winter nightmares


Connie Maheswaran - From season 1 to season 5

Helion Spell Cleaver

Why doesn’t any talk about how during the fighting part of the war Rhysand was ready to give himself wholly to this battle and become the beast he hated so much and then Helion rushed over and is basically like “Totally dude! Lets fuck this shit up!” and tuRNS INTO A LITERAL BEAST WITH HIM BECAUSE FRIENDSHIP GOALS! Like come on guys. Did you see any other highlords shift into their natural beast form? cause I sure didn’t! 

And don’t give me the whole ‘well maybe the others can’t shift’ because ill bet you they can. I mean that is literally tamlins power so you can’t let him off the hook. Killias I’m sure has figured it out by now, he’s smart. The only highlord I’m letting off the hook is Tarquin. He is young and new and probably hasn’t figured that highlording part out yet. 

INKTOBER 31 Final -   Winter Lantern

To this son of a bitch I have more fear them, much more than all Bloodborne.

Winter Lanterns or as others call them “brain lady”  are some more enemy troll the game, do not need to touch you to kill you, they just see you will be killed by frenzies. and just listen to his song you know you’re screwed. unless you have a good protection against the frenzy, otherwise your dead by them.

Is that the month of term inktober, but did not have time to escenear and then upload it before, and to work at the end of the month, even so end all inktobers before the end of the month, the upload now that I have some free time.


Incorrect Quote #35
  • Feyre: [to Rhysand, Cassian, & Azriel] Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?
  • Azriel: Believe me, High Lady. I've been asking myself the same question for six-hundred years.

Map of Prythain based on the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series by Sarah J. Maas.

This took me forever to finish but I’m really happy with how my version of the map of Prythian turned out. 

I tried to include as many little things as I could that are mentioned in the books. It took me so long because I didn’t use any reference photos and apart from the outline of the map everything is my own. I wanted to get it as close to what I originally imagined as possible and I’m so happy with how it looks. I think that I like the Night Court the most because of how velaris turned out. I’m thinking I might do some individual pieces inspired by each court next; so keep an eye out on my instagram because I try to post as many photos of what I am working on over there as I can. Also I would love to hear which court is your favourite. :)


I have prints available in my Redbubble and society6 shops if you are interested (There are two versions available. One that looks like the photo above and one that also includes a compass with roses).