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Another Fairy List

Anonymous said: Could you do some prompts about a human who is the representative of all the other humans and frequently visits the fairy courts to negotiate stuff on their behalf?

Anonymous said: Dude there’s no way that the marriage between the strongest fairy in the world and some little human went over well with all the fey. Could I get some assassination or kidnapping attempts or just general backlash from some of the fey and the humans lovers reaction to this?

Anonymous said: Omg that seelie unseelie and human prompt is now my ot3. More of them please!  

Anonymous said: Sorry if this prompt is repetitive, but could you do some more prompts on fairies unintentionally hurting their lovers/showing each other differences between their worlds? (Honestly that ice rink one was so cute) 

1) The fey wine and dined their business partners like nothing else. They are not creatures capable of lying, but their parties can leave any mortal heady. Susceptible to making promises in pleasure and pridefulness that they’ll still be held accountable to when the night ends.
For the first time, they had absolutely no memory of what had happened the night before.

2) “Don’t let them steal you again,” his lover said. “Honestly, you are far too charming. They’ll never give you back to me. Promise.”
He started to laugh, only to realise that his fairy was being serious. 
“Vicious fucking magpies,” his boyfriend muttered. “Can’t keep their claws off anything beautiful.” The fairy planted kisses to every inch of skin they could reach. More fey then they normally appeared in the human world, all sharp edges and the supernova eyes of the summer prince.
“Hey - hey -” He caught his boyfriend’s chin so he could lock their gazes. “I promise, yeah?” 

3) “Why are two most powerful fey of the winter and summer court fighting over you?”
The human blinked. “Nobody’s fighting anything. We’re very happy together.”

4) “Your family doesn’t like me,” the human said. They stared at his knees, feeling utterly grubby among the splendor of the immortal courts. Utterly inadequate. 
Their fey lover’s head cocked. “Of course they don’t, you’re an insignificant human of no power or social standing. You’re nothing.”
A lump thickened in the human’s throat and their hands began to shake.
Their lover’s eyes widened.  “Oh - no - no - you’re upset. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“You didn’t mean to upset me telling me I’m nothing?”
The fairy swallowed and moved over. “I like you, if that counts for anything. I like you a lot. I’m sorry I upset you. I - this place - they just don’t understand. You’re everything. To me, you’re everything. That’s not what I meant.”

5) I had been coming for years, I played the game as masterfully as anyone of them. It was the dream job, until I was fired. Those who enter the fairy courts tend towards the youthful, the beautiful. Fey do not age like humans do after all. It was the night of an important negotiation, planned months in advance, and I wasn’t there. And, suddenly, for the first time, the fairies were there instead. In the human world. Eyes ablaze with a rage that I had long since grown unused to, shining too bright and deadly. I shot to my feet. 

“It appears there has been a misunderstanding. Get dressed.” 

6) “If it makes you feel better, they wouldn’t be trying to kill you if they didn’t view you as a threat.” Their lover sounded gleeful. 
“No! That doesn’t make me feel better!”

7) Every night, they came apart. Every morning, they were put together. Winter, to Spring. Summer to Autumn. 

8) “Are you coming or-” They turned, to find their fairy entranced again. Jumping up and down in autumn leaves, a flurry of gold and scarlet. It was, perhaps, the most endearing thing they had ever seen in their entire life. 
The fey beamed, scooping leaves and tossing them in the air. In the fey’s hand they turned as green as summer, only to shrivel back to Autumn in the air. 
“We do not have this,” the fairy whispered. “This is amazing.”
Nothing changed in an endless summer. 

Tv Camper

First background
I work at a local popular mexican restaurant. We normally close at 10 pm but because of winter we close at 9pm. So this couple comes in just before 8 and order im not woried people usually leave after 30 min and I’m already cleaning the seating section so i thought the were gonna leave soon.

I had a section closed off and was sweeping and mopping the entire time the man is looking at me while his wife is looking at the tv. She had her jacket on the table like a pillow. They completely finished their food and sat there while i clean looking at the tv.

I clean all the way around them leaving their section for the end. 5 before 9 i close and turn off the sings. Now normally people start getting their stuff and make the signs off them leaving right. Wrong!!! They just stared at me while i finish the last section the entire restaurant is picked up and cleaned. So i ask my co-worker for the tv remotes we have 2 screens that display adds and a tv so i turn of the screens and the tv and this dude gets mad. Hes like wtf its not even 9. I respond sir we are closing. They both get mad and leave i open the door for them and he asks for my name and i give him a fake name.

He apparently told my mamager that i had turned of the tv at 8:30. Wtf dude go home if you wanna watch tv.

I bought myself a GameCube yesterday! Mainly so I could play Harvest Moon.

Now I’m stuck here in this dang clinic until 4:30 and I just wanna be home already so I can play! My cow is pregnant, I’m waiting on a bull to grow so I can sell him, I’m growing strawberries and potatoes, my Banana trees will be fully grown by the summer, and it’s day 8 Winter so Van is coming, I need to sell Star Milk and eggs and dig site trinkets!!

I am not a medical lab student I am a farmer in Forget Me Not Valley and I have LOTS OF WORK TO DO

  • First season: Winter is coming
  • Me: When will it arrive?
  • Second season: Winter is coming
  • Me: Yeah but when?
  • Third season: Winter is coming
  • Me: Isn't it a bit late?
  • Fourth season: Winter is coming
  • Me: Yeah whatever...
  • Fifth season ep. 1-7: Winter is coming
  • Me: What if I want it now?
  • Fifth season ep. 8: Winter has come

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Hello dearest, I'm asking you #22 <3

lol thanks for asking!!
my favorite songs by my 10 favorite bands/artists (in no particular order & ohhh boy are these tough i love so many songs)

1. Radiohead: “Reckoner”
2. Regina Spektor: “Ghost of Corporate Future”
3. PJ Harvey: “The Dancer”
4. Gorillaz: “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven”
5. Amanda Palmer: “Ukelele Anthem”
6. Tori Amos: “Winter”
7. Neutral Milk Hotel: “Oh Comely”
8. Sufjan Stevens: “Impossible Soul” (even though it’s technically like 4 songs)
9. The Decemberists: “The Bagman’s Gambit” (especially the version from the live album uGH so good)
10. Ben Folds Five: “Alice Childress”

aND I’ll do 3 more cause I’m Extra™ and couldn’t decide on just ten:
-Ani Difranco: “Everest”
-Bjork: “I’ve Seen It All” (okay this song fucks👏🏻me👏🏻up👏🏻)
-St Vincent: “Prince Johnny”

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What were your favorite shows of 2016?

I can only rank my top 3, but in no particular order:

1. Yuri!!! on Ice
2. Amanchu (this was my most anticipated and i’m pleasantly surprised that YOI surpassed it)
3. Love Live! Sunshine!!

4. Mob Psycho 100
5. Shounen Maid
6. Orange
7. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (really looking forward to S2 this winter)
8. Erased
9. March Comes in Like a Lion
10. Flying Witch

Honorable mentions: The Morose Mononokean, Snow White with the Red Hair 2nd Season, Poco’s Udon World and Bananya <3


Snow Day

Check, Please! 12 Days of Christmas, Day 8: Winter weather (AO3)

“Jack,” Bitty grumbled. “Come back to bed.”

Jack turned away from the window. “I’m checking the weather before I go on my morning run,” he said.

Bitty, his face peeking out of the covers he was bundled in, blinked sleepily. “Well, I hope it’s storming.”

Jack leaned against the window frame. “That doesn’t sound like the Bittle I know,” he said with a smile.

“A big old blizzard, that’s what I want.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?”

“Oh, ha ha. I just want to spend the day here with you. Lying in bed, being lazy. No commitments or responsibilities.”

“That sounds like the weekend we just had.”

Bitty frowned. “Well obviously it wasn’t enough. We need a snow day.”

Jack turned his head and looked out the window again. “You’re in luck. I can’t possibly go out in this.”

“Really? The forecast-“

Jack climbed back into bed and tugged at some of Bitty’s covers. “Snow day, Bits. Stop hogging the blankets.” Bitty released his grip and Jack pulled the blanket up to his ears despite the fact that the room was a lot warmer than he kept it when Bitty wasn’t visiting. “What should we do first?”

“Snow days mean sleeping in,” Bitty said, then yawned. “We’ll figure out the rest when we wake up.”

“All right, Bits.”

Bitty went back to sleep almost instantly. It took Jack a little longer, but eventually he drifted off again.

The sun climbed over the horizon, shining through the beautifully clear sky.


Let me tell you something, Bastard. Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.

What the hell do you know about being a bastard?

All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes.

game of thrones challenge » [1/8] episodes » winter is coming

brave and quiet || for Steve.

[l i s t e n]


1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine // 2. America’s Son - Air Review // 3. Be A Boy - Robbie Williams // 4. This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco // 5. A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth // 6. Leaving New York - R.E.M. // 7. My Hero - Foo Fighters // 8. Cold War - Janelle Monae // 9. Winter Is Coming - Radical Face // 10. Some Nights - Fun // 11. Stay And Defend - Wolf Gang // 12. The War Was In Color - Carbon Leaf // 13. The Ice Is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie // 14. The Fighter - The Fray // 15. Battle Born - The Killers // 16. Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy // 17. The Kids From Yesterday - My Chemical Romance // 18. Holland Road - Mumford & Sons // 19. What If The Storm Ends? - Snow Patrol.

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Has anyone else been seeing signs of autumn? Each morning it seems to be getting a little cooler and the sun seems to come up just a little bit later. Honestly one of my favourite parts of winter in North America is that the sun doesn’t come up until 8 AM and the sun goes down at 5 PM. I think it just brings back memories of when I was smaller going to see the Christmas light displays. And going to my church to sing carols. (Even though I don’t consider myself to have ever been religious.)
I love autumn almost as much as I love winter. For some reason winter always wins. It might just be the small amount of daylight, or the simplicity of the cold frosty mornings. Who really knows, but gosh all I know is that winter seems right around the corner and I’m so happy that I get to experience the changing of the seasons.  

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knock knok? Hallo dar…ermmm I mean.. Dad… Merry Christmas… I know it´s a little earlier but I want to give you some presents

Mid stood infront of the forest, hacking some wood he could sell in the winter season to make some money. A familiar voice jolted him out of his thoughts.


Mid almost dropped the axe as he saw Coffe.
“Coffe!?” He hadn’t expect to see him here. “Don’t enter the swamp my son!”
He shoved him out of the Forest, not because he didn’t want to have him around, it was because he was afraid something could happen to him.
Like-..falling in the swamp or getting lost.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you at home with your friend?”

He noticed the presents. “Should I help you to care them? You should take another path …this is not the best way to travel.”