winter prince info

I’ve been seeing you weren’t well these past months and well … I’m awkward with peopleandmostlytheonesIadmire words really haha, but I just really don’t like seeing people I know, even just a bit, even if we never talked, having a hard time. Sooooo this is late really and I don’t even know if I should really send it to you but it’s just a small thing to tell you, well, I care, and I hope everything will turn out right for you ! gosh this is awkward haha I am so sorry

Love, Julia. ♥

((8  A  8 you didn’t have to. This is so nice of you, thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been such a drag for a while, I’ll be better soon, though. Thank you for sticking around through the good, bad and the ugly <3 You’re not awkward, this is just the thing to sweeten my day a bit more. Thank you!))