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i cant believe this actually happened. i had so much fun despite the utter chaos, and i really hope that one day i get to have an actual conversation with him (and a hug thatd be cool too). thank you @buckyshufflepuff for helping make my sign even better, i love how this turned out !! also. do you see how he made sure not to cover the pictures because hes the cutest?? i love (1) man.


It’s finally here! Full pic plus already cropped one

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I asked for a tragic love story and this beauty was what came of it.

This was originally going to be a trio with Chris Evans as well, but he came down sick. I hope he’s doing better, wnd that it’s not too serious. I was bummed but the outcome of this photo could never have been ever. Anthony and Sebastian are the absolute best combo.

I tried my best to “man-splain” to Sebastian what the pose was, although he really just didn’t seem to get it. So his arm went up for @elves-n-angels to hug her, because he really is huggable and honestly he deserves so many hugs, rather than her hand.
Meanwhile Anthony behind me is confused as to what he has to do since I’m trying to explain to Sebastian. While facing Sebastian I had no idea if Anthony was awkwardly standing behind me or what.
I feared how the photo turned out but I really shouldn’t have because Anthony ROCKED it. He looks absolutely perfect. I was so surprised he had gone down on his knees and was just gazing up at me fondly. I actually almost felt bad because it really did look like a tragic love story where I ran to Sebastian Stan, such a player, while Anthony is proposing.
@elves-n-angels, I’m so glad you got to be in the photo and add to this tragic story. It was seriously a love quadrangle. I absolutely loved it.

Side notes!

Anthony has really soft hands and he held my hand so delicately 😍😍😍

Sebastian smells good and has really fuzzy soft shirts, perfect for cuddling 😘

They are both dorks, but we already knew that 🤣😂

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“We’ve met before, haven’t we?” - Sebastian Stan.

Sebastian’s autograph line was short and it looked like he was actually able to have conversations with the fans who were waiting on Saturday morning so my best friend and I wound up buying tickets right away. No lines at a con is pretty much unheard of after all. That was the first Sign.) So we buy our stuff and go up. Ashley goes first and talks to him, tells him where she’s from (she came in from Illinois) and where I was from, etc while I was being told they weren’t letting him sign anything but pictures - I had my Bucky snapback, and it turned out to be a lie because I saw him sign a Cap Shield like twenty minutes later but whatever - and as he turns to me he goes, “we’ve met before, haven’t we?” and that’s about when Ashley and I died inside and I’m not sure we’ve been alive since, so I said yes, we’d met in Philadelphia and I don’t really know how I even managed that. Then I asked him if he could write “with you till the end of the line” so I could get it tattooed on me, the handler was like “oh my god,” and I explained that the line meant to me and how important he was, and he gave me a hug in which I died /again/ and that’s how Saturday November 11th became the best day of my life, and “we’ve met before haven’t we,” is officially going on my gravestone. 


Today i met the angel who is Sebastian Stan. I have waited SO LONG for this day you don’t understand. So the build up. I was in line ALONE. I came to this convention alone and I thought i was prepared. I wasn’t. I started to panic. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, my anxiety was shooting through the roof. This nice young woman who was in line behind me was talking me through it. Then the line starts moving. I’m shaking. I am actually scared that I will pass out. Right when I look around the curtain, I saw him and just felt calm. It gets to be my turn and he says “ HI THERE!” and immediately hugs me and asks my name.I say hi im natalie and we take our first picture. Then I’m like uh uh uh we have another and he takes my hand and looks me in the eyes and I almost passed out but i didn’t and i just blurted out PRETEND YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME AND I CANT LOVE YOU BACk. He said BUT NATALIE I LOVE YOU SO.  and this is what we got. and as i walk away he said BEAUTIFUL COME BACK. and as i walked around the corner i just started sobbing. I cried so much that i got a free digital download LMAO. But i got to really talk to him after at the autograph booth and i thanked him for everything and how he has influenced me to stay strong and keep on pushing through life. He said “ i’m with you till the end of the line” and said to me as i walked away “stay strong soldier. Meeting my real life hero today meant everything to me. Meeting the person who basically is the motivator of my life was unreal. He is the sweetest person and I hope I can meet him again at some other point in my life. 


 he feelin it