winter olympics hockey

I for real hate that right now I can’t in good conscience reblog Team USA celebrating at the WBC b/c like, i was honestly hyped up when Team USA won World Juniors, when they won Men’s Basketball, I remember how fucking awful the last Winter Olympics were for USA Hockey

but especially given that Ian Kinsler talked about enthusiasm for the game in what was incredibly clearly racialized language, how he specifically relies upon a concept of white supremacy and neocoloniality, on a sort of vision of the stoic White self and the appropriate Whiteness of Emotion as part of an apparatus of capture to contrast with Puerto Rico’s absolutely phenomenal outpouring of desire through the game of baseball is just…he is pandering to the kind of reactionary ideology that is so deeply entrenched in baseball

hockey fans are by far the worst on any given metric, but baseball fans are so more comprehensive, are so much more of a demographic within white supremacy that this is unmistakable. Fuck Team USA.