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East of Nowhere - Year Four

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Sam x Female Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part four of a seven part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year.

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

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Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, gore and explicit sexual content.

Word Count: 5900+

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Three Years, Three Weeks

You twist in sweat soaked sheets, your body writhing next to Sam as a dream flickers to life behind your closed eyes.

The bunsen burner is a burnished silver and far larger than any you’ve ever seen before, the flames a brilliant blue and strong as they lick upward. You reach over to turn the base, to feed it with oxygen. At once, the fire becomes golden and takes the shape of a flower head. You watch the many petals became more distinct, folding outward, radiating light and warmth. It’s the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen, more fleeting than any other, yet seemingly eternal.


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Against All Else / part I (Draco)

- the first part of the Against All Else series

Requested- could you please do a draco oneshot where turns against the death eaters in his 7th year the moment they threaten his s/o?
A/n- just want to thank you for starting this incredible journey of writing a series with me xx ily all ~word count: 1762 words

tag list: @tomthestuntmanfelton , @fluff-fluff, @ly–canthrope, @cleohalestilinski, @ninja-boss-barbie, @emelythompson

- - -

Being with the Draco Malfoy romantically is something you never thought you’d be doing one day since the two of you practically grew up together. Of course, with the issues of Voldemort going around these days, everyone is scared for their own lives as people go missing every single day. Yet for you, the thing you are most scared of is losing someone you love so much that it hurts. 

Draco is slowly changing, and that scares you. There are times that you find him unfocused even when it comes to the Quidditch that he once adored. It’s almost like he has something to hide from you. You forget to knock as you enter his dorm room while looking for him. 

So when you see the Dark Mark on his forearm, you drop all the books in your hands to the ground while taking in what you have just witnessed.

The white-blond haired boy looks up sharply at the noise you make and freezes. “Y/n. What are you—” He is in the middle of finishing buttoning his uniform shirt, then he realises what made you react this way as he looks back down to his arm. You run out, leaving the books behind before he can explain.

No, no, no, no—he couldn’t have. He wouldn’t want to hurt people, no, not the Draco Malfoy I know. Endless thoughts run through your mind as you try to figure everything out. You find yourself strutting through the hallways without an actual destination.

- at the Malfoy Mansion - 

“—Cissy, he can do it! The Dark Lord chose him, don’t you understand?” A high pitched voice hisses. It is as though the temperature surrounding has decreased several degrees in the dimly lit room.

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Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 790
Warnings: Pure fluff!
Request: @createdbytinyaddiction Heey :) could you write a Steve Rogers x reader to prompt number 9? Maybe something where they‘re having a cozy day and Steve tries to rake all the leaves and the reader always jumps inside them and at the end they‘re jumping through them together pure fluff? :)
A/N: I know I was supposed to start posting on October 1st but I’m already filled with Halloween joy so let’s start earlier, okay? And I decided to write my stories with gender-neutral forms from now on, let’s all enjoy this season together :)


Summary: With a bit of his love’s help, Steve discovers that duties aren’t always the priority. Especially during the cozy fall season. 

Originally posted by forchrisevans

[ Try to rake the leaves and not jump in the pile this time, okay? ]

“You forgot your scarf, Cap,” you exclaimed, running to your boyfriend who had been helping you with the chores in the garden since the early morning hours. Well, helping wasn’t the greatest way to describe it, since you were doing little to no work at all.

You dragged Steve out of bed as soon as you opened your eyes, woke up by the shy rays of mid-fall sunshine sneaking inside your bedroom. The view from the window was truly a magical one. It seemed that over the night, the trees had been clothed with a palette of different shades of orange, yellow and red. Some of the leaves have been falling from the branches like a colourful rain, performing a complex dancing routine consisting filled with pirouettes, before finally landing on your lawn, densely covering the ground.

As many others, you were convinced that Steve’s heart was made of pure gold so when you asked him to help you with the garden, he immediately grabbed the rake and went out with a smile on his face, ready to rescue whatever was laying underneath the multicoloured carpet.

It didn’t take long for him to realise that you weren’t going to support him as much as he’d hoped for though. Instead, your inner child had been suddenly awakened and you found yourself wandering around the backyard, gazing up at the sky and marvelling at the wonders the world had to offer during the autumn season.

And also kicking the freshly raked piles of leaves from time to time.

“You know I don’t really need it,” he smiled when you put the red knitted scarf around his neck.

“I do, but it fits the season. And you look good in this colour,” you added, kissing him on the nose.

He beamed and got back to work slightly shaking his head.

To clear your conscience a bit, you grabbed your own tools and tried to prepare your plants for the merciless winter weather consisting of freezing nights and chilly mornings but got bored only after a short while.

Your eyes drifted to Steve who was working so hard and dutiful. You decided to change his attitude a little bit.

Gathering enough speed, you managed to land in the middle of the pile of leaves. Your bottom would definitely hurt the next day but the subtle sight of enjoyment on your boyfriend’s face made up for it.

“Darling, try to rake the leaves and not jump in the pile this time, okay?

You pouted, mirroring the behaviour of a child that had been denied the best fun of their life. Steve sighed and rose his eyes to the sky, but the spark of amusement in his eyes didn’t fly over your head. You decided to use it to your advantage.

“When have you gotten so stiff, old man?” you teased, raising an eyebrow. You took his hand and got up, trying to get rid of the leaves that stuck to your jeans, “The years are finally taking their toll?”

His lips parted as he tried to put on his best ‘you hurt me’ expression. You laughed, remembering the stories about his time on the stage. It was a rather short career and you suddenly found out why.

“You crossed the line now,” he said and carelessly threw the rake on the ground. 

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Hufflepuff Aesthetic

Bright yellow streaks of sun, warm summer days, cosy winter nights, capturing everything - flowers, memories, moments, working hard to get what you want, flowers in your hair, the morning chorus, being kind to people and animals alike, the soft whisper of the wind in the trees, being happy just to be around people you love, muted pastel colours, proving so much but still being underestimated by prejudice. 

Sometimes I forget Qrow and Winter only had two scenes together. The FNDM ships them so hard, painted their complicated relationship in bright detailled colours, with so much depth I sometimes really forget literally none of it is canon. Especially blogs like @asksnowbird. Just like @ellelehman makes me literally forget the relationship between Qrow and Summer is not canon all the time (wait, it’s not?).

Gotta love the FNDM. 

(Seriously check out the art if you’re at least a bit into those ships it’s great.)

Happiness is...

▪ seeing an old friend
▪ the sound of crackling fire
▪ the first snow of the year
▪ finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag
▪ when you find a pen that has perfectly flowing ink
▪ the sound of autumn leaves crunching under your feet
▪ watching the stars sparkle along the dark sky
▪ winning a game of Mario Kart
▪ the fresh smell of bread
▪ being tagged in memes by your best friend
▪ leaping onto your bed after a long, tiring day
▪ the soft feeling of brand new socks on your feet
▪ watching cat and dog videos on YouTube late at night
▪ smiling back at that kind stranger walking down the street
▪ eating your favourite meal
▪ coming first in a kahoot
▪ exploring unexplored places
▪ the excitement you get listening to your favourite singer’s new song
▪ perfectly roasting your marshmallow
▪ passing that class you always hated
▪ seeing people help each other
▪ the smell of clean bedsheets
▪ laughing till you can feel abs forming
▪ the feeling of relief after handing in an assessment
▪ the feeling of warm sand between your toes when you go to the beach
▪ finding a dollar on the ground
▪ sleeping in on a cold winter morning
▪ long, warm baths
▪ getting an A on that assessment you worked so hard on
▪ seeing an extremely attractive person
▪ confessing your love to your idol at a concert
▪ the sound of raindrops tapping your roof
▪ being able to click ‘next episode’ on your favourite series
▪ accomplishing that goal you set for yourself
▪ watching fireworks bring colour to the night sky
▪ receiving random gifts even if they’re small
▪ when your friend offers you their food
▪ finishing your favourite book for the 6th time
▪ finally getting that phone call you’ve been waiting for
▪ being able to take a nap
▪ being able to understand that maths question
▪ when your boss says you can leave early
▪ finally being able to afford that thing you’ve been saving up for
▪ going on unplanned trips
▪ receiving compliments
▪ seeing that package you ordered in front of your door
▪ taking in the scenery of your favourite season
▪ walking out of the school gates on the last day
▪ going to an all you can eat buffet
▪ having that “lightbulb” moment
▪ the taste of mac and cheese
▪ eating a family sized block of chocolate by yourself
▪ knowing you don’t need to wake up early the next day
▪ payday
▪ going out to see a movie - whether you’re going with friends or alone
▪ putting together a bomb ass outfit
▪ the sunlight leaking through your blinds in the morning
▪ when you walk through a mall and everything is on sale
▪ the feeling after an intense workout
▪ receiving an unexpected but cute message
▪ the feeling of fairy floss melting in your mouth
▪ the soft, smooth feeling after shaving
▪ when someone finds your joke funny
▪ finding a new series to watch and all the episodes are already released
▪ the fizz and aesthetic of when you use a bath bomb
▪ finally being able to have time for yourself
▪ being able to spend money on those you love
▪ waking up to beautiful clear skin
▪ perfectly winging your eyeliner
▪ rainbows
▪watching the sunset or sunrise along the beach
▪ the feeling of clean hair
▪ when you get offered free food samples
▪ when your phone is fully charged
▪when your Wi-Fi connection is strong
▪the excitement of new earphones when you get a new phone
▪ having phone calls that last for ages
▪ laying on the grass having the warm sun shine on you
▪ the sweet taste of caramel popcorn
▪ finally having the courage to let go of something that’s been hurting you
▪ finally completing that boss battle
▪ cooking yourself a delicious meal
▪ eating cereal at night
▪ being able to help someone in need
▪ holding a warm mug of hot chocolate
▪ finally being rap that one part in that song
▪ when a puppy comes up to you and let’s pet it
▪ sliding down the steepest slide at the water park
▪ waking up on Christmas morning
▪ turning yourself into a burrito using your blanket
▪ when people realise your efforts
▪ building a fort with your pillows and blankets and napping inside it
▪ binge watching a tv series
▪ being able to sleep knowing you’re safe from danger
▪ realising that you can do whatever you want in life. it doesn’t matter if people judge you.
▪ knowing that there are so many more reasons to be happy that you haven’t explored yet

Please do add more :)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic requests? Anything you want us to read by the other admins or some tumblr friends?

I sure do nonnie! Sit tight and buckle in this is going to be long (maybe) I’ll start with friends and pick some of my favs from them okay? Everyone I’m picking I promise you should read every thing they’ve written all of it is amazing and honestly I personally believe some fics should be turned into movies. Anyway these particular fics have changed the way I read and write fanfiction so you should also follow these blogs (all the admins I’m about to shout out are amazing and kind) If you want me to do another and separate them by groups and genres then I can do that as well. 

By @kpoppantydrop: A Rose Coloured Rogue that has four parts to it. It’s a SHINee fic but features Jimin (BTS), Wonho, and Xiumin written by admin Winter for Rogue’s birthday. A warning though it is smut. 

Another one is Prettiest Pink a Jin (BTS) smut by Admin Lily. It’s filth from start to finish and I love it it’s so great I think I actually blushed whilst reading it. 

Also here’s a cute as fuck Jackson (GOT7) fluff by Admin Desire called Something Good. It’s a birthday fic and it made me smile so hard whilst reading it! 

Of course I have lots of others (Their masterlist is endless you’ll be on their blog forever I promise you wont regret it.)

By @xiuminsm : Here’s a super long Yixing fic that is Royalty AU and omg its so fucking amazing, it’s titled Until Hell Freezes Over  it’s another smut but the smut is rather brief and its easy to skip over if you want to (I don’t recommend it though.) 

Another installment in the Royalty AU for EXO this is for Suho and it’s titled Bete Noir the world that Liv spins in this series is seriously breathtaking. It’s a smut (yet again, I’m sorry most of the fics will have an adult theme) but its soooo worth the read. 

By @smutfictionaddicted (also @kpopthirstaddicted) she’s moved to @writings-by-cl but a lot of her fics are on her old blogs: Crocodiles in Sin City is a fic based off the Sin City universe that became movies how friggin cool is that?! There are heavy warnings with this it’s very mature so be cautious before clicking. 

Strawberry Ice Cream is a drabble by CL based off a series by @chanyeolspout (which I’ll be linking you to as well.) I don’t usually read Chanyeol fics but its so gooodddd

By @chanyeolspout : Here’s the mini masterlist for Breeze as said above a Chanyeol fic of about nine parts you won’t regret it please read! 

In Abstenia really fucked me up like ??? Why did you do this to me??? It’s optional bias and v smutty 

Welcome Back is a Sehun oneshot with exhibitionism, lots of smut, and a fresh from tour Sehun who misses you a lot. (Just punch me in the face tbh)

By @soobadnoonecanstopher : I will ALWAYS recommend The Boxer, I laughed and cried and honestly this whole series was a fucking rollercoaster ride strap yourself in it only goes up (and down very fast) from here. Lori isn’t technically my friend (I feel bad calling her by her first name gah I’m so sorry plz don’t hate me) but I’m friends with her fics because I’ve reread them all like ten times

By the other admins: I’d recommend you read Park It (written by Takara-yeolie its a Jooheon smut and a damned good one at that) and Overlooked (written by Memesol it’s Jimin (BTS) angst lol Memesol is so great at angst I hate her)

by non-friends/tumblr famous people I wish I were friends with:

@duizhangdeluxe wrote a series for OT12 EXO and I recommend it to EVERYONE Blanc et Noir is a smut series playing around with EXO’s “powers” and it is beautifully done. 

@choco-seventeen wrote an amazing Joshua fic called Dreamcatcher and it’s a fantasy series(?) dealing with the dangers of dreams, failed friendships, life away from the city, and love. 10000/10

@versigny wrote this Namjoon smut that I think about sometimes (all the time) called Take Home Test, v smutty and A+ go support this blog it’s quality af 

@thesammtimes ahhh what can I say? Everyone’s req list has something of theirs and for good reason so I’ll just give you their masterlist so you can find out for yourself lol 

This is getting really long (I’ve been typing for two hours) sooo if you want a post about more recs just ask okay nonnie? Thank you!!! - Admin Yuuko

Softly But With Passion.

The hard concrete was cold beneath him as they sat upon the sidewalk outside the seven eleven, the cold bled in through his clothes and penetrated the layers that Teruki had been so careful to wear. He held the coffee clasped in both hands and somewhat curled himself around it as he watched Kageyama blissfully eat the takoyaki held in a Styrofoam container in his lap, steam rose from the container and heated Kageyama’s pink face, brought some colour to those almost perfectly round cheeks. To Teruki’s eyes it was the perfect winter sight, he could almost feel himself getting warmer from watching the other.

“Would you like one, Hanazawa-kun?” Kageyama asked suddenly, takoyaki held out in front of Teurki’s face.

“Um,” Teruki murmured, blinking as he watched the steam rise in front of his face.

“You were staring and I thought you might want one,” Kageyama explained further, voice low and as gentle as always.

“Yeah, thank you,” Teruki replied, unwilling to tell confess the real reason he’d been staring.

He set his coffee down on the curb and took Kageyama’s proffered hand in both of his own, held it still and took the takoyaki ball right off the stick with his mouth. They may have been rivals once or maybe it was only Teruki who saw it that way, in a way they still were, but Teruki had realised slowly that there were other feelings swirling in his gut for Kageyama. Awe, respect and endearment were all there before, but butterflies had recently appeared along with the thunder beating of his heart whenever the other was around.

If the deep red blush that spread across Kageyama’s cheeks as he let go of the other was anything to go by, Teruki figured that Kageyama was feeling something similar.

Roommates || Suga || Part 11

Summary:   A kiss can change everything. Why haven’t you and Yoongi let it?

Word Count: 1,912

A/N: God I love and hate writing this series; I’m going to be so torn when its all over… Whenever that’ll be.

<< Part 10 || 

Soon after the holiday season passed, your life returned to some vague sense of rhyme and reason.

And yet in the midst of that, in the brief moments where your thoughts would escape you, all you could think about was Min Yoongi under a night sky filled with a rainbow of colours fanning behind him like some form of halo, his lips so close to your own and the rhythmic thumping of your heart.

And you wanted to punch yourself in the face because of it.

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Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 20: The Elements in the winter (Water)
Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces

You possess a quiet and alluring beauty, just like ice glittering in the sun. You sparkle in every colour because you are not afraid to let others see how you feel and how overwhelming all your emotions are. Some people may think they can see right through you, but your inner world is so complex and exciting that it is impossible to predict every aspect of your being. You seem so brave and strong, so full of hope that it will be alright eventually and it is hard to imagine you shattering into a thousand pieces when all of it just gets too much. But that is the problem with ice: it is fascinating but fragile. But like a frozen lake you can cope with the weight of hundreds of people, because you are the most compassionate individual we know. Your heart is too big for just one person and it is impossible for you to not care since you are as soft and gentle as a snowflake landing on our cheek. Just keep being yourself because the way you are is the most beautiful “you” imaginable.

fic: but we were in screaming colour (part 2) [collab fic with slimeboyhowell]

summary: au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

word count: 5.8k for this part

a/n: we don’t really know what to put here but here’s a cool song that reminds me (calista) of this fic u can listen to it while u read or whatever!! enjoy!! xoxo meglista

[part one]

The shower he takes in the morning is his second in twelve hours and he runs it scalding. The Caribbean turquoise of the handprint Phil leaves on the smudged glass of the shower screen after their shower the night before is blaring, makes Dan’s eyes ache. It mirrors the one that blooms like a bullet wound in negative spreading from his sternum. It makes him aware of how alone he is now, without the press of Phil to his side, laugh light in his ears.

A long smear of seafoam colours the chipped tiles on the wall and Dan thinks of the way he pressed Phil against the canvas and dragged his lips up his neck and bit at the sharp lines of his jaw until his knees buckled, until he clawed at Dan’s hips, leaving scrapes in the chartreuse settled there.

Vivid colour runs across him in waves, cracks, stark dichotomy to the pallor of his skin.  He watches teal run the length of his arm and imagines it curling out the calligraphy of Phil’s breathy keens. The yellow that maps the contour of his collar is his own name panted against slick skin, dan oh my god dan please. He traces an absent finger across it, pressing at the bruises blooming dark through the layer of paint.

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✶ Tailored Dress {Similar here} ✶ Boohoo Circle Crossbody Bag ✶ Old Bobble Beret {Similar here} ✶ Boohoo Tassel Ankle BootsEclectic Eccentricity Pendant ✶

Even though Bangalore doesn’t really have an autumn, it’s hard not to be inspired by all the cosy sweater weather looks of the season. Bangalore has three seasons - hot and dry, cold and wet, and a pleasant in-between state which passes for both autumn and winter. It never gets quite cold enough for sweaters, so I’m interpreting fall with dark florals and lots of black this year. Yes, I’m wearing black! Which is so unlike me, because it’s a colour I’ve avoided for years, almost a decade really. 

A long time ago, I used to hide in swathes of baggy black. Black was ‘slimming’, it was my armour. I spent my entire second semester as an undergrad in one single black kurta with my hair scraped back in a bun. As I started growing more comfortable with my body in my third year of Uni, I gradually began to phase black out of my wardrobe. Black was a reminder of my body hating days, a part of my teens and twenties that I wanted to leave far behind. I had a long way to go before I could feel neutral about black again, see it as just another colour in my wardrobe alongside my beloved jewel tones. 

I got this dress tailored last month with some Kalamkari fabric I picked up in Commercial Street. I’d stayed away from tailors for years as well, after some particularly horrendous fat shaming thanks to my last seamstress. I was finally convinced by my friend Ushshi to give tailoring another go, and I’m so glad I did! My current tailor is a kind, old gentleman with a very headmasterly aspect who puts me totally at ease. Ever since I’ve fallen in love with the bohemian aesthetic, I’ve found myself drawn towards traditional Indian fabrics and handicrafts too. It’s a roundabout route to take into my own culture, but I think that’s what being thirty-something is all about - reconnecting with the roots and parts of my self I’d been sundered from for so long. It’s a more reflective time, a contemplative one, a time to gather old threads and take stock of what I’ll pass on to the next generation. In a way, my 30′s are autumnal.

The circle bag and ankle boots are recent buys, from Boohoo who actually ship to India for a flat rate of £6.99! I’ve been looking for alternatives to ASOS after their lackluster performance with delivery this year, and so far, I’ve come up with Boohoo, New Look and River Island, which isn’t at all bad. The bobble beret is the same one I’d worn for my very first date with my fiance (6 years ago!) and the little puppo pendant is from Eclectic Eccentricity. It’s something I’d managed to break shortly after getting it in 2014 - and guess when I finally got around to repairing it? The day before yesterday, which speaks rather eloquently about my love of procrastination! 

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I’m trying to become less dependent on lineart but as someone who usually uses 29398290839 lines that’s a hard ask so I cheated with minimal coloured lineart. have the grayscale because as it turns out, colouring? still hard. 

It’s not winter but it’s almost the release of 2001 which is gonna make me long for winter 

Cold Days

Hello everyone! After a bit of a long time I come back with a brand new oneshot.

Hope you like it, and thanks for reading my stories, it really means a lot to me :)


Winter was being harsh, it had been since the very first day it stepped in the city.

On the other side of the window, the naked trees swung side to side to the unsteady rhythm of the strong currents of wind, their withered leaves flying free, lost in the air. The bright ball of sunshine hardly stood out in the grey sky above, this being covered by the deformed clouds moving slowly in one direction. People was barely seen in the streets, and the few ones spotted fought against the wild air hitting on their faces, restraining them from continuing their way properly.

Even the usually chirpy birds didn’t light up the day singing anymore, they just chose to stay inside their nests, warming each other to avoid the cruel climate.

Harry woke up to the feeling of Jess’s tight grip around his torso, her hands finding each other on the middle of his chest. She was clinging to him in search for any hint of warmness, her body outside the heavy duvet used to isolate themselves from the cold room.

Times were being genuinely hard, apart from going through the hardest winter up to the moment, they didn’t count on the so necessary heating system, as It was broken down. Their best allies on those moments were warm pyjamas, soft sleeping gowns and covers, lots of covers.

Jess was shaking, her tanned colour replaced by a pale look. In the moment he touched her freezing skin he didn’t waste any second in placing back the warm material over her “Gosh love, you’re gonna get a cold” he whispered concerned, before planting a peck on the tip of her red nose. He knew she was fast asleep, and that his warn wouldn’t have any use at all, but he couldn’t help his paternal side from showing up every now and then.

The green-eyed boy stepped out of the bed, his entire body shivered at the sudden contact of his warm feet with the cold wooden floor. As he searched for his flabby kitten slippers under the bed, he heard his girlfriend cough a few times. He made sure she was well covered before making his way out of the room.


With the sound of Harry cooking breakfast as a background, Jess slowly woke up, feeling weak as ever. She tried to prop herself up, regretting the movement immediately, as she felt a painful pressure on her temple. Hacking coughs left out of her mouth nonstop, and although she tried to contain them, it was useless. She reached out for the glass of water on the nightstand, thanking God Harry didn’t drink all of it. After some sips, which felt like glory, her coughing attack calmed down, but, when everything seemed to get better, the headache gained prominence, making her feel dizzy at any sharp movement given.

Softly, she buried in the covers, groaning in annoyance.

Harry wasn’t yet aware about her flu, nevertheless, he had a feeling, judging by the look she had early that morning, so when he got into the room to a coughing Jess it was no surprise. He slipped in the bed silently and hugged her from behind, making her be the little spoon “Hey, beautiful. How are you feeling?” “Like if a lorry had run all over me” her answer was followed by another attempt of attack, but this time Harry was quick to hand her the glass “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you today, okay?” he said while moving away some locks of hair off her face and pecking the area where her jawline and ear met. The intense warmness there made him softly flip her and cup her cheeks gently, joining his forehead with hers “Have you taken your temperature?” she shook her head, eyes closed “I figured. That’s why I brought this, sit up and lift your arm” She obliged, slowly sitting. Harry caressed her warm cheek after placing the thermometer on her armpit “Now wait, I’m gonna bring you some breakfast” “Hmm, I’m not hungry, really” “Jess, I know at moments like this you’re not in the mood of eating a big breakfast, but you need it before taking painkillers, remember?” Jess pouted, trying to convince him not to bring any food. Of course Harry knew that game, she usually did it when wanting to get away with something, and it worked, she knew that extremely well. “Okay, how about drinking the tea I’ve made specially for you and one of those cupcakes we baked yesterday? Not gonna give you any other option anyways” Jess smiled, nodding. Could she ask for a better boyfriend? he was so caring and sweet, her heart would melt of fondness any time. Before he left the room, she blew him a kiss which he caught between his hands and brought to his chest.

Jess ate her breakfast peacefully, waiting for Harry to come back after finding the painkillers. A loud hit was heard, followed by the curly-haired boy lowly cursing. She shook her head, sure he had hit with the doorknob, like he always did, as the clumsy boy he was “Is everything okay Haz?” “Yeah boo, everything’s alright!” He walked to the room rubbing the left side of his hip “Found them. Hasn’t the therm-” he didn’t get to finish the sentence when the high beep of the device cut him “Okay, let’s see… Damn Jess you’re really hot!” his comment was quickly followed by a subtle snickle “What’s so funny?” “You’re-really-hot… get it?” she puffed “Only you, Harry Edward Styles, could make that terrible joke” she tried to fight against the little smile that formed in her face, but the light curvature on the corner of her lips gave her away “I’m just trying to cheer you up, and by that cute smile I can tell I’m succeeding”


Jess’ head rested on top of Harry’s chest, lifting up and down slowly at sync with his calm breathings. Her eyes felt heavier and heavier with every brush of his fingertips on her hair, in his unsuccessful attempt of braiding some locks of it. She could feel the buzz his low vocal chords sent out while humming to the unknown melody which covered the calm silence of the room “Get some rest love, you’ll wake up feeling much better” Those were the last words she heard before falling in a deep sleep.


After three good hours, the characteristic smell of chicken soup slipped through the air Jess breathed in. Her stomach groaned out loud at the scent and she knew Harry was right about his previous last words. The headache had almost gone away and the high temperature disappeared without leaving any print behind.

Jess got out of the four walls she had been in all day and walked to where her boyfriend found. His singing stopped her from getting in the kitchen, hiding behind the doorframe to watch a long-legged boy swinging his hips to the rhythm of ‘All about that bass’. He must had been having a great time because at one point of the song he wiggled his ass, which made her giggle, revealing her spying “Hey boo! I see you much better” “Yeah Haz, thanks for taking care of me” she walked arms wide open to hug him tightly, in an attempt to thank him “It’s nothing, that’s what you’d have done for me anyways” she pecked his cheek, as he fully wrapped his arms around her figure “I have something prepared for you” he took her hand and carried her to the bathroom, where a full warm tub awaited “I figured this would do great for your fully recovery so…” “You didn’t have to, really. This is too much” He put a finger on her lips “Stop saying that, I want you to be as comfortable as possible, and that’s just what I’m doing”

Jess waited for Harry to leave, but he just stared at her without pronouncing a word “Haz?” “Oh yeah… do you want me to help you?” he let out a smirk as he grabbed the hem of her jumper, lifting it teasingly. She picked his hands and placed them behind his back “Why don’t you go and finish what you were doing?” realisation hit him as he shouted “The soup!” before flying out of the room, Jess mumbled a “Dork” and he answered back saying “Heard you!”

After having eaten, the couple ended what was left of the day laying on the sofa, each of them on one end of it, feet touching. Harry ran his fingers all the way through Jess’ sole making her tremble at the sensation “Stop, it tickles!” they began a feet fight, which wasn’t new between them, and, as always, he won.

“By the way, I saw that wiggle game before… you did it quite good” Harry lifted his head from the journal he was writing in, a frown in his face “What?” “In the kitchen, you were dancing  and did it, it was pretty funny” A smirk appeared on his face, sign of an idea crossing his mind “I could teach you but, what would you give me in advance?” Jess gave him a thoughtful stare, before suggesting “I could teach you how to braid properly” Harry smiled nodding, as if he had been hopping she said that “Like that treat. Now c’mere, you’re too far, I want to cuddle” she moved next to him, and let him rest his curly-haired head on her chest, as he nuzzled in search for more contact.

“Thanks for taking care of me today Haz”

“I’ll always will love.”


Using screenshots from his younger form and each of the Go seasons I pieced together Gouenji’s face to see how the overall image changed depending on where you put the pieces. It’s like he totally changed for every makeover he got in Go despite it all taking place in a matter of months…eye shape, overall face shape and skin colour (although this could be due to room lighting at the time).

There was no purpose to this exercise other than I’m a Gouenji obsessive and so I need things to analyse and occupy my time…!!


I love seeing people enjoying my creations!

It makes the long hours of hard work so worth it!

Crazy crochet poncho’s are the new black ;)


Further maths moodboard

I keep seeing load of really autumnal colours on my dash and they’re beautiful but where I live it pretty much just skips from summer to winter so that’s why this looks so miserable. Plus it reflects my mood while I’m doing maths so there’s that. I’m also so sorry that I haven’t posted anything original in a while. I do try to keep my blog active but it’s hard to get my own content up as often as I’d like. I do promise that I will try my best though!!

Hope you’re all well  💕