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Keeping It Real at the Winter X Games with Professional Snowboarder @torahbright

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Everything changed the first day Torah Bright (@torahbright) stepped on a snowboard. “It was challenging, it was a new skill, but it came pretty quickly,” the 29-year-old Olympic gold medalist from Australia says. “A whole new world opened up.” This weekend, she’s at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, but at this point, it’s not really about the accolades: “I just like to really relish in the environment and all the girls. We have fun and we watch each other and we celebrate. Usually I’m the girl up there dancing, as silly as I can be to stay relaxed.” Torah grew up in a small town an hour from the mountains and an hour and a half from the ocean; she has a special place in her heart for both terrains. “Snowboarding is my life and my career, but whenever I get a chance I’m at the beach.”


Torstein’s Triple = perfection. Welcome to Winter X Games Aspen!


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