Late Night Texts

So, I may or may not have woken up at 3 in the morning yesterday to jot this idea down quickly. I just needed some Bucky smutty smut and I figured maybe y'all did as well. Posted from phone, so sorry if errors.

Summary: Needs have to be met and Bucky isn’t easily satisfied.


I need you. Now.

The text flashes across your screen,  pulling your attention away from your computer. It was late, but you were still up working, sitting at your computer desk in nothing but a tank top and your panties. You bite your bottom lip as your heart begins to race. God, if there was one thing that man could do well, it was make you fall to bits with just a few words.

Quickly you text Bucky back feeling the need in you grow.

My place or yours? 

Not a minute passes before your phone buzzes again.

Open your door. 

Your heart flutters as you jump up from your desk and run straight for your door, not bothering to put on any clothes. Why, when you knew Bucky would be tearing them off you in just seconds.

You undid the bolt and opened the door to see a leather jacket clad mess of tussled brown hair and blue eyes. Your breath catches in your chest as he takes no time in stepping inside.

“Can’t stay away?” You toy with him.

Bucky eyes your body slowly before catching your gaze. “Not when I have an image like this floating around in my head,” he sighs longingly. “If you only knew what you did to me, doll.”

“I can venture a guess,” You breath as you look at him with lust-filled eyes, “but why don’t you show me?”

With a smile and a growl that sent you shivering with anticipation, Bucky immediately meets your mouth with his. His hands find you waist and grip tight as he turns the both of you around and shoves you forcefully up against the door. His body is pressed tightly up against yours and you can feel his arousal against you through his jeans. Super soldier indeed.

You open your mouth ever so slightly so that he can slip in his tongue. It dances with yours so gracefully you can’t help but moan. How did he always taste so good? 

He breaks the kiss for a moment to remove his jacket and t-shirt as he no longer wants to contain the heat radiating off his skin. “Be a good girl and tell me what you want,” he moans next to your ear before giving it a nip as your hands roam his chiseled chest.

You move him forward a little to look into those sharp blue eyes.

“Your jeans, undo them. Now,” you give the order as a devilish smirk passes your mouth. 

Like a good soldier following orders he unzips the front of his blue jeans, pulling down his pants and boxers just enough to unleash that magnificent cock. 

Immediately you drop to your knees and place your lips around the head, a teaser before taking him fully into your mouth. You feel Bucky’s knees almost buckle from the pleasure as a groan escapes his lips.

“God, doll, what a pretty little mouth you have,” he moans to the ceiling. His metal hand finds the back of your head, guiding you further down onto his manhood.

You bring your hand to wrap around the base, helping you with the size of it. Your mouth and hand work in tandem as you suck and stroke the groans from Bucky’s perfect lips.

“God, baby girl, the things you can do with that tongue,” he says, feeling himself slip closer and closer to release. “[Y/N], you treat me too good.”

Bucky’s hips lurch against your face and you know he is close. His skin feels like its burning and he looks down at you as you look up into his eyes. The corners of your lips upturn into a grin as they are still wrapped around his manhood.

“Oh, so close doll…don’t…oh my God,” his words come out through quick panting as he is barely holding on to sanity. A few more simple strokes and Bucky is come undone. HIs steaming hot pleasure is slinking its way down your throat. You make sure to swallow every drop.

Hearing him moan so loud and gutteral made you so incredibly wet. Sighing, you release his cock and wipe the corners of your mouth as you stand up. You can see the glistening beads of sweat that are covering his torso now and smile, knowing you had done this to him. Bucky takes a deep breath and combs his hair out of his face with his fingers.

“So, shall we call it a night then?” you tease him, knowing what would happen next.

Bucky uses his metal arm to pull you close to him as he just breathes. “You know better than that. We are only getting started.”

His metal hand slips under your tank top and, with almost no effort, he rips it in two. The cold metal freezes the bare skin it touches, making you gasp. When did you get so warm? You let the fabric fall off your shoulders and on to the floor. Bucky bit his bottom lip at the sight.

“It should be a crime to hide such a perfect sight,” he growled. “Now, I ain’t leaving​’ until I hear you screaming my name.”

It still surprised you how quickly he was ready to go again. If only all of your lovers had been genetically enhanced. In one swift motion, two strong hands are on your panties before they are suddenly on the floor and, coming back to your butt, they pick you up and put you straddling Bucky’s waist. He was already hard again and twitching at your entrance. Screw the foreplay, you needed him now.

“Say it,” he says, “and maybe I won’t make you wait.”

Your hands tangle into his long locks. “I need that glorious cock of yours inside me right now,” you say without missing a beat.

You felt the both of you move as Bucky’s mouth hungrily clasp yours. Without warning your back was being shoved against the wall, his bionic arm the only thing holding you up as it was wrapped around your waist. The sound echoed through the quiet apartment.

Sorry, not sorry neighbors, you thought to yourself.

Bucky moved his lips to your neck and with a thrust he was inside of you.

“Buck,” you moaned out his name, your fingernails digging into his shoulder as you body adjusted to accommodate his girth.

“Jesus, baby, I will never get tired of how good your pussy feels around my cock,” his warm breath fanned across your neck.

Slowly he began to thrust in and out, trying to find his rythym. Soon you were joining him in rocking your hips back and forth. Bucky placed his forehead on yours as you began to pant. The rough wall rubbing on your back mixed pleasure with a little pain in the most tantalizing way.

“Oh, Bucky,” you moan louder this time, “please.”

Bucky knew exactly what you were begging for and lowered his head to your nipple, which was already hardened for him. His tongue flitted around the pink flesh before he took it into his mouth to suck and nibble.

“Yes, baby…yes,” you breathe as your head rolls back to rest against the wall. You could feel that familiar warm growing in your stomach. Bucky picked up his pace.

“So close, baby,” you say in between ragged breaths. “Don’t…stop…”

“Say my name, doll, I  need to hear you scream it,” he said as he came up for air.

“Buck-y” you say.

“Louder,” he growls.

“Bucky,” you screamed as your orgasm washed over you. The feeling of your walls closing around his member sent him over the edge for the second time.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he bellowed as he rode out his own ecstasy with you. Minutes passed as you both stayed connected, riding out the pleasure with heavy breaths. Once you both had stopped shakily, Bucky gently pulled out of you and set you back on the floor, kissing you sweetly. You smile satisfied at him.

“So, is this going to be a weekly thing or…?” you pick at him.

He chuckled. “What, you are tired of me already?” He pulls you into him and holds you close.

“Not at all,” you say, “I was just wondering how long I have until we do something like this again.”

Bucky looked around until he found the clock on your wall. “Well, I’d say you have about 15 minutes.”

Sparks Chapter 9

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Bucky volunteers to be y/n’s date at a prestigious scientific gala y/n is invited to speak at. Bucky’s feelings for y/n grow and he catches himself gaping at her. After the gala they go back to y/n’s apartment for take out, a movie, and a sleepover. They share a bed once again but this time y/n feels different. After a violent attack with an intruder Bucky saves y/n’s life and realizes he would do anything for her: including kill.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 80 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Battered and Bruised Ch. 3 (Bucky x reader)

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed chapter two because things are about to get intense for chapter three. I hope the cliff hangar was good enough. Just a reminder that I love you all and that you have a wonderful day. I posted a Masterlist last night and you can find all my other works on there :)

Chapter 1 2

Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Violence, cursing, angst.

“I love you F/N. I never thought I would be able to love somebody, but I love you. And I never want to lose you. Never.” 

“And I love you. I always have and always will.”

The Russian man threw the notebook down, smirking. From your chair in the corner, you could see the scowl on Bucky’s face, but his hands were shaking. He was trying to be brave, but he was terrified. Your tears were streaming down your cheeks and every breath hurt like hell. You had been screaming out for Bucky, trying to calm him down in anyway possible. The pain in your ribs was excruciating, and you began to choke on your sobs, your throat burning. 

“Soldier, welcome home.” The man’s accent was so thick you could barely understand what he was saying.

“I am not your soldier. And this- this is not my home, you fucking bastard.” Bucky thrashed against his restraints. A heated anger began to burn inside his chest. 

The agent just scoffed at him, then turned his full attention to you. 

“And I’m guessing your the American, scum agent that knocked out most of my men.” His back was to the light and his enormous shadow loomed over you, obscuring his features. “Hmm,” he tilted your head up towards him with his index finger, letting him see your flushed, tear-stained face, “but with your skills, you could be a wonderful soldier. for H.Y.D.R.A.” He chuckled lightly.

“Don’t you fucking touch her.” Bucky growled, his chest heaving.

The unknown man circled you, like a vulture. He began to twist a curl of your hair, suddenly grabbing a fistful, yanking your head back. You cried in pain; hot tears were stinging your eyes. 

“Stop it! Get away from her!” Bucky was thrashing against the table, screaming, but it wasn’t moving one inch. You realized this table was specialized to keep him restrained. 

“Ah, so I found your weakness, зимний солдат.” The man had a wide grin on his face. “You love her, don’t you?” He released your hair and walked back to the table in the middle of the room. The pain from your head began to subside, but the waves of pain every time you breathed were still prominently there.

“I swear to God, if you lay another hand on her I will kill you.” The words were seething between Bucky’s clenched teeth. 

By the way this was going, you didn’t know if you were going to be leaving alive or in a body bag. Or worse, you would sticking around as another one of their super soldiers. 

“Bucky, look at me,” you croaked. Every word burned your throat and sent screams on pain through your body. He turned his head to you, eyebrows stitched together with hurt and worry. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes. I always have and always will.”

“F/N, don’t say it like this is goodbye. Don’t do this.” Tears were making streaks down Bucky’s beautiful face. You gave him the best smile you could despite the immense pain. You didn’t know what could happen next, you and him were completely helpless. They took all of your weapons, even the extendable blade that was embedded into your uniform. He had a better chance of making it out, he was a super soldier after all. Though, your luck was running thin. Your chances of getting out of there in one piece were slimmer than ever.

“Enough of this.” The man spoke clearly this time, his anger and annoyance was building in his voice. “Let’s get started now солдат. Shall we?” He motioned towards the leather notebook, the star matching the one that used the be on Bucky’s vibranium arm. The agent picked it up, his eyes boring holes into him. 

Taking his sweet time, he opened it, flipping through the pages. He was going to enjoy watching both of you suffer.

“Bucky. Baby. Stay strong. Fight it, I know you can. Focus on something. Focus on me or Steve or us.” Your words brought more tears to your eyes, it was breaking your heart. “I love you. It’s going to be alright.” 

As you were talking him down, Bucky listened to the sound of your voice and closed his eyes. 

“Catch me if you can!” You yelled, caught up in a fit of laughter. You were wearing a yellow sundress, weaving in and out of the trees. 

“I’m coming after you!” Bucky chuckled, a huge smile was plastered on his face. He finally caught up to you, hugging your waist from behind. You both were breathless, falling to the ground, laughing. 

He opened them. Worry was knitted on his face. He had to keep these memories. He had to hold onto them, and maybe, just maybe his mind wouldn’t succumb to the pain and brainwashing. 

“Тоска..” The agent bellowed, letting the word echo through the room. Bucky’s metal arm twitched. He had to fight this. He couldn’t leave you. You were the one person he had, the one person he loved. 

“Ржавый..” Something began to click in Bucky’s head. The world began to spin around him.

“Stop!” You were screaming as you saw the love of your life being ripped apart right in front of you. “Baby, no. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget us.” You were choking on air and tears, your vision blurry. 

The man wielding the notebook began to speak louder and faster, realizing that you could jeopardize the activation.

“Печь, рассвет, семнадцать.” Bucky was thrashing around, trying to stay grounded. It was becoming harder and harder with every second. He was going in and out of his own, controlled mind. He tried focusing on another memory.

He rolled over, seeing your beautiful body laying beside him. This was the first morning you ever woke up together. He wrapped his arms around you, kissing you on the shoulder. A corner of your mouth curled up in reaction. 

“Good morning my love.” He spoke, breathing the words into your neck. 

“Good morning.” You groaned, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

He smiled. “God, I love you so much F/N L/N.”

Thinking about you brought him back a little, making it easier to think clearly.

“Доброкачественный, девять, возвращение на родину.” The man was grinning from ear to ear as he saw you struggling against your restraints. 

You couldn’t run to him, bring him back down from this. Your croaked whispers were being drowned out by the echoing voice of the man who was torturing Bucky, right in front of you. 

“Один.” The room was booming with noise. Bucky’s screams gave you a sinking feeling and you felt yourself falling apart. 

He couldn’t fight it any longer. He kept recalling memories of you, repeating his name and your name in his head, hoping he wouldn’t forget it. Searing pain crept up to the front of his head, making his vision go blurry. Tears were streaming down his face, he was covered in sweat. 

He looked at you one last time, “F/N, forgive me.”

“грузовой вагон.” The agent stood still, waiting for a reaction from Bucky. His head was drooped forward, the long black strands covering his facial features. 

“Солдат?” He was eager for a response. 

Bucky’s head slowly drew up. “Готов выполнить.” 

The agent began to laugh hysterically. “Impressive, no?” He looked at you, the life drained out of you. 

“Солдат, kill her.” He smirked down at you, watching you as you remained stoic. The only thing that he could see were the silent tears rolling down your cheeks. He unlocked Bucky’s restraints and he immediantly got up, walking briskly towards you. 

“Bucky, I know you’re in there somewhere. I want you to know that I love you.” Your voice was scratchy and whispered. 

“Who the hell is that?” He asked you, pure evil was the only thing found in his once loving, blue eyes. Before you could say anything his metal fist came into contact with your jaw. An instant spike of pain emerged, you could taste blood in your mouth. 

“I don’t blame you for this. This isn’t you.” You whimpered, the pain in your jaw made it incredibly painful to speak. Were you afraid of him? No. What you were afraid that the real Bucky, your Bucky, would never come back. 

One, two, three punches landed in your other ribcage, gut, and face. 

You were spitting out blood. “It’s okay baby. I’m not afraid. I’ll always love you.” Your vision became spotty as pain coursed through every inch and every nerve of your body. 

“Shut up!” The Winter Soldier was all that was left standing in front of you. He began to deliver a series of punches all over you body, making your head spin. You didn’t scream or yell. You took it, every single punch. 

Blood was streaming down you face, arms, and it began to seep through your clothes on your stomach. You couldn’t focus on anything as your body became numb. He kept punching you, but you could no longer feel it. 

A blanket of white overtook your vision as you whispered, “I love you Bucky,” one last time before you collapsed in your chair, your world fading to black. 

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The Sun and The Stars {3}

Previous parts: Part 1 | Part 2

Word Count: 3726

Warnings: mentions of past abuse, light nsfw content, mild violence

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You can hardly process what Bucky’s told you. It doesn’t feel real. The jet ride to the states is quiet but you keep stealing quick glances at him. You understand why you felt the way you did back when both of you were at HYDRA; he was attractive, he was kind, and he genuinely seemed to care about you, which was a new feeling to you. You couldn’t imagine anyone caring for you so deeply and so immensely that they would follow you for nine months.

You study the crest of his jaw and the way his long hair fell down almost to his collar but all you can feel is anger at HYDRA for taking away your memories of him because you want to remember everything he’s told you. You sounded happy with him and a part of you, deep inside, knew what he said was true. Maybe it was some subconscious part of you that still remembered what he’d meant to you so you decided to trust it.

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Into The Dark - Part two

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Part One here

Words: 1,128

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

A/N: Two things to say:

1. All the love the first chapter recieved was so surprising. It’s the most notes I’ve ever had in a post, so THANK YOU!! <3

2. I honestly don’t know if I should pair reader with T’Challa or Bucky so any feedback would be appreciated. Please!! <3


It was the middle of winter in New York when Y/L waited in line to get coffee, “It’s that you? Miss, Y/L/N?” a voice came from behind.

She turned around to find a tall man, old, with his white hair combed to the side, “Doctor Brennan!” she greeted, “How have you been?”

“Same as always, but tell me about you, how’s your life after graduation?”

“A bit slow, I have to admit. Few jobs here and there, but nothing that sticks.”

“Well, that’s too bad, you’ve are one of the smartest students I’ve ever had,” he said with a smile, “matter of fact, I’m working with this company and I think you would be a great addition.”

She smiled at the prospect of a job, “Really, what company?”

“Oh, one that’s stood the test of time, are you interested?”

Y/L woke up, slowly. She opened and closed her eyes trying to adjust them to the light. She was still in the jet, only now strapped to one of the seats and hands handcuffed, “what the hell?” she asked disoriented. Last thing she heard was the soldier’s voice before everything went black, but now he was nowhere to be seen, she was sitting alone to one of the seats, and for what she could gather, the jet had taken off.

“You’re awake,” said a man walking towards her,  he took the seat opposite Y/N and strapping himself to the seat. He was tall, deep skin, and big brown eyes. His face was serious and he had a slight accent. She took a while, but recognized him as the king of Wakanda. The one that was fighting alongside Stark. Which made her wonder why would he be hanging with Captain America now.

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Being Steve Rogers’ Son Would include...

Characters: Steve X Son!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

-          He teaches you how to fight and to do self-defence.

-          People thought since you were his son, he’d want you to be the next Captain America.

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Possible fic thoughts...

So this has been in my folder for a while, it’s amusing, sets us up for more fluffy stuff. Anyone have any interest in seeing this fleshed out? My spring break is coming up soon…

“I don’t care. Weddings freak me out. I escaped HYDRA only to be harassed by a cavalcade of aunties. At least I could punch the Nazis.” Buck adds forlornly, kicking his feet up over the back of the couch.

Snuggling deeper into his sleeping bag, Steve cackles.  “But Sam’s aunts are so nice.”

“You’re just saying that because they fed you.”

He’s not wrong.

“Is this what you do with your lives?” Tony sounds disgusted from the doorway. Buck gives him the finger, but Steve replies, “One of these days you’re gonna regret coming in without knocking.”

“Nah. You guys are never gonna bone and I wouldn’t mind watching that anyway.”

Both men make noises of protests from their nests in the living room, but they’re too comfortable to do anything about it.

“I need your help.”

“Beg pardon,” Buck says incredulously.

“You heard me, assassin burrito. Unroll. We gotta chat. You too, Grandpa.”

Begrudgingly, the guys wriggle from their cocoons and pull on hoodies instead, then head up to Tony’s.

“Still don’t understand why we couldn’t have done this downstairs,” Steve gripes and Bucky’s drowning in a mug of coffee but he grunts his agreement.

“Because you two freak me out in your natural habitat. I can’t decide whether you’re going to fuck or hibernate.”

Steve’s face turns red. Bucky rolls his eyes.

“What do you want, Stark?”

“Hear you went to Sam’s cousin’s wedding together.”

“Not like… together together,” Steve clarifies haltingly. He and Sam are friends, and Bucky and Sam are something Steve does not entirely understand, and the three of them had had a surprisingly good and unsurprisingly raucous time at the celebration.

Tony stares at him. Mutters under his breath, “Coulda fooled me,” but then louder says, “I’ve got a potential investor in Chicago. He hates me.”

Steve smirks. “Oh. Great. Got that covered then.”

“Investor for what?” Bucky mutters.

“The program I was telling you about.”

“What program?” Steve asks.

Both Tony and Bucky ignore him.

“He going to be in Chicago next week for a conference with some people that could convince him to spend his money anywhere, with anyone. I need you two to convince him that it should be with me.”

“Why should it be with you?” Steve mutters, but Bucky says, “OK. What does that have to do with the wedding?”

“He’s gay.”


“It would be in our favor for him to feel in good company.”

“You want us to gay our way into this guy’s bank account,” Buck states dryly.

“No,” Tony clarifies. “I want you to gay his bank account into my bank account.”

“There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to start,” Steve protests.

Tony checks the time on his phone. “Well, get on it because I have another meeting in ten minutes.”

“We know nothing about this guy.”

“JARVIS’ll brief you on the ride over.”

“And your project? How can we market something we don’t know about?”

“Barnes knows enough.”

“That’s - I -”

“Rogers, I really don’t have time for this.”

“So like,” Buck interrupts. “How gay?”

“Huh?” Steve says, but Tony grins.

“Told him you were childhood sweethearts.”

“You WHAT?”

“Who does he think we are?”

“Oh he knows exactly who you are, Steve-o. Both of you.” he waves absently. “Knows the whole…Cap and best friend story that everyone tells. I just…extrapolated. A little.”

Steve huffs. “This is ridiculous.”

“I house you. You owe me.”

“You’re a bajillionaire!” he protests.

Buck stuffs his hands in his pockets, sniffing hard. “I’m in. If you are.”

Steve’s so fucking surprised he says, “Ok.”

Natasha Romanoff - Part 1

Word Count - 2040

Warnings - War, death

Requests are open.

I hope you like this new thing I’m trying out and please send requests. Love you all.

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There she was. Just sitting there, simply reading with her glasses and her brow furrowed while her lips moved slightly, her red hair laid on her shoulders and without any effort, she was the most stunning woman you saw. The upbeat song played behind you from the radio as you saw her though the dim light of the room. There was one question you had while you were sitting down on the couch, the warm tea in your hands as you tried to study her. How could the assassin be so beautiful? How could she notice someone like you when she had billions of people fighting for a single glance from her. Maybe you being an avenger helped, maybe her saving your life helped, what ever it was you were grateful. A small smile crept on her lips, her green eyes flickered up to see you and you sipped on your warm tea, the corner of your lips going upward a bit.

“You like what you see?” She said and chuckled, you grinned and stood up, walking towards her. She looked up at you and smiled. Each step you took made her crave you more, even though she was leaving for a mission tomorrow, she knew that it was going to be a long one, Fury wanted her help and Steve’s too, it must be something to do with HYDRA, she hated those bastards, they always found out a way to rip her from you. You arrived towards the bed that she was at and you leaned down, you cupped her face and smiled as she closed her eyes, awaiting for a kiss. “I love it.” You said and bit her lip, you nibbled on her lower lip and she smiled. You let her lip go and went to the other side of the bed. You poked her a bit and she smiled. “Let’s do something fun.” You said and she shook her head. “I really want to finish this book.” She said teasingly and you pouted, you sighed and went over to your place in the couch. “Well, that’s okay I don’t want to distract you, I was just hoping that you would undress me, but don’t worry, I’ll call Wanda or Maria.” You said and she arched her eyebrow, taking off her glasses and sitting straighter. “You wouldn’t.” She dared and you smiled, walking towards the door of the room. “Watch me.” You said as you started to turn the doorknob, she put her book down and got off of the bed, she started walking slowly towards you. “If you go outside that door, I will find you.” She smiled and you shrugged. “Catch me.” You said as you bolted out of the room, you took a swift right and splinted towards the stairs, trying to get to a room.  You giggled as you ran and made the mistake of looking back, she was smiling and caught up to you, she hugged you from behind and you both stumbled on the floor, her hands went towards your sides as she started to tickle you, you wiggled around trying to free yourself from her grasp, she smiled and you saw an opportunity, you kissed her and her movements ceased, her hands stopped moving and she hold you as her lips moved with yours, her lips were sweet and you smiled, you got on top of her and as soon as her breathing became shallowed, you broke the kiss and giggled as you ran towards the stairs, you skipped them and went down as fast as you could. You heard Nat groan and you laughed. “You tease!” She yelled before jumping in the stairs, going twice as fast as you did, you went inside the first door you saw and were surprised when you saw the whole team laughing in the living room.

“So Rhodes thought that his story was funny but really- uh hey Y/N.” Tony said when you entered the room, you spotted Wanda and splinted towards her, you hid behind her and laughed madly, she read your mind and chuckled. “Hide behind me, she’s coming.” You did as she said and you heard the door be kicked open. “Where is she?” Nat said as you heard her footsteps. “She who?” Steve said and you chuckled slightly. “Well Y/N of course.” She said as she got up close to everyone. “Don’t know but you know what we were just about to pop in a movie. Want to watch it with us?” Steve said and you smiled to yourself, you knew that Nat was going to keep looking for you but you peeked from behind the couch and saw Nat’s green eyes. “Gotcha.” She said with a smug grin on her face and she ran towards you. “No! Stop! Please!” You pleaded as she tickled you, she was laughing as well and the team smiled, Clint was laughing and Nat stopped her movements, looking up at him. “Have you ever noticed that Nat is brighter with Y/N, like since they got together.” Clint said towards the whole team, Nat stopped her movements and smiled towards him. “Shut up.” She said as she resumed tickling you, your eyes were watering and your sides were hurting. “Nat, please.” You said and she smiled. You loved her and all but you wanted her to stop, you actually wanted to watch that movie that Steve said. “If you stop being such a tease and making me jealous.” She said and you put your hand up. “I promise that I’ll be a tease for today.” You said and she shrugged, kissing you before getting up and she helped you. You both walked to the only available space in the living you, Nat sat down and you sat next to her, you layed your head on her shoulder and she hugged you.

It was the ending of the movie when your chest rose and fell slightly, you had fallen asleep and Nat was simply scratching your head. “Is everyone awake?” Tony asked and Nat shook her head. “When did she fall asleep?” Bucky asked as Nat laid you down on the couch, you groaned and Nat smiled to herself as she grabbed a blanket from the closet. “Don’t know.” Nat said as she got back on the couch and placed your head slightly on her shoulder before grabbing the blanket and covering you both. “So, Steve, are you ready to head out tomorrow?” Nat asked as Steve furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. “Yeah.” He said and grabbed the T.V remote.  “Nat, you and Y/N, that’s a thing?” Clint asked as he laughed, Tony also laughed. “Come on, you all know.” Nat scoffed and Tony ent all serious. “Okay, I have a question. How do you have sex?” Tony asked and Bruce nudged him. “Tony, you can’t ask that.” Steve said, clearly uncomfortable of his question, he still had the idea that a two people of the same gender could be together, but he supported you and Nat, after all, you were his best friend. “What? I’m curious!” He protested and Clint laughed. “Go google how two women have sex. Now stop bothering my sleep.” You said and shifted a little closer to Nat, you nuzzled your head in her neck and tried to regain the sleep that Tony woke you up from. “Okay, I didn’t say, she did.” Nat said as she laughed and they smiled, but Tony didn’t. “Oh come on! Well you know what I’ll do just that, I’ll be back.” He said and got up, running away to a computer. “What time is it?” Wanda said as she rubbed her eyes. “Don’t know, maybe just like really late.” Clint said and you exhaled loudly. You were still asleep but Nat couldn’t stay long, she had to rest, first light tomorrow and she would leave. “How long are you going to be out?” Wanda said and Nat sighed, kissing your head. “We don’t know, but Fury said that it would be a month minimum.” Steve interjected and Nat appreciated it, she didn’t want to answer those questions with you sleeping. “Just stay safe.” Bucky said, nudging his best friend and Steve chuckled. Your breathing was becoming shallow, Nat looked at Wanda and she nodded. “We will. I mean after all, he is pretty good with that shield.” Nat said and laughed a little bit. Wanda squeezed her eyes shut and moved her hand, a red mist appeared around her fingers as she tried to read your mind. “You’re the assassin.” He said and Nat smiled, she wasn’t really proud of her name, but after SHIELD took her in and she was with Clint, she really did change. Wanda clutched in pain as you began to sweat. “She’s- AH!” Wanda whelped in pain, Nat quickly got up, going towards Wanda. Steve did the same thing. “Get her out of th- there!” She yelled as she tried to exit your mind, you were shivering, a wave of coldness hit you as you were heating up. “Y/N! Wake up!” Bruce yelled, running towards your side, you opened your eyes and the flashes of your dream.

Fury yelling wildly in a room, strapped to a chair and wires connected to him, unknown people were surrounding him making him be in, no doubt, pain.

Wanda bleeding and chanting some words, her last strength, blood was running down her face, the sides of her red leather jacket was torn open and you could see the skin, her face was covered in dirt, her eyelids starting getting heavy and she fell down.

Steve hitting a guard repeatedly, his once white shirt was covered in sweat and blood, it was now gray and blood ran down his nose, he looked beyond angry.

Tony was in his suit, above ground and firing towards the guards. Specs of dirt rose when he missed. Until they got a good shot and msde him fall from the sky.

Clint tried to shoot an arrow to the men but missed, his eyes were red and he was grunting, he was seeing everything in double and blurry.

Bucky was hitting every single person he could, they made him in to the winter soldier, they tortured him and all that was happening was a chance to get revenge.

Maria was getting to hit every target she wanted but her left arm was in pain, she shot with one hand expertly as she killed every single person who got in her way.

Sam was flying and helping Steve, trying to get them all together so that they could be stronger, he wouldn’t be able to support one of you dying.

Vision was flying above the field as he managed to hit some people, he was calm but really worried of who was where, this was a total disaster.

And then Nat, blood poured from her side, even though she was wounded, she was looking for someone while running through the pile of rocks, men tried to shoot her and she killed them. Her face had a few scratches but she was determined to not give up, a few tears ran down her face and she couldn’t go on, she tried to go towards Steve but he was occupied so he went towards Bruce, she managed to say something before she passed in his arms.

You snapped back to reality, you saw Nat’s eyes, half of the team was with Wanda and the other half was with you. You felt your lips dry as well as your mouth. What was going to happen? Then, another wave went in.

The team in black, Clint looking completely devastated, Tony and Bruce shocked, Wanda sobbing, Steve comforting Wanda, Bucky wasn’t there, Maria and Fury looked serious but a few tears managed to go out of their eyes and Vision was next to Wanda, trying to assimilate everything that was happening, Sam was crying and Steve comforted him, too, and Nat, part of her soul died, her eyes were red and puffy, she grabbed a flower and threw it to the grave, she let another tear slip and mumbled something in Russian, she turned around and left everybody.


“They are close to finding us.”