winter knitting

Oh hey.
I finished it.
Like a week ago.

I feel very relieved and happy.
But I also really miss working on this. If I don’t start another big project soon, I might just start another one of these.

Also, its crazy heavy. I feel like I am wearing a bears coat. I love it. I can’t wait to move back to somewhere where it snows.

Note: I still have to fix the raglan seams… but I spent like three hours sewing all the seams up and I would like to pretend I never have to sew another one again.

P.S. THANK YOU ALL for your super supportive and amazing comments. I really appreciate them. I wish blessing on all of your very own knitting and craft projects 💕

eternal-winters  asked:

I have a question that I hope you can help with. I want to begin working on a cosplay of Prince Sidon from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds and I'm not sure what kind of fabric I should use. I need something that gives the illusion of something similar to the skin of a dolphin. Thank you!

Hello there!

Since this costume is going to be form-fitting, I would recommend a 4-way stretch knit with high stretch and recovery for this project. You will also want something a bit thick (but not too thick) and either matte or with a slight sheen to it to imitate the look of dolphin skin. A lot of your shiny spandex knits will be too shiny for this.

The first material that came to mind is a neoprene-type material. This will be a bit thick around your fingers for the gloves, so it may be uncomfortable, but it tends to have a matte appearance and the thickness and texture of something similar to dolphin skin. It’s also easier to sew than you’d expect, as long as you remember to encase your seams in another (stretch) material or French seam the garment so that the cut edges aren’t itchy. this would also hold the shape of the shoulder and hip pieces, and the puffiness of the pants, without any additional structure, which a less structured material would require.

You can also try something like a matte moleskin, which is thicker than your average spandex knit but still has great stretch and recovery. Shiny moleskin would be too much shine for this.

Other options would be to try the backsides of other knits fabrics – “regular” spandex tends to have a shiny side and a less shiny side, which only has a slight sheen. The backside of a satin spandex would be a slightly shinier option (the backside tends to be about as shiny as a dull woven satin), but would still work well. I would get swatches of the fabrics you are considering and test them, since with knits especially, nothing beats being able to actually hold it to feel the drape and stretch in your hands to make sure it’ll work.

I hope that helps! :] Good luck

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff