winter ops


It’s finally here! Full pic plus already cropped one

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What can I say? I’m more of a Steve Rogers girl.

These beautiful plums were so sweet. Despite running an hour behind and a girl assaulting Chris, they still took pictures with everyone and even proposed to me. I walked up to these smol babies and said, “Can you beautiful doritos please propose to me?” and Chris laughed and said “yeah, sure.” And dropped to one knee. Bless.


 he feelin it 


Rae with Cyndaquil/Fire type - @belowtheraedar

Winter with Alolan Vulpix/Ice type - @tacticianwinter

Kai with Bulbasaur/Grass type - @krazehkai

Liefe with Sylveon/Fairy type - me

We were having fun with Pokesona & Elite 4 AU a while ago in SunMoon hype~ I’m posting them all in one place with their permission♥ Aren’t they gorgeous!
I was in between Empoleon(water)/Luxray(electric) but thought Fairy type suits me the best, seeing how I’m…me. LOL

It was so much fun~~~ Now they’re making realzie versions of their Pokesona it seems… *wants to join* *looks at her already-heavy workload* *cries*

I asked him to take a Disney princess photo