winter in kentucky

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and it takes Steve a second and he fucking throws Bucky off of him and this  piece of shit is laughing the whole way to the floor.


Williamson, Iowa
Population: 152

“One of the large men whom the war developed in capacity for leadership and in ambition to lead was James Alexander Williamson. Entering the war as an adjutant, he retired at its close a brevet major-general.Born in Columbia , Kentucky , February 8, 1829 , at the age of fifteen, he came with his family from a residence in Indiana , to Keokuk county, Iowa , where he engaged in farming, doing a man’s work in the field. Later he sold a farm acquired by him and entered Knox College, in Illinois . Returning to Iowa he studied law in the town of Lancaster with the afterward famous Marcellus M. Crocker. Admitted to the bar in 1855, he located at the new state capital. He was one of the syndicate of promoters who built the temporary capitol as an inducement for re-location. Prominent in democratic politics, he was chairman of the Democratic State Committee in 1860-1861. As such, in 1860, he called a convention of all persons who wished to avert a civil war. General Dodge, referring to this event says: “Few of the large number of persons attending this convention believed there was any danger of war … but, it was Williamson’s firm belief that war was inevitable, and, from the hour when the first gun was fired at Sumter, no one doubted where he stood. He began to put his business affairs in order, and when the call came he recruited a few men at Des Moines and with a few others that were recruited by Judge Reed in Dallas County, they were sent to Council Bluffs and were made a part of what was known as the “Dodge Battery,” which was raised the Fourth Iowa. Williamson was mustered in as first lieutenant. On recommendation of Caleb Baldwin, Colonel Dodge appointed him adjutant. He had told Judge Baldwin that if he couldn’t get a commission he would enlist as a private. His first experience was in Missouri . Sent by his colonel to procure equipments for his regiment, Adjutant Williamson finally secured them from the reluctant Frémont, though personally he was denied an audience with the general.”