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House Stark of Winterfell is an ancient and principle noble house of the north descended from Bran the Builder.The Starks were the kings of the North for eight thousand years,since the Age of Heroes.Ever since Bran constructed the Wall,the Starks have been friends of the Night’s Watch, and have manned the Wall for thousands of years.Their sigil is a grey direwolf racing across a field of white,and their words are “Winter is Coming

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Criminal Minds AU Episode 9: Winter is Coming

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Part 9

“Really, Agents, I can’t thank you enough for everything,” Tiffany said yet again back at the precinct the next morning. The team had been preparing to head back home, and she was fortunate that she had been able to catch them in order to thank them properly.

“Just doing our job,” Rossi said, shaking her hand. “Hopefully you’ll be able to continue to do yours.”

Tiffany’s smile faltered slightly. “I might be taking a bit of a break for a while,” she replied. “I’ve already cancelled the rest of this book tour.”

“What? Why?” Allyson asked, temporarily forgetting her professionalism.

“It’s been nonstop chaos for the past six years,” Tiffany said. “And while I do love the fans and their devotion and enthusiasm for the series, I think I need a nice, long break away from all of this for a while.”

“I can relate there,” Rossi said with a smile. “But I wouldn’t worry. You’re young and you’ve already established so much in such a short time. I have a feeling you have a very promising future ahead of you.”

Tiffany smiled. “Thank you, Agent Rossi.” She turned to the others behind him. “Thank you to all of you. For everything.”

“Happy to help, Ms. Heartings,” Hotch said, shaking her hand as well. The rest of the team nodded and waved goodbye to her as they headed out the door.

“Agent Reid?”

Allyson turned at the sound of her name and slowly approached the author. She’d finally got around to asking her for an autograph earlier, but the more she thought about it, the more inappropriate it had seemed, especially in light of everything that had happened. Tiffany waited until the rest of the team was out of earshot before surprising Allyson by reaching forward and wrapping her arms around the agent.

“I wanted to thank you personally,” she said, and Allyson was surprised to hear her voice choked with emotion. “Agent Hotchner said you were the one who made the connection to my books and you were the one who figured it all out. I owe you my life.”

Allyson patted the young author on the back. “Ms. Heartings, you owe me nothing,” she said with a smile. “Except maybe a promise that you’ll bring Dani and her adventures back to us sometime in the future. After you take a well-deserved vacation, of course.”

Tiffany laughed. “You know, I said this was the last book in the series. But it’s only been three days and I already miss her.”

“Well, I know I definitely wouldn’t be disappointed for another book,” Allyson said. “Neither would our technical analyst. Or my brother. Or…Agent Rossi, maybe?” she added with a laugh.

Tiffany paused a moment before reaching into her bag and pulling out a stack of papers, holding it out to Allyson. “This is my original manuscript for a prequel to the series,” she said. “My publisher has been on my ass about whether or not I’m serious about putting it out there, but I don’t care about what my publisher does or doesn’t want. I care about what the fans want.”

Allyson’s eyes widened slightly. “Wait. Are you saying—”

But Tiffany placed the manuscript in her hands, scribbling something on the bottom corner of the title page. “I would love to hear your feedback on it.”

Allyson stammered slightly, not really sure if there were words in her extensive vocabulary (and maybe not even in her brother’s) to express how grateful she felt about this. Instead, she merely looked up at Tiffany and nodded, turning her head slightly so that her hair could hide the fact that her cheeks were most likely flushed at this point.

“Take care, Agent Reid,” Tiffany said, holding out her hand.

“You as well, Ms. Heartings,” Allyson replied, shaking it.

“Call me Tiffany,” the author added with a wink as she headed towards the exit of the station.


The jet ride home was a short one, and Allyson wasted no time in curling up in the back of the plane, opening to the middle of Fallen Angel and trying to get as much of it read before Spencer had a chance to give her any more spoilers. She kept the manuscript hidden in her bag with the intention of reading it in its entirety before informing her brother about it. That one’s first viewing was for eyes only.

Several minutes later, however, she heard another figure encroaching on her space, and she had to exercise everything in her to not get mad at whomever it was for disturbing her when she couldn’t have made it plainer that she wanted to be left alone. However, that anger instantly quelled as she looked up to see that Agent Rossi had taken the seat opposite of her. The two of them hadn’t really had a chance to talk since the whole incident with Madison, and it was now that Allyson realized she had so many questions for him.

“So,” Rossi began, swirling around his glass of scotch as he gestured to the book in her hands. “How is it stacking up to the others so far?”

Allyson shrugged. “Hard to say. I mean, nothing can top the first one. But, this one is definitely heavier. A lot heavier.”

“I could tell she was going that route about halfway through Guardian Angel,” Rossi said. “I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the whole ‘impending apocalypse’ vibe she was going for, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued. Especially considering the fact that your brother mentioned this one takes place in Purgatory.”

Allyson scoffed slightly, still a bit salty that Spencer had learned something about her favorite series before she had (again, he wasn’t touching the new manuscript until she finished it). But that was forgotten as she found herself saying, “I never would have pegged you for the paranormal fantasy type.”

Rossi shrugged. “What? I spend the better part of my life chasing down real life monsters. It should make perfect sense that I’d want to read about the fictional ones too. Who knows? Maybe my next book will have a bit of a supernatural aspect to it.”

Allyson laughed. “I think your books are scary enough without that.” She paused slightly, feeling a lump in her throat as she thought back to the showdown with Madison. “It’s lucky you did read them though. I don’t think any of us could have talked Madison down like you did.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Rossi said, taking a sip of his scotch. “You seemed more in touch with this case from the get-go. I was telling Hotch that I was impressed, which isn’t something that I feel very often.”

Allyson flushed briefly at the compliment, but her eyes fell as she thought back to the Poe case several months before. “I can understand the matter of the cases, sure. But I’m learning quickly that I don’t always understand what’s going on inside an unsub’s mind.” She swallowed, closing the book and laying it in her lap. “A couple months ago, we had a case a lot like this. An unsub who had been told his entire life that he was weird and he was crazy. And I tried to tap into that. I tried to appeal to him in a way that he would understand. I even sympathized with him. But it did no good. We had to put him down.”

Rossi shook his head. “That doesn’t mean you failed. Honestly, if we were able to reason with every one of our unsub’s, then our job would be a hell of a lot easier. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can’t help everyone. And there is nothing wrong with that, Agent Reid.”

A small smile flashed across Allyson’s face as she looked up at him. “I’m just glad that Madison will be getting the help she needs,” she said softly. “I know that she did kill people, but it wasn’t because she was a bad person. She was just confused and lost in a world that doesn’t fully understand her.”

She stopped as she felt the corners of her eyes stinging. The more they had touched on Madison’s condition, the more she found herself thinking about her mother. She remembered kids in school saying awful things, calling her mother “crazy,” telling her that she was going to go crazy one day too. She remembered the earlier days, before she fully understood her mother’s condition, when she would lock herself in her room, tears spilling down her cheeks, hands over her ears, listening to her mother shout awful, horrible things. In fact, if Spencer hadn’t been there to explain things to her at such a young age, she doubted she would have ever gotten through it.

Rossi suddenly paused and peered at her as if seeing her for the first time. “I think I do remember you,” he said as Allyson looked back up, her eyes now dry as she cleared her head of those unpleasant thoughts. “Yale, 1999. You came up to me afterwards, didn’t you?”

Allyson nodded. “I was curious about your thoughts on how a person’s background ultimately predicts the kind of person they were going to grow into.”

“Yeah,” Rossi said, surveying her. “Your insight was impeccable. I remember thinking when you left ‘This girl definitely has potential.’”

Once again, Allyson had to hide her blushing cheeks. “Probably good that you hadn’t met my brother first.”

Rossi glanced behind him where Reid was busy playing cards with Prentiss, JJ, and Morgan, a smile on his face as he turned back to Allyson. “Even if I had, my opinion wouldn’t have changed. You both have plenty of potential.”

“Well, I’ll drink to that,” Allyson said. “Figuratively, of course.” Rossi smirked, raising his glass to her.

He got up from his seat and turned to head back over to Hotch, pausing briefly. “Do me a favor,” he said. “Float that book my way when you’re done with it, would you?”

Allyson smiled. “You got it.”

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. -Buddha

-End of Episode 9-


The Kurdish calendar, the months and their meaning: note that the Kurdish calendar and year starts in spring:

1. Xakelêwe | Axlêve | Avrêl - also called Cejnan

Xakelêwe is the first month of the year/spring and is 31 days long. The month falls in between March 20-21 to April 20 according to the Gregorian calendar. Several annual agricultural ceremonies take place during this month. The name Xakelêwe/Axlêve mean “the month when the earth thaws”, as snow and ice start to melt and spring is soon to come. This also explains the name Avrêl. From Av (water) and Rêl (vegetation), the snow in the mountains start to melt, giving water to the vegetation which makes the vegetation to grow again.

The month is also called Cejnan because Kurds celebrate the arrival of spring and also Newroz, the Kurdish/Iranian New Year during this month. Cejn means feast/festival/holiday in Kurdish.

2. Gulan

Gulan is the second month of the year and is 31 days long and lasts between April 20 to May 21 according to the Gregorian calendar. The name derives from the word ‘gul’, which means flower or rose in Kurdish. During this month, colorful flowers color the mountains and landscape of Kurdistan. The Kurdish nomads begin their annual movements.

3. Cozerdan | Zerdan

Co/ceh means rye (read: grain) in Kurdish. Zerdan comes from the word zerd/zer meaning yellow. During this month the croplands shifts it’s colors and the seeds turn to yellow which makes the landscape look like a huge yellow carpet. Signaling that it’s time for harvest soon. Wheat (Genim) and Rye (Co) are among the most common grain and a large part of agriculture in Kurdistan. Cozerdan is 31 days long and falls between May 21 to June 22.

4. Pûşper | Puşper

The fourth month of the Kurdish calendar is called Pûşper and is 31 days long. Pûşper is the hottest month of the year and lasts from June 21 to July 22. The dry air and warm days dry up many natural greens and harvests which gave the month it’s name. Pûş is grass when it becomes dry, yellow and light as a 'per’ (feather) -> Pûşper. The agriculture communities starts cutting their harvest for the year.

5. Gelawêj | Gilavêj | Tîrmê/Tîrmeh

The fifth month is called Gelawêj. The month is 31 days long and lasts from July 23 to August 23. The name comes from the star Gelawêj (English: Sirius) that shines over the Kurdistan night sky during this month. The star is also a sign that from now on the nights will get cooler. Gelawêj is a common name for girls. The month can also be called Tîrmeh - meaning 'month of Tîr’. Tîr is another Kurdish name for the star Sirius.

6. Xermanan | Pale | Xuweşan

Xerman is a word related to harvest 'season’ in Kurdish. The collected harvest when gathered in piles is called 'xerman’. Pale means “farm worker”. The month is 31 days long, lasting from August 23 to September 23. The agricultural communities collects the cut harvest and brings it to the villages and towns to sell it.

7. Rezber | Baran/Waran

Rezber, “the month when 'trees’ bear fruit”. In some areas of Kurdistan “rez” means grape tree and in this case the month is named “the month when grapes is ripening”. Many different fruits find their way to the markets during this month and the leaves are slowly turning orange and yellow. The fall celebrations is also in this month and the sheep in the farms mate. Rezber is 30 days long and falls between September 23 to October 24. A rain season begins in Kurdistan during this period and that’s also why the month is called 'baran’ or 'waran’, meaning rain in Kurdish.

8. Gelarêzan | Xêzan | Xezelwer

Gela means “leaf” (read: trees) in Kurdish. Gela-rêzan means “the month of fallen leaves”. Xêzan, which is another name for the month, is 30 days long and lasts from October 24 to November 22. Winter is coming.

9. Sermawez | Saran | Mijdar

This month is named after the word 'serma’ or 'sar’ which means cool/cold in Kurdish. The weather in Kurdistan gets much colder during this month. Followers of the ancient Kurdish religion Kakeyî celebrates a holy day, Rojî Xawînkar, on the 9th of Sermawez. The month is 30 days long and falls between November 22 to December 22. The month is also called Mijdar from the word 'Mij’, meaning fog/mist - 'month of mist’.

10. Befranbar | Befran

Berfranbar means “the month of snowfall” and is the first month of the winter. Befr means snow in Kurdish. The month begins with the longest night of the year, the night some Kurds [and other Iranian peoples] celebrate 'Night of Yalda’. In the past, people spent those cold and dark nights during this month indoors. During Befranbar it was common for people to gathered with the family by the fireplace and tell stories of Kurdish tales and legends late into the night. The month is 30 days and lasts between December 22 to January 20.

- Snow in Kurdish: Befr, Wefr, Berf, Werf, Bewr, Vewre, Vewri, Vowri, Vor

- 'Night of Yalda’ is also called şewî zistan/zimsan, şeva zivistanê, şeva çile, şewî yelda in Kurdish.

11. Rêbendan | Bendan

Rê or rêga means road/path in Kurdish and 'bendan’ refers to the word bend, “to tie” (read: block). Heavy snowfall makes the roads in remote areas to be blocked by heavy snowfall and that’s how the month got it’s name: rê-bendan. The month is 30 days long and lasts from January 20 to February 19, Gregorian calendar.

12. Reşemê | Reşemî | Reşeme

Reşemê comes from the word reşemang - black month. Reş means black and mang/meh means month. The sky is covered by dark (black) clouds and a rainy season starts while the climate gets warmer in the end of the month. Reşemê is 29 days (depending on leap year) and lasts from February 19 to March 20, Gregorian calendar. Another explanation for the name is that the white snow melts during this name and the land/soil becomes visible again giving rise to the name Reşeme.

The Kurdish names for each month were designated depending on the geographical division and the lifestyle of specific Kurdish tribes, villages/towns. The name for a former tribe might be different from a nomadic or agricultural tribe in Kurdistan. Remarkable similarity exists between the names of these months, which put the natural events at the center of choice for the certain name.

The ban on Kurdish culture and language education, particularly in northern areas of Kurdistan, has diminished the significance of the role Kurdish names of the months play in the daily lives of the Kurds. Military actions forced many civilian Kurds to lose their land and property in rural areas and move to cities, a process that causes people to break ties with their generations’ long traditional lifestyles. In the case of Kurdistan, where the practice of “Kurdishness” itself is or at least was for along time considered a crime, it is clear that the Kurdish farmer, nomad and agriculturist who moved to major cities has not found it necessary to maintain the tradition of his ancient Kurdish calendar.

The Kurdish calendar that is used today in some parts of Kurdistan is a combination of non-Kurdish names of the months taken mainly from the Babylonian calendar and Kurdish names, or in some cases non-Kurdish names that have been transformed. This solution has made the names more acceptable among Kurds. For example in the case of Shabatu, which has become Shevba (“the windy nights”) in the Badînanî accent. Nisanu, has become Nîskan. Adaru has become Adar/Avdar. Or Tebetu became Tabax.

The Babylonian months are named: Nisanu, Ayaru, Simanu, Du`uzu, Abu, Ululu/Eylul, Tashritu, Arakhsamna, Kislimu, Tebetu, Shabatu, Adaru.

The Arabic names of the months usually originates from the Babylonian calendar as well, that’s why Kurds in western Kurdistan (Syria) and southern Kurdistan (Iraq) also tend to use the arabized names of the months. Though many Kurds speak of the months in terms of “first month”, “second month”, “third month” etc according to the gregorian calendar.

Summer: Hawîn, Havîn, Hamîn, Tawsan, Tawsu
Winter: Zistan, Zivistan, Zivtan, Zimsan, Zimsu
Spring: Behar, Bihar, Wehar, Wisar
Autan: Payîz, Pahîz 

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milkandcookies528  asked:

Z, X, Y, E, D, and B

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?
-I guess, technically Episode 9: Winter is Coming would be the closest to personal experience considering the fact that the book the unsub uses for inspiration is a book that I actually wrote. (And the author Tiffany Heartings is definitely a play on my own name)

D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with your fic?
-Well, I’m always listening to music when I write. I don’t know if I would associate any of it directly with my writings, but my top three things to listen to are The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, the Gauntlet Dark Legacy soundtrack, and the album “Every Trick in the Book” by Ice Nine Kills.

E: If you wrote a sequel to your fic, what would it be about?
-Well, technically each episode is kind of like a sequel to the previous ones. But if we’re talking a sequel series, it would probably be about the team after they all have left or retired from the BAU. I’d talk about how my lovely Reid twins are enjoying time with their families and explore what their kids are interested in.

X: A character you enjoy making suffer?
-I’m so terrible because the people I make suffer are usually my own previous twins. I mean, Reid was already suffering under the wrath of the show writers, but his poor sister Allyson doesn’t catch much of a break either. Although, it does give me the opportunity to write a lot of cute brother/sister moments, which I am definitely a sucker for.

Y: A character you want to protect?
-Now, here’s where I get hypocritical because the same characters that I am inflicting consistent pain on are also the ones I most want to protect. In addition them, Garcia is probably top on my list because she is too sweet and too innocent to have evil things befall her.

Z: Major character death–do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can’t tolerate?
-As the self-proclaimed Queen of Angst, I am a sucker when it comes to writing and reading character deaths. It gives me a chance to reflect on the character’s relations with others in the story and for me to figure out how they would all react to something like this. In the case of my AU, I don’t think I could bring myself to kill off any of my babies, but I most definitely WILL NOT murder either of my two twins. (Making Allyson believe Reid was dead temporarily in “Revelations” was horrible enough. I can’t do that again.)

Thank you for the questions, Tori!! I loved them :)

The Battle of the Bastards

Let’s get one thing out there. Everyone knows Sansa won that battle. She’s not a fighter, she’s not a strategist, but she is the sole reason that Jon, Davos, and Tormund are still alive (RIP Wun Wun and Rickon). This is the culmination of all of her horrible experiences coming out in one episode. She is cold, calculating, and a badass. We are not worthy of you Lady Stark. (The only thing that I would have liked to see done differently is Sansa telling Jon about her plan with Littlefinger, but I get that she may have wanted to keep it quiet so that nobody could get any information out.) Please go fuck up the Glovers now my Queen.

Anyways, so Sansa won the battle, but I think that something else is worth pointing out. Jon was in the complete opposite position as his sister (cousin?). He’s battle hardened, a fairly skilled tactician, and he’s the one who actually went out onto the battlefield. But he made a mistake. Although it was reasonable to feel rage over the death of his brother, he played into Ramsay’s hand, and it nearly cost him his life. But in the moments when he was being crushed to death under the boots of his army, something changed in him. He began the battle ready to die (hence telling Melisandre not to bring him back). He began the battle pretty much accepting defeat and only fighting for the honor of his sister and for the life of his brother. But, to me, when he pushed his way out of the dirt and surfaced above the crowd, he became more than he was before. Even before he died. In that moment, his life meant something to him, and he fought for it. He’s not the same boy who was trying to find meaning by joining the Night’s Watch, and he’s not the same man as he was when he was Lord Commander. I can’t wait until he meets the Night’s King again.

Also “your words will disappear, your house will disappear, your name will disappear, all memory of you will disappear”. Not even all of the moments that Dany has said, “dracarys” combined could have given me the shivers like that. The White Walker’s ice spears are lava compared to Sansa. Winter has come my friends.

brave and quiet || for Steve.

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Winter is coming. All men must die. And Game of Thrones is back! Stay tuned each week as we unpack Sunday’s episodes through masterpieces.

“There is no need for battle.” 

In Winterfell and Meereen epic battles wage. One leader takes to the skies with her reptilian kin, showing that fire can conquer all (although politics might be a better option). 

Two queens unite to rectify the evil acts of their fathers, while in the north siblings argue over battle plans, troop numbers, and sadistic foes. In this clash of Snows many play the game of life and death (“If I die I order you not to bring me back.”). 

A sister comes to the rescue and justice finally arrives for the wicked because starving hounds have no loyalty (“Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear.”). The secret of the red woman’s false sacrifice is revealed. 

To make our Game of Thrones posts more international, we’ll feature an image from our Global Middle Ages exhibition and pick “wildcard” images from other collections around the world. 

This week’s wildcard image comes from the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (an innocent stag). A scene of cannon fire comes from the Getty’s most recent manuscript acquisition, Livre des fais de Jacques de Lalaing.

Dive deeper with featurettes connecting the making of medieval manuscripts to the making of fantasy TV.

My TV Show Masterpost

Pushing Daisies:

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Unaired Pilot

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  11. Journey to the Center of the TARDIS
  12. The Crimson Horror
  13. Nightmare In Silver
  14. The Name of the Doctor
  15. (Christmas Special) The Doctor, The Widow, & The Wardrobe

American Horror Story

Season 1 

  1. Pilot
  2. Home Invasion
  3. Murder House
  4. Halloween Part 1
  5. Halloween Part 2
  6. Piggy Piggy
  7. Open House
  8. Rubber Man
  9. Spooky Little Girl
  10. Smoldering Children
  11. Birth
  12. After Birth

Season 2

  1. Welcome to Briarcliff
  2. Tricks and Treats
  3. Nor’easter
  4. I Am Anne Frank Part 1
  5. I Am Anne Frank Part 2
  6. The Origins of Monstrosity
  7. Dark Cousin
  8. Unholy Night
  9. The Coat Hanger
  10. The Name Game
  11. Spilt Milk
  12. Continuum
  13. Madness Ends

Season 3

  1. Bitchcraft
  2. Boy Parts
  3. The Replacements
  4. Fearful Pranks Ensue
  5. Burn, Witch, Burn!
  6. The Axeman Cometh
  7. The Dead
  8. The Sacred Taking
  9. Head
  10. The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks
  11. Protect The Coven
  12. Go To Hell
  13. The Seven Wonders


Season 1 - Season 2 - Season 3 - Season 4 - Season 5 - Season 6 - Season 7 - Season 8 - Season 9

Game of thrones

Season 1

  1. Winter is Coming
  2. The Kingsroad
  3. Lord Snow
  4. Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
  5. The Wolf and the Lion
  6. A Golden Crown
  7. You Win or You Die
  8. The Pointy End
  9. Baelor
  10. Fire and Blood

Season 2

  1. The North Remembers
  2. The Night Lands
  3. What is Dead May Never Die
  4. Garden of Bones
  5. The Ghost of Harrenhal
  6. The Old Gods and the New
  7. A Man Without Honor
  8. The Prince of Winterfell
  9. Blackwater
  10. Valar Morghulis

Season 3

  1. Valar Dohaeris
  2. Dark Wings, Dark Words
  3. Walk of Punishment
  4. And Now His Watch is Ended
  5. Kissed by Fire
  6. The Climb
  7. The Bear and the Maiden Fair
  8. Second Sons
  9. The Rains of Castamere
  10. Mhysa

My Mad Fat Diary

Series 1 

  1. Big Wide World
  2. Touched 
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen 
  4. Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything
  5. It’s a Wonderful Rae Part 1
  6. It’s a Wonderful Rae Part 2 

Series 2 

  1. Alarm
  2. Radar
  3. Girls
  4. Friday
  5. Inappropriate Adult
  6. Not I

The Office

Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Diversity Day
  3. Health Care
  4. The Alliance
  5. Basketball
  6. Hot Girl

Season 2

  1. The Dundies
  2. Sexual Harassment
  3. Office Olympics
  4. The Fire
  5. Halloween
  6. The Fight
  7. The Client
  8. Performance Review
  9. E-mail Surveillance
  10. Christmas Party
  11. Booze Cruise
  12. The Injury
  13. The Secret
  14. The Carpet
  15. Boys and Girls
  16. Valentine’s Day
  17. Dwight’s Speech
  18. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  19. Michael’s Birthday
  20. Drug Testing
  21. Conflict Resolution
  22. Casino Night

Season 3

  1. Gay Witch Hunt
  2. The Convention
  3. The Coup
  4. Grief Counseling
  5. Initiation
  6. Diwali
  7. Branch Closing
  8. The Merger
  9. The Convict
  10. A Benihana Christmas
  11. Back from Vacation
  12. Episode 12/13: Traveling Salesmen/The Return
  13. Ben Franklin
  14. Phyllis’s Wedding
  15. Business School
  16. Cocktails
  17. The Negotiation
  18. Safety Training
  19. Product Recall
  20. Women’s Appreciation
  21. Beach Games
  22. The Job

Season 4

  1. Fun Run
  2. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
  3. Launch Party
  4. Money
  5. Local Ad
  6. Branch Wars
  7. Survivor Man
  8. The Deposition
  9. Dinner Party
  10. Chair Model
  11. Night Out
  12. Did I Stutter?
  13. Job Fair
  14. Goodbye, Toby

Season 5

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Baby Shower
  4. Crime Aid
  5. Employee Transfer
  6. Customer Survey
  7. Business Trip
  8. Frame Toby
  9. The Surplus
  10. Moroccan Christmas
  11. The Duel
  12. Prince Family Paper
  13. Stress Relief
  14. Lecture Circuit (Part 1)
  15. Lecture Circuit (Part 2)
  16. Blood Drive
  17. Golden Ticket
  18. New Boss
  19. Two Weeks
  20. Dream Team
  21. Michael Scott Paper Company
  22. Heavy Competition
  23. Broke
  24. Casual Friday
  25. Cafe Disco
  26. Company Picnic

Season 6

  1. Gossip
  2. The Meeting
  3. The Promotion
  4. Niagara
  5. Mafia
  6. The Lover
  7. Koi Pond
  8. Double Date
  9. Murder
  10. Shareholder Meeting
  11. Scott’s Tots
  12. Secret Santa
  13. The Banker
  14. Sabre
  15. The Manager and the Salesman
  16. Episode 16/17: The Delivery
  17. Episode 18: St. Patrick’s Day
  18. New Leads
  19. Happy Hour
  20. Secretary’s Day
  21. Body Language
  22. The Cover Up
  23. The Chump
  24. Whistleblower

Season 7

  1. Nepotism
  2. Counseling
  3. Andy’s Play
  4. Sex Ed
  5. The Sting
  6. Costume Contest
  7. Christening
  8. Viewing Party
  10. China
  11. Episode 11/12: Classy Christmas
  12. Ultimatum
  13. The Seminar
  14. The Search
  15. PDA
  16. Threat Level Midnight
  17. Todd Packer
  18. Garage Sale
  19. Training Day
  20. Michael’s Last Dundies
  21. Goodbye, Michael
  22. The Inner Circle
  23. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
  24. Search Committee

Season 8

  1. The List
  2. The Incentive
  3. Lotto
  4. Garden Party
  5. Spooked
  6. Doomsday
  7. Pam’s Replacement
  8. Gettysburg
  9. Mrs. California
  10. Christmas Wishes
  11. Trivia
  12. Pool Party
  13. Jury Duty
  14. Special Project
  15. Tallahassee
  16. After Hours
  17. Test the Store
  18. Last Day in Florida
  19. Get the Girl
  20. Welcome Party
  21. Angry Andy
  22. Fundraiser
  23. Turf War
  24. Free Family Portrait Studio

Season 9

  1. New Guys
  2. Roy’s Wedding
  3. Andy’s Ancestry
  4. Work Bus
  5. Here Comes Treble
  6. The Boat
  7. The Whale
  8. The Target
  9. Dwight Christmas
  10. Lice
  11. Suit Warehouse
  12. Customer Loyalty
  13. Junior Salesman
  14. Vandalism
  15. Couples Discount
  16. Moving On
  17. The Farm
  18. Promos
  19. Stairmageddon
  20. Paper Airplane
  21. Livin’ the Dream
  22. Episode 22/23: A.A.R.M.
  23. Season 9 Special: The Office Retrospective
  24. Episode 24/25: Finale


Season 1//Season 2//Season 3//Season 4//Season 5//Season 6//Season 7//Season 8//Season 9//Season 10


Season One:

  1. Pilot
  2. Kryptonite
  3. Wedding
  4. Naked
  5. Cece Crashes
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Bells
  8. Bad in Bed
  9. The 23rd
  10. The Story of the 50
  11. Jess and Julia
  12. The Landlord
  13. Valentine’s Day
  14. Bully
  15. Injured
  16. Control
  17. Fancyman, Pt. 1
  18. Fancyman, Pt. 2
  19. Secrets
  20. Normal
  21. Kids
  22. Tomatoes
  23. Backslide
  24. See Ya

Season Two:

  1. Re-Launch
  2. Katie
  3. Fluffer
  4. Neighbors
  5. Models
  6. Halloween
  7. Menzies
  8. Parents
  9. Eggs
  10. Bathtub
  11. Santa
  12. Cabin
  13. A Father’s Love
  14. Pepperwood
  15. Cooler
  16. Table 34
  17. Parking Spot
  18. TinFinity
  19. Quick Hardening Caulk
  20. Chicago
  21. First Date
  22. Bachelorette Party
  23. Virgins
  24. Winston’s Birthday, Pt. 1
  25. Elaine’s Big Day

Season Three:

  1. All In
  2. Nerd
  3. Double Date
  4. The Captain
  5. The Box
  6. Keaton
  7. Coach
  8. Menus
  9. Longest Night Ever
  10. Thanksgiving III
  11. Clavado En un Bar
  12. Basketsball
  13. Birthday
  14. Prince
  15. Exes
  16. Sister
  17. Sister II
  18. Sister III
  19. Fired Up


Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. The Night of the Comet
  3. Friday Night Bites
  4. Family Ties
  5. You’re Undead to Me
  6. Lost Girls
  7. Haunted
  8. 162 Candles
  9. History Repeating
  10. The Turning Point
  11. Bloodlines
  12. Unpleasantville
  13. Children of the Damned
  14. Fool Me Once
  15. A Few Good Men
  16. There Goes the Neighborhood
  17. Let the Right One In
  18. Under Control
  19. Miss Mystic Falls
  20. Blood Brothers
  21. Isobel
  22. Founder’s Day

Season 2

  1. The Return
  2. Brave New World
  3. Bad Moon Rising
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Kill or Be Killed
  6. Plan B
  7. Masquerade
  8. Rose
  9. Katerina
  10. The Sacrifice
  11. By the Light of the Moon
  12. The Descent
  13. Daddy Issues
  14. Crying Wolf
  15. The Dinner Party
  16. The House Guest
  17. Know Thy Enemy
  18. The Last Dance
  19. Klaus
  20. The Last Day
  21. The Sun Also Rises
  22. As I Lay Dying

Season 3

  1. The Birthday
  2. The Hybrid
  3. The End of the Affair
  4. Disturbing Behavior
  5. The Reckoning
  6. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  7. Ghost World
  8. Ordinary People
  9. Homecoming
  10. The New Deal
  11. Our Town
  12. The Ties That Bind
  13. Bringing Out the Dead
  14. Dangerous Liaisons
  15. All My Children
  16. 1912
  17. Break on Through
  18. The Murder of One
  19. Heart of Darkness
  20. Do Not Go Gentle
  21. Before Sunset
  22. The Departed

Season 4

  1. Growing Pains
  2. Memorial
  3. The Rager
  4. The Five
  5. The Killer
  6. We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
  7. My Brother’s Keeper
  8. We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street
  9. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  10. After School Special
  11. Catch Me if You Can
  12. A View to a Kill
  13. Into the Wild
  14. Down the Rabbit Hole
  15. Stand by Me
  16. Bring It On
  17. Because the Night
  18. American Gothic
  19. Pictures of You
  20. The Originals
  21. She’s Come Undone
  22. The Walking Dead
  23. Graduation

Season 5

  1. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  2. True Lies
  3. Original Sin
  4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  5. Monster’s Ball
  6. Handle With Care
  7. Death and the Maiden
  8. Dead Man on Campus
  9. The Cell
  10. Fifty Shades of Grayson
  11. 500 Years of Solitude
  12. The Devil Inside
  13. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  14. No Exit
  15. Gone Girl


Series 1

  1. The Dragon’s Call
  2. Valiant
  3. The Mark of Nimueh
  4. The Poisoned Chalice
  5. Lancelot
  6. A Remedy to Cure All Ills
  7. The Gates of Avalon
  8. The Beginning of the End
  9. Excalibur
  10. The Moment of Truth
  11. The Labyrinth of Gedref
  12. To Kill the King
  13. Le Morte d’Arthur

Series 2

  1. The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
  2. The Once and Future Queen
  3. The Nightmare Begins
  4. Lancelot and Guinevere
  5. Beauty and the Beast (pt. 1)
  6. Beauty and the Beast (pt. 2)
  7. The Witchfinder
  8. The Sins of the Father
  9. The Lady of the Lake
  10. Sweet Dreams
  11. The Witch’s Quickening
  12. The Fires of Idirsholas
  13. The Last Dragonlord

Series 3

  1. The Tears of Uther Pendragon (pt. 1)
  2. The Tears of Uther Pendragon (pt. 2)
  3. Goblin’s Gold
  4. Gwaine
  5. The Crystal Cave
  6. The Changeling
  7. The Castle of Fyrien
  8. The Eye of the Phoenix
  9. Love in the Time of Dragons
  10. Queen of Hearts
  11. The Sorcerer’s Shadow
  12. The Coming of Arthur (pt. 1)
  13. The Coming of Arthur (pt. 2)

Series 4

  1. The Darkest Hour (pt. 1)
  2. The Darkest Hour (pt. 2)
  3. The Wicked Day
  4. Aithusa
  5. His Father’s Son
  6. A Servant of Two Masters
  7. The Secret Sharer
  8. Lamia
  9. Lancelot du Lac
  10. A Herald of the New Age
  11. The Hunter’s Heart
  12. The Sword in the Stone (pt. 1)
  13. The Sword in the Stone (pt. 2)

Series 5

  1. Arthur’s Bane (pt. 1)
  2. Arthur’s Bane (pt. 2)
  3. The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
  4. Another’s Sorrow
  5. The Disir
  6. The Dark Tower
  7. A Lesson in Vengeance
  8. The Hollow Queen
  9. With All My Heart
  10. The Kindness of Strangers
  11. The Drawing of the Dark
  12. The Diamond of the Day (pt. 1)
  13. The Diamond of the Day (pt. 2)

So I realized I actually really like making masterposts so here is my TV show one, please feel free to message me if any of the links won’t work, and i’ll be happy to get you a working one! I have other masterposts here so feel free to use those too. You can use this masterpost or any of these links in your own! <3

*Update* The Rains Of Castamere Link Has Been Fixed



Winter is coming. All men must die. And Game of Thrones is back! Stay tuned each week as we unpack Sunday’s episodes through masterpieces. 

The end is near, but so much action just unfolded in tonight’s episode! A small band of men raid and set fire to an enemy camp at night; enemy-allies return from an icy defeat and engage in a serious Monty Python-esque above/below the wall stare off. 

We were enthralled by the splendorous architecture and interior design of what could be medieval Iberia, but were mortified by pedophilia in a banking town brothel. We were introduced to a Dance with Dragons by a learned young princess, who received a sculpted stag from a friend prior to becoming a child martyr (no Abram/Isaac divine intervention for this king’s blood; more like Iphigenia’s fate). The drama piqued with a masked riot at a gladiatorial fight, but the queen of dragons emerged unscathed and flew to safety on her winged firebreather. 

This week’s wildcard images come from lacma and legionofhonormuseum.

Dive deeper with featurettes connecting life in the Middle Ages to fantasy TV.

How to depict Sherlolly Onscreen and Still Make It About Adventure

1. Sherlock LOOMS everytime DI Dimmock tries to flirt with Molly.
2. Sherlock rolls his eyes when another pathologist rolls out a body.
3. There’s always food in Molly’s larder.
4. Sometimes, coincidentally, Molly arrives when Sherlock’s ordered a gourmet meal. John suspects….
5. Then, there was that time, when a forensics guy tried to bully Molly Hooper… He transferred out.

6. When Sherlock brings ‘souvenirs’ from his cases back to Molly.

7. Sherlock tugs Molly’s pigtails.. affectionately.

8. This entry on John’s Blog: “Finally, I get time to update our adventures. Though Sherlock’s off on a ‘dull’ inquiry to France.” And Molly’s comment on the blog: “Paris is beautiful in the winter, John! Thanks for letting me come with Sherlock this time.” 

9. Molly cardigans now also feature bees, irish setters, and pirates.

10. Mrs. Hudson tsking about how her boys “have moved on. I’d never have guessed Sherlock to be that way!”

11. Sherlock sports hickies very often- Prominently. Molly gazes dreamily at them.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Bucky x Reader

Bucky and Joy had been spending a lot of time together the past few weeks. She had helped him get a computer so that he could start learning about everything he had missed in the last seventy years. She had taught him to use it, but he’d caught on quickly. He even was texting now, though she wasn’t sure exactly why he’d wanted a cell phone- he called no one and only texted her. Cleo had been true to her word and said nothing about his metal arm. She always smiled at them when she saw them in the apartment halls, and winked at Joy every time Bucky wasn’t looking. Cleo had told her that Bucky was “hot and she should tap that.” And while the thought of such a thing wasn’t an unpleasant idea, Joy knew that Bucky had a lot of stuff to figure out before any “tapping” could even be anticipated. Bucky wasn’t after Joy, she was pretty sure. She just happened to be the only person he knew.

In regards to companionship, he was excellent. She tended to be somewhat moody and need time to herself, and he let her be and never pushed the issue. He never acted hurt or put off when she said she’d rather be alone than with him at the end of a long day. She’d never had that before.

Bucky was starting to feel human again. He had a friend, a girl who he cared about a great deal. In his eyes, anything she did was fine.

* * *

About three weeks after they had truly met, they decided to drive down and visit the Smithsonian for a long weekend. Bucky had been there briefly six months before, to see the exhibit dedicated to Captain America and all of the rest of his crew from World War II.

They took Joy’s green VW bug and made the trip down, arriving mid afternoon. After going through an art museum and the science museum, they ventured into the Museum of American History. Theyd been poking around for a while when Joy noticed that Bucky wasn’t beside her anymore. She looked around and couldn’t find him. She retraced their steps and located him in an alcove. She went to stand beside him.

He was standing before the 9/11 exhibit.

The look on his face was soul crushing.

“This happened? To our country?” He hung his head. Joy nodded.

The country he had fought so hard to protect had been attacked. Thousands of innocent lives lost. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. Joy hadn’t realized that he hadn’t known.

He reached for her hand. He laced his gloved metallic fingers through hers. They both stood in silence for a very long time. A lone tear slide down Bucky’s cheek.

Part 9 coming soon