winter ops


It’s finally here! Full pic plus already cropped one

Feel free to edit just don’t forget to credit

@downtoagincourt @seperis


 he feelin it 


Rae with Cyndaquil/Fire type - @belowtheraedar

Winter with Alolan Vulpix/Ice type - @tacticianwinter

Kai with Bulbasaur/Grass type - @krazehkai

Liefe with Sylveon/Fairy type - me

We were having fun with Pokesona & Elite 4 AU a while ago in SunMoon hype~ I’m posting them all in one place with their permission♥ Aren’t they gorgeous!
I was in between Empoleon(water)/Luxray(electric) but thought Fairy type suits me the best, seeing how I’m…me. LOL

It was so much fun~~~ Now they’re making realzie versions of their Pokesona it seems… *wants to join* *looks at her already-heavy workload* *cries*


It’s been a month since wizard world Tulsa. Still can’t get over this happening. Super happy I did the space nerd op with him/for him , the one for my friend who couldn’t be there, and I adore that he went full out dork smile in my “I could do this all day op” 😂 he’s too precious. Just sort of a Reshare since everyone’s enjoyed most of these 😊❤️

I asked him to take a Disney princess photo


Some Fates/Fatesona doodles from a while ago~ The first one has a caption!
How can I not surround Jokamu with a gold pen. Also I wanted to give more love to the Hoshidan sisters!

Hope everyone is having a warm day! *scurries back to work*

Fatesonas included:
Ma Kaifu @krazehkai
Liefe by me
Winter the Meme Queen @tacticianwinter
Sweet Genesis @quixoticgeni

What can I say? I’m more of a Steve Rogers girl.

These beautiful plums were so sweet. Despite running an hour behind and a girl assaulting Chris, they still took pictures with everyone and even proposed to me. I walked up to these smol babies and said, “Can you beautiful doritos please propose to me?” and Chris laughed and said “yeah, sure.” And dropped to one knee. Bless.