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Park Bo Gum on Infinite Challenge

Park Bo Gum surely captured the hearts of the people once again during the recent MBC’s Infinite Challege episode. According to the Nielsen statistics, the episode “Infinite Challenge” that starred Park Bo Gum recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 10.2% securing the time slot’s top spot viewer ratings.

“2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics”, Inifinite Challenge
April 15, 2017

Winter white and evergreen create a lovely palette at Olympic National Park in Washington. Snow in the lower Sol Duc Valley has added more beauty to an already stunning place. With over 875,000 acres of wilderness in the park, you’re sure to find many peaceful spots to enjoy. Photo by Megan Juran, National Park Service.


There is this section of trail in Olympic National Park called High Divide. In total, it’s a little over twenty miles with an elevation change of about 4000 feet. Most people like to make it an overnight trip, but it can be done in a day if you start early enough as I have done several times in summers past.

I got up around five one morning last week unable to sleep, deciding on a whim to head up the mountain. High Divide is covered in snow year round, but Washington has had an abnormally low snow year so I figured I would try tackling the trail in a day solo, equipped with my ice ax and micro spikes just in case (…only to find out I’d left them behind once I’d reached the trail head but fortunately the yaktrax I keep in my car saved the day).  

It could easily be argued that this wan’t one of my better decisions; but those have never been my forte. The better part of the trail I spent scrambling on my hands and knees such that I wouldn’t fall down the north face of the mountain to my death. Still, it was so beautiful I managed to take a few pictures when I was on stable ground. These were some of my favorites.  

Snowy drive up to Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington State.
Photography by and can also be viewed on instagram @haleywillner   . Thank you so much for viewing!