winter is coming again i can feel it

BTS reaction to their gf nuzzling them when she‘s cold

anon: How would bts members react to their girlfriend randomly nuzzling her face into his neck because she is cold

It’s sooo cute *-* Omg.. I’ll do it to my bf often if I get one ;; >


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It was like -20°C outside. You go to pick up your bf Jin from practice because you wanted to spend some time with him even if it was so cold. When you two were walking down the streets of Seul, you tightly hug his arm and start nuzzling his neck. He looks at you and start smiling.

“You’re cold Y/N? Me too. So RUN TO HOME! Or we will freeze. I was scared that you will want to walking like this for more time”


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Cold winter night. You and Yoongi were on a walk because why not? But it was only your mind. Suga wanted to go back and take rest after tiring day at work. So when you nuzzled his neck he take it sign to back from this walk.

“Babe. You look really cute but we should go back or you will get cold and I’ll be sleppy tomorrow”


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Hobi know that even -0,5 °C  can make you feeling cold because you are chilly person.He would think that’s the cutest thing on the world. When you start nuzzling him he would laught and hug you tight.

“owhhh. My poor Y/N is cold again. Come here babygirl. I’ll show you how sun of Bangtan can warm up our baby.”


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You hated winter. It’s cold, snowing and again cold in this season. Namjoon knew about it so he make sure that you’re always dressed heat. But if you will looking for some warm in his neck he will take off his scarf and wrapped you with it.

“Ehhh. How many times I have to tell you to dress better for this kind of weather? ehh. My lovely Y/N”


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Jiminnie feeling your cold nose on his neck can get worried that you will get cold and feel sick. He would make sure that you feel warm. Taking your hands and blow on them with his warm breath, lookind deeply in your eyes.

“I don’t want you to get sick. But I love how you are nuzzling and you can make it more often babe”


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Tbh I feel that he would do this more often then you. He just love to hug you, cuddle with you and just feel your smell(?) and JUST YOU. But if you will be cold and poke his neck he would look at you, give you a big kiss and hug you till you can’t take a breath. Happy Tae is sweet boyfriend.

“I’ll give you a kiss and when we’ll be at home I’ll cuddle you for all day long!”


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Freezing. It was what you feel at this time. You was on shooting for new Mv of your bf group. At gut level you started to looking for Jungkook to warm you up. And there he’s~ alone so it’s perfect time. You hug back him and put your face near to his neck. He was surprised and decided to make some jokes. He push you away and say “Girll.. You’re too cold. I’ll get sick. Go away”. You were in shook and don’t know why you wanted to cry. But then he come closer and said that it was just a joke and he doesn’t want to hurt you.

“Come jagii~ Don’t cry. This jacket is enough for two people”

Make the First Swing Count

Joy hefted her father’s axe, swung it in a wide arc over her shoulder and buried it in the maple log. The papery fibers creaked and took the axe in almost completely. She tapped the head with a ball peen hammer, and the log fell apart.

“C’mon now,” her father said. “You shouldn’t need a crutch. Make the first swing count.”

Joy bent to pick up another log and her father cuffed her on the back of the head. She bit her lower lip, eyes watering, and put the log on the stump. Her fingers were numb from the cold.

“Make the first swing count, dammit,” he said. “Unless you want to freeze to death this winter.”

Joy wrapped her numb fingers around the axe handle, pulled it behind her shoulder and struck.

Her father yelped, and the log fell apart.

“There we go!” he said. “One fell swoop. Keep her shoulders firm but your arms loose. That’s my girl.”

Her father took a rag out of his pocket and put it to his face. The stink of starter fluid made Joy’s nose tingle. Her father took two deep breaths and put the rag away.

“All right,” he said. “Couple hundred more swings like that and you can call it a day. Want a puff off the rag?”

Joy shook her head.

“You’ll be fine out here,” said her father. “You’re too far north for them to bother you. And if any of them do make it this far up, you have the Mossberg. Use the MREs to get through the winter, and then put in a garden in the spring. The lake’s only a few hundred yards away, so water will never be an issue. You can fish, and I left you my traps.”

Joy’s knew there were tears running down her face, but she couldn’t feel them on her numb cheeks.

“Hey now – this has to be done. I got tagged when we went through Chicago. I can already feel the change coming. Let’s get this done before you get too tired. You still have a lot of chopping to do.”

Joy’s father again produced the rag. He took four or five ragged breaths, knelt in the mud, and laid his head on the stump.

“I love you,” he said. “Please. Make the first swing count.”

Joy picked up the axe and swallowed the hard ball of snot building in her throat. She pulled the axe to her shoulder.

“That’s my girl,” her father said.

Bts Reaction to Their S/o Having Bad Anxiety!

Mummy Seokjin would strike again with his protective caring nature, making sure to be prepared to help you if you ever started to feel anxious. He would be the type to help you breath by counting with you.

“It is going to be fine y/n. Just breathe with me okay? I promise you will start to feel better soon if you just breathe”

“In 1,2,3…

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Yoongi would be surprisingly calm while comforting you; he would hold you close, stroking your arm in a rhythm so you can try and breathe to it. he would whisper in your ear some calming lyrics from Bts songs to keep your mind off of it.

“Passing by the end of a cold winter, until the spring day comes again. Until flowers bloom, please stay at that place for a bit longer, please stay there.”

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Hoseok would panic every time he had to help you; he would be good at it but cry every time. He would hold your cheeks in the palms of his hands, stroking your temples with his fingertips and making you stare straight into his eyes.

“Just focus on me y/n. You will get through this, we will get through this. You have me and I will always help you.”

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Research. Namjoon would do a bunch of research on ways of how to calm you down so he would be calm and collected. He would sit you on his lap face to face and us all of the techniques that he saw online, breath tracking, distractions, safe place. He would be really helpful.

“Baby, think of your safe place. Our room at home, cuddled in all the blankets watching dramas and cuddling.”

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Poor Jimin would panic and not know what to do at all. He wouldn’t cry like he felt like doing because he wanted to be strong for you so he would just hug you close, stroking your head and whispering how much he loved you into your hair because he didn’t know what else to do.

“How do you still look so beautiful when you cry? I love you so much.”

“You’re strong and you’ll get through this.”

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Taehyung would suddenly become super serious when he realised you were getting anxious. He would try to distract you by humming and talking about your future together once you’re married and how you will live happily ever after while holding you close but leaving you an appropriate amount of space.

“And we’ll have a dog… maybe 4, one for each kid? it would be so cute, don’t you think so y/n?”

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When Jungkook would get a little anxious or upset because of work you would hold him into your chest while he cried and sing to him quietly, even though you didn’t have the best voice it would make him feel better. That was why when he saw you that was the first thing he thought he could do to help you.

“If only I had just one day, I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent”

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A request from an anon! I hope you like it :)

-Aylee <3

Winter Formal

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2009

Request:  Can I write an imagine we’re you are best friends with stiles. And the night of the dance your date runs off with some of his friends completely ignoring you. So when the slow song comes on stiles comes up to you and asks you to dance. And you hold on to him kind of how Lydia did at this scene. And you shed a tear because you secretly like stiles. But don’t know whether or not he feels the same by anonomoose.

Author’s Note: Again, I’m so so sorry it’s taking me so long to spit out requests! They are coming though, don’t you worry! Thank you to the amazing @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me. I hope you guys enjoy this, it’s pretty cute!

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: There is not smut in this, some public friskyness instead. Also, some Jealous!Bucky, sexy dancing and bad writing of it because I can’t dance for shit.

Word Count: 743.

Rating: 18+


Yes, this is based on the song. @thecrownedrose, @sad-af1121 and me decided it was a good idea to write different versions of this and here is mine.

Also tagging @supernatural-girl97, @brokenanxiety and @palaiasaurus64

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close your eyes wake up and it’s approaching spring again and you can hear birds and smell the earth coming back to life and wear diaphanous dresses and stomp through wildflower fields and have picnics and press flowers and watch thunderstorms and walk barefoot and go on night walks and day walks and spend the gloaming on your roof and lie beneath the stars above and sleep with the window open

Creepypasta #1125: 40 Acres Of Woods

Length: Short

I’ve lived in the woods my whole life. 40 acres of property, my family house far back from the road. The very definition of seclusion. The only visitors we ever get are the ones we plan on. Nobody has any reason to come down here. In fact, most never even see our driveway from the road.

Basically, I’ve lived a peaceful life here. A small town, everybody knows everybody else, no crime. A town of unlocked doors, that kind of small town. Of course, however, being in the woods meant we did a lot of hunting. Rather, my mom’s boyfriend is the one who did (and still does) all of the hunting. Because of this, we have cameras set up all throughout the woods so he can see if there’s deer or other wild animals out and about. For years all we did see was wild animals.

Then, a year or so, we caught a strange shape on the cameras. Ron called us all over to see if we could figure out what it was. The lens must have been dirty or something, because the picture was really blurry. All I could make out was a vague, tall, dark shape. Ron thought it looked like a bear on its hind legs. My mom, always the paranoid one, immediately started freaking out and saying it was a man, that was a man.

Of course, Ron and I laughed her off. This camera had been way back deep in the woods, on OUR property, there was no way anybody could be back there. Plus, it was freezing cold out (winter in Michigan). Who the hell would be outside, in the dark, in WINTER? After a bit more joking, my mom finally sighed and accepted she may be a bit paranoid. We all agreed she was, as the cameras came up with only wild animals. Peaceful again.

But of course, you’re reading this. Something happened. About a month later, a man started knocking on our door. Now, to get to our house, in winter, you have to hike down an ice covered driveway. You have to WANT to get to our house. Nobody ever comes door knocking to us.

And yet. Against my mom’s wishes, and all logical thinking, Ron opened the door to reveal a man. He looked rough. Poor. To add to that, he was asking for money. At 9pm, in the freezing cold weather, this man knocked on our door to ask for money. We didn’t give him any, closed the door, and watched him walk away. We were all a bit put off. It’s 9 o'clock, there’s snow, freezing winds and ice. Not exactly weather to go door to door in.

Which brings me to a week after that. On our 40 acres of property, we have many deer blinds and hunting stands, which are only ever checked during season. Well, Ron and I went out to check them. Deep back in the woods, checking the last deer blind, we saw it. The busted off lock. I looked at Ron, but his gaze was focused on the lock. Time seemed to slow as he reached forward and lifted off the lock, opened the latch, and let the door open. He shined a flashlight inside.

The light revealed a dirty mattress, several blankets (again, winter), and crumpled food wrappers along with empty cans. It smelled atrocious inside, and if I wasn’t so used to the smells that you come across finding dead animals, I feel it would have been worse. He swung the flashlight to look at the walls, which had a few dusty pictures on them. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I grabbed Ron’s arm and told him we needed to go. Now.

We latched the door again, and hiked back to the house. Ron called the police, while I walked around the house on a sudden feeling. We had gotten a fresh layer of snow recently. Nobody in my family had recently walked round back of the house, but the snow had footprints in it. Bootprints to be exact, bigger than anyone of us that live here.

He’d been here. Outside of our house for god knows how long. It’s what they don’t tell you about living on a large property. Sure, you get seclusion and privacy, but you can’t keep an eye on everything. You can’t watch every corner. But when the police came back later saying that it seemed the man had fled, you realize. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

Credits to: Vesper_Martini

heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4.810

Warnings: nothing, just fluffy stuff and maybe a tiny bit of smut

A/N: I know, I know, I know … it’s summer in Germany, but I’m such a huge autumn fan, so please don’t hate me that this plays in the autumn … I need something like that to survive the summer :D

Bucky needed, from time to time, time just for himself. He was happy to be back in New York and to be a part of the Avengers. He was happy to know that he was still able to do something good in his life. But even after six months, Steve still acted like a mother hen around him, and so Bucky decided it was time for him to rediscover his old home town.

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Brie and I went to a tall grass prairie today! I used to pass by places like these and see nothing but dead, dry grasses (potential swords for games with my siblings); now I see vestiges waiting to be identified!

As a word alone, vestige means “a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.” A vestige in this context is what’s left of a plant in the winter! If you get up close, you can actually use this handy little guide to start identifying the plants and figure out what they’ll look like once the growing seasons comes around again! It’s difficult to imagine, but prairies like this one can grow well above your head every year, and going through them is like being in a faerie tale land!

It can be tricky to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, the guide feels like a little puzzle you get to solve! I always feel super accomplished whenever I identify something!

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❄️️Winter Starters❄️️

“Don’t track snow through the house!”

“It’s so cold I can’t feel my face.”

“I think my fingers are frostbitten.”

“How are you out here without a coat? You’ll catch your death.”

“Look at all the snow.”

“Why isn’t there any snow? It’s supposed to be winter.”

“Can you turn the heat up?”

“Can you throw another log on the fire?”

“Do you want something hot to drink?

“…I think we’re snowed in…”

“It’s coming down pretty hard out there.”

“Hopefully the temperature doesn’t drop again.”

 “All this rain is going to make the streets a solid sheet of ice if the temperature gets an lower.”

“The snow melts for one day and everything gets covered in mud.”

“I pity whoever is stuck out there.”

“How am I supposed to get home when the snow is up passed my knees?”

“I hate the cold!”

“You complain about the cold, but once summer comes you’ll complain about the heat.”

“I know it’s cold out, but do you really need to make the house a sauna?”

“Go shovel the walk, please.”

“We never get this much snow…”

“All we ever get during winter is rain and mud.”

The Problems With RWBY

Now, before I get down to it, let me make one thing clear; I LOVE THE SHOW. I enjoy its story, its characters, the music, the unique animation, etc. I am not just “mindlessly hating on it”. Constructive criticism is given BECAUSE I love the show and is done in the hopes that Miles and Kerry will read it and improve on it. I do not want to hear fans whining about me pointing out the show’s flaws just because they can’t see them or accept them. If criticism is not given, people will not improve.

OK, with that out of the way, LET’S BEGIN!

The first flaw RWBY faces is also the first rule of writing that it’s broken: Show, Don’t Tell. RWBY tells us a bunch of stuff, but never shows it. The one thing that comes to mind, even as you’re reading this, is the alleged racism against Faunus. We’re never actually shown true racism against Faunus within the show.

No, Cardin and Roman don’t count. Cardin is a jerk to everyone around him regardless of species, and Roman’s just evil. He belittles everybody under him except for Neo. We’ve never seen anyone be racist to Faunus within RWBY. The World of Remnant videos also don’t help, as it’s just telling us about it instead of showing us it.

At this point, we could just as easily say that the Faunus are all prejudiced against Humans, as we’ve seen more of THAT than we have of Humans hating Faunus. We need to see more racism within the show, instead of it being told to us. It needs to be subtle, no over-the-top ridiculous displays, something more real. Say a Human buys some Dust for some Lien and leaves, then a Faunus tries to buy some too. Have the Faunus charged more than the Human was. Show racism, but make it look and feel real. Otherwise, there’s no point in this imaginary hate against Faunus.

Another issue is the “controversial labor forces” that the Schnee Dust Company utilizes. So, when we were shown Weiss’ father and brother, why never bring that up? SHOW, DO NOT TELL. NEVER JUST TELL.

Another issue RWBY faces is its characters. Namely, how they’re handled. I’ll be taking a crack at a few of them, so bear with me. First stop; YANG. She lost her arm to Adam, and I theorized back at the end of V3 that she’d face some difficulties, probably have PTSD. Now, know that not everybody who has a traumatic experience will suffer from PTSD. However, Yang showed signs of it in V4, and to RT’s credit, they did it rather well. My mother, who does suffer from it, commented on it (Yes she watches RWBY too), saying that RT managed to do it right. However, as Yang got her arm on and started training, her PTSD looked like it disappeared and she seemed almost right as rain again.

Now, I’ll give RT the benefit of the doubt and say that Yang may NOT be over her PTSD and may be forcing herself upwards and onwards. My mother certainly thinks so, as she did it when she was younger. The result, however, was that it made things worse for her later on. IF Yang really is pushing herself, we need to see proof of it. Little scenes here and there to show that she hasn’t recovered. Hell, have her see a flash of Ruby’s cloak, make her think it’s Adam, and have her almost attack Ruby. I mean, I’d personally like to see it, but my point is, if Yang still suffers from PTSD, show us. Don’t sweep it under the rug, because you don’t recover from it, you just learn to live with it and try to move on. This is coming from someone who sees it every day with his mother.

Next up: Blake. Hoo boy, what most critics will say is the biggest disappointment in Volume 4. After Beacon’s fall and Yang’s cripplement, Blake seemingly did what she vowed never to do again; ran away. She either did it so Adam wouldn’t target her friends anymore, or because she was scared. Who knows? The issue here is it’s not clear. If she ran away so Adam wouldn’t attack her friends or loved ones, why return to her family? Adam swore to destroy EVERYTHING she loved,and you better believe family is on that list. Did she think Adam wouldn’t know she was on Menagerie, or did she think he wouldn’t target her family? She even hints at this to Sun, saying “This is why I left them all behind” after Sun was hurt. So, why return to her family? HOWEVER, she also told Sun on Chapter 8; “I told you, I’m not here to fight the White Fang, I’m not here to fight anyone. I’m here to rest, to figure things out, and to see my family.”

So, which is it? A character’s reasons for running need to be clear and easily understood, instead of contradictory and confusing.

Another issue everyone seems to have with Blake is her family; namely that her father was the founder and head of the White Fang. While I don’t mind it, and it even clears up just why Blake feels like it’s HER responsibility to stop the White Fang, as well as I just hate the old “Blake’s an orphan” theory, another issue with her family is Ghira himself. So why did NOBODY, not even Ozpin, make mention of Ghira? She shares the same last name as the founder of the White Fang, Belladonna, so why did nobody comment on it? It’s not like the White Fang were created in secret either, Blake herself outright tells us that the organization was formed to bring peace between the two races. You can’t do that in secret, and if Ghira DID hide in the shadows, then that should have been made clear LONG ago!

With Ruby, the problem lies in how little character development she’s gotten. Yes, we’ve seen her change from a shy girl who didn’t want to make friends to someone who DOES, but that’s about it. Outside of crying for Penny, and going Mary Sue on Cinder after Pyrrha died, Ruby hasn’t shown much of a reaction to their deaths. She’s pretty much the same character, albeit with a little less energy and love of weapons as she used to be. She’s the main character, the show’s pronounced after her name, show us how she’s coping. No long letters that honestly aren’t that good (Sorry, but that letter was pretty bad) and no telling us about it. Show us how the death of two friends has affected a 15-16 year old little girl.

With Jaune, it’s how MUCH development he’s getting. Yes, I get it, he’s the Deuteragonist, the second protagonist, the Hero to Ruby’s Heroine. However, at this point he’s becoming more like the traditional main character than Ruby herself is. He’s had the Love Interest (even if he never knew it) who died, he’s the audience surrogate, he was made leader of his own team, we learned that he cheated his way in, etc. etc. Now, I’m not saying that what he’s been through is BAD, but the issue here ties in with Ruby, namely that she hasn’t gotten as much attention or development as Jaune has. I like Jaune. In another story, he WOULD be the Hero. But the show is called RWBY because it revolves around Team RWBY. It’s time they took the spotlight back.

Another issue that the show has is its sense of time. Before it was retconned, Miles and Kerry said early on that Volume 4 took place 6-8 months after Volume 3. They then decided to change it to avoid plotholes. Unfortunately, this just created more plotholes. How long were Blake and Sun on a boat? How long was Weiss cooped up in her room? Yang said she and Taiyang were training for weeks. The only thing that makes sense is RNJR’s journey on foot, as it WOULD take quite a long time to go from one country to another like that. (A minor plothole with THAT is why didn’t they get transportation there, when Oscar did? If the answer is no money, where did they get the extra ammo at the end of Chapter 1 of V4?)

Something I personally have a problem with within the show, though some would argue against it, is the Grimm. We’ve been shown Grimm that wiped out whole villages, Grimm that rule the seas and are huge, and yet students who haven’t even finished their first year were able to kill. The Grimm as a whole are also disappointing. We’ve been told that they wiped out all life on Remnant except for four Kingdoms where life exists, but we’re always seeing them mowed down so easily and quickly that it’s kind of pathetic. The Nuckleavee Grimm, in particular, showcases this problem. This is something that wiped out three villages and could not be defeated, yet RNJR took it out no problem. A better way to resolve it would have been if they had managed to fend it off long enough for the airships to arrive. The Grimm have been getting the Worf Effect pretty badly, and they’re not the scary monsters that we’re told they are. I, at least, want to see more creepy looking Grimm that aren’t defeated on the first encounter with our heroes. Grimm are supposed to be unnatural monsters of darkness, not cannon fodder.

The lack of foreshadowing is also a problem here. We had only one line of dialogue about Ruby’s silver eyes, and that was it. One line, in the very first episode,and it was never touched upon again. Blake’s family was never hinted at, neither was Weiss’ little brother, Whitley. While I understand that some things are meant to be a surprise and kept secret, common things like family need to be at least mentioned. You don’t need to reveal any big secrets about them, just a mention is enough, like Winter in Volume 2. For something as big as Ruby’s silver eye power, foreshadowing is a must have, otherwise it’ll come out of nowhere and feel like a Deus ex Machina.

There are probably many other things I’ve forgotten to add in that I meant to, but I can always address those later, or edit them into this post. These are the biggest flaws though that are dragging RWBY down. I still enjoy the show, and I will keep watching it, but it could always be improved, and there are some things in it that require attention and fixing.

Even Time Song Lyrics

In Filipino class once, our teacher divided us into groups and asked us to write either a reaction paper, poem, or song about a story, any story. Obviously, we were supposed to write it in the Filipino language, but I… didn’t think about that, since our Filipino teacher is also our English teacher, I thought we were in English class. And so my friends and I made a song in English about a story written in English. Good thing our teacher didn’t mind…

For the story… well, being the dedicated YOI fan that I am, I made my friends listen to me read Even Time, a time travel au viktuuri fanfic written by DiAnna44 ( @literallynothingbutvictuuri ). I happened to bring my laptop that day, where I keep a lot of downloaded fanfics. My friends didn’t have any books, ebooks, or anything with them, so I got to choose the story.

And although my two friends are not in the YOI fandom, they really liked Even Time. We made a rough version of the song on that day–with one verse, refrain, and chorus–and presented it the next day.

With a presentation grade secured, we decided to complete the song and polish it. I wrote the lyrics, while my friends Anne and Najeeb made the composition. Anne made the guitar arrangement.  After some time, @the-average-potatoe offered to make a flute arrangement for it. I’m also having another one of my friends (still not in the YOI fandom) make a piano arrangement for it.

Below are the lyrics of the song. Najeeb will sing to Yuuri’s POV while Anne will be singing to Viktor’s POV. As for Time’s POV (choruses), I am planning to make either Anne and Najeeb sing together during the chorus or my pianist friend Camille sing to it alone.

(Yuuri’s POV) 
Verse 1:
I wonder why you keep avoiding me whenever I’m near you.
Maybe I somehow hurt you. If so, I did not mean to.
What’s troubling you, my love? Oh please, tell me now.
Don’t just walk away without a sound.

Refrain 1:
But you are gone when I wake up
I really wanna call you but I know you wouldn’t like that.
I never thought I’d lose you, yet you’re going your own way.

[ ∞ ]
Chorus 1:
Time goes back to before their hearts all break.
The world decided that their love just can’t be fake.
They’re given one more chance.
Maybe they can love again,
Like in winters past…
The seasons watch and wait
And Time hopes it’s not too late.

Verse 2:
(Yuuri’s POV)
I wonder why you keep avoiding me whenever I’m near you.
Maybe I somehow hurt you. If so, I did not mean to.
(Viktor’s POV)
Sorry for how I am and I did not mean to hurt you.
But life has been hard, and I feel like crying every time.
I need to go, but just know that I… (Viktor and Yuuri) I still love you so….

Refrain 2:
(Yuuri’s POV)
It’s okay, but please promise me,
You’ll say goodbye to me when it’s time for you to go.
And you’ll come back to me. No matter when, I can wait.

[ ∞ ]
Chorus 2:
Years pass by and the two are still apart.
Love needs no rush when it’s truly from the heart.
They’ll find each other
And they can love again,
Like in winters past…
The seasons wish them well,
‘cause even Time’s in love with them.

What do you call this thing after the chorus that concludes the song:

(Yuuri’s and Viktor’s POVs)
We’ll be back in…
each other’s arms.
No more crying.
No more tears.

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A welcome home Bughead drabble from me to you. I

Hi guys! Just wanting to say hi now that I’m home. I missed you all!

Warnings: Angst-trash and the slightest reference of depression.


Just breathe and let go.

I hold on tighter.

Breathe; just breathe and let go. He told me to. He was teaching me to.

I can’t.

He seemed to be the only light on in the room. He walks in so slowly, palms facing me as if to say he’s unarmed. He always walked in so warily and brought in with him a sense of peace and ease. I want to stand up and snatch him, pulling into me all that sense of peace and ease. I wanted to revel in it, engulf the ease he bought with him. I wanted to drink it; drink him.  I wanted him. I think I need him.

He was so light. Like Winter-chill easing into Autumn-leaves and orange tinted grey pavements. His touch was always reassuring and as if he fitted right into my burning frustration; he covered it like a safety blanket. The burning was out in an instant when he was safety enveloping me; swallowing me whole.

Speaking of burning. The burning had started again, the flames started licking me from the inside, all gasoline and matches – dynamite tick, tick, ticking. The flames were coming from all directions at me from the outside, now. I can feel them digging into my palms in the form of my sharp nails.

My head was starting to feel like it was entrapped in a vice. I had almost trained myself to ignore the constant throbbing but the stress I was dealing with at the moment was the vice tightening and there was only one place that could hold it at bay.


I was supposed to be perfect. As-pretty-as-a-picture sort of perfect. Dark-rimmed-eyes-and-pink-lips sort of perfect. Tighten my ponytail, let lace dance on me, I am satin in rough hands. Mom had taught me that I needed to be perfect and I needed to work hard because no one was going to serve me the world on a silver platter in the end.

But selfishly, I think that might be how it was turning out and everything was at my very finger tips because Jughead fit seamlessly into my world and gave me everything I wanted and Jughead was home. He was my home. My silver platter never shone as brightly in any other hands other than Jughead’s.

He was standing here, in my room; hands out and waiting for me, as they had been for the last two days, the arms I could barely bring myself to embrace.

It was so dark here – in my mind. I was shutting down and I didn’t know what to do. Shut down; go on, shut down, it’s too hard.  The only thing I knew how to do was to shut down, so piece by piece, I shut down a little more and Jughead was here to just be here. He brought me coffee, he read me out his latest works, he laughed about Archie and V and how they’re not in a relationship. He was just here and he didn’t stop anything to try and accommodate poor old Betty Cooper. He was the normalcy I forever crave.

He sits down on the edge of my bed and I don’t think we’ve spoken properly since I shut down. Once upon a time, he gave up the chance to be part of his own family just to try and fit in a little oddly in my stupid one and now everything that I had ever dreamed of was going to begin in a different city even if I was there or not.

My mom and dad are at a war with each other even though Polly hasn’t been pregnant in over a year. I don’t think they’d ever stop being at war with each other – I don’t remember when they were ever not at war with each other.

Go and see the world, go and be what you want to be. That was supposed to be my mantra but my world is in the room with me and what I want to be? I just want to be normal. Go and see the world, go and be what you want to be. Go and see the world…

I can barely pry my eyes away from my hands. I want to look up at him, tell him I’m sorry and that I just want to sit in here and watch all his favourite movies. But I can’t look up, I can’t meet his eyes. I know he’s sunkissed, I can smell it on his jacket that smells like the sun and menthols. I just want to lie with him and talk about crap. I just want him.

“Betty,” he says gently. “It’s not healthy sitting in here all day, you need your daily dose of vitamin D. Though not too much as you don’t want to get sunburnt.”

His attempts at humour always throws me and I laugh a little before letting my hands free and stretching them out, cracking my knuckles against my thighs. “I’ll crack a window,” I reply weakly.

“Ah, I don’t want to be rude or anything but it’s getting really stale in here and I think that your mom coming in to light candles,” he says pointing to my dresser. “Is sort of her way of saying it without having to say it.”

I roll my eyes and sure enough, there were several candles burning in the corner that I hadn’t noticed before. Mom would have snuck in at some point to check on me and to make sure I hadn’t done anything stupid, while I was asleep. “That has to be the nicest way anyone has ever told me that I smell, Jughead Jones.”

“People tell you that often?” he says chuckling but I see his hands are a little shaky as they reach out for mine, I let up and slowly meet his hands with mine.

He folds my hands over and looks at my palms, four small marks on each palm, the red a little brighter than the last time I had looked at them. I try to look away from him, I feel my cheeks turning red just like my palms. “I…” I don’t finish.

“Don’t say anything, it’s ok, just breathe,” he tells me.

“I don’t think I can,” I mutter, feeling the pressure building in my chest.

“If you’re talking, then you can. Come on, in and out.” he says, his own chest rising and falling and I try to match my breaths with his. His eyes seem dark-rimmed and blue-bright. His small smile is comforting and safe but his concern is dripping and oozing all over the carpet of my room, leaching into me. Spreading like a drop of ruby-red blood in a pool of water.

I keep going, in and out, our chests rising and falling in unison, his thumbs running over my palms. I felt sick. How many times had we gone through this routine? Where I would be out of action and he would be the only one willing to get me up and running again. His thumbs smoothing over these stupid, tiny, painful injuries. Where at the time, the release felt so damn good but made me resent myself a little more. Mom was so good at keeping up appearances but I can tell the signs, she’s just as broken as I am but she’s so good with make up and I think a little bit of the way she can recreate perfection on her face has leaked into her being.

Jughead was here, just like he always was, never pushing me but always prompting me. Sometimes it was the little things like reminding me I had to brush my teeth and sometimes, it was the big things.

Like telling me to let go when I have a grip on my own hands or nails digging into my thighs.

I take my last deep breath and he lets go of my hands, reaching up to move my hair out of my face. “I love you,” I say with a sigh. Our love was abundant. Our love sometimes felt smothering and it’s unnatural how something can keep moving so seamlessly – like the flow of controlling your own body and he was one half and I, the other, inferior half. It was staggering and swallowing – I’m swallowed whole.

He tilts his head, biting his lower lip and I know he can see that my eyes are barely meeting his. “Do you want to talk about it?” he licks his dry lips and sighs loudly, running a hand through messy, three-day-old washed hair.

I shake my head furiously and move closer to him on my bed, our knees touching and I just lean straight forward, my forehead hitting his chest. He wraps me up in his arms and rests his chin on my head. We are still both breathing, in and out, in and out: my new mantra. I keep my bravery in my head that is nestled against him.

He smells like tobacco and cheap deodorant but that smell has always been so comforting, I struggle to remember a day where my own body hasn’t been laced with that smell, his denim jacket is hard and ruggard against my face but I take this as a good omen because I know I haven’t been able to feel anything in days.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumble against him. I don’t know if he heard me or not with my mouth muffled against his jacket but he exhales loudly and I think he heard me.

“Archie wants us to go over next door so he can see you. And it took a hell of a lot of man-handling to not let Ronnie through the door, she all but kicked the door in when I came up here.”

I laugh silently but I manage a smile. “You man-handled V?” I ask. Veronica was sharp and stinging like whiplash. Jughead was calm words and calmer movements.

He scoffs. “Oh yeah,” he says laughing. “Or maybe she man-handled me.”

“That sounds more like it,” I reply. “I can’t imagine you surviving a fight with Veronica and living to tell the tale.”

“What if I replaced Veronica with Archie and I did win the fight, is that a better tale?” he asks, moving away from me to place his hand under my chin and tilting me to meet him.

“I must admit,” I say quietly, “That would be a more believable tale, Mister Jones.”

He forces me to meet his eyes and I do, all deep blue and icy. I had tried to promise myself that I wouldn’t cry but I didn’t keep it. I feel a tear spill out and Jughead puts his lips to mine, running his tongue across my lips, pulling away and then placing a tender kiss on my forehead. “Stop crying,” he says in a whisper. “Angels don’t suit crying.”

He wipes the tear away with the pad of his thumb and wipes it on his jeans. “I don’t feel like and angel, Jug. I feel old.”

“If you don’t feel it, don’t be it.”

“I feel old, I feel my body is weak and my mind is weaker,” I tell him honestly.

He frowns and holds my hands tighter, I think he’s keeping my hands hostage as he’s not sure what they’d do. I don’t even know what they’d do. “Don’t force yourself to be strong, you don’t need to prove that to anyone,” he says, turning my hands over again to look at my palms. “You don’t need to prove it to yourself, either, Betty.”

I feel his glare on my palms, “Don’t look at them, I hate them. I bet you hate them too.”

Jughead groans and pulls me in tighter. “There is not a moment in time – ever – in which I would hate any part of you, Betty.”

A bit of courage grows in me and I reach up to Jughead’s beanie, pulling it off slowly and placing it in the bed between us, I close the barrier in between and I reach up to grab either side of his face, pulling him down to kiss him on the lips, my hands moving down his neck and my nails tracing patterns on him. “I love you so much, do you understand?” I ask him.

“Of course I do,” he replies.

My dimples cut deep into my cheeks and I blush red-pink, feeling hotter as the burn kisses them as well. His kisses again almost illuminate this stagnant night, it almost brightens the room – lifting the heavy. This day was painful inside me, I made this day even tougher for the guy who hates the first week of October every year.

I sigh, kissing him on either cheek and then again on the lips. “I’m sorry. And Happy eighteenth Birthday, Juggie.”

Falcon Vision

Words: 1107
Pairing: Dean x Reader (friendship or romance? read to find out!)
Warnings: None, I guess
A/N: for Lau’s Funny Quote Writing Challenge :D
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“Oh, come on Dean! Jesus Christ, since when are you such a prude?” You whine, sitting on your bed. “I’ve been talking about this convention since forever, you know damn well I wanna go.”

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i promised @thinktankgoldfish fluff at midnight a few nights ago so here’s another attempt xD

You’d wake up and feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach, your hands were fidgeting, grasping for anything within reach whenever he was near. Tobirama was the only person who made you feel this way. You’d go to sleep, feeling as if you slept on a cloud, Tobirama’s presence so close to your own. 

It’s winter now, and your gloves “weren’t keeping you warm enough”. Tobirama sighs; it’s one of those sighs were you know he’s not mad, not irritated, not annoyed. He’s amused. “Come here,” He says. “I’ll warm you up.” His smirk gives you those butterflies again.

He holds you close, and you can hear his heart beat. It’s in tempo with your own, slightly sped up with you so close. 

It’s a chilly spring morning, and you and Tobirama had just woken up. He hasn’t had time to get himself properly dressed. His hair, if it wasn’t already, is sticking up in all sorts of directions. One part is pressed down completely and directly above it is a bunch of hairs completely horizontal. “G’mornin’…” His voice is drowsy, that perfect “Just woke up” tone. His shirt is ruffled, his eyes still tired as his eyes gaze into yours. You feel the butterflies once more.

That morning, coffee had never tasted better.

It’s a warm, humid summer day and you’re simply relaxing at home. Tobirama comes home, he’s soaked from the heat. “I’m never going outside again,” He swears, storming to the shower. He leaves the door open a bit, you listen. You hear his soft hums as he’s cooling down. His hums stop, but the water is still going. “I know you’re there,” He starts, “Why don’t you join me?” You do. You feel those butterflies again as you eagerly join.

He held you close to him, his hands examining. It’s hot and humid, but this is so much more enjoyable.

It’s a gorgeous autumn day. The leafs are turning orange and red. Some turn yellow. It’s the perfect temperature. You’re walking hand in hand with him, the occasional wintry breeze sending small chills down your back, goosebumps across your skin. You look up to find several the turned leafs had fallen into Tobirama’s hair. He had no clue. You let out a small giggle. Tobirama’s red eyes look at yours. You’re content, you’re happy. 

He is your King, and you are his Queen.

a flame in the dark to follow

Summary: For it’s the people who make the city, and if there’s anything Adrien’s always known about Ladybug, it’s that she loves Paris. Loves it enough to don that suit that makes her so iconic, makes her so easy to look up to, and makes her fling herself into the face of danger so others don’t need to.

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Ladrien

AN: Happy birthday to @miraculousturtle! And a good excuse to finally write some Ladrien. Happy reading!
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When Adrien finally arrives on scene, he is two hours late and bitterly kicking the fact that he has to fight his way through hoards of tourists rather than the akuma he should be helping Ladybug with.

Alya’s blog has already told him that Ladybug’s first Lucky Charm hadn’t worked; that The Deliverer’s envelopes swallow people whole, leaving only their terrified voices screaming out from the flaps; and that he is late.

He ducks into a small, empty shop and spots the small supply closet tucked away in the corner. The sudden quiet in the dead space rings eerily in his ears compared to the screams outside.

The handle of the supply closet jams but Adrien heaves and shoves his way through. The moment right before the door closes behind him, the unmistakable sweep of sparkling light envelops another figure before they are both swallowed by cold darkness.

Adrenaline rings in his ears and impatience itches fiercely across his skin, but the silence muffles both sensations, leaving a wary hesitance.

Light flares out from his phone and in his fumbling, it flashes over Ladybug’s face.

Ladybug’s unmasked face.

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Recollection: A PHOBIA Companion Series
Flashback Three


Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~430

Summary: A simple trust exercise leads to a sweet confession. This confession reaps some… dark consequences. 

Warnings: Fluff until the end

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It’s been a couple of weeks now, and Karpov has barely spared us a second glance. Even now, we’re completely alone.

“Alright, Kitten, can you see?”

She shakes her head, pressing her fingers to the sides of the blindfold I’ve secured over her eyes.

“What are we doing, Winter?”

“I told you already.”

“Well, tell me again because this feels unnecessary.”

“It’s a simple trust exercise. I’m going to stand against the wall somewhere in this room. All you have to do is follow me.”

I take a few steps back from her.

“ Зима…”

“Come on, Котенок, just follow my voice.”


“I won’t let you get hurt. Don’t you trust me?”

She reaches to touch the blindfold again, adjusting it slightly, “Of course.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

She giggles, bouncing on her heels before taking her first step. Her bare feet make the softest sounds as she slowly crosses the room to me.

“You’re almost to me, Kitten. Just keep going.”

I’m careful to keep my steps as gentle as possible. She can’t know I’m only a few feet in front of her, ready to reach out and catch her if I even think she might fall.

My back hits the wall in the moment before her chest collides with mine.

“See?” I say as she take my face between her hands, “Nothing to worry about.”

I lean into her touch, relishing the soft feeling of her skin against mine. My hands rest on her hips as I hold her close to me. I should push her away. I know what kind of danger this closeness puts us in, but she’s so warm. In the end, I pull her closer.

I reach up, lifting the blindfold from her eyes. She blinks a couple of times as her eyes adjust to the light in the room. She smiles, her hands moving down to my chest.

“I love you.” she whispers.

At first, I can’t think of anything to say. I can only wonder how someone so sweet, so pure, so innocent, can love me. She knows the things I’ve done. She knows the pain I’ve caused yet she stands by me. 

Her lips dance just inches from mine, her breath warm against my skin. I tuck a loose lock of hair behind her ear, the words I so desperately wish to say dancing on my tongue.

The door is yanked open. Soldiers pour in.

“Get her out of here!” Karpov shouts.

“No!” she shouts, fisting her hands around my shirt as a singular soldier grabs her around the waist.


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Spring Day Spell

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This spell is inspired by a k-pop song, Spring Day by BTS. Both the lyrics and the music video tell a story. This is a spell to aid with moving on, especially with death (not necessarily the death of a person, it can be a symbolic death as both are addressed in interpretations of the music video).


  • Flower petals
  • Something to represent snow. Cotton balls, ripped up pieces of paper, get creative with it.
  • Something to symbolize a pair of shoes. This can be an actual pair of shoes, or a drawing, or whatever. This will be burned so keep that in mind.
  • If not a pair of shoes, something to symbolize what you want to move on from. I chose a pair of shoes because of the music video but if you have something more personal, go for it! An old picture, something that reminds you of the thing you want to move on from, etc.
  • A fireproof container/area to burn the thing in
  • The song (optional but I think it would be really helpful)


  1. Think about the thing holding you back, the thing you want to move on from. It can be someone’s death, or a life transition, or anything similar. Focus on this for a while, gather up your energy.
  2. Focus on the words “how much longer do I have to wait? How many more nights do I have to stay up?” You can say this out loud if it helps but really focus on how this thing has been holding you back/how you’ve been unable to move on.
  3. Sprinkle the ‘snow’ where you’re doing the spell, then place your shoes/symbolic blockage on top of it and think or say, “It’s only winter here, how much longing has to fall like snow for spring days to come?”
  4. Hold your ‘shoes’ in your hands and focus on letting go and moving on. Say or think “the morning will come again, because no darkness, no season can last forever”.
  5. Take your symbolic shoes and burn them, melting away the ‘snow’. (In reality you can just gather the snow to one side, just clear the space) Take your flower petals and rain them down over the work area, and say, “Cherry blossoms are blooming, the winter is ending” as many times as you feel you need to.

Translated lyrics are in the directions in bold, I highly recommend listening to the song because at least for me, it really sets the mood.