winter retreat


There is such beauty in the ache of solitude
a delicate denial
to live inside half-truths

like a small animal burrows
into the ground for winter
a cozy retreat
from the roving eyes of predators

she hides her face
tucked into her own soft fur
there is little need for food
or drink, nothing
save her own warmth

she could go on living for days,
years, even longer
inside her earthen cocoon

she needs no inspiration
beyond the clutch of dirt in her paw
and the smell of rotting leaves

would we were creatures
unburdened with spirit
days might be fewer
and less heavy

we would never know
what we are missing
holy ignorance
no fear of the eternal

jeffreytheterribleliar  asked:

Some watchdog in an oversize sweater pulls from Awesome's cape. He has a crown as a drawing of his sweater. "Sorry I didn't give it earlier to you. I was still mad. I guess I never fought before. Sorry for breaking all your stuff but you came and tried to destroy my planet so I started it." He gives Awesome a gift. It's a box full of treats. "I thought it would be nice that you get to try what we did with those crops that didn't get ruin." Jeff offers Awsome a patient stare.

“…!?” What is this guy on?  Awesome is utterly flabbergasted. Why would he turn around on him, just like that?

“Yo, I literally tried to take one of your planets. Aren’t you even pissed a little?”

Awesome takes the box, but remains skeptical.

“What’s your angle, shorty?”

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Holly stared at Mitzy quizzically wondering why she had started to giggle until she heard her explanation and burst into a fit of giggles herself. A glitter and old burrito tornado did seem to fit perfectly and she imagined it swirling around the ball room.

Holly: If this was a kingdom that would make hater king. So would that make Commander Peepers, Prince Peepers? But I agree, there would be no end to the chaos this kingdom would have until someone took charge.

She thinks for a second and then cringes.

Holly: Emperor Awesomes outfits would probably be even more gaudy and pompous. Bleh.

A shorter, pudgy watchdog approaches while Holly is talking. He looks at Mitzy curiously for a second before he taps Hollys arm to let her know he is there.

Holly: Victor! There you are. I was wondering where you had disappeared to. Here.

She pulls out the red hat and places it on Victors head.

Holly: This is a gift from Mitzy *she waves her hand in Mitzys direction* She also made cookies for us to share. Wasn’t that nice of her?

Victor looks at Mitzy with surprise. He hadn’t expected to receive a gift from someone he didn’t know.

Victor: Ah um thanks. That was really nice of you.


mitzythewatchdog  asked:

A present is carefully sitting by a vent. On top of it is a note saying, "Hi Lilith! I forgot to give this to you at the ball. Sorry! I hope you like it. - Mitzy" Inside the present is a flowery accessory for the spy to wear on her head. At first glance it just looks like a large flower, but upon closer inspection the spy is able to realize that it is made of several tiny red and pink flowers threaded together.

    🌺 Lilith was very surprised by the gift left by the vent for her. She picked it up and shuffled back to her hidden room to open the present in peace. Reading the tag, the spy pressed a hand to her cheek. 
   “She went to the trouble to get little ol’ me a gift? Goodness what a sweetheart that Mitzy is.” 

   Needless to say Lilith was touched before even opening it. One she had however the watchdog turned the accessory over and over in her hand, admiring the cluster of small flowers with wide-eyed adoration. It was lovely, and quietly Lilith hugged the item to her chest. If she could smile, her grin right now would be almost glowing. 


The bullet that killed Lauren broke Jessica’s heart.
They became friends in their first-grade class, once-in-a-lifetime kind of friends. They went on a church retreat every winter during high school, where they’d talk about God and their feelings and their lives.
“We’d talk about our way-down secrets that we wouldn’t tell anybody else,” Jessica said. “Lauren had problems, but she’d never really let anybody know. She talked to me about it. But she never had a bad day. She had quiet days. But not bad days.”
Lauren was always there: Coming over late to help Jessica with her math homework. Picking out Jessica’s prom dress with five days to go. Always ready to listen.
They were bound together by their love of music - both played the piano and the clarinet - and by more difficult things, like the health problems suffered by Jessica’s mother, Kathy, and Lauren’s mother, Dawn.
“We talked really in-depth on the winter retreat,” Jessica said. “Sometimes about God, but mostly about what we were going through in life right now, what it’s like. Me and Lauren, sometimes we don’t have easy lives. And we talked about that.”
They drew strength from each other - and Lauren drew pictures for Jessica. Jessica saved them all. Sleeping Beauty. Jasmine. Jessica as Pocahontas. “We always sang Jesus Christ Superstar, and we’d dance to it. And so she drew Jesus on the cross for me.”
On the back, Lauren wrote, “May He always be with you.”
A week before she died, Lauren gave Jessica her last drawing.
“She had smudged it,” Jessica said. “And I remember her saying, ‘I had a picture for you, but I ruined it. So I’ll redraw it for you.’ She never did. And finally I said, ‘Lauren, can I have that picture you smudged?’
So Lauren gave it to her. Her last drawing: an unfinished angel.
It was a day after the shootings before Jessica knew for sure what her heart already had told her: that Lauren was dead. She felt anger then, and a survivor’s guilt.
“If anything, I should have been the one to die, and not Lauren,” Jessica said. “For the first couple of days after, I thought, if I would have stayed at our table, I would have gotten shot and not Lauren - Lauren would have been safe. Or if I was there, my angel that was with me would have been with my whole table, and my whole table would have been OK.”
Lauren’s parents asked to see her, and she didn’t know what she would say to them.
“Her mother wanted to know exactly what had happened,” Jessica said. “And I told her most of it. But not all of it.”
She told them about things she and Lauren had done together that they never knew about. She told them about Lauren’s drawings, which she gave them for an art show. She took Lauren’s yearbook and had all her best friends sign it, and then brought it back to Lauren’s parents.
At Lauren’s funeral, and the Red Rocks memorial, Jessica stood in front of friends and family and strangers and brought to life the Lauren she knew, the smart, funny, down-to-earth girl who had a thing for space aliens and was perpetually late. A person everybody loved. A person without an enemy in the world.
“Your best friend doesn’t die,” Jessica said. “Even to this day, I don’t believe it. I think maybe I could go call her, and she’ll be home.
“And I’ll say, ‘What’s up?’”


Day two of our winter retreat:
Much more discussed about blog things, but Admin A is much better at snowboarding than I am. Everything is sore.
But at least our little snowman is cute!

- Admin J