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Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters just a few weeks from now, but a sequel has already been dated and The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that another Marvel superhero who ISN’T Iron Man will be making their presence felt in the 2019 release. That opens the door to a lot of very exciting possibilities, but which of their many characters might Marvel choose?

It’s clear that part of their deal with Sony involves lending them heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to increase interest in the Spider-Man franchise and that’s something we’ve known for a while. However, now it’s pretty much official that each of Peter Parker’s adventures will include an Avenger or fellow superhero, we can’t help but ponder some of the possibilities.

Below, you’ll find our look at the eight most likely candidates and both why and how they’ll fit into things. Don’t expect to see the names you’re expecting either as we think Marvel is going to head in a slightly more original direction than expected…

8. Winter Soldier

Bucky was one of just a handful of heroes Spider-Man crossed paths with in Captain America: Civil War and while they didn’t exactly have much time to develop a rapport beyond Peter Parker liking The Winter Solider’s metal arm, it still feels like there’s potential for these two heroes to embark on a pretty interesting team-up.

This version of the wall-crawler has been a sidekick of sorts to Iron Man, while Bucky obviously spent years fighting alongside Captain America. Both stepping out of the shadows of their mentors has a lot of dramatic potential and the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel might just be the best place to further develop Bucky ahead of him taking over the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers!

Private People

Anon Request: hi there!! could you write a seb x wife!reader who work together on marvel and do press together? thanks in advance!! 

Warnings: Fluff, language

A/N: Based the ideas in this off of another fanfic I’ve been writing for quite some time so I’m claiming rights to Emilia Reeves and Smoke. ALSO I looked up the meaning behind how the Winter Soldier got his name and it’s making the English major and the analytic in me spazz with joy.

(Y/N) stood nervously beside her husband as the pair prepared for a panel discussion at Wizard World. Sebastian could feel her hand tremble slightly in his as he rubbed the back of it with his other hand.

“Are you ready babe?” he asked.

“I’ll never be ready,” she replied with a soft chuckle.

“Don’t worry,” Sebastian said and then kissed her cheek. “I’ll be right there with you.” From in the distance, the surround sound speakers roared: please give it up for Sebastian Stan and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! The crowd cheered and the thundering of voices rattled her ear drums. Slowly, (Y/N) followed Sebastian to the two chairs sitting in the center of the stage and hoisted herself into it as Sebastian smiled at her, proud of (Y/N) for agreeing to come speak with him.

“Okay Sebastian,” the panel mediator began, “one thing that a lot of people really want to know is who is this lovely lady beside you today and how did she get mixed up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?” Sebastian’s bright blue eyes shined toward his wife as the pair clutched to their secret.

“Do you want to take this one, (Y/N)?” Sebastian asked her.

“Sure,” she smiled. “Somehow one of the producers or writers at Marvel liked an idea I had sent in as a suggestion and asked me to come in and explain it. The concept of my character, Emilia Reeves, is that she was recruited by Coulson to become an agent of SHIELD after he realized all that she had gone through. A lot of what Emilia goes through is a reflection of Bucky’s trials. She’s taken in by HYDRA, experimented on, and forced into Terragenesis where she emerged as Smoke–the super badass name she goes by while working with the Avengers.”

“She’s a real breath of fresh air for Bucky to see that someone can still have a life after the torture and manipulation that HYDRA put them through,” Sebastian continued.

“(Y/N) you said you sent in a suggestion for the character, am I right?”

“Oh yeah, I Andy Dufresne-d the shit out of Marvel!” she called into the microphone. Immediately, Sebastian covered his and let out a loud laugh along with the roaring audience. “Oh fuck, can I not say,” immediately she covered her mouth as Sebastian’s face turned a bright shade of red. “Shit, no damn it! Gah!”

“Needless to say she and Chris contribute to the swear jar most,” Sebastian laughed into his microphone. Soon the audience died down and settled back into their seats. “But on a more real level, (Y/N) has done incredible work in creating this character and she really brings Smoke to life. It’s important to know just how hard (Y/N) worked to build Emilia and Smoke and the story behind the character as well. She’s been more dedicated to her character than any of us have been to ours.”

“What was the process like, filming with all of these seasoned veterans?” the question turned back onto (Y/N) as she folded her hands in her lap and tried not to swear again.

“It was great! Everyone was so supportive–even if someone was like ‘where the hell did this character come from?’ they were always willing to work with me to get the chemistry right and all,” she responded as she began to gain her confidence.

“Were some people more helpful than others?” she was again asked.

“Honestly, Sebastian is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever come across. He’s so sweet and, knowing I was relatively new to the acting scene, he was determined to break me out of my shell.”

“She gives me a lot of credit but she’s incredibly talented as a stand alone,” Sebastian quickly added as the panel continued. 

“So, Sebastian, can we expect any changes in Bucky that can be derived from Emilia?” Sebastian glanced over at his wife as she smiled and nodded toward him to answer the question.

“Um, yeah, Bucky really grows through his interaction with Emilia. She really understands what it feels like to be taken and turned into something she never wanted to become–for her an Inhuman, for Bucky an assassin–and that bond is really something that he uses to strengthen his own will to fight all HYDRA put in him,” Sebastian said with a smile spreading across his face. (Y/N) knew he wouldn’t be able to hold onto their secret for much longer so she hurried to extend on his answer.

“There’s a lot of healing for Bucky that happens through getting to know Emilia, but they also grow together. Bucky is having to determine who he is in the world apart from HYDRA apart from pre-world war two, and Emilia is still trying to get a handle on how she fits into the Avengers jigsaw puzzle.”

“Eventually, they both kind of figure out that the scars they have on their souls match and they fall into their positions in the Avengers jigsaw puzzle, as (Y/N) said,” Sebastian continued.

“You two have been reported as dating for about three months a few years ago when (Y/N) worked on another project with you, Sebastian. Everyone here can see that you have such a nice chemistry and stage appearance together,” the mediator commented as he moved the pair onto the next question, “so what I’m wondering is if that chemistry plays off well in the ‘rumored’ steamy scene between the two of you?” Immediately the two started laughing. “How did that come about? Was it in the script or what? Did it cause any tension between you two after having been broken up?”

“Well, if you’re asking me, it wasn’t scripted but I was really happy to do it,” Sebastian laughed as a smile flooded his face and his eyes danced toward (Y/N).

“I don’t know why people always assume we broke up,” (Y/N) started to laugh alongside Sebastian as he placed a hand on her knee.

“Do you want to tell them or should I?” Sebastian asked with a wink. (Y/N) shrugged and Sebastian continued speaking. “(Y/N) and I are both pretty private people and pretty introverted so it makes sense that there aren’t many up-to-date photos of the two of us together out of costume.”

“But we never broke up,” (Y/N) continued. “In fact, the kiss between Emilia and Bucky was not planned whatsoever. Seb was filming with Chris and Anthony and I was supposed to be wrapped for the day. When I got back to my trailer, there was a small letter folded on my couch.”

“I wrote her the quote from Thomas Paine’s The American Crisis, which is where the Winter Soldier got his name, that read ‘These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.’”

“And below that was this long, heartfelt message about the trials our relationship had been through and then, at the very bottom, Sebastian wrote that–”

“You were the most glorious triumph of my life,” he quoted as he stretched out his hand to hers.

“Under the letter was a ring and I took off toward set again and barged into the frame, still in costume, and just jumped into his arms and kissed him.”

“Apparently the cameras kept rolling and I guess they decided to use it somewhere in the film,” Sebastian chuckled as he clasped his wife’s hand in his. “But what you’re really watching isn’t Emilia and Bucky, rather (Y/N) and Sebastian.” After a long amount of cheering, ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs,’ the crowd settled down and the mediator managed to ask another question.

“So when’s the wedding?”

“Five months ago,” Sebastian chuckled as his wife mumbled into her microphone. His eyes were beaming with joy and pride as the usually timid woman in front of him started to laugh as the crowd of fans gasped in betrayal. She wouldn’t have traded a single moment of their private lives for a moment of glamor with the paparazzi. Sebastian was hers and (Y/N) was his and they didn’t see the need to include the rest of the world in their relationship until they wanted the rest of the world to know. In front of everyone, Sebastian leaned over and pressed his lips gently against (Y/N)s and whispered into her ear, “I’ll always be your winter soldier.”

Alone - Part 5

Warnings; swearing, violence

Words; 1,368

A/N; the feelings and emotions in this chapter are alllllll over the place but bare with me i swear everything will make sense soon!!! Sorry for the late update, I’m hoping to get another chapter up tomorrow/today seeing as where I am it’s 1am. Thank you guys for reading, you don’t know how much it means to me 💕

“What do you mean because of you?” Steve growled.

The banging got louder and there was a cracking sound, you could tell the door was about to cave in.

You and Steve looked at each other and agreed without saying a word. You scrambled up and threw clothes on and grabbed your weapons, thankfully Steve always slept with his shield beside him. The front door crashed in and Bucky closed your bedroom door, locked it and grabbed the bed with his metal arm and threw it against the door. It bought you an extra minute. Which was good because you realized you couldn’t jump out the window with your injury.

"How-” You had started to ask how you were going to get down to the ground when a strong arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you into them. Glass smashed around you and a second later you landed on the ground, still wrapped in someone’s arms. You pulled back expecting Steve but it was Bucky’s face that stared back at you. Steve jumped down beside you and gave Bucky an annoyed look before looking around for danger. There were two men in black heading towards the three of you and Steve threw his shield, knocking them out.

“C'mon this way!” Bucky motioned for you and Steve to follow him, you took a step in his direction but Steve stopped you.

“If you’re the reason they’re here for (Y/n) then why should we trust you? What if you’re working for them and this is a trap?” Steve said accusingly.

The thought had never crossed your mind that Bucky could be working for Hydra, the more you thought about it the more his mood swings made sense. But could he really do that to you? Could your entire relationship be a lie?  

Bucky’s eyes pleaded with Steve. “Do you really think I could do that to you?” He looked between the two of you. “Either of you? I’ll explain but I need you to come now before those guys get down here.” He pointed up at the window where the men were looking down at you getting ready to jump.

Bucky ran and Steve picked you up and ran after him, you could hear the men running after you and soon after there were gun shots. Steve and Bucky dodged them easily, running down road after road until they finally lost them. Bucky looked around before opening a door to an abandoned warehouse.

In the office of the warehouse there was a desk and an old tattered couch, laying haphazardly on the ground were Bucky’s clothes.

“This is where you’ve been staying?” Steve asked sounding slightly upset.

“Can’t draw too much attention to myself, I have to stay as hidden as possible.” He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck and glanced at you.

“Buck, what is happening?” You asked taking a step towards him and reaching out a hand but he quickly flinched away and looked at Steve. You stepped back and Steve wrapped his arm around you glaring right back at Bucky.

You were sick of them acting like children, actually you were sick of this entire thing! First Bucky leaves you to die, then seems to feel bad and jealous, then leaves again, then sends you flowers, then goes all sorts of fucking winter soldier crazy on you and says you should have died THEN shows up at the end of your bed demanding you follow him because there are men after you because of him! The whole situation was making your head hurt.

You stepped between the two man children and held up your arms. “I want some fucking answers and I want them now!” You turned to face Bucky your eyes cold as ice. “Why did you leave me to die? Why did you come find me and bring me flowers if you were just going to tell me I should be dead? Is our entire friendship a lie?” You didn’t want to feel upset because you should be so angry at him for what he said but a part of you couldn’t even believe he had said it. That wasn’t your Bucky, your Bucky would have never said anything like that to you. This you knew because the second the words came out of your mouth pure regret was evident on his face.

He looked you straight in the eyes and grabbed onto your shoulders as if that would drive the point in. “I swear to you (Y/n) I didn’t mean that at all, I don’t think that you should have died.” His voice broke. “I could never think that.”

You softened as his words and his sincerity but you couldn’t let up that easily. “Then what is really happening? And no more lies!”

He looked at Steve then looked at you, obviously thinking about his next words carefully. “All you need to know right now is that I did it to keep you safe.”

You pulled away from him frustrated. “I don’t understand why you can’t give me a straight answer!”

There was a loud explosion and you were thrown into a wall. Your ears were ringing and your vision was blurry. Strong arms grabbed you and you figured it was Steve or Bucky but they were being a little forceful. Your vision was returning and your ears were starting to hear properly and you realized the person that was dragging you through the warehouse was neither Bucky or Steve but a man with a Hydra emblem on their jacket. You tried to pull away put it made him grip harder. You could hear a commotion behind you and you were hoping it was one of the guys. There was a bang and the man dragging you dropped to the ground. You whipped around to see where the shot had come from. Bucky was standing there, gun in hand, looking pissed.

Someone came towards you but this time you were ready, you threw a punch to their gut and a knee in the face, successfully knocking them out.

“This way!” Bucky yelled. You and Steve quickly followed him leaving the lifeless bodies behind.

A few blocks away you found an abandoned car and hot wired it. Your plan was to drive as far away as possible as quickly as possible. You and Steve had decided not to involve the rest of the Avengers until you really knew what was happening with Bucky. You insisted on driving but both the men agreed on the fact that you needed sleep.

About an hour into the car ride no one had spoke and you had just started to drift off to sleep. Laying with your eyes closed trying to focus on sleeping you heard one of them clear their throats.

“Now that she’s asleep I think we should talk.” It was Steve.

Well this should be interesting, you definitely weren’t going to sleep now.

“About?” Bucky asked in a cold tone.

“Well you obviously care for her, in a weird twisted way where you leave her to die.” Bucky went to interrupt him but Steve kept talking. “I know, you’ll clarify later but that isn’t my point. I care about her too and I just want you to know whatever or whoever she chooses I just want her to be happy. I love her too much to get in the way of that.”

Your heart sped up at his proclamation and Bucky asked the words you were thinking. “You love her?”

You cracked your eyes a sliver to look at Steve, he knew you too well and must have known you weren’t actually asleep. He was staring right at you. “Yeah I do.” He smiled warmly and it made you feel gooey inside, but then Bucky grunted and it made you feel conflicted. You were really starting to develop feelings for Steve but how could you move on when you didn’t know what was going on with Bucky? When this car stopped, wherever you ended up you were going to demand answers and not stop pestering until you got them. And with that decision secured in your mind you drifted off to sleep.

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Everyday Demons pt. 3

(A/N): I had no idea how to even end this and i’m honestly so disappointed in myself. I’m sorry.

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Request: Can you please make a part 3 to everyday demons btw her powers sounds kinda like Raven from DC. Could you also describe the demon on the other side of the portal more detailed???

Warnings: Creepy creatures? idk

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Bucky felt horrible, all he wanted to do was help (Y/N) control their powers and he only proceeded to scare them more. He knew all the potential (Y/N) had but he ruined everything. The following day Bucky had not heard from (Y/N) at all, not like he expected to but it still concerned him so that night he goes to check up on them. He knocks on (Y/N)’s door but receives no answer and he gives a sigh. “(Y/N), it’s me. Can we talk?” Again, he receives no answer and his concern level increases. “(Y/N)?” Bucky asks banging on the door and he tries the doorknob and the door opens wide. He stares into the dark room and he cautiously enters, looking around the room for any sign of (Y/N).

What once housed a personalized room, full of pictures and items that screamed (Y/N) is empty with only a few things here and there. Bucky frantically checks the whole room but finds no sign of (Y/N) and he notices a small note on the bed. He picks it up and his heart drops. He sits on the bed staring at the perfect handwriting and his body is swimming with multiple emotions, he can’t pick what he is. He gives a defeated sigh, guilt washing over his entire body. “No, I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

It had been a month since (Y/N) left and Bucky was a mess. He never knew how much he really liked (Y/N) and how much he wanted to help them but it was all his fault. The whole team noticed Bucky’s change in attitude and it concerned them, Steve more than anyone. He knew Bucky had already poured half of his heart in helping (Y/N) and since they left Bucky was emotional wreck. He knew Bucky had a hard time making connections with people and (Y/N) was one of the first one that seemed thankful of him trying. It hurt Steve seeing Bucky so heartbroken over (Y/N).

The team got an urgent alert that Hydra was attacking in the middle of New York City. It was rare for Hydra to attack for no purpose but it was usually to send a message. The team suits up quickly before using their quickest ways to get to New York City, ready for anything that they were faced with. When they arrive, they see hundreds of Hydra agents running around, destroying anything they could get their hands on and the team immediately gets to work.

Bucky and Steve fight side by side as they take on several agents and it doesn’t take long when they take care of them when a loud whistle is heard. They look over seeing a man, standing in the mist of the chaos with a devilish grin plastered on his face. “You’re right on time. Are you ready for a show?” They both stand in defensive positions, ready to fight when a cloud of black appears out of the man’s shadow. Bucky freezes as the cloud clears up, showing a person’s form but not just anyone. It was (Y/N).

“(Y/N)?” His heart drops seeing (Y/N) wearing a standard Hydra uniform, staring at them with no emotion and he can’t help at stare at them with hurt. The man’s smirk grows seeing their shocked faces.

“Let’s see who’s afraid of the dark, shall we?” (Y/N) looks at the man before giving a nod. (Y/N) stands back, creating a big, black energy ball in their hands before they throw it up in the air, leaving a trail of black as it goes. It goes up some ways before (Y/N) jerks their hands outwards causing the black to spread, covering the sky leaving only a little bit of the sun’s light to come through, making the atmosphere dark and creepy.

“(Y/N), It’s me, Bucky!” Bucky yells and their gaze snaps towards his, face suddenly softening at the sound of his voice and Bucky wants to run up to (Y/N) but before he can they send another burst of blackness next to them, making a giant portal he is all too familiar with. (Y/N)’s eyes glow its goldish red as they begin to speak some language Bucky has never heard before and he sees horror like hands beginning to come out of the portal. Bucky takes a step back as multiple creature begin to crawl out of the portal, creatures that are scenes in nightmares and horror movies.

A creature with wrinkly skin, red eyes, large claws and fingers and a mouth that expands outwardly with large teeth comes out first. It gives a loud snarl as it stands next to (Y/N) before being followed by a large dog with two heads, glowing red eyes and large sharp teeth but the one that scares Bucky the most is the creature with long limbs, similar to slender man. No eyes are visible but when it opens its mouth, rows and rows of long, sharp teeth are seen, as long tentacles come out of it. Even more crawl out but Bucky can’t describe them as he’s frozen in place. (Y/N) points in the direction of Bucky and the team and the demon like creatures begin to crawl and run towards them. “Run!” Steve yells as he pulls a still shocked Bucky with him.

Everyone, even the Hydra agents begin to run out of fear but the creatures are quicker as they begin to take hold of Hydra agents, dragging them away into the darkness. The whole team runs fighting them off if they become close when Bucky feels something wrap around his leg, pulling it out from underneath him. He looks behind him seeing the slender man creature pulling him closer to its mouth and Bucky begins to struggle to get free but to no avail. He hears the whole team screaming at him as he’s only feet away from the mouth when (Y/N) suddenly appears between him and the creature. (Y/N) places their hands on the creature face, panic clearly seen on their face. “No, stop! Let him go!” (Y/N) yells and the grip on Bucky’s leg vanishes and he quickly scrambles back but what happens next surprises him.

Bucky watches as (Y/N) gently pets the creature, face filled with relief. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” In that instant, the creature doesn’t seem scary at all as it melts at (Y/N)’s touch. (Y/N) then speaks the unfamiliar language and all the creature begin to make their way back to the portal. The whole team watches as the darkness also begins to be sucked in, light becoming visible. The blood hound runs past (Y/N) brushing up against them, licking their face before hopping into the portal and they smile.

When everything is back in place, (Y/N) closes their eyes before shutting the portal and when they open them their eyes are back to normal. (Y/N) turns to look at Bucky, eyes full of worry. “Are you okay? I-I didn’t mean for him to get you…they’re all pretty harmless…” Bucky nods, quickly getting up and embracing (Y/N) in a tight hug. (Y/N) freezes at the contact but wraps their arms around him, burying their face in his shoulder.

“I thought I lost you for a second. I was so scared. I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I never intended to scare you away, please come back with me. You don’t have to be alone.” Bucky mumbles and (Y/N)’s heart flutters in their chest. (Y/N) pulls back with watery eyes and an innocent look that makes Bucky’s heart melt.

“Y-You mean that… but what about…” (Y/N) whispers, gesturing to themself and to where the portal was and Bucky nods, pulling them back in for a hug.

“Every word and despite it being a bit scary… you’ve got it. You’ve got it under control.” Bucky chuckles out and (Y/N) smiles. Bucky begins to lead (Y/N) back towards the team, who all have small smiles on their faces at how happy they both look. As they walk, Bucky frowns looking at (Y/N). “Did you say the monster that tried to eat me was a ‘he’?” (Y/N) chuckles before looking at him with amused eyes.

“His name is Zyron.” (Y/N) smiles out and Bucky purses his lips together but can’t help but chuckle. (Y/N) named the creatures like they’re everyday demons.

Kill me, this is horrible. I’m done.

Avengers Preference: His favorite phrase to say to you


Clint: Perpetually the incarnation of sexual frustration, Clint likes to throw out the casual “K.” Your bra comes off? “K.” You cook naked? Spill water on your white nightie? “K,” Punctuated by  his mouth curving up to just one side and his straining pants giving him away, that this was most certainly not just okay.

Pietro: “Hey.” Sweet, innocent, or even evocative when executed correctly, this greeting is hurled your way at all times of the day. Whether he has spent the day racing about downtown curled up on the couch with his head on your lap, he will turn to you with the promise of mischief sparkling in his eyes as he opens his mouth and you prepare yourself for which version of it you will receive today.

Steve: “Come on!” Exhausted and done with your teasing, he will beg for an end you give by repeating the words back to him and giving your hair an innocent twirl as you lean to give him an unobstructed view of your boobs.

T’challa: It’s usually heard on mornings that he wasn’t there to wake up at your side, be it from working through the night or being out of town. When he’s finally able to greet you, he’ll murmur, “I had a dream about you,” as your heart swells at the thought of you never leaving his mind. It’s also terribly erotic and you vow to make reality better than his dreams.

Tony: “You’re cute when you’re angry.” Patronizing and doting at the same time are sure fire ways to set you right on the edge of either smacking him or showing him just how cute angry could be. Usually, it is some combination of the options, seeing as the slap just broadens his grin and drags you further under his spell.

Scott: Making sure to first draw in your attention by stretching his arms up just high enough to reveal a sneak peek of skin he will wag his eyebrows and croon, “You know you wanna piece of this.” When you sigh but begrudgingly dive in to kiss him, he grins at the fact that you do in fact want all the pieces he offers up.

Thor: Words are not even a necessity when it comes to you. Glowering seems to do the trick because he knows it can drag you clear across the palace to remedy it by the sweet press of your lips.

Bucky: A fan of simple and effective, Bucky will say, “Kiss me,” at all times of the day. When he wakes up with eyes still fast shut, when he is covered in sweat and body odor from the gym, or even when he is in the process of fulfilling his own request. You are always more than happy to indulge him.

Sam: He loves that you don’t agree with him on everything but there’s times that he needs you on his side; mostly for movie night with Steve and Bucky. “Do you trust me?” he’ll say earnestly when trying to convince you of Pulp Fiction. If it’s a matter of him taking you flying with the wings he’ll add, “C’mon you gotta trust me, I’m the Falcon, baby!”

Quill: “Really?!” Offended and challenging you, this exclamation can be heard all throughout the ship as he crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows to rile you up just as much. Usually the argument ends right there, exchanged for words murmured against parted lips and the aggressive pressing of your hips.

Chris Hemsworth comes across a bunch of @marvelentertainment action figures

Hilarity ensues

Src: Chris Hemsworth on IG


has this been done yet

The scenes we NEED in Infinity War.

1. Tony asking for Peter and both respond.
2. Rocket needing Bucky’s metal arm.
3. Thor and Drax comparing their turds.
4. Groot helping Bucky with his mental state. Bucky even shares his plums with Groot.
5. “I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda.” “I am Groot.”
6. Somebody saying ‘No shit Sherlock’ and Stark and Strange give each other a knowing look.
7. They also bond over their facial hair.
8. Steve telling someone to watch their language and Drax asks how he can watch language.
9. Both Peters bonding over their retro tech.
10. Rocket and Stark drinking and creating robotics together.
11. An arm wrestle between Gamora and Nat.
12. Mantis getting Wanda and Vision together
13. Rocket hitting on a fox. “Rocket, she can’t talk.” “Of course she can! She’s just shy!”
14. Clint and Peter opening a little salon. Peter likes braiding Bucky’s hair the most.
15. Bucky waking up, seeing Natasha and smiling. “Why are you smiling?” “I remember you.”