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I love you, dad! by Tambako The Jaguar
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Last but maybe best picture of the series: the small cub showing that he’s loving his dad! 


Wolf walking in the snow by Tambako The Jaguar
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A wolf walking in the snow…


Concept Art for the Menagerie in The Lunar Chronicles, I went it a bit more of a different direction to the book, in the book it seems to be described more as corridors of cages, but i felt more inspired to create a room full of cages you could get lost in. I used my trip to Kew gardens to help inform me on the plants as I wanted a more Tropical/rainforest look. I decided to also incorporate the character Winter into both of the images. 

Photography Lincoln Park Zoo

“lion Sahar”

African lion Sahar runs through his outdoor exhibit in our Photo of the Week. Besides exercise, the 5-year-old big cat can count on a special “hot rock” to stay warm in the snow. (He can always head inside too!)