winter trails

Winter Solangelo

I got a request for some fluffy Solangelo and I wanted to give it a winter spin! (Man this took my a while to get to. Sorry.) 

-Nico is perpetually cold. 

-He really likes Holiday sweaters but being that he has to keep up his ascetic he only wears the sarcastic ones. 

-With the exception of a couple sweaters Hazel knitted for him. 

-Will is the human embodiment of Christmas spirit.  

-The Apollo cabin is always the first decorated and Will starts suggesting Christmas songs at the bonfire in November. 

-Nico finds this equal parts annoying and endearing 

-There are several little Holiday type events that happen in camp half blood

-Will makes Nico go with him to all of them

-Nico doesn’t actually mind that much. If nothing else there’s always free food, and Will’s cute when he gets overly excited. 

-Holding hands through gloves

-Nico hates Christmas movies. Will loves them. 

-The Nightmare before Christmas is the only one they can watch together

-Nico Will never admit how much he likes cuddling with Will when it’s cold outside. The boy is just so warm. He’s like a human space heater.