winter is coming (10)


So since I always get the question; “Hey Taylor, Can you suggest some PSD’s for ______ Roleplay” I decided to combine all of my previous suggestions into one masterlist to help everyone. I feel like sometimes I repeat myself so I hope this helps all of you! Please LIKE or REBLOG if using or if you found this useful

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Episode 10 taught us one thing : WOMEN RULE !

Women are taking control of Westeros :D The show might have shown lots of sex scenes and rape -or nearly rape- scenes but it doesn’t make it sexist. Now it is definitely at a feminist turning point.

It’s a good thing especially when many of them have been the victims or were restricted to the level of subordinate roles. Not all of them obviously, but now they’re all taking their revenge for sure.


i felt like doing a transformation thing of myself over the past 10 years. each picture is about a year apart, and they’re captioned, too.

i’ve been id-ing as bi since the summer of 2011, and i’ve been id-ing as a trans masc guy since february of 2015. kind of cool, to see how far i’ve come


(7/10) When the winter comes

“So how do you find this ball? It bores me a bit without cute guys around.” Marg said while she linked her arms with Sansas.”Oh wait your brother and his friends.” Waving her chestnut hair behind her back with an elegant gesture Marg chuckled seeing Sansas reaction.

“I know your brother is a taboo, don’t worry.” She winked cheeky. Sansa played with her hands and tried to control her emotions. She felt at Margs words a sudden ache in her chest. Looking to Robb, Jon and Theon with a confused glance.  

“Robb and his friends aren’t a taboo, but he´s in love with someone else, I think.”

Because I only have the right to talk about Robb. What Theon and Jon do is not my business.

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It's funny how this things work because in my country, during summer, temperatures can reach above 40 degrees and it's bad but we stay inside or go to the beach. But once the winter comes, we face 10 degrees temperatures and it's already red alert and old people are told to stay warm and safe inside! It's the complete opposite from your country since our houses are prepared for hot weather but not for the cold, most people need the fireplace on during the whole day ahah

I’ve got three fans running in the office, every window open and the thin curtains closed, but I’m gonna gonna go out and try to top up my tan at lunch so there’s no logic 😂

“Winter is here,” Sansa says, and they both smile, and they laugh, because yes the white walkers are coming, but the snow and the ice and the cold is in their blood.  They are of the first men, who conquered the North and the Winter and the White Walkers.  They smile because their father was right: Winter is Coming.  Winter is here and the Starks are coming home, so god help anybody who stands in their way.

Ice Queen- A Mix For the Northern Wall of Briggs

1. Go!| Santigold//2. Ice Queen|Within Temptation//3.I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast|Ida Maria//4.Iron|Woodkid//5.The Wolf|Phildel//6.Cold War|Janelle Monae//7.Empire|Alpines//8. Let It Go|Idina Menzel//9. Beat The Devil’s Tatoo| Black Rebel Motorcyle Club//10. Winter Is Coming| Radical Face//11. Rise| Origa//12. Captain Signy Mallory|Heather Alexander

They stormed her winter place, but they couldn’t take it- a mix for the ambitious warrior queen of Briggs.

I don’t care how many times I’ve used “Rise” in a playlist at this point clearly. I like it and it fits, so there.

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here’s the lyrics excepts since they’re short

Go!- people want my power/and they want my station/stormed my winter palace/but they couldn’t take it

This song is the reason I decided the make the entire mix tbh

Ice Queen- You better hide for her freezing hell/On cold wings she’s coming/You better keep moving

I Eat Boys Like You- It´s your chance to repent for all the days you spent playing king of the hill/It´s an easy match but there is just one catch/By now you should know the drill/Yes you should know that/I eat boys like you for breakfast

 Mainly supposed to be her addressing Raven and the other dudes she ends up killin’ and stuff. 

Iron- I’m frozen to the bones, I am…/A soldier on my own

The Wolf- And if I see you round like a ghost in my town/you liar/I’ll leave with your head/oh, I’ll leave you for dead, sire.

Again, basically her addressing Raven. Though could also apply to how she feels about King Bradley and others.

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