winter wonderland!

Road Trips

The wind blows through the windows
as you drive
the sun hits the horizon
as clouds block out light
out in the distance
painting a picture of patchwork light.

Flowers line the roadside
as you drive by
purple, yellow, pink, red
a rainbow leading the way
giving colour to the road ahead.

There’s snow on the mountain in the distance
that’s the destination of course,
the white fields of magic
a winter wonderland
with snowflakes dancing in the air
covering all that surrounds
with a blanket of wonder.

But for now the countryside is alive
with the beauty that is living
the world around you is alive
the wind blows through the open fields to the right
gently rustling the ever so long grass
as the sea of green moves in union.

To the left
the trees of the forest also dance
as the wind glides through them,
the eternal guardians move ever so gracefully
as the invisible conductor slips through
conducting a song of silent beauty.

This is heaven you think
This is life
There’s magic in the air
and I am alive.

-Stu (friday-night-vodka)