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Planning Your Cosplay panel, as given at SacAnime Winter 2017

Ever wanted to cosplay someone, but had no idea how to begin? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn about how to take that first step! Topics covered will include costume choice, breaking down the parts of a costume, buying vs. making, researching materials and methods, and budgeting time and money.

This is just the bare bones of the panel, as many of the examples were elaborated on in-person, and it is just the slides, not any of my notes. It is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive, and is just meant for general advice and suggestion purposes only. If anyone has feedback they would like to give, feel free to do so. That said, I hope that people find this information useful.

Here is a link to a pdf of the presentation. You may download for personal use, but please do not alter the presentation, repost without permission, or do any sort of other unauthorized use. (If you have a question about how you can use this presentation, please send me a message with your question and we can work it out. I promise I’m not scary. ;]) Feel free to reblog this post as much as you want, though. I do these panels and post them because I want the information to be shared.

I hope someone finds this helpful! :]

cold weather survival tips so y’all can start the new year with soft glowy skin

I posted a list of beauty tips for hot weather on my old blog at the beginning of the summer and it went over really well, so I thought I’d do a cold weather version now that we’re in peak chapped-lips-and-cracked-hands season.

  • Do yourself a favor by going to the nearest drugstore and buying the biggest tub of Vaseline/petroleum jelly you can find. 90% of Dry Skin Problems™ can be solved by slapping some Vaseline on there. 
  • Seriously. Chapped lips? Use Vaseline as a lip balm. Dry, cracked heels? Slather those feetsies with Vaseline right before you go to bed (just put socks on to keep from getting your sheets all sticky) for an overnight moisturizing treatment. (You can do the same thing on your hands if they’re dry and cracked!) I’ve even used Vaseline to fix severe dry patches on my face and neck. This stuff is a lifesaver. 
  • (You might also wanna get one of those tiny mini tubs to keep in your jacket pocket or in your bag, so you’ll always have it on you. It works way better than lip balm and is the only thing that can keep my lips from cracking and bleeding all winter long.)
  • While you’re at the store, it’s a good idea to invest in a good lotion. Most scented lotions (especially Bath & Body Works brand) actually make my dry skin worse because of the perfume in them, so you might want to look into an unscented formula. Try to avoid formulas that contain alcohol (which is sometimes used to make the lotion absorb faster) because they’ll dry you out worse than before. 
  • I always recommend using lotions and moisturizers made for sensitive skin even if your skin isn’t actually sensitive, because they don’t have as many harsh ingredients that might draw moisture out of your skin! Looking for formulas with all-natural ingredients (like Burt’s Bees and Yes To) is another good way to avoid heavy chemicals.
  • Replace your makeup remover with olive oil. It melts makeup right off, and you don’t have to scrub at your face like you do with a lot of makeup removers. It’s also super hydrating and makes my skin feel SO SOFT after I use it. (Just be sure to wash it off with a cleanser before you go to bed.) A lot of people use coconut oil the same way, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t speak for how well it works compared to olive oil. 
  • If your foundation sticks really noticeably to the dry patches on your face, a good hydrating makeup primer can help a lot. e.l.f. has really good, really cheap primers that I swear by, and they even have one specifically made for dry skin! (And you can find them at Walmart and most drugstores, so you can swing by and pick it up while you’re getting your groceries.)
  • Avoid “matte” or “mattifying” foundation formulas in general if your skin is really dry, because they’ll just make your dry patches more noticeable. Use a “satin finish” or “dewy finish” foundation instead, and if you want to make it look more matte you can always set it with a powder to take away the shine! 
  • If your lips are really dry and scaly, the best thing to do is just exfoliate the dead skin away. You can make your own lip scrub really easily by mixing sugar with either olive oil or honey, and just rub it on your lips to buff off the dry skin. Be sure to follow with Vaseline or a good lip balm!
  • As a matter of fact, you should really be exfoliating your entire face once or twice a week, especially if you have really dry skin. You can buy exfoliating scrubs at the store for a few bucks or make your own. (My favorite is a homemade scrub with 1 tablespoon of cooled green tea, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a few drops of tea tree oil. It makes my skin soooo soft and helps fade my acne scars.)
  • Consider replacing your moisturizer with a face-safe oil like jojoba or rosehip at night. (I wouldn’t recommend using olive oil or coconut oil for this though, because they’re a little too heavy.) I started using rosehip oil every night to help with the scarring on my face, and it makes my skin feel so good. It doesn’t absorb right away, so it’s almost like sleeping in a face mask every night, and you wake up with a baby-soft face. This is the first winter I haven’t had really dry patches on my face, and I think using facial oils has a lot to do with it.
  • If your lipstick is drying out your lips, use a very light layer of Vaseline as a lip primer! This also makes the lipstick go on smoother – I’ve been using this trick for chalky/streaky lipsticks for years. (I told you, Vaseline is a lifesaver.)
  • I know everyone on tumblr is always saying this, but it really is important; you gotta stay hydrated. Drink water. (Drinks like soda actually dehydrate you, so it really does have to be water.) If your skin is just feeling a little dryer than usual, it could be because you just aren’t getting enough water. Increasing your water intake is a really easy, completely free way to help your skin out. 
  • And fyi, these tips aren’t just for girls! If you’re a guy with dry skin, feel free to use any and all of the things I talked about in this post! Taking care of your body is gender neutral and everybody deserves to have nice skin. 

February 6, 2017.
Studying at home this morning before heading out in the snow and the university. ❄️☕️📚
Study hard lovers!

Tip of My Tongue - Bucky Barnes x Reader [ Ch. 1 / 7 ]

Prompt : Bucky Barnes was supposed to bring back her soul and take her to afterlife. He had one job (it was the only available job for someone like him in this in-between world) and he fucked up. 

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Fluff, slight angst maybe, idk  |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : I’m a sucker for AUs and I tend to use songs for my fic titles, in case you haven’t noticed. Anyway, here’s a Grim Reaper Bucky AU! let me know what you think? :) 

Originally posted by vvhymack

“Fury’s looking for you.” Steve’s voice woke Bucky up from his short nap. He blinked a couple of times, adjusting his eyes to the blinding light, and stretched his limbs, letting out a tired groan as he got up from the couch. “He said it’s time.”

“Is it about your new mission?” Steve sat across him, watching his best friend pick up his jacket and file from the floor with an amused look on his face. Bucky only gave him a glare, which would be scary if his hair wasn’t tousled from sleep and he wasn’t talking to Steve. “Good luck.” Steve offered with a slight chuckle that turned into a laugh when Bucky flipped him off on his way out.

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5 Magickal Suggestions for the Winter Solstice

As the darkest portion of the solar year approaches the northern hemisphere, the life energy around us sinks into sleep beneath the Earth and the air chills as creatures descend into hibernation or fly south for the winter. At this time, when the nights lengthen and the winds bite, magick is more accessible to those who may have struggled during the summer months as the walls between our world and the next stay quite thin after Samhain, until the springtime come Ostara. 

During this time, many hold Yuletide feasts or family gatherings, and spells and rituals of all kinds that encompass the hidden, the magickal and the feminine are performed as the Goddess’ power rules over the Earth whilst the God sleeps. Here are a few winter tips and ideas to keep your hand into the magickal game as you stay warm this coming new year.

  1. Bake healing spells into sweet spiced buns and other foods, and share them out at Yuletide and other Winter festivals. We all know that with the rise in the usage of heaters and the increased close proximity to each other as we stay indoors over winter, sicknesses spread like wildfire during the winter months. Spread healing magick through your loved ones by baking warm, welcoming winter foods filled with spellwork to keep illness at bay this year. Elderflowers are strongly antiviral and a common ingredient in certain foods and drinks (especially in the UK), and ginger helps fight nausea. Cinnamon stimulates your sinuses, and a combination of lavender and passionflower will calm the body better than any synthetic sedative, and aids in achieving and maintaining restful sleep. 

  2. Full moons are strongest during the winter months, so try using them to super-charge your crystals and tools. Moon-charging and washing are common practices amongst those of us who use tools, substances and crystals in our workings, and Winter moons are stronger than Summer ones as the Goddess is at the height of Her powers during this time. Use this to your advantage and perform some truly excellent winter workings with your new charged tools!

  3. Hold a Solstice bonfire to call the sun back from his sleep, in the footsteps of the traditional Witches and pagans who practiced rites at these most important times of the year, the Solstices. At such times the natural cycles are beginning anew, and through honouring the sun as he begins his return to full strength over the coming Spring and Summer, we may call down the sun’s strength into our lives for the next year to come.

  4. Promote some new seasonal mythologies to break the monotony of Santa Claus and his reindeer. As fun and jolly as the Fat Man is, Santa Claus, Sinter Klaas, Father Christmas, Old Man Winter, Saint Nicholas or whomsoever you choose to bring into your home as your solstice god of the year are all fairly old-hat at this point. Whilst many honour these individuals through longstanding heritage, most people simply continue the traditions they were taught as children. Well, I recommend coming up with your OWN seasonal myths to whisper to children as you cuddle up in your warm beds. Tell children about the Solstice Fairy, a tiny little thing who flies a sleigh pulled by magical bumblebees and brings presents and sweets to those who’ve been good. Tell them about the Snow-trees, great tall pine trees that grow up from the clouds and when they lose their leaves in winter they fall to earth as snowflakes. Of course these are just stories, but what is Santa other than a story we all agree is “acceptable”? Why not make your own this year; it’ll be more fun, and far less commercial! 

  5. Use the power of the coming new year to fuel spells for promoting change. As the year turns over into the new one, there’s a huge amount of mental energy focused towards the coming year, and what’s going to happen as our lives shift into the new period coming. Use this power in new years eve rituals to power spells for change in the new year - it’s more effective than resolutions, after all!

Have a blessed Solstice, my Northern siblings!

– Juniper

break is a time to relax and destress from school, but it’s also a good time to catch up on work and boost yourself up with studying!! here are some tips to help you out :)

plan things out

i cannot emphasize this enough. make a plan. i would suggest printing out a calendar and planning out each day. are you going on vacation? mark it on the calendar! have a doctor’s appointment or a party you were planning on going to? mark it on the calendar! calculate the remaining days you have left before school starts again. figure out which subjects to tackle on which days and if you have spare time on the days that you do other things.

be realistic. don’t expect yourself to read through 6 chapters, take notes, do 2 projects, and write 7 essays in one day. not only is this discouraging at the end of the day, it forces more stress on you. space things out. if a subject is more intensive and requires more focusing and studying, allot it more time; perhaps even a full day. remember: you have to eat, drink, sleep, take breaks, etc etc like every other person, so don’t cram your studying in too much.

plan your projects out step by step. figure out when you’re going to finish your assignments. determine what days you’ll read through chapters. figure everything out.

take a break; relax

keep some time to relax. after all, it is a break. plan some fun things to do!! you could read a book that you never had the time to read before! you could practice an instrument more! reconnect with your family! you could watch a movie that you wanted to watch or hang out with your friends! the possibilities are endless; it’s your break.


if you planned to study biology for an hour, study it for an hour. don’t cheat yourself out on productivity. it only brings you down :( you can always check your dash / feed later. log off your social media accounts and shut off your phone –> back to studying you go !!
you can always take a break after that hour is up.

if you find that your house is too distracting for you, go to your local library or a small coffee shop for a change of environment. i personally love the library because they will usually have little study areas / cubicles, it’s quiet, and resources are always available. 

before school

start getting ready for school again a couple days before break ends. go to bed earlier. start waking up at the usual time again. fall back into your school routine. you may have slept in and relaxed during break, but it’s time to go back to school.

at least 5 days before school starts, i go over every assignment and project that i had to do. double check that you completed everything that you needed to do. if not, start doing it now. you have 5 days to do it! (which is a lot better than struggling to finish something the night before school starts)

i believe in you!! you can do this!!

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here !! thanks :)

what’s a studyblr?

  • study + tumblr = studyblr! it’s for anyone wanting to do better, looking for motivation, studying and learning. 
  • we’re like the ravenclaw common room huhu
  • some variants are appblrs (blogs focusing on college applications), medblrs (medical studyblrs), etc etc.


  • you could try making a post saying that you’re new! it’s a good way of introducing yourself
  • don’t be afraid of sending messages to other studyblrs and just starting up a conversation (pls we all love getting messages).
  • be nice to your followers and to other bloggers! (no hate/rudeness ;;)
  • tag your posts with #studyblr or #studyspo !! 
  • you can also look through those tags and reblog some stuff

making friends

  • send nice messages! with the new im system, it’s a lot easier to have conversations with people now! (don’t worry we won’t bite pls pls we love getting messages talk to me if u want to)
  • if someone that you’re following reblogs an ask game or something like that, send them a message! you could find out a mutual interest or something!
  • join a community page! you can meet lots of other people and find blogs that are studying the same classes as you :)
  • join a study group. there are many study groups set up by studyblrs. for example, you could join one focusing on biology if you’re taking that class this year. you could meet lots of new people that way!

helpful things

  • having a blog theme that’s clean and easy to navigate is really nice. 
  • you can make a tag list for people who want to look through your blog for resources!
  • making an about is helpful bc people can get to know you!!
  • natural lighting usually makes pictures 100x nicer
  • many people use vscocam to edit things like brightness
  • some studyblrs track tags. for example, i track the tag #tbhstudying and reblog stuff that people have tagged it with
  • don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect :’)


  • pls pls pls don’t feel like you have to have all of the expensive stationery that you see in posts with a lot notes.
  • don’t let age restrict you!! i started my studyblr when i was a smol 8th grader ; u ;
  • don’t force yourself to do all of the mind maps and illustrated notes that you see a lot in the studyblr community. if you find out that it doesn’t work for you. use the method that fits you.
  • don’t focus on followers. it’s about the wish to get better through your own efforts; not the amount of followers you have
  • don’t repost pictures. always try to reblog from the original. this goes for the pictures that you find on places like weheartit or stealing credit for other people’s posts and articles and masterposts. nobody likes it ;;

welcome to the community !!
hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

No protective styling in winter ?

Deep condition- Moisture Moisture Moisture ! Weekly deep conditioning for at least 30 minutes helps to replenish loss moisture.

Hair Steaming- Hair steaming is the God Mother of deep conditioning methods. The steam opens up the cuticle of your hair allowing deeper penetration, leaving it soft and preventing breakage.

Protein treatments- If you have high porosity strands, moisture retention will be a challenge. Protein helps fill in the gaps that have been created from chemical processing.

Section Shampoo Method- Smaller sections will result in less tangles, decreased hair loss and will make for a less laboring task.

Dry Styling- Dry styling aids in preventing curls from coiling around eachother creating more tangles resulting in breakage. (bantu knots, twist outs, braid outs).

Leave in conditioner- A good leave in conditioner will ensure that the detangling process is much easier while adding moisture and maintaining those moisture levels for a longer period of time.

Hands off- Try to limit the amount of time you spend “playing” in your curls. All of that twisting and twirling once it has been styled is unnecessary manipulation that could ultimately lead to breakage.

Little or no heat- Minimizing the heat exposure to your hair will prevent irreversible damage and changes in your curl pattern. Keep those blow dryers and flat irons at bay as much as possible.

Trainer Tips: Winter Edition

Hey, we ain’t dead yet, so it’s about time for an update for those who are still going and those that want to go. Plus, it’s likely that the winter is bringing us Ditto and a whole bunch of Gen 2 Pokémon.

So onward:

- As usual, keep an eye out, sidewalks and roads (and the Windows of your car) ice over pretty badly at night, so early morning walkers/joggers/runners may want to be more careful.

- Make sure you have warm enough and comfortable enough clothing for you before going out.

- Avoid high traffic areas, especially on days that the roads have iced over. From mild experience, it doesn’t take much for things to spin out.

- Freezing rain is not fun, both to you, and your phone. If you have a bag and plan to go fairly far on a more overcast day and it doesn’t aim for snow? Bring a collapsible umbrella.

- As with all things of temperature, if you don’t feel well. Just go home, you’ll have plenty of time another day to catch things, don’t catch pneumonia or get yourself too cold out there. (Apply this based on your usual level of cold tolerance. I know there’s a long list who haven’t even switched outta shorts yet and I know the feeling)

- Apply your regional level of caution regarding iced ponds and lakes. So, unless you’re somewhere where the town or city does something with them…. Just leave it be. It’ll make for nice pictures though.

- Don’t overencumber yourself with the bag, but you do need to make sure to bring particular things. You may want to consider setting aside a time to make changes to your supplies based on the season.

I struggle with finding the optimum amount of time for studying and working because I don’t have much time to do either. The problem then is that I try and cram everything into such a short space of time and end up giving myself a migraine or burning myself out.

Today is one such day, and i’m taking 5 mins to have some hot chocolate and marshmallows because it’s really fricken’ cold outside and really fricken’ cold inside too, and i’m tired. I need to get ahead on something so that I can concentrate on my QTLS submission..

Holiday Ornament Snow Spell ❅

A crafty, easy DIY spell to bring about those winter flurries

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft 


  • 1 clear ornament sphere
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • Powdered/confectioners sugar
  • Quartz crystal (small chips would work best)
  • Pine and/or peppermint (Any part of pine - needles/wood/sap are all fine, as is crumbled peppermint candy canes rather than the herb in a pinch)

Note: This spell will work immensely better in an area with high chance of snowfall, low temperatures, and in high altitudes. You probably won’t have too much luck casting at a warmer time of year, either! Try checking local radars and weather forecasts to find optimal times for casting specific weather spells (I highly recommend the phone app iRadar for weather witches)

Step 1 ❅

Gather all of your ingredients for the spell and find something to serve as a funnel to fill the ornament with the materials ~ If you don’t happen to have a funnel in your kitchen, try rolling up a piece of paper to use instead; it works just as well. Fill the ornament in this order:

1. Powdered sugar - 2. pine/crushed peppermint - 3. Quartz crystal(s) - 4. Bay leaves

Each of these ingredients, of course, is used to serve as a bit of the intent in your spell! Powdered sugar represents the snow, both pine and peppermint for purity and change, quartz has been referred to “eternal/unmelting ice” and can be infused with any intent, and bay leaves are useful for wishing magick.  

Step 2 ❅

Once you are happy with how your ornament looks - hold it in your hands, visualize snow falling upon your desired location, and chant the following:

“Winds strong and winds fast

Blow with haste and with good pace

Chill the air as crisp winter rain falls

Turnt to twisting and dancing snow to fall upon the earth

High into the clouded skies, I call

So it Will Be!”

As you chant, feel your energy move from your hands to the ornament; continue imagining the snow fall, and infusing the ornament with your intent. Once you feel ready to close the spell, gradually finish your visualization and ground yourself.

Step 3 ❅

Place the ornament in a freezer for about 10 minutes, just to chill it a bit.

Then with a ribbon, string, or piece of twine, hang up your ornament in a window ~ Not only will keeping the ornament up help materialize your spell, but it also makes a lovely decoration and is non-suspicious for secret witches! Your spell is now completed, and hopefully a chilly snow storm is on it’s way. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know ~ Thank you!

~ Rainy ❅

Since it’s starting to get cold outside, some of you might get sick. I really hope you’ll stay healthy all winter, but just in case I’m giving you a little tea recipe that my stepfather, who’s on the shamanic path, gave me.

-Take your cup and put in 1 tsp of curcuma (turmeric), a piece of ginger (about the size of your thumb), a piece of pineapple and a bit of honey if you want. Fill your cup with boiling water and stir your tea ;) It’s as simple as that ! Drink that tea everyday until you feel better. It might also help to add some onions and garlic to your meals so you can heal quicker. Have a nice day full of Love and Light :) ~ xx