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Healing Hands (Solavellan Fic)

[This story is dedicated to the lovely @dexukiart. Happy Birthday, beautiful! <3]

The War Room meeting seemed to dragged on for hours as the days to the ball at the Winter Palace drew closer. Revas grew weary of going over the tedious rules of etiquette, what to say and what not to say, the rules of playing the Game, and learning the various dances. She sighed heavily as she made her way to her quarters. The elf could feel the nagging headache growing in the back of her skull.

She made her way up the seemingly endless stairs to her room. She just wanted a nice hot bath and her bed. When the elf entered the room, she was pleasantly surprised at what was awaiting her on the other side. Solas was sitting elegantly upon her couch, his nose buried in a tome about the Fade. The tall elf looked up from the pages and spotted the Inquisitor.

“Vhenan.”, he gave her a smile as he closed the tome, setting it aside before rising from the couch. He sauntered over to her and placed a chaste kiss upon her forehead,“How did the War Counsel go?”

Revas felt so much lighter in Solas’s presence. Maybe there was still hope for this evening yet. “Stressing as usual. I simply want to get this ball over with.”, she sighed again, rubbing the back of her neck lightly to try and relieve the tension. Solas seemed to notice her discomfort and luckily for Revas…he already had a relaxing evening planned.

Solas offered his hand to the silver-haired elf, “Come with me, Vhenan. Let me take care of you this evening. You have been under a significant amount of stress as of late.” He wanted to be that release. That escape for her. If only he could treat her as she deserved like in the days of Arlathan, but such thoughts would need to be ignored for now…tonight was about Revas.

She glanced at his hand before taking it within her own, intertwining their fingers. Revas gave him a loving smile, “You spoil me, Solas. I could use a peaceful evening for once.” Solas simply chuckled and began to lead her towards the bed.

Revas could feel her pulse rising and the blood rushing to her cheeks because she had no idea what her lover had planned as they neared the bed. He let go of her hand and gestured towards the soft sheets with his slender hand, “Undress and then lie down, Vhenan” His voice was low and almost commanding.

She could feel a shiver of excitement travel down her spine. “Alright.”, her voice couldn’t help, but sound breathless. Solas smirked before turning his back to her and walking to the other side of the room. Revas raised an eyebrow. She was always intrigued by the elf’s mysteriousness. She swallowed hard as she began to undress.

As Revas undressed, Solas retrieved a bottle of oil that he had personally asked Vivienne to purchase for him when she made a trip to Val Royeaux as a favor. He knew Revas had been under a lot of stress and he could tell that her muscle were tense and sore from the long hours she worked to keep this Inquisition going. Solas intended on making this evening stress-free and very comfortable for Revas because she deserved it.

When he returned to the bed, his breath hitched at the sight of a nude Revas lying on the bed. Her cheeks were beautifully flushed as she looked at him with a curious yet heated gaze. He gave her a soft smile, “Lie down on your stomach, emma lath. Tonight is only about you.”

Revas could feel the heat spread throughout her body from the tips of her ears to her toes. She did as he commanded and laid down upon her stomach. She could feel the bed dip as he climbed onto it. Solas straddled her legs gently and he opened the bottle of oil, rubbing it onto his hands.

The apostate began to knead the back of Revas’s neck with slight pressure, making sure not to bruise her. He could tell her neck was quite tight from stress. He summoned mana to his fingers to add to the warming sensation of the oil as he massaged her neck before trailing down to her shoulders which he discovered was just as tense.

Revas couldn’t stop the soft moan that escaped her lips. His hands upon her simply felt divine. The Dalish elf didn’t know she needed a massage this badly until now. His touch was literally like magic. Her eyes fluttered closed as his hands worked the kinks out of her neck and shoulders.

Solas smirked at the soft sounds of approval she was making. He was pleased that she was already beginning to relax under his touch. After he thoroughly gave her neck and shoulders attention, he turned his focus to her back. He put a little more pressure upon her back when he felt the various number of knots in her muscles. He frowned at how many there were.

Revas made a sound between pain and pleasure as he began to work the knots out of her back. He stilled slightly, “Ir abelas, Vhenan. I didn’t intend to be so rough.” Dear Creators! She loved this man. Revas sighed contently into her pillow before she spoke, “Please continue, ma sa'lath.” Solas chuckled softly at her eagerness for him to continue. “Ma nuvenin”, he replied as he resumed the massage.

After relieving the tension and stress from Revas’s body, he soon joined her side on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly against his broad chest. Revas gave him a sleepy smile, leaning in to place a soft kiss upon his lips, “Ma serannas, Vhenan…I truly needed that.”

Solas chuckled softly as he ran a hand through her silver tresses, “You’re welcome. I could tell that you have been very tense lately and I thought that a proper massage would help relieve you of your burdens for awhile.” He placed a hand upon her cheek, lightly caressing her skin with his thumb.

Revas smiled and leaned into his touch, “I don’t deserve you, Solas.” She could feel herself slipping into the Fade. She leaned in to give him yet another kiss, “Ar lath ma, Vhenan.” Her blue eyes fluttered closed and she finally succumb to sleep.

He could feel a slight tug at his heart at her words. He placed one more kiss upon her forehead and whispered softly, “No, Vhenan…I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.” The apostate tightened his hold around Revas’s slender form before he joined her within the Fade.

Cuz I mean…we didn’t really have bags with us…and our soldiers couldn’t have known that we’d need to catch killers in the servant quarters.

Addy was wearing this under her nutcracker outfit.
It was meant for Cullen originally…but this was her only excuse not to wear that terrible outfit anymore.

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