winter wish cosplay photography


Picking back up where I left off on Bravely Default, and remembered I never shared my Tiz cosplay here! I really love how I look in this wig, and the costume itself is pretty comfy, so I’d love a chance to wear it again. The tunic is a soft wool blend (like REALLY soft, my friends were petting me all day) with the crests appliqued in silk dupioni on each sleeve. The collar is also trimmed in silk, and I spent quite a lot of time on the mockup for the collar so the front would have no seam. It laces up with some doe leather strapping, and the cuffs fit inside the leather gloves.

I also hand-patterned and made the satchels out of leather, whipstitched with hemp rope, and there are some rustic little beads on the ends of each one. The buckle (it looks like a slice of pizza) is plywood and foam, painted to look like hammered metal. I think the funniest part of the outfit is actually the flask, which is in fact a crudely-shaped chunk of wood with a PVC pipe molded around with clay and wrapped in laced-up black leather and decorative white leather, red cording, and red and blue fabric scraps. And the pants are made of some kind of weird olive woven upholstery stuff, which is not all that comfortable but was a good compromise between whether Tiz’s pants are grey or green or brown.

I love this cosplay! Bravely Default is a great classic JRPG for the 3DS and you should all play it ^_^ Photos shown are by Winter Wish Cosplay Photography and Athena Marid Cosplay at SakuraCon 2014!