winter hyacinth


The Seasonal Ministers of another time, and the fairies they appointed as their successors.

Hazel, the Minister of Autumn: Hazel was a calming and kindly minister devoted to her season, and completely unflappable. Even early frosts never shook her. Her time of fading came second, whilst delivering Autumn to the Mainland, and she took it with the dignity and calm all fairies knew her for even though it must have pained her to fade far from her home. Due to the circumstances, she was forced to pass her title to the animal-talent Redleaf without consulting Queen Clarion first, but she knew the choice to be the right one.

Nettle, the Minister of Spring: Loud, boisterous and enthusiastic, Nettle was all about announcing the new life of Spring. She just loved nurturing each and every new life - plant or animal - and always encouraged every fairy to do their best. Her time of fading came last, and only Queen Clarion bore witness to it. Not every fairy can make their peace with Disbelief, and there are rumours that unhappiness and distress surrounded Nettle’s, as the Queen delivered the news of her fading with a solumn quiet tone. Much to the surprise of most, the quiet lonesome garden-talent Hyacinth was chosen as Nettle’s successor but, whilst it took some time for him to accept the title, Hyacinth proved himself to be worthy of the role.

Topaz, the Minister of Summer: If Nettle was enthusiastic, Topaz was pure cheer concentrated in fairy form. Summer was a time of celebration and laughter and love and life to Topaz, and he’d always be sure that whilst hard work was needed to bring Summer to the mainland, each and every fairy was also taking the time to enjoy the sun. His time of fading came third, and while he didn’t have long, he still managed to throw a bit of a party during his fading. He had put forward Sunflower as his successor to Queen Clarion with time to spare, certain that she understood Summer as he did - as laughter and life.

Galanthus, the Minister of Winter: Galanthus, often nicknamed “Snowdrop” much to his dismay, was the short-tempered sharp-tongued minister of Winter. A very meticulous efficient and driven fairy, the wind wouldn’t blow in the Winter Woods without his knowledge. For all of his harsh tone and scowling though, Galanthus never had ill-intent. He thought very highly of every fairy in his charge, and so never accepted anything less than their best. His time of fading came first, and he’d been well prepared for it, having already made all the necessary arrangements to appoint Snowflake the frost-talent as his successor, impressed by her organisation and efficiency.

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Word Count: 4033

Characters: Feyre, Rhysand, Mor, Nuala, Cerridwen

Warnings: ACOTAR and ACOMAF spoilers.

Summary: An alternate storyline where very drunk Rhys crashes a Spring Court wedding and returns Feyre to the House of Wind. With a drunk Rhys on their hands, Feyre is does not mistake the mating bond as part of the bargain between them. Will she accept the bond and learn to love the High Lord of the Night Court?

A huge shout out to: @the-heir-of-terrasen, this is based on your head cannon. @feysand17, thank you for your proof reading skills and help finding the plot holes.

This is a continuance of Wedding Crasher. Part 1  and Part 2

- - - - - - -


I awoke to the most beautiful sight. Feyre was tucked into the nook between my shoulder and neck. Her hand resting on my chest as she quietly snored. I could stay here forever; however, I desperately needed a bath. Waking up with a little bad breath is expected, smelling of stale bourbon was not. Our first morning together, reeking of stale bourbon was not a memory I wanted for her, for us.

I reminded myself that there was nothing to last night, she just needed not to be alone. She would have slept next to the Suriel, if it meant not being alone. She had spent so long being alone. I unwrapped Feyre from my arms and headed to my room.

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