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Princess Leia Organa Hoth costume displayed at the Star Wars Identities exhibition, London.

Today we lost a princess and a general, so what better time to look back at one of Leia’s most understated leadership looks. Empire Strikes Back showed a princess who was giving her everything to the Rebellion, maintaining moral and hope in the harshest of environments and in the face of absolute destruction, abandoning her post only when absolutely forced. Remember: She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

The first costume worn by Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back, this costume continued Leia’s familiar iconography whilst firmly placing her in an active and practical role. Unlike the gowns of the previous film, Leia now wears a combat snowsuit. This is the most identifiably ‘real world’ costume worn by Leia in the original trilogy. She both blends with and stands out from the rebels around her, maintaining her air of regal leadership even as she mucks in. The stand collar of her suit and the padded collar of her gilet both echo back to the collar and hood of her famous hero gown in A New Hope. The clean silhouette of this costume, with subtle quilting details and the simple lines of the waistband a zip-line continues the refined, understated Alderaanian elegance already established.

The colour palette worn by the rebels of Echo Base sits in shades of tan, beige and off-white. Leia’s shades of white and ivory are all her own, making her stand out and easy to follow on-camera on Hoth, and making her an isolated figure of light in the carbon freezing chamber when the snowsuit is worn again on Cloud City.

We followed the colour palette of the first  one. It was just creating the winter variants of the same things.
John Mollo, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy

Note the difference in boots between this image from the set of Empire Strikes Back, and those displayed at SWID. The higher-wedge, grey boots are clearly visible in the infamous hallways scene with Han Solo (along with the cunningly disguised box Fisher was standing on) and in a number of other scenes, whereas the lower mukluk-style boots from the exhibition are clearly worn when Fisher is running towards the Falcon during the Echo Base evacuation. Skimming quickly through Empire, the darker boots show on camera more often giving the impression that the exhibition boots are Fisher’s stunt boots and the grey pair are the hero boots. However, the grey boots appear to be modified purchased boots. The exhibition boots have been made to specification. The most likely explanation is that the grey boots were intended to be off-camera boots to lend Fisher height, but they ended up being established on-camera against design (due to change in angles/shot order etc. before changes could be made or noted.) However, in Star Wars Costumes book, the mukluk-stye are described as the hero boots. A mystery!

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worst in current cannon : Dildo head and squidward mask , also that time when he came back to kill Tim with a weird robin costume. Best : redhood in UTRH and Rhato rebirth,weirdly enough i also like that winter variant costume he had during his robin days(post crisis,Batman annual#13) the colors were a bit off but its the closest thing he got to wearing pants,it was cute

Pants are such an achievement for the Robins, lmao. 


Pre-orders have officially been confirmed to be on their way to our warehouse. We anticipate these to be arriving within 7-10 days and will officially be going out this month! After that the last chance pre-orders will go live for last years Halloween variants (Witch and Demon) and last years winter variant (Candy Cane). We’ll keep you posted on their status!


Mint, Taro, and Red Bean will be back in stock online tomorrow (Feb. 21st 2015) in limited quantities. More will be restocked later if they sell out. Candy Corn only has a few available, it will be gone within moments. Bat & Reindeer have very limited quantities, we expect these to be gone by end day!

That being said, please read the following regarding future limited edition releases.

We cannot thank those of you enough who follow us, collect from us, and appreciate our designs so much that you seek out our creations when released. We created small batches, because we wanted to create a “limited” feel, and didn’t want to come off as greedy by creating them in the thousands.

That being said, Candy Corn, Bat, and Reindeer will all be re-released at Halloween 2015, and Winter (Nov/Dec) 2015 along with the new Halloween and Winter variants for this year. Bumblebee will also have additional pieces released around end Summer 2015.

Variants re-released will remain limited. We have made the decision to up all limited edition variants, to double the quantities, meaning they’ll continue to be limited but not as much. Bat, Candy Corn, Reindeer, and BumbleBee are all behind according to those new quantity standards, and will be caught up accordingly before being officially retired/discontinued.

Once these limited editions sell out tomorrow, do not anticipate them being available again until the dates specified above. BumbleBee in March & again in late Summer, Bat & Candy Corn around Halloween, Reindeer around next Winter.

Thank you for your continued support, and hopefully those of you seeking to add to your collection are able to soon!



Tonight no matter how far apart we are,
I won’t let that keep us apart.

Because im reaching out to you,
right now through,
millions upon millions of tiny pixelations,
coming through to you and,

One by one they,
align creating this,

Perhaps tongiht its,
just the picture you needed to see or,
a curious thing just passing through your feed but,
perhaps you actually took the time to read this,

If you did thats exciting because I,
was reaching out to you and,
I made it,


So just as a rmeninder you’re,
not alone because I,
have reached you.

Even if it’s just a,
it made it all the way to your screen despite,


-Elliott Alexzander

P.s. If you like, the last image in this set is the perfect size to save as your desktop background. It’s all your’s if you like! If you’re on a smart phone no worries, the first three images will make stunning backgrounds. Have at em’! Xoxo