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The Signs As: Things the Avengers Deserve

Aries: Unconditional love support and understanding

Taurus: Unconditional love support and understanding

Gemini: Unconditional love support and understanding

Cancer: Unconditional love support and understanding

Leo: Unconditional love support and understanding

Virgo: Unconditional love support and understanding

Libra: Unconditional love support and understanding

Scorpio: Unconditional love support and understanding

Sagittarius: Unconditional love support and understanding

Capricorn: Unconditional love support and understanding

Aquarius: Unconditional love support and understanding

Pisces: Unconditional love support and understanding

Eat Your Own Words, Stark

Word count: 323

Warnings: one swear word

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Y/N gets tired of listening to Tony tease Bucky about being too old to get a date

“I’m just saying, at least I wouldn’t get called a perverted grandpa for dating a girl in her late twenties”, Tony spoke from the kitchen, I could practically hear the shit-eating grin he more than likely had on his face

I groaned in annoyance from my spot on the couch. Tony had been picking on Bucky nonstop for the last few days or so, mainly about his age. Cap and Nat were off on a small recon mission and, since Bucky and Steve were both almost the same age (Bucky being older by a mere three years), Tony had assigned Bucky as his temporary verbal punching bag.

I glanced over the couch cushions at the two men. Bucky had a small smile on his face as well, knowing Stark was only pushing his buttons as a joke, but you could see his patience was clearly growing thin.

“In all seriousness though, how fast do the ladies run away when you tell them that you’re a hundred years old?” Tony continued to push.

Bucky looked up at Tony with a mischievous smirk. “How’s Pepper doing?” he asked, knowing it would get to Tony, who was still on “break” with the pretty ginger.

Tony glared at Bucky.

“No need to get defensive, tin can. I’m just saying, it’s okay if you can’t ever bring a girl over for Thanksgiving dinner.”

The comment was the last straw for me. I got up from your spot on the couch and stormed into the kitchen. I shot a glance at Tony before grabbing the sides of Bucky’s face and bringing his lips down to mine. Even though it was short and off guard, it was as great as I had always thought it would be.

I pulled away from the shell-shocked Bucky and turned to Tony.

“Eat your own words, Stark”, I said, and then sauntered off to my room, not another word coming out of Tony’s mouth.

Winter’s War: Chapter 6

Summary: Steve throws caution to the wind as soon as he hears about you and Bucky. He sets out to rescue you and the captured soldiers with the help of Peggy and Howard.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: language, *torture*, blood, violence, death

Word Count: ~5,106

A/N: *gifs not mine*

It felt kind of odd to just sort of shove Jim Morita in there, but…. it’s how it happened in the movie, so there ya go: Your Japanese-American sassmaster.

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Steve threw his bag into the overhead storage space and pulled out his sketch pad. Luckily, the girls had learned early on he was absolute shite at talking to women and now gave him a wide berth. They were polite, of course, but they’d long given up on trying to romance “Captain America.” Steve didn’t care much. It gave him time to draw and think without constant chatter he felt obliged to listen to.

Steve watched as the ground gave way to sky beneath the plane and let out a contented sigh. He was finally going to the front.

Italy, five miles from the front - Allied territory - November 1943

Steve groaned and tugged his cowl off of his face. So much for rallying the troops. He was pretty sure that that soldier’s butt would haunt his dreams for weeks. He shuddered as the image popped into his head and resolved to wash up as soon as possible. He may not be able to physically scrub the image out of his brain, but it might at least get the rotten tomato smell out of his hair.

“Don’t worry, pal. They’ll warm up to you, don’t worry,” Vargus assured Steve as he exited the stage, patting his shoulder in what he seemed to think was a comforting manner. Steve ignored him and walked away, dodging the girls as they tottered back onstage.

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