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Bits & Pieces of Nao's 101Q&A

Q2 Why/How did you wake up? 

Nao: I was hungry so I woke up (smiles) Healthy right?

Q3 After you wake up, what’s the first thing do you do?

Nao: First of all, go to the toilet

Q4 What do you wear when you sleep? 

Nao: When I sleep? Nothing

– What do you wear (during winter)? 

Nao: Tour T-shirts ne

Q5 Girls, what do you want them to wear when they sleep?

Nao: Alice Nine’s Tour T-shirts of course I guess 

– We’re asking what kind of clothes do the girl wear that you will be turned on. 

Nao: Aaahh~ dress shirts dress shirts (immediate reply)

Nao: I go to bed, and fall asleep in about 3 seconds.

Nao: I want to sleep on (my lover’s) arm 

– On the girl’s? 

Nao: Yeah. Woohahahaha (laughs)

Q11 Giving the good night kiss type or wanting to be kissed type? 

Nao: I want to be kissssed! (smiles)

Nao dreamt that Arisu was on a tour, he or Hiroto was driving; they went to a rest stop, Nao went to the toilet, and they left without him

Q15 Your ideal breakfast menu? 

Nao: Rice, natto and yogurt. And, after the meal, coffee too

Q18 When you like the clothing, are you the ‘buy immediately type’ or 'carefully think and choose type’?

Nao: I will buy it immediately ne – Do you try it (the clothes) on? Nao: No

Q26 Watch wearing type? 

Nao: I didn’t wear it today but I usually do

Nao: Ehh….. I don’t want to hold hands~~ (when walking with his lover) 


1. Hot 

2. He has a lot of stuff, so his hands are occupied

Q30 What kind of actions from a girl that would make you feel something? 

Nao: Her smile! Not like, gyahahaha-kind of laugh but a smile.

Nao: I wanna wear Doara!

Nao: Personally, my favourite is 'Senkou’s hair where it was coloured red.

Q39 Girl’s hairstyle, I like this kind! 

Nao: Just as it is is OK!

Q40 Your favourite colour? 

Nao: What do I like I wonder……Ah! Red

– Why is that? 

Nao: Red of passion that’s why. My rice cooker is also red

Q41 If you were to represent yourself with a number? 

Nao: -1 

– Meaning? 

Nao: There is no perfect person. All the more because humans are inperfect, they cooperate with someone and make it a plus. It’s that kind of feeling. In other words, a human alone is unable to do anything.

Q42 If you were to represent each member with numbers?

Nao: Shou-kun is 1,000,000. Because he has a 1 million volt smile. Hiroto-kun is 75. There’s a reason for it but you can’t write it. Tora is 5000. Because he had 5000yen in his wallet previously (lol). Saga-kun is 486000. It’s the price of the bass he’s responsible for. Saga-kun’s model bass’ price ne (lol)

Q51 What were the impressions you had of the members?

Nao: Shou-kun, sleepy I guess. Hiroto-kun, he eats really deliciously. Tora, few friends. Saga-kun, this person wants to sleep right? This is just an impression. It’s not a fact yo

Nao: Having that prince-like image; I don’t have it, not even once. That’s why…… Isn’t it because Shou-kun’s image is strong in that? Because not only his looks, but Shou-kun’s actions as well is prince-like.

Nao: It’s completely fine to look nice. The next thing is, I want the real ability as a band. That was all

Q58 Have you thought of leaving the band in the past? 

Nao: I’ve never (thought of it) but, it seems like there were such rumours. I knew it through a letter from a fan. 'Nao-san, is it true that you are leaving?’ The me who received the letter was like, 'are you serious!’ (burst out laughing). I now know it too. Even now, I don’t know why would such a rumour surface (lol)

Q59 Was there a period of time where you have thought of pausing the band and have solo activities? 

Nao: Nope, never

Q62 Tell us the secret of how does the Alice Nine-style band continue for a long time! 

Nao: Isn’t this the same as love, I guess

Nao: I don’t get much shocks. Because I’m strong (in the face of criticism)

Q65 What is the bit that you like about Alice Nine and the troublesome bit of it? 

Nao: The bit that I like is, we respect each other. The adult bit

– It’s different when you say its just because you guys are close right. It’s like you guys keep a distance properly and be considerate of each other right. 

Nao: Yeah. That’s why, we are like partners. The troublesome bit is…… if you were to say summer homework, it’s like (they) do it on the last day of the holidays. This is such band reality. I am the type to want to finish everything before the holidays start so I end up thinking, 'finish it quickly!’ ne

Q66 Try to represent the Alice Nine now with one kanji!

Nao: It’s written as 漢 but read as 'man’. It’s our 10th anniversary, it’s the hottest yo. That’s why it’s surrounded by a blue flame (lol)

Q67 If Alice Nine gets a big break, what do you want to do?

Nao: Buy an island and make Alice in Wonderland!

Q70 By the way, during your student days, were your results good? 

Nao: Yeah!

– You’re brimming with confidence ne 

Nao: Yeah. I was unbelievably good

Nao was a relay athlete!

– If you were good in both studies and sports, you were definitely popular among girls in your school?

Nao: I was in a boys school (both explodes with laughter)

Q72 The first CD you bought 

Nao: ZARD-san’s '負けないで’. ZARD-san is forever my idol

Q73 The first live you watched 

Nao: 'THE HIGH-LOWS-san’ I guess. At Hokkaido

Nao: To put it in the coffin, as expected, it’s our own albums yo.

Q79 The unforgettable live is? 

Nao: There’s a lot but, as expected, I was touched by the live where the five of us stood for the first time. It was a livehouse called Takadanobaba AREA. The deep emotion of a band formed again, I can still remember it up till now

Q81 Now, the live of an artiste that you want to go for is?

Nao: School Food Punishment. I wanted to see them!

When Nao and his friend started a band in high school, Nao was the vocalist because he had no money to buy any instruments. Then he saw his senpai’s kakkoii drumming self and started drums

Q89 If you weren’t in a band, what is the occupation that you would like to try? 

Nao: Voice actor. I’m really interested in it.

Q90 Which part of your body do you like? 

Nao: ……Cheeks! I like how it looks soft

Nao’s method of keeping in shape is do a hageshii live. But after that, he will end up eating xD

Q94 Tell us your special skill that will definitely lose to no one! 

Nao: Patience! I don’t think I will lose

Q101 A few words to the you of 10 years later 

Nao: Are you aliiivee~?