winter is coming (10)


So since I always get the question; “Hey Taylor, Can you suggest some PSD’s for ______ Roleplay” I decided to combine all of my previous suggestions into one masterlist to help everyone. I feel like sometimes I repeat myself so I hope this helps all of you! Please LIKE or REBLOG if using or if you found this useful

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Episode 10 taught us one thing : WOMEN RULE !

Women are taking control of Westeros :D The show might have shown lots of sex scenes and rape -or nearly rape- scenes but it doesn’t make it sexist. Now it is definitely at a feminist turning point.

It’s a good thing especially when many of them have been the victims or were restricted to the level of subordinate roles. Not all of them obviously, but now they’re all taking their revenge for sure.

“Winter is here,” Sansa says, and they both smile, and they laugh, because yes the white walkers are coming, but the snow and the ice and the cold is in their blood.  They are of the first men, who conquered the North and the Winter and the White Walkers.  They smile because their father was right: Winter is Coming.  Winter is here and the Starks are coming home, so god help anybody who stands in their way.


(7/10) When the winter comes

“So how do you find this ball? It bores me a bit without cute guys around.” Marg said while she linked her arms with Sansas.”Oh wait your brother and his friends.” Waving her chestnut hair behind her back with an elegant gesture Marg chuckled seeing Sansas reaction.

“I know your brother is a taboo, don’t worry.” She winked cheeky. Sansa played with her hands and tried to control her emotions. She felt at Margs words a sudden ache in her chest. Looking to Robb, Jon and Theon with a confused glance.  

“Robb and his friends aren’t a taboo, but he´s in love with someone else, I think.”

Because I only have the right to talk about Robb. What Theon and Jon do is not my business.

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Winter the lamb still comes bouncing when called, even though he is almost 10 months old! 🐑🙊😁❤️ 

Patch Notes for 11/20/2015


  • Genders have been temporarily removed. They’re being revamped and will be back in an upcoming patch!
  • Purchase-to-Happiness ratio has been increased by 3% 4%.
    > To compensate, currency gain has been decreased by 10%.
  • Winter is coming! You can now purchase candycane, peppermint and gingerbread-themed snacks from most vendors. Eggnog will be rolled out sometime in December along with the Snow Patch.


  • The social energy cap has been lowered by 7-12% [scaling with your level] but energy gain from warm drinks has been increased by 10%-20%.
  • The cuddle threshold has been lowered to make it easier for new friends to connect. 


  • Temperatures have been lowered by about 10+- degrees [depending on area] as part of our Meaningful Variety philosophy. Check the dev blog for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer drink coffee while sleeping, as this was never intentional. We increased energy gain from warm drinks to compensate - see above.
  • Fixed an issue where waking up from naps shorter than 40 minutes were causing higher levels of unreality than expected.
  • Kinkshaming is now properly usable on yourself.

In dedication to Malec week.

1. Sleeping With Sirens - If I’m James Dean, you’re Audrey Hepburn
They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need, please stay as long as you need. Can’t promise that things won’t be broken, but I swear that I will never leave.

2. Secondhand Serenade - Awake I’m trying real hard not to shake, I’m biting my tongue, but I’m feeling alive and with every breathe that I take, I feel like I’ve won. You’re my key to survival.

3. All Time Low - Cinderblock Garden
I’m thinking that we could make forever after all, finding the gold in our darkest moments, watching the roads turning into white roses.

4. Fall Out Boy - Favorite Record
You were the song stuck in my head, every song that I’ve ever loved. Played again and again and again and you can get what you want but it’s never enough.

5. My Chemical Romance - The World is Ugly
Though I’m empty when you go, I just wanted you to know that the world is ugly but you’re beautiful to me.

6. Ed Sheeran - Kiss me
I was made to keep your body warm, but I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms.

7. Mallory Knox - 1949
So sing yourself to sleep tonight and let your demons go, ‘cause every word you spoke to me has saved me for so long.

8. Lana Del Rey - Young and beautiful
Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? // I know you will.

9. You Me At Six - Be who you are
It won’t always be summer, it might be Autumn too. Winter might come join in, but I’ll be next to you.

10. Little Mix - DNA
It’s the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future, fingerprints that leave me covered for days.

Parvos Pumyumkin [6/?]

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin (© Isayama Hajime)
Characters: Levi (child), Eren Yeager (child), Hange Zoe, Kenny Ackerman, Carla Yeager
Pairing: Rivaere
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G

Pumyumkins are urban legends built around rumors and assumptions. Tiny human like creatures that ate pumpkins and gourds. Creatures that lived deep in thick forests only coming out for the autumn and early winter. 10 year old Levi just assumed the rumor started when someone, like Hange, dressed up their shaved cat in baby clothes one day and the poor cat was so embarrassed it ran away deep into the forest.


Levi hopes to give Eren a bath.

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