winter map

ive seen a mchanzo beauty and the beast au floating around with werewolf mccree as the beast but like?????//

beast hanzo? spoiled prince whos ego and distaste for anything ugly gets him and his whole castle cursed? turning into a giant dragon beast? instead of a rose the city is in perpetual winter (snowy hanamura map) and theres one cherry blossom that is in bloom and loses flowers over time. mccree hearing about some old folk tale about a castle high on the hill filled with riches, and he cant help but try to steal some. then bam! beauty and the beast au.

Status Update

Hello everyone! I thought I’d give a little more info on what needs to be done before the release of the demo. If you see an item on the list you think you can help with, please let me know! Go ahead and click the read more button for more info.

In addition, the duration of the demo has been extended from the end of the first day to the night of the first full moon (1 day to 3 days).

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