winter pls come


You have no idea how excited for winter I am. Yes, it’s cold freezing! But there is beauty in all of it, after every leaf has fallen off the tree, all of the animals go to hide/fly away, the snow comes. And it stays for quite a while. We have Christmas, and spend time with family, and give back to those in need. We love with all of our hearts, and we drink hot chocolate like it will someday be extinct,.After we suffer the cold, clean off our car one last time before the snow goes away for good, after not wanting to wear heavy clothes when we go outside, the snow disappears until the next year. The trees come back to life and flowers bloom. And we remember all that time we spent inside, the time with family and our loved ones, and we rejoice that we can spend it outside again. Spring comes. And life changes. Winter is coming my friends, at least for my side of the world, and you can’t stop it, so you might as well enjoy it! Experience the beauty that winter holds - don’t let winter blues get you down, not this year!

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FFXV request: Noct's been sick a few days and Prom's over at his apartment looking after him, and then Prom starts getting sick too. And then there are sleepy cuddles at the end.

Prompto sniffles. Then he groans in dismay.

“Nooooct,” he whines. “This is all your fault.”

Noctis lifts an arm and swats at the air half-heartedly. He’s currently half-buried in a pile of blankets on his bed, messy black hair sticking up out the top, pillows fluffed up and elevating his head. His room is a mess, but for once no one is nagging him about it. There are empty water bottles and empty tissue boxes littering the floor.

Prompto reaches over and grabs the last tissue from the current box sitting on the side table. He blows his nose miserably.

“You got me sick, you jerk,” he says.

“Nerghhhnngg,” Noctis responds.

“Ugh, come on.” Prompto pokes Noctis until the other boy’s face emerges from within the blankets to glare at him. “You gotta eat something, Noct. You can go back to sleeping it off later.”

Slowly and sluggishly, they manage to drink some of the canned soup Prompto heated up. He really wished Ignis was here, but he’s away visiting his uncle or somebody, and Noct hadn’t wanted to bother him with a simple cold. Gladio’s the “bastard that got me sick” according to Noctis, so they’re on their own. Thankfully, Prompto’s had experience nursing himself back to one hundred percent, so taking care of Noct should be a piece of cake.

Past Prompto was an idiot.

He’s too tired to carry their empty bowls back to the kitchen. Noctis is already passed out on the bed beside him. Prompto blows his nose again.

“Noct,” he says, pushing at his friend’s shoulder. “Move over.”

Noctis huffs. He rolls over, blinking his eyes blearily as he watches Prompto settle down in the space beside him. In a joint effort, they tuck Noct’s huge fluffy blankets around them, and sigh in relief at the warmth. 

Prompto’s eyes are closed when he hears Noctis whisper in his ear, “Sorry for getting you sick.”

“‘S fine,” Prompto mumbles back. 

He shuffles for a moment, and then hooks an arm around Noctis’ middle. Noctis leans further into him. They’re probably going to regret curling up in a cocoon later on, but for now, it’s the most comfortable Prompto has felt this entire long, long weekend. Noctis’ breath is warm against his hair, and, with the steady rise and fall of his friend’s chest against his ear, Prompto allows himself to drift off into sleep.


(Ignis comes back early and lectures them on hygiene and the concept of asking for help while strictly nursing them back to health with the most wonderful soup Prompto has ever tasted. It was the best experience in getting sick Prompto has ever had.)

Lookin’ good, Barnes.

inspired by the Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series by Owlet

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