male’s face scrunched. “Michael.” His voice hummed with the tinge of jealousy lingering at the end of his tongue.

Suddenly the other male paused. He had clearly been hitting on those three girls by the way his faced reacted, and they were clearly intrigued. “You need something?”

“Come outside with me.”

Missy’s face completely screwed when she frowned. “Do you have to go?”

Before Calum could get a word in Michael was already responding. “None of your business, priss.” The hiss came and for once the female had no words to speak.

Immediately getting up from his seat Ashton hurried over to them. “Want Luke and I to come with you?”

Waving a hand, the alpha grinned at his concern. “No, and don’t wait up for us.” He replied already walking towards the door. 

Each of the boys gave Calum quizzical looks as Michael hurried to catch with his best friend. When he got to him there was a small pause of silence before the platinum blond scratched his head. “I’ve been thinking about dying my hair.”

“What color?”


“Nice. Red was probably one of my favorites.” The two smiled at each other, letting the silence linger once again. “So, are you gonna talk about the new girl or…?”

Calum stopped in his steps and faced his best friend. “Don’t like to wait do you?”

There was a smirk on the other male’s face. “That’s because I know you so well. Anyway, what’s your plan to win her over mate?”

“Not exactly there yet. It’s more or less something else.” He stated despite the heat rising to his cheeks when Michael had made his comment. “Ben told me that Missy’s father has the files on (Y/N), you know her dad being the head of the school board and all. I want them. There is something suspicious about her. My plan is simple, we need to break in and-”

Michael raised a hand to stop the alpha. “What kind of crap am I listening to? Why the hell would be break in?”

The alpha’s face contorted at his beta’s comment. “Are you questioning my decision?” His tone threatened as he took a step closer to his best friend.

“I wouldn’t as your beta.” He stated plainly. “But as your friend, I’m telling you that there is an easier way than breaking in.” Michael’s eyes watched Calum, who silently crossed his arms, which was taken as a means to continue. “Missy is the key. And all throughout high school she is known for something other than lying and her boobs.”

“Uh, her parties?”

“Exactly. Party is the meaning of distraction. You can get what you want and all you have to do is convince Missy to have a party. Simple, but they’ll be a catch.” There was a pause as Michael sighed. “Can I ask you something?”

“What’s up?”

“Why the interest in a human?” As he spoke the bell rang, indicating that lunch was over.

Quickly, Calum’s eyes scanned through the crowd, finding you withing seconds. The dark haired male jogged over to you, with Michael following suit, regardless of the confusion written on his face. Barry was the on that noticed them and pointed them out. You spun on your heel, eyebrows raised and meeting Calum’s soft brown eyes. 

“Uh, hi.” You said in a questioning tone. “And to what do I owe the pleasure of you coming over here?”

“Before you head to class, I wanted to show my friend here-”

“You mean Michael?”

So you actually bothered to learn names instead of keeping the nicknames you had called Calum’s friends in first period. He’d keep that in mind. “Yeah, anyway I want you to tell Michael to walk away.” Now it was everyone’s turn to give the same confused look that you gave Calum. Even so, the expression on the male’s face urged the idea.

Exhaling you pursed your lips, turned to the platinum haired male and then store into his green eyes. “Walk away and go to your class.” As your gave the command a shiver ran through your spine and from Calum’s view your eyes burned like embers, even changing to resemble the color gold. It was like you had just been in a trance. 

When you were finally back to reality, Michael was already walking in the direction of his class, just as you had requested of him. Everyone but the dark haired male was confused. He had a wide grin on his face, patting your shoulder before jogging after his friend.

“Michael, you can stop.” And he did. “Do you see what I mean?”

With a dazed look in his eyes he nodded. “What the hell?”

“I know.” Yet, Calum was till beaming as he said so. Michael stopped to undo his lock as the alpha leaned against the cold metal doors. “You have to promise me that you’re not gonna tell anyone. It’s a secret, and not ‘go-tell-Luke-the-minute-Calum-turns-his-back’ secret.”

“Mate trust me, I’ve got this. My only concern is that she’s in a hunter area and she’s a (Y/L/N), not exactly the friendliest bunch to our kind.”

A sigh came from his parted lips. “That’s the problem.” Soon his brown eyes turned to his friend. “Wanna skip?”

There was a smug grin on the pale male’s face. “But, won’t you miss your time with (Y/N)?” Calum’s fist raised hitting Michael on the shoulder, one the he had injured slightly from hunting. “Fuck, Calum I was kidding!”

Handing his best friend the lighter, the alpha grinned, The scent of musty yet stale smoke filled the looming air as Calum placed himself on the bike rack railing of the school. Suddenly, the burning sensation crawled into his lungs and then to his nostrils. Still the taste, although bitter, dance around his mouth as he glanced down at Michael, who had been taking the first hit of his fourth dart.

The tune of the bell rand as the crowds of people started to exit the building. They were hurrying to there cars or waiting for their parents to pick them up. You weren’t in the crowd of people which made Calum’s worry slightly. He got up and immediately as he did, your voice was hurried, along with the mix of the usually people, Barry and his friends. A growl came from the back his throat, till he realized where he should have been headed.

No matter how much the male wanted to speak with you, his priority was convincing Missy about her party. Calum tapped Michael, signalling that he would be right back.

His eyes turned hazel, his vision sweeping through the seal of people. And there she was mumbling away on her phone, next to her Mercedes, was Missy. Zooming through people was quite easy and no one could eally tell as he wooshed next to her. “Hi.” Calum voice muttered against the cigarette.

The strawberry blonde jumped. “One second Ally, I’ll call you back.” She hung up and instantly her demeanor changed, her lashes batting at him. “Well, hey you. I missed you in class today, naughty naughty for skipping.”

Calum chuckled, in a nervous manner more than he would have wanted to. He hated doing this. “Yeah…uh I wanted to talk to you.”

“I’m all ears.”

“I was thinking that you should throw a party.” The answer came flat and rather monotone. 

Her perfectly waxed eyebrows knitted together. “And why would I do that?” She took the cigarette from his lips and instantly tossed it to the ground.

The urge to glare was suddenly becoming weaker, as she had performed his biggest pet peeve. He reminded himself why he was doing this and then a smile appeared on the tanned male’s face, his hand against her hips and his upper body lowering to her level. “You know, it’d make me really happy…and who knows, my future girlfriend might be there.”

Her face instantly perked up when his tone became slightly coy. “Really?!”

Pulling away slightly he nodded. “Really. The whole school should be there too. It’d impress me and I mean, everyone knows that I love a good party.”

He could barely finish his sentence before she sprung up and embraced him with full force. “Okay, I’ll do it. This Friday.”

“Great…” Calum answered as he distanced himself from her once again.

“By the way your girl’s here and she looks pissed. Why don’t you come comfort her prince charming?” Michael’s voice rang as the echo came to his head. 

“Not now.” He hissed through gritted teeth. 

“Hm? Did you say something?”

There was instantly an innocent smile painted on his face. “Only that I’m looking forward to this party…and spending time with such a beautiful girl.” And by that he meant you but it’s however Missy wants to see it.

“Maybe you should come over earlier? I might need help.”

Perfect. He thought.  “Yeah, and you can give me the grand tour. It’d be great.” Yes, Calum was lying to her face but she had been a liar too. Besides, it was more sarcasm than anything. Of course, there was no right to his excuses, still it wasn’t like complimenting her through lies would be a bad thing. Scratching his neck, he gave Missy a thing lipped smile. “I’ll see around then?”

“Course!” Her piercing voice called. Calum began to walk away, only to be brought in the death of manicured nails digging into his forearm. “Wait a second, that’s so not cool. Asking for a favor and not giving me something in return?”

So this was the catch Michael was talking about. The tan male simply smirked, learning against her and without any given emotion pressed his lips against her cheek. “Happy?” But he didn’t wait for her answer. 

When Calum finally made his way around to the front of the school he found Michael where he had left him. Without a word the platinum haired gestured to where you had been standing.

Through his thoughts he silently thanked Michael, as the grin appeared on his face as he approached you. “(Y/N).” He said breathlessly, but was taken back by the glare you were offering him. “Whoa, what’s wrong? I promise I wasn’t picking on Barry-”

“Do you think you can always just kiss girls like that?”

“What? I haven’t-oh Missy?”  

You had seen the two of them together and had confused a small kiss on the cheek as something more, it made him chuckle. Although the scowl on your face only deepened with disgust as you turned away. In the distance, Michael was chuckling at his best friend for completely screwing this up. 

Calum touched your shoulder and spun you around. “(Y/N)…it’s not what you think.”

“Your tricks don’t work on me, Hood.” 

A hand came up to push him away, but with a swift motion the tanned male stopped you. Harsh and spiteful, something that Calum found both slightly attractive and definitely amusing. “I wouldn’t try something like that. Now, listen-”

“No, you listen-”

“Could you at least stop cutting me off?”

“You cut me off.” You argued in return. “Besides, why would I to someone like you?”

“Because it’s the polite thing to do and you cut me off first, (Y/N).”

You snorted at the response, wrenching your wrist back from his grasp. There were small marks against your wrist from Calum’s fingers but you barely noticed, in fact you didn’t feel hurt at all. His brown eyes softened slightly. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”


The male’s eyes rolled. “You’re being impossible right now. I just wanted to talk to you.”

“I know.”

“Come, on! I’m trying to be polite.” The plea came from the alpha and again Michael’s laughter could be heard. He had never seen Calum ever act like that towards a girl.

“And kissing girls spontaneously is polite?”

Biting his lip while grinning, he soon realized what caued the spur of your anger. “Do I detect jealousy? Is that what I have to do to get your attention?”

“Calum!” Your frustrated tone bellowed through to him. “You kissed another girl!” Suddenly, your eyes flashed hazel just as they did before. It wasn’t his intention to trigger this reaction, but he was most certainly glad he did.

There pained on his face, was a smug smirk, but you sending hell’s fire towards him with just on look. “Whoa.” He raised his hands in defence, “if looks could kill. Listen, forget about it, there is a party this Friday-”

A small honk come from the car waiting. Must have been your mother and you turned you head. “Really? You’re going to invite me to a party when you haven’t even explained to me why you kissed Missy? Do you flirt with every girl hm?”

“Please, I’ll explain it all to you tomorrow. The party is an excuse for me to…” The response drifted off his tongue, to spend time to get to know you, he desired to say, but he would get there. Eventually. “make up for my terrible behaviour. Besides, I can pick you up and everything. If you want.” 

Your face relaxed from the harsh matter you were putting on. “Fine, but Barry and his friends have to be there.”

The male’s face twisted, he didn’t know if it was from jealousy or the fact that he never liked Barry. “What?! That’s not-”

“If you want to make it up to me and change your terrible behaviour, you better start now.” You challenged playfully causing Calum to smirk in response.

“Fine.” He answered firmly.

Before you could meet his remark your mother pulled her car window down and saw the two of you from a distant. “(Y/N), you need to stop talking to that handsome boy, you have doctor’s appointment in half an hour.”

A groan escaped you as you rolled your eyes, hoping that Calum would’t have an ego boost from hearing that. You hurried to your car. Then turned to say goodbye to Calum, but he simply put a cigarette in between his lips with no sign of waving goodbye. You got into your car and sighed.

“And who was that?” Your mother’s voice teased.

Your eyes rolled. “No one important.”

“You know I thought that about your father, but I didn’t know I would marry him.” You remained silent, your mother rarely spoke about your dad. “Maybe you two might be together, you never know.”

You shook your head. “No, not him.” A sigh came from your lips as you turned to face outside. In the back of your mind sometimes you wished that Calum would just stop playing games.

The second Calum opened the door he could smell his mother’s cooking. Dinner was ready quite early. As he stepped into the living room he spotted his mother sorting through boxes. She was smiling but the air in the room was quite melancholy. Putting his bag down, the male offered her a genuine smile. “Hey, mom.”

“Hello sweetie. How was school?”

The male leaned in to give his mother a kiss on the cheek before sitting across from her. “It was good. Some new girl came to our school today. Her name is (Y/N), but you probably know that.”

She nodded. “Karen was talking about it this morning. She was worried she’d be a hunter. On our patrol there was no sign of it, once we checked on her, as well as the grounds around her home.”

“Hm.” Calum’s voice hummed as his gaze turned towards the pictures. There was photos filled with his mother’s memories. He recognized his friend’s parents but there was one girl that clung to his mother. They looked thick as thieves. there were more pictures of her with his mum than his own dad.

Taking the photo of the two girls, the male pointed to the girl next to his mother. “Who’s this?”

Almost immediately his mother’s face glowed with a smile, but it was solemn. She took the picture from his hand and sighed. “She was my best friend. (Y/M/N) Blackwell. I’m not sure if you knew she was part of our clan as well.”

“What do you mean part ?”The boy inquired, tilting his head slightly.

Another sigh left his mother’s lips. “She betrayed us. She went off and married a human, no better a hunter. That’s him, (Y/D/N). He went to our prom night and that’s the first time we saw him. We had no idea he was a hunter at first. We went to chase after her, but she didn’t want to be found. My own best friend,” There was a ouse as he watched his mother close her now glossy eyes,”didn’t want to have a friendship any longer. So, we stopped running around. It got too…difficult.”

Calum walked over to his mother and then wrapped an arm around her. “I’m so mum. Does that me you were her beta?”

Joy nodded while wiping her tears. “Yes, I filled in when she left. And now, here we are.”

Squinting at the picture he saw something odd. The facial features between (Y/M/N) and (Y/D/N) was like fitting a coincidental puzzle together. Could this only prove his point more? Was this really who you were. Blackwells…he needed to know more. “Mum, do you know what happened to the Blackwell wolves?”

“They died a long time ago. (Y/M/N) was the last. I don’t believe she had any children from my investigating. Her husband died a few months after their marriage and she never remarried. Why are you asking?”

That was a disappointing answer and especially the one he hadn’t hoped for. Maybe then Calum was wrong about you after all. But how would that explain today? You giving the commands to Michael, him following and then your burning hazel eyes? It made sense, but it also didn’t. This was all just speculation, but one that he wanted to prove right.

To hide his confused thoughts Calum offered his mother a grin, standing up and without her noticing placed the photo in his back pocket. “You know, Ben and teaching Mythological History. I was thinking about doing it on our kind.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m glad that you’re showing deeper interest in our history.”

“Yeah-Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, there is a party this Friday at Missy Bourgeois-”

“That is in hunter territory, Calum.” His mother stated looking up from her work.

He bit down on his bottom lip. “It’s going to be huge and the full moon isn’t coming around anytime soon. Nothing is going to happen and I already promise a couple of friends that I would drive them. Please mum.”

“Calum.” His mother warned, already getting frustrated with his excuses. As easily though, she relaxed. “Please keep out of trouble. Especially, when there are news reports on the attack you had just a few months ago.”

“Mum, that was total Luke’s fault. He’s as scared as a newborn pup.” She gave him a stern look before he nodded. “I promise, no shenanigans.” 

But as per usual that was a lie.

Part 3?

The Story of Thumbel-willa Pt. 1

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, exquisite being named Thumbel-willa Graham, or Will, as he came to be known. He had awoken into the world one day from a large flower, and lived a happy, if lonely existence. How he wished to discover another just like him! Instead, he made do with the friendship of the animals in the forest, and could often be found at the tiny driftwood docks on the far side of a remote pond deep in the valley, where he worked day in and day out building boats to ferry four-legged clients across still waters. 

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you begin to see the level of cognitive dissonance that culture can obscure once you see Australians humming Winter Wonderland and Baby It’s Cold Outside in the full heat of summer