winter sac anime


Highlights from SacAnime Winter 2015

• literally every BH6 and OTGW was cute
• every single honey lemon cosplayer is my bae
• my cosplays were pretty okay this year
• couldn’t find a single Daenerys cosplayer >:(
• might have a booth next year??
• p.s my friends look rlly cute


Hi!! I’ll be tabling at SacAnime Winter 2017 on January 6-8 with my pal @lightofdoodles!! Please feel free to drop by our table AA E07!! And it’d be nice if you bought some prints from us lol–

If you’re not convinced, I’m going to be giving away cute business cards (one side pictured above) with a Hot Dad on them–


Some of the awesome cosplays I saw wander by my artist alley table this weekend at SacAnime.

merHaru -> kasuutan

Makoto -> tamamoriichan

Rei -> loreenasworld

Sei -> peep-peep-meow

Uta -> coldandunforgiving

Let me know urls and I’ll gladly tag people :3

Cosplayer [ x ] Photographer [ x ]

Rainbow Quartz (Steven Universe), worn at SacAnime Winter 2016

I was posing on a nearby rock when I got the idea for this shot, and @drtights-blog happily obliged. I wish I could’ve gotten more upside-down, but the fabric of my sheer top was slippery and I was afraid of falling. Next con, I’ll work on my posing acrobatics!

This was one of the more fun shoots I’ve been on. It’s not often that I get to sing duets of the show’s music with the photographer I’m working with!


Photos of a handful of all of the beautiple cosplayers at sac! (and myself as one very deaded Dirk with one of the best and sweetest Lil Hals I’ve ever seen Jesus what a cutie). I talked to all of these people and goddamn they were the nicest bunch of folks you could possibly meet!

If you see yourself or someone you know, please tell me the cosplay and url so i can tag them!