winter phoenix


The original work on the Captain American Shield / Winter Soldier Shoulder tattoo, as well as other additions to the “Sleeve of Nerdom” in progress. Includes Fawkes (Harry Potter), the Golden Snitch (Harry Potter), Elven Brooch of the Fellowship (Lord of the Rings), Elvish Script with Beetle Juice quote, the Swordfish (Cowboy Bebop) and the Anti-Possession Symbol (Supernatural). All the same artist, WIP.

Sweetheart (Part 8/13)

Summary: He was always there, a deadly presence that would remind you of your place in this world. What will become of you when you are forced to live and work with the man of your nightmares?

Word Count: 2,287

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Warnings: Bad language, Bucky Barnes, Injuries, Nightmares

A/N You read that right! I have finally got my shit together, there will be five more parts after this, so buckle motherfuckers, it’s gonna be a wild ride! I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner, I got bronchitis AND a sinus infection so…yeah. But at the end of the at, those are just excuses so here I am! Back at it again!


You woke up to the sound of a metal container being opened, a soft ting of the lid being gently placed on your night stand. You opened your eyes as slowly as possible, wanting to avoid the unavoidable headache that would come with being conscious. You saw someone at the side of your bed, moving deliberately as they looked down at the task at hand, everything around you had a dull fuzz around it, preventing you from seeing any fine detail.

“Hey, you’re awake” The person whispered, moving quickly to be on your side, cold hand softly gripping yours.


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“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Winter with ONE PIECE

Orginally I wanted to make an Advent calendar out of this, that’s why I drew my favorite 24 One Piece characters.
But honestly I was to busy and so I couldn’t finish it in time. Because of that I show you the whole drawing at once

It’s DIN A3 size and I worked over 2 weeks on it whenever I had some time. I used colored penciles and opaque white for the highlights.

That drawing was a lot of fun to do, but also really exhausting. Now let me tell you the story behind it <3

Luffy, Ace and Sabo snitched the sweets and running as fast as they can. Luffy seems happy and didn’t noticed that his strawhat was blown away. While Ace is trying to catch the hat he realize that they were hunted by followers all the time. Especially the angry looking Marco who almost caught him. I bet Sabo is scared from getting caught by Koala, because she will definetially bashing him xD Chopper on the other side smells the sweets and want them too. So and then we have Bartolomeo xD Truth be told, he isn’t a really big help anyway. He only follows them so he can be near to his senpai <3 Nami and Robin sitting there and drinking tea, while watching the horde rushing by. Kyros is on a walk together with his daughter Rebecca I really love this shy father of hers. Sanji is giving out hot and delicious stew and handing a bowl to Bepo Also standing in the line: A shocked Law as he sees a burning Corazon or maybe he saw some bread xD who knows. The look on Corazons face saying: I have no idea how this happend! Meanwhile Santa Whitebeard Claus, Shanks and Zorro warming up themselves from the inside with a cup of sake. Cavendish sitting there and looking pretty. Look at that beauty rose before he eats it. Usopp and Brook are enchanted from the shining star Franky has put on the top of the tree. Last but not least: Penguin is after Shachi to punish him for throwing a snowball on his head.

And a big question at the end: Why are Whitebeard, Ace, Marco, Luffy and Barto doesn’t wearing warm winter clothes?

Short answer:
Whitebeard is Whitebeard, Ace is fire himself, Marco is a Phoenix (okay his flames aren’t like fire but he’s hot that counts xD)
Luffy hasn’t checked that it’s cold and Barto hasn’t time to feel cold, because he only has eyes for his senpai xD

One Piece and all the characters listed below are © Eiichiro Oda