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                                                        H A P P Y S A N H A D A Y
sanha might not talk that much during interviews but his energy speaks for him. it is unbelievable how much talent he has at such a young age. even in his fantagio audition you can hear stability in his voice - something that some idols don’t have to this day. but despite how mature his vocal ability is, he is still an innocent and pure little child. now that tiny youngest baby is one step closer to adulthood. as his mother, i could not be prouder of who he is. thank you for your cuteness. thank you for your talent. thank you for your sass. thank you for your cracking voice and high-pitched giggle, which i will always carry in my heart. thank you for being born, yoon sanha. ♥

It is so much easier to love someone in a relationship when they are not silent, that’s why it can be suffocating when God goes quiet on us. We question and wonder why he has gone so still, we ask ourselves if we did something to anger him.

The reality is that God communicates in more ways than what we may be used to, learn to reach out beyond your emotions.

Sometimes we have to be stretched, even when we have been broken over and over again. The journey we take is full of loud moments and silent moments, learn to walk in both, for the road is long and there will be many times when we will want to give up.

We must keep moving ever on, for we grow in the process. Even in winter, roots can grow deep. That is why we must keep going forward because spring will come again and we will bloom with the warmth of God’s voice once more. Just hold on, He is making all things new, it just takes time and a willing heart.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

Gryffindors are summer, when it’s the best time of the year to stay outside all day, the cloudless skies, birds chirping and insects buzzing, hanging out with your friends, every refreshing wind blow and the short summer showers, bathing in the river, the adrenaline of doing sports and staying up all night to have parties and fireworks.

Slytherins are autumn, the crisp, but not freezing evenings, the fog that’s lying like a coat over the streets, the leaves that are turning from their usual colour to a flashing yellow and orange, the good smell of the forest after a long, soothing rainfall, being excited for Halloween and going trick-or-treating, even if you’re probably already to old for it.

Ravenclaws are winter, staying in your warm, cozy home, reading alone in front of a crackling fireplace, being wrapped in your favourite blanket, reading a good book and have a warming drink, the aesthetic feeling of making the first steps in fresh snow, the sharp, keen feeling of a cold breeze hitting your skin, the freezing nights with clear skies and sparkling stars.

Hufflepuffs are spring, watching the snow melting away, when the animals wake up from their winter sleep, plants and flowers grow and bloom, being playful, the air smells like earth and new life, the refreshing spring showers that remember you that you’re alive, the bright, warm sunlight tickling your skin after a way too long winter.

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
(It’s so sloppy :/ why am i like this)

The Montmorency tart cherry is pretty much the only sour cherry grown in the U.S. And cherry growers in Michigan know the tree really well. It was brought here from France a couple hundred years ago. “This is older than most people think of as heirloom varieties and it’s our main variety to this day,” says Jim Nugent, a cherry grower in northern Michigan.

The tree is “very cold hardy” in the dead of winter, he says, and grows well in the state. But it is susceptible to damage from spring frost, making it very sensitive to the extreme weather shifts made more likely by climate change. And that made tart cherry growers nervous.

Warmer days in early spring have caused cherry buds to come out earlier on average. That combined with erratic spring weather, especially when it brings severe cold snaps, has already proved disastrous for the crop.

Michigan’s Tart Cherry Orchards Struggle To Cope With Erratic Spring Weather

Photo: Peter Payette/Interlochen Public Radio

I did a sort of mock up of what they are wearing under their capes! Really though the point of the design are the capes and you can wear whatever you like under them. And yes, Viktor’s crown spontaneously grows winter berries. 😂

Both of them are so not appropriately dressed for the weather, but it’s okay bc they’re immortal and not affected.

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Winter the lamb grows up as he bounces in 7 seconds 🐑 😛 Happy 1st birthday Winter! 🎉🎁


I just got a succulent and I don’t know how to take care of it, any tips? 

Succulents (and all plants) need 3 things: sun, water, and nutrients


Most succulents prefer bright sun, and will show their best colours under full sun (at least 8 hours of direct sun a day). However they need to be acclimatized to full sun slowly! And of course, there are others that do okay with less sun and might even burn in harsh direct sun. Generally a few hours of direct sun a day will be enough to keep most succulents alive. 


Most succulents don’t like too much water. You can water them whenever their leaves start to wrinkle, which could take a couple days to a couple months. Some have winter growing cycles and some have summer growing cycles - they need more water when they’re growing.


Most succulents live in nutrient-poor soil with very little organic matter. It’s possible to raise happy plants in pure pumice, or pure water culture. They don’t really need much fertilising and can take care of themselves as long as they have enough sunlight. 

The key is to balance all three so that your plants are happy! Plants use sun, water, and nutrients in proportional amounts. So if your plant gets loads and loads of sun, it may need watering more often, and will be happy in a richer soil. If your plant doesn’t get much sun, then too much water will quickly kill it, while rich soil will cause it to grow a lot, but upwards and with floppy green leaves etiolating). One common issue is plants which get very little light but are planted in very rich soil and overwatered. They etiolate quickly and flop over or fall prey to mealybugs/rot. So it’s important to balance all the conditions according to your climate. 

For me, there’s definitely very hot direct sun for hours a day, but it’s also generally humid and rains everyday. So I pot most succulents in 50%-100% pumice, which helps prevent rot. In a dry sunny climate, they would do better in a richer soil. There isn’t one definite soil mix or watering schedule to suit all plants/gardeners, so do experiment with conditions and see what your plant responds to well :) 

HELP, there are bugs on my plant!!

White fuzz (usually at the joint between leaf and stem, OR on roots): Mealybugs. BAD. Sometimes accompanied/carried over by ants. 

White/yellow/brown/reddish round spots on leafs that can be scraped off: Scale insects. BAD. 

8 Legs, cute face: Spider. GOOD. (Will eat other bugs) 

IF you’ve never changed the soil since you bought it, now might be a good time to do so. Bugs generally have certain preferred conditions (temperature, humidity), so if it suddenly happened, maybe it’s caused by the weather or a sudden change in environment. If it’s scale insects or other insects that attack the plant, definitely get rid of them and change the soil. You can wash them off with water or try white oil (recipe here: ). Good luck!

How do I propagate my succulent? 

My propagation guides are here: 

North Carolina Gothic

you are invited to a party in a wealthy town. everyone there is from the north. yankees live in packs and groups. you do not trust them. they must be planning something.

the deer are in the garden again. the deer are eating something. it is winter, and nothing is growing right now. 

cheerwine is listed as a beverage option at a restaurant. you must order cheerwine. no one has turned down cheerwine since 1963. coincidentally, that was the same month people said the cheerwine looked redder.

you make the mistake of ordering iced tea on a trip out to the western US. you go into anaphylactic shock when you taste that it is not sweet.   

there are forecasts of snow. all the milk and bread is gone. when the snow hits everything stops. everything. stops.

march rolls around. you know what is coming. they know what is coming. the moisture suffocates the weak and drowns the strong. no one is truly safe. 

you smell something terrible. it smells like death. “it’s just the bradford pears”, you whisper. you say it again. you still don’t believe it.

you are choking. you are not surprised. you do nothing. you can not fight pollen. you can do nothing. you are still choking.

101 Things Meat Eaters Say to Vegans
  1. It’s the food chain
  2. Where do you get your protein from, HA?
  3. If we weren’t meant to eat animals then why are they so tasty?
  4. Don’t you know that we’re omnivores?
  5. Lions kill Zebras in the wild
  6. Vegetables have feelings too you know
  7. You kill ants when you walk
  8. Each to their own
  9. It’s natural, so there
  10. Everything in moderation
  11. The animals have to die sometime
  12. Cows will take over the planet if we don’t control them
  13. Jesus ate fish
  14. The Dalai Lama eats animals
  15. You only live once
  16. I knew a vegan once and he was sick
  17. Vegans are extreme
  18. Don’t tell me what to do
  19. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of time
  20. But worms eat our bodies when we die, so why is it OK for them?
  21. It’s the circle of life
  22. Cows are stupid
  23. You can’t save all the animals
  24. You can’t save the world
  25. Where do you get your B12?
  26. You can’t eat plants all day
  27. It’s not murder it’s slaughter
  28. But Bacon!
  29. We can’t digest grass
  30. It’s OK, they were bred for consumption
  31. Soy is genetically modified
  32. There’s not enough room on the planet to produce vegetables for everyone
  33. I’m allergic to Tofu
  34. Where do you get your Omega 3 from?
  35. If you were in the jungle you’d kill an animal to stay alive
  36. We’re predators
  37. What if you killed a pig with your car, then it would be OK to eat it?
  38. We’re animals
  39. It’s great that you’re vegan, but I couldn’t do it.
  40. Chickens won’t survive in the wild, releasing them is cruel
  41. Fish aren’t animals
  42. You’re not vegan! Spiders crawl into your mouth when you sleep
  43. Don’t eat the food’s food
  44. Plants can feel pain
  45. What about all the hungry kids in Africa?
  46. What about all the child slaves in China?
  47. You’re laptop has an ingredient in it that’s bad for the environment and you still use it
  48. Is your belt vegan?, what about your wallet, aha!
  49. We’re doing the animals a favour, nobody wants to be in those conditions
  50. The legal definition of murder does not include animals, so it’s fine
  51. I know you’re right, but I love meat
  52. They would eat you if they could
  53. I will never change
  54. Going vegan doesn’t change anything
  55. Well I only eat very little meat/ cheese/ eggs, none at all really
  56. Foie gras: You can’t taste the cruelty
  57. I know, I know,but you don’t think about that (in response to animal farming conditions)
  58. In a survival situation I would stay alive because I can eat people
  59. It’s wrong for children to throw stones at the ducks, but it’s perfectly fine to shoot them
  60. We bless the animals before we eat them, so we appreciate their death
  61. I’m grateful for the sacrifice the animal made for me
  62. Humane slaughter is OK
  63. It’s evolution man
  64. Meat gave us big brains
  65. What about Eskimos, they’d starve without meat!
  66. Vegans are weak
  67. Vegans are always tired
  68. Vegans fart more
  69. You’ll have weak bones
  70. What do you eat, grass?
  71. Hitler was a vegetarian
  72. You kill vegetables
  73. Why do you love animals but hate people?
  74. Veganism is like religion
  75. Vegans eat rabbit food
  76. Tofu is disgusting
  77. I tried going vegan once but I didn’t feel well
  78. What do you do in the winter when vegetables don’t grow mmmmmm?
  79. I’d rather eat meat and be happy then eat grass and be depressed!
  80. You’re vegan, GREAT more for me, haha
  81. But I don’t want to give up dairy!
  82. The animals are happy in the farms
  83. If you don’t milk the cows they’ll explode
  84. Do you want one? oh I forgot you can’t eat that.
  85. Vegans die as well you know
  86. I couldn’t be vegan I want to taste “EVERYTHING”
  87. I could never give up cheese
  88. I’m totally against animal cruelty (as they eat a steak)
  89. If we let the cows all live they will produce too much methane and poison the atmosphere
  90. Wait, Gorillas are Vegan, I think you made a mistake!
  91. Who would you rather save your sister or a cow?
  92. You can’t build muscle on a vegan diet
  93. Vegans are skinny
  94. Some people HAVE to eat meat, it’s their blood type or something, that’s SCIENCE!
  95. What else are the animals going to do?
  96. It must be so awkward for you when you go out
  97. Raising your kids vegan is child abuse
  98. The animals don’t feel anything, they stun them and then slice their throats, it’s fine
  99. Save animals eat a Vegan, LOL
  100. You need meat for energy
  101. Canine teeth! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to create some fictional (perhaps even fantasy-esque) drugs, but I don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the drugs need to do something good that “hooks” people. No one’s going to keep taking a drug that sends them to the twelfth plane of torment or one that makes them totally colorblind. You can sort most drug effects into four categories:

  • Happy (MDMA, heroin). The user experiences extreme euphoria and contentment. This may be accompanied by feelings of kinship with those around them and diminished anxiety. Users may achieve a transcendental state. It may also reduce inhibitions.
  • High (cocaine, alcohol). Users experience a burst of energy, confidence, and feelings of sexual prowess. Inhibitions are reduced. Users sometimes become more aggressive.
  • Mellow (marijuana). User feels calm and relaxed. Everything feels “taken care of”. Again, may induce transcendental state. The user will also experience mild euphoria and anxiety will diminish.
  • Trippy (LSD, shrooms). Significant alteration of sensory perception. People may see halos around objects or believe solid surfaces are wobbling. Shrooms reportedly increase one’s sensitivity to sound. Time loses meaning. Users lose sense of self.

Theoretically, you could make fantasy drugs for any desirable human emotion, like the feeling of being full, orgasm, confidence, love, and satisfaction.

Secondly, where does the drug come from?

  • Natural. Like shrooms, opium, or cannabis, it must be grown and harvested. Who farms it? Is it illegal to farm? What kind of plant is it? Where does it grow best? 
  • Manufactured. Like MDMA and LSD, it’s made in a lab. Who makes it? What ingredients is it made of? Does an organization control its manufacture?
  • Magic. The drug is actually a spell and someone has to cast it on you.

Related is how the drug gets from the lab/farm to you. Who controls the trade? How far away is it? All of this will affect the price.

Thirdly, how do you take it?

  • Inhaling. Includes methods like smoking, where the drug is rolled into a thin cylinder and placed between the lips; you inhale to feel the effects. Also included are practices like huffing, where you inhale noxious chemicals from a container.
  • Drinking. Self-explanatory. You can also anally imbibe drinks to hasten the effects.
  • Injecting. Put it in a needle and stick it in a blood vessel. The drug goes right into the blood stream.
  • Swallowing. The drug comes in a pill, like ecstasy. You swallow it and digesting it will give you the full effects. You could also eat it, like most psychedelic mushrooms. 
  • Absorbing. The body has several areas where blood vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. Applying the drug to the area will allow it to diffuse into the bloodstream. These areas are: the nose (snorting), the mouth (chewing/dipping tobacco), and the rectum (anally imbibing alcohol). 

Fourthly, what are the side effects? There will be side effects unless your magic or technology is advanced to the point at which you can reverse severe neurological damage. 

  • Mild. Reddened eyes, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hunger, loss of appetite
  • Moderate. Memory loss, insomnia, diarrhea, vertigo, suggestibility, vomiting, hearing loss
  • Severe. Necrosis, muscle rigidity, convulsions, bad trips, physical disfigurement (eg “meth mouth”), psychosis, HPPD
  • Chronic. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dependence on the drug, irritability, fatigue, rage
  • Way down the road. Cancer, emphysema, COPD, heart problems, lung problems, liver problems, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, stroke, high blood pressure

If your drug is fantastical, then it has more variety as to the side effects. For example, it turns green-eyed people into rabbits, slowly turns one’s stomach to stone, causes users to go back in time, and has a 2% chance of exploding your head.

Fifthly, how does the culture view it?

  • Illegal. No one can use it for any reason. In which case, the drugs will be controlled by an illegal group like a gang or cartel. There will be harsh laws against its manufacture and spread. People who don’t take the drug will look down on people who do.
  • Illegal with exceptions. It’s been shown to aid things like concentration or alleviate the symptoms of that disease. People who can use this drug must obtain it from special makers and carry permission with them at all times.
  • Legal with exceptions. Like alcohol and tobacco in the US, you can buy it and use it in most areas. However, you can’t buy it if you’re under a certain age, can’t use it in buildings, and you can get in trouble if you use it at the wrong time (drinking and driving).
  • Legal. Everyone can use it. There are no restricts on when, where, how, or who.
  • Spiritual. The drug is used as part if a religious experience. Only those undergoing such an experience can take it. The drug is a gateway to another world, frees the conscience, or some other esoteric thing.

Finally, how does that affect society? You should consider,

  • How much it costs. Illegality and the amount of time/money it takes to manufacture will affect pricing. It may also vary by the time of year. For example, if it’s natural, then maybe the drug is cheapest immediately after the harvesting season and really expensive during the winter, when it’s impossible to grow. You also need to factor in how people will get the money to buy the drug, such as stealing or prostitution.
  • Support groups. People will get hooked. How can they get off? Family and friends will certainly try their best, as most drugs do not improve your working or home life. Are they the only methods of support or are there rehab organizations as well?
  • Laws and their enforcement. (Don’t look at this is if your drug is totally legal or legal with exceptions.) There will be laws against its use. How are they enforced? Do the laws go after distributers as well as consumers? How are the consumers treated in court - as criminals or as victims? 
  • Who takes it. In our world, most illegal drug users are lower-income. It’s “shocking” when someone of the middle or upper class is addicted to drugs. The lower-class reputation has led to other classes looking down on drug users as poor, filthy, and needy; and on the lower-class as drug-addicted degenerates. If the upper class took it, then perhaps taking the drug would be the cool thing to do and being high/stoned/buzzed would be a status symbol. Only peasants have lucid thoughts; true nobles don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. 
  • Media. The US government banned smoking ads featuring Camel Cigarettes’ mascot, Joe the Camel, in 1997 because he appealed to children and people don’t like their kids lighting up. You don’t see too many cigarette ads in the US anymore. On the other hand, the media glorifies alcohol. Drinking makes you a man. Drinking makes you sexy. Many can’t wait (or don’t wait) to turn 21 and engage in this manly, sexy world of alcohol. So please, please remember that how the drug is presented will affect who consumes it.
🐣🌺🍃 Beltane 🍃🌺🐣

At the beginning of summer there is a Sabbat. This Sabbat is called Beltane. It celebrates the Sun God Bel’s coronation feast and new life. It marks the time when trees, grass, and flowers are coming out of their long, winter hibernation and beginning to grow again. It marks the beginning of summer. Beltane means “Fire of Bel”. Beltane is celebrated the night of April 30 and May 1.

It is a time to celebrate the fertility of Mother Earth. It is about new life, fire, passion, and rebirth. Beltane starts on the night of April 30 with a huge bonfire. Having a bonfire or any type of fire is an important symbol of Beltane because it is one of the four fire festivals. At the bonfire there is a lot of music, dancing, and magic. The fire burns until morning.

In the morning you go out and gather flowers and sticks to decorate your house with. Females also braid flowers in their hair. Men and women decorate their bodies with Beltane symbols. In the morning there is also a maypole ritual where there is more dancing, music, and magic. The maypole is a giant pole placed in the ground with brightly colored ribbons attached. People would each grab a ribbon and dance around the pole. Men going one direction and women going the other. Once the pole has all the ribbons weaved together it symbolizes Mother Earths womb. Then people would go their own ways to build their own altar in honor of the god Bel, the Goddess, the Faes, and Mother Earth.

Later everyone comes back to feast. Types of food that are at the feast are dairy foods, oatmeal cakes/cookies with a little bit of honey for an added sweetness, cereal, fruits, and breads.

Lots of love, Myhiddenworldblog 🦋🐚