I’ll never get over how damn gorgeous he is. I can’t blame Steve for falling in love with him, honestly and it isn’t just his physical appearance. Let me wax poetic a moment:

  • he defends steve without hesitation
  • he tries to protect him by talking him out of enlisting
  • tells steve’s dates only the good stuff about him and prob builds him up so that when they meet him they’re expecting someone much taller, much more handsome because to bucky hes perfect the way he is
  • rather than let his men get killed he surrenders despite being terrified
  • he repeats his rank number and name so that he doesn’t forget who he is (his memorial at the museum said his will was strong)
  • upon waking after the surgery on his arm he immediately tries to fight back like the bamf he is
  • on his last day before shipping out he spends it looking over his shoulder at steve and wanting to leave him on a happier note - even goes so far as to hide his sadness (alley scene)
  • he knew 4 different languages by the age of 19
  • was quickly promoted to sgt
  • hes charming and has a good sense of humor
  • hes perfectly willing to spend the rest of his life with steve
  • he patches him up after fights (”come on lets get you cleaned up”)
  • he survived hydra’s torture after so many hadn’t came out of the isolation room alive
  • hes physically strong even before the serum
  • hes an excellent marksman
  • hes an emotional person and after steve rescues him he doesn’t try to hide it anymore
  • had a great memory before hydra wiped him and it keeps coming back
  • hes a science geek
  • hes willing to put his own feelings on the back burner for steve (bar scene)
  • hes brave and trustworthy
  • he’ll do anything for those he loves
  • he doesn’t kill people who aren’t his target - if he has to he maims them but not badly enough to end their lives
  • hes hella good at climbing on vehicles
  • hes fast and very skilled when it comes to fighting
  • what I’m trying to say is that hes a good person both before and after the serum
  • Me:*sees gifs of Civil War* *dies*
  • Doctor:cause of patients death
  • Nurse:seeing leaked gifs of Civil War and Bucky running alongside Steve
  • Doctor:*dies*
  • Nurse:shit not again
  • Me and Doctor:BUUCKKYYYY!!!!

“Bucky?” Steve asked, hoarse from sleep. 

Thunder cracked heavy in the sky and lightning struck, silhouetting a familiar shape in the darkness.

The shape remained silent, stood tall and menacing beside Steve’s bed, flesh hand twitching by his side in wait to grab the knife holstered at his hip.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, Buck. You know that.” Steve sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

Silence fell over them but for the roll of the storm overhead, the pattering of thick raindrops on the roof. 

Finally, Bucky said, “I remembered you.”

“Yeah?” Steve replied, trying to keep the hope out of his voice. 

“You…” Bucky began, but trailed off. “You were bleeding. You were smaller. You couldn’t breathe.”

Steve nodded. “That happened pretty often back in the day.” He’d get into fights and then have to stave off an asthma attack. Later, Bucky would stomp all around the apartment in a fit while biting his tongue around a lecture he’d given a thousand times already.

“I…helped you,” Bucky said.

“Yeah, you did. A lot.”

“Why?” A haunted shadow crept behind Bucky’s eyes, a depth Steve hadn’t seen in the Soldier, but reminded him of the way he looked after Steve had pulled him out of Zola’s lab, like a walking ghost.

Steve hesitated in his answer. He looked down at his hands, fiddled with the sheet wrapped around his legs, and replied, “Because you loved me.”

“I loved you,” Bucky repeated, as if trying the words on his lips.

“Yeah, Buck. You did. With everything you had.”

“And did you…" 

Steve met his eyes again and said, "I did. I do. I’ll never stop.”

Bucky’s face fell, on the verge of an expression Steve couldn’t place. “But I’m not…him.”

“Doesn’t matter who you are. I love you, and nothing’s gonna change that.”

“You love me.” It was a statement.

Steve nodded. “I love you. I’ll tell you a million times if that’s what it’ll take to get you to believe it.”

Bucky’s eyes flicked down to Steve’s lips, a minute movement that Steve might have imagined. 

“If you don’t want me to tell you, then I can show you,” Steve offered, standing from the bed. He stood in front of Bucky and reached up to swipe a lock of hair out of his face, tuck it behind his ear. 

Bucky didn’t flinch, didn’t let his eyes leave Steve’s face. Steve stepped closer, until their bodies were inches apart.

Finally, Bucky nodded, a near imperceptible movement of his head.

Steve pressed their lips together; light, sweet, chaste. Bucky didn’t kiss him back, so Steve pulled away, but then he parted his lips in a small gasp and pulled him back in. This kiss was hungry, needy, deep and hard. Bucky opened his lips and invited Steve into his mouth, pressed their bodies closer. Steve ran his hands through Bucky’s hair and Bucky reached under Steve’s shirt, gripping his hips.

Bucky forcibly pulled away from Steve, breathless, eyes wide in confusion. 

Steve wrapped his hand in the front of Bucky’s shirt, terrified he’d leave. “I love you, Buck. I’ll do whatever I can to make you understand.”

Bucky stepped further out of his grasp, and Steve’s hand fell again to his side.  

“Will you be here tomorrow?” Bucky asked, face a mask of uncertainty.

“Of course.”

Bucky nodded, and backed toward the open window. Rain pelted into the room.

“I loved you,” he repeated once more, this time with conviction, and climbed out the window into the storm. 

It was a start.

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Here are the final results for the favourite Avengers!!!

1st = Loki - 1,509

2nd = Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier - 1,388

3rd = Thor - 484

Aaaaand then the following:

Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver - 441
Steve Rogers / Captain America - 367
Clint Barton / Hawkeye - 328
Tony Stark / Iron Man - 324
Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch - 316
Bruce Banner / The Hulk - 261
Sam Wilson / Falcon - 180
Vision - 176
Natasha Romanov / Black Widow - 166
Other - 24:
W - 8
Spider-Man - 7
Logan Howlett / Wolverine - 5
(blank) - 4
Wade Wilson / Deadpool - 2
You - 1


What this is for will all come clear soon. Plus it was interesting to know who everyone loves so much and who to keep our fic attention on haha! 

Thanks again for voting guys, love you all. More content is coming out soon :) xox

I just love thinking about all the inside jokes Steve, Sam and Bucky must have. Like Sam mocking Bucky about liking Steves outfit or Steve sprinting past Sam shouting “On your left!” and then Bucky running by saying “On your right!”


Now every time I see a picture of this nerd with long hair I hear this in my head.

*credit to aesthetic avengers on vine*