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Winter Drawing Meme

Send a character and number and I’ll draw them…

1. Wearing a scarf
2. Throwing a snowball
3. Getting hit by a snowball
4. Drinking a hot beverage
5. Sledding
6. Decorating
7. Wearing a holiday sweater
8. As a Christmas Elf
9. On a snowy day
10. Opening a present
11. Licking an icicle
12. Building a snowman
13. Bundled up in warm clothes
14. By a fire
15. Tangled in Christmas lights
16. Counting down for New Years
17. Decorating Christmas cookies
18. Putting together a gingerbread house
19. Making a snow angel
20. Putting the star on the tree

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I LOVE THIS PROSPECT. like for real. when this got sent in, i kind of squealed, cause for one.. i think they are perfect for each other. i never thought of them before, but once it was sent in.. i was like.. YES PLEASE. FINALLY SOMEONE I REALLY REALLY LIKE FOR DAPHNE THAT ISN’T ALREADY SOUL MATES WITH SOMEONE ELSE. i have a thing where i have to find the one soul mate for each character even though i’m a multi-shipper. aka, i’m trash. 

but anyway, this will be for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • daphne had a thing for older men.
  • which made it harder for her to find someone that wasn’t already married and was older. 
  • but her mom had a huge problem with her not being married at twenty years old.
  • apparently greengrass ladies down her father’s line were always married right when they left hogwarts.
  • but daphne could only think, sorry to break it to you, mom, but father’s death eater antics made it so no one wanted to marry me, let alone touch me with a ten foot pole after the war.
  • she despised what her parents did to her reputation.
  • she despised everything they stood for when it came to pureblood mania - she always did.
  • but she was a good girl, and naturally, she didn’t speak up to save her own skin.
  • and she did enjoy the pureblood’s perks. 
  • she realized it was probably stupid now, but at least she is still alive three years after voldemort’s downfall.
  • pansy told her to go for the war heroes, and that’s where it was at.
  • would daphne have ever thought one of her best friends from hogwarts would end up with the boy who lived?
  • god no.
  • it was almost laughable, but daphne thought, if pansy can get married to harry fucking potter, i should be able to marry anyone.
  • so, daphne was on a mission, and she was very pleased that the ministry was holding a winter ball.
  • everyone was invited that knew someone from the ministry.
  • which meant every fucking wizard in the country would be there.
  • daphne dreaded the large crowds, but she was also pleased that there would be so many bachelors there just waiting for her to snatch them up with her freshly painted nails.
  • she smiled at herself in the mirror outside the ball room and fluffed her blonde curls. 
  • pink was her color.
  • pansy was right - she usually was, but that wasn’t something daphne ever wanted to admit.
  • she took a deep breath and opened the doors to the grand ballroom.
  • all the married couples from her hogwarts days were on one side of the room laughing and drinking fresh mead. she saw pansy wave. 
  • all daphne could see was her wedding band. it made her more determined.
  • she smiled back genuinely and then hinted that she was going across the ballroom.
  • pansy winked at her, because pansy was smart enough to know that the game was on.
  • once she made it across the ballroom and was surrounded by many single bachelors - one in particular caught her eye.
  • he had dark red hair and freckles, and his eyes were almost as blue as a fucking summer’s day.
  • she couldn’t believe it.
  • her mouth went dry.
  • but she smirked to herself - he was the one.
  • she walked over confidently and tapped on his shoulder.
  • he turned around to face her.
  • then she saw the weasley fucking crest on his suit.
  • and oh god, this could not be.
  • she couldn’t run away now, so she smiled sweetly.
  • “anything i can do for you?” he asked her.
  • his voice was rough.
  • it was hot.
  • but he had a look of contemplation - she knew he was figuring out who she was.
  • the greengrass cheekbones were trademark.
  • daphne had planned out everything she was going to say before, but it was suddenly gone from her mind.
  • he was so good-looking.
  • but he was a weasley.
  • her mother would not approve.
  • but she stood there gaping at him, until she saw him dare to smirk at her.
  • “still distracted by my good looks?” he asked smoothly.
  • he took a sip from his glass.
  • daphne glared.
  • no, i’m more perplexed as to how you were even invited.” she shot back.
  • she knew this was a stupid comeback.
  • everyone was invited.
  • the weasley’s were fucking royalty now.
  • his smirk grew wider.
  • “nice comeback, greengrass. do you want to dance or not?”
  • daphne knew it wasn’t a good idea, but that’s what made her want it more.
  • fine, but which weasley are you?” she asked.
  • “charlie,” he replied, “but i feel like you’re the pretentious type to prefer charles.” 
Like this winter and a sweater

Ship: Jon x Sansa, background Ned/Cat, Robb/Jeyne, Arya/Gendry

‘Why don’t you come with me?’

Jon squints at her, sure he’s misheard.


‘To Winterfell. Why don’t you come with me?

or; Sansa takes pity on Jon and invites him home for the holidays, but there’s one significant catch. 10k. Fake dating. On AO3 if you prefer.

AN: For jonxsansafanfictions winter challenge. The fic is still unfinished but I wanted to get something out before christmas day. Consider this part one of two. 

Jon shoulders open the door to his small apartment and drops his keys into the bowl on the side, stamping the last flakes of snow sticking to his boots free onto his doormat. Outside the streets of Chicago are littered with fairy lights and big baubled christmas trees stand in the lobby of every department store in the city. The walls of Jon and Robb’s flat are bare in comparison, the only blinking light coming from the answering machine down the hall. Jon sighs and shifts his shopping to the kitchen before pressing play on the machine. Just as he expected, Lyanna Snow’s soft voice starts to spiral into the room.

‘Jon? Jon darling, are you there? Robb?… Jon if you’re in, please pick up the phone…. I guess you’re out.’ A sigh crackles down the line. ‘Jon, I just wanted to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. Your father and I would very much like to spend the holiday with you and I miss you, honey. Your father wants to see you. Please, Jon, just think about it. Give me a ring later? Ok, bye for now.’

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Winter Holiday OC Challenge

-The basic point of this challenge is to answer a question about your OCs every day up until Christmas.

-You can choose to focus on as many or few OCs as you want throughout this challenge, and you can change who you focus on from question to question if you want. It’s really up to you. :)

-I’m trying to make this as open ended as possible so you can answer with OCs who don’t necessary celebrate Christmas but there will be some questions specifically about Santa and stuff because I know the most about that holiday. Please let me know if you find anything offensive or inaccurate.

-if you are doing this with your Pixelberry OCs add the tag #pbholidayocs so I can read about all your cool characters!

-Have fun!

December 3: What are your OC’s holiday traditions? What holidays do they celebrate and who do they celebrate them with?

December 4: Do you have an OC with a birthday close to or during the holidays? How do they feel about this?

December 5: What kinds of experiences with “Secret Santa” have your OCs had?

December 6: What special holiday foods are your OCs favorite?

December 7: When do your OCs put up a Christmas tree? 

December 8: How does your high school (high school story) or college (hollywood u) decorate for the holidays?

December 9: When did your OCs find/figure out that Santa wasn’t real? How did they react?

December 10: Do any of your OCs have a special holiday decoration? What’s the story behind it?

December 11: What’s a funny, interesting or weird holiday experience one of your OC’s have had?

December 12: When do your OCs go holiday shopping? What do they normally buy? Do any of them make gifts?

December 13: How much family do your OCs spend the holidays with? How do they feel about their family?

December 14: What do your OCs want for Christmas (or whatever they celebrate)?

December 15: Which of your OCs likes making holiday cookies? What kind of cookies do they make?

December 16: What are some not so great experiences your OCs have had during past or current holidays?

December 17: Do your OCs like Christmas songs? What are their favorites?

December 18: How do your OCs like to spend Christmas break?

December 19: Does your school (high school story) or college (hollywood u) have any special holiday traditions?

December 20: Have your OCs ever had a white Christmas (or holiday)? What kind of weather is most common where they live?

December 21: What do your OCs like to do to celebrate New Year?

December 22: What kind of holiday crafts do your OCs like to make? How do they usually turn out?

December 23: Do your OCs like ugly Christmas (or holiday) sweaters?

December 24: What do your OCs do on Christmas eve?

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okay, so it's me again with the blaise x neville ^^ them both getting caught in a snowstorm or something and having to stake out in the greenhouses :D

i love love love this prompt. this is for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • what neville longbottom did not notice at hogwarts was that blaise zabini was absolutely enthralled with herbology.
  • he wasn’t sure how he seemed to miss this very important fact that should have been very obvious. 
  • but he was well… very surprised when blaise came to him asking for a job after the war.
  • neville opened up his own greenhouse to help produce all the different properties needed to make potions for the ministry. 
  • he loved his job. it was his dream.
  • and he was good at it.
  • but he never would have expected an ex-rival to come and ask him for a job.
  • especially not blaise zabini.
  • neville would have been stupid not to hire him - he had amazing marks and skill.
  • and neville was not prejudice against slytherins. 
  • he never was.
  • so he hired blaise on the spot.
  • they had been working together for a few weeks now - neither of them talking for hours at a time as they worked side by side.
  • and neville was happy that he could find a partner to work with that did not insist on constantly conversing.
  • it was refreshing.
  • but what neville did not like was being snowed in for an entire evening at the greenhouses alone with blaise zabini because it was impossible to safely get out - even with magic.
  • not only was it awkward - it was freezing.
  • they sat across from each other pulling their sweaters close to their chests - and still did not talk.
  • until blaise suddenly casted a heating charm.
  • neville sighed with relief and was wondering what took either of them so long, but he blushed as he saw blaise move over to sit directly next to him.
  • he had no idea why he was reacting this way, and he decided quickly he didn’t want to know.
  • you know,” blaise said smoothly, “apparently you retain body heat better if you cuddle naked. according to muggles anyway.”
  • neville blushed more, and he saw blaise smirk in his peripheral vision.
  • “i-uh.. what?” neville stuttered out.
  • you heard me,” blaise replied, “but i’m joking of course. i haven’t even taken you out to dinner yet.”
  • “to-to dinner?” neville stuttered agian.
  • “jeez longbottom, you make this so hard. i’m trying to ask you out.”
  • “why?”
  • it was out before neville realized how pathetic he sounded.
  • he dropped his hand and felt it hit blaise’s, but he pulled it back up and into his pocket instantly.
  • he saw blaise give him a look of sympathy.
  • “why not?” he asked.
  • neville shrugged, “people don’t ask me out. they never have.”
  • he couldn’t believe he was admitting this - he couldn’t believe any of this was actually happening.
  • then blaise surprised him by replying, “well, they’re stupid then.”
  • they didn’t talk for about an hour after that.
  • they just huddled together for warmth, and eventually neville fell asleep on blaise’s shoulder.
  • blaise couldn’t help but smile.

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Headcanon for if Harry and Pansy went to the Yule Ball together in year 4?

this fits perfectly for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • so.
  • pansy parkinson was always confused as to why draco malfoy cared about harry potter’s opinion of him so much.
  • but once harry’s name actually came out of the goblet and he became relevant to her.
  • she decided to divulge in this wonder and curiosity that filled her mind.
  • when draco wanted to ruin his chances - she agreed to help him.
  • but her motivations weren’t necessarily.. well.. pure in draco’s eyes.
  • draco started noticing her sneers became lingering looks.
  • and he noticed how she became less and less involved when it came to mocking potter.
  • and he wondered what this meant.
  • but draco knew.
  • so he backed off, too, much to harry’s relief.
  • it wasn’t until pansy found out that harry asked cho chang to the yule ball that she said something.
  • “i don’t understand why he would ask her,” she sneered, “she isn’t even that pretty really. i’m pretty sure her nail polish is always chipped.”
  • draco watched as she looked over her black nail polish - trying desperately to act indifferent.
  • but draco couldn’t help but grin.
  • pansy looked up and noticed.
  • she furrowed her brow.
  • “what are you smirking about?” she asked him seriously, “this isn’t a laughing matter.”
  • “i know it isn’t,” draco remarked, “because you like him.”
  • pansy glared at him.
  • she glared at him in a way he had never seen before.
  • “never say that again,” she threatened, “or i’ll hex your nose off. you’re obsessed with him, not me.”
  • draco grunted but didn’t protest.
  • he wouldn’t push it further.
  • it wasn’t until draco saw him in the hall later that day.
  • he called potter out who turned around immediately with a glare on his face.
  • draco couldn’t help but smirk.
  • potter, i know someone who wants to actually go to the ball with you, since i’ve heard you haven’t had much luck,” he explained - though it sounded mocking, “maybe you should look into that.”
  • harry turned red. he was angry, so angry.
  • “fuck off, malfoy.” harry retorted.
  • he pushed passed him, but draco followed.
  • “aren’t you at least a little curious?” he asked him.
  • harry turned around to face him again.
  • he looked bored.
  • “and why would i be interested in any date you’d recommend? i would rather take professor trewlaney than any girl you could come up with.” 
  • draco had to stop himself from chuckling. that was an amusing thought, but he stood his ground.
  • “just keep it in mind.” 
  • “yeah, okay.” harry replied sarcastically.
  • he walked away, and this time, draco let him go.
  • but three days later, harry pushed draco into a broom closet when no one was looking.
  • draco smirked.
  • “so you want to test my matchmaking skills?” he asked harry smugly.
  • “shut up, malfoy, i’m just curious.”
  • “you really are desperate. just meet her by the lake tonight at nine. she’ll be there. you can see her before the ball. you can know i’m not pulling your leg.”
  • “fine, but be prepared, if anything shifty happens, i will hex your nose off.”
  • “funny, she said the same thing to me a few days ago.”
  • harry eyed him suspiciously, but then he left without another word.
  • pansy was resistant to draco’s pleading for her to go to hogwarts lake to get him some ingredient for his latest potions antic.
  • but she agreed because really, she would do anything for her best friend.
  • she sighed when he told her he had to meet with professor mcgonagall and couldn’t come with her.
  • but she kept her word; she always did.
  • she pulled her jacket close to her chest and wished she had worn a scarf.
  • she heard the snow crunching under her boots.
  • but as she approached the lake and looked up - she noticed he was there.
  • harry potter was standing there.
  • and when he saw her, he was stunned.
  • she stopped in her tracks.
  • i’m going to kill draco, she thought.
  • “this has got to be a joke,” harry finally said, “a practical joke. what are you going to do, hex me?”
  • pansy seriously considered it, but she was too curious.
  • “did draco send you here?”
  • “yes.”
  • “whatever he’s saying, he’s barking mad.”
  • “yeah, like for one, why would i want to go to the ball with you of all people, and two, why would you want to go with me?”
  • pansy was surprised that his words stung her, but she pursed her lips so he wouldn’t notice, but then she decided to reply.
  • “you don’t know the first thing about me, potter,” she drawled like she was bored, “but your life is already exciting enough, isn’t it? you don’t need me in it to make it more interesting. it would be too much for you.”
  • harry perked his eyebrow up, but he still didn’t speak.
  • “whatever,” pansy finally said, “draco doesn’t know what he’s talking about anyway. i would never want to go to the yule ball with the gryffindor sweetheart.” 
  • she turned on her heel to walk away, but harry spoke up.
  • “but isn’t that exactly why we should go together? to shake things up?”
  • pansy turned back around.
  • she wanted to act like she wasn’t still intrigued.
  • she wanted to act like she wasn’t starting to like him.
  • but she let her guard down and smirked.
  • “i suppose it is.” 

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Ron x Astoria headcanons ?

this is for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • it was the first year astoria was not going to be with her family for christmas.
  • after the war, she officially separated herself from that toxic environment. 
  • it just wasn’t good for her anymore; it never was.
  • she went back to hogwarts that year for her seventh year, and she befriended someone she never would have expected to.
  • ron weasley.
  • he was awkward, he was caring, he was kind, he was brave.
  • he was everything astoria admired in a person.
  • but she felt awkward trying to pursue anything with him, because he still was not completely over hermione granger.
  • or so she thought. 
  • and she couldn’t blame him, really, it was hard to get over a break-up. especially a break-up with your best friend.
  • they were still on good terms though, but astoria thought she could see ron sometimes slipping back into the same trap.
  • astoria planned on staying at hogwarts for the holidays. there was no way she would go back home or even attempt to look at her sister to ask what the plans were, and she loved the hogwarts grounds during the holidays.
  • it was peaceful, beautiful, and calming.
  • but astoria was surprised when ron asked her to come back with him to the burrow for christmas. 
  • she tried to say no, saying that she didn’t want to intrude, but ron insisted and wouldn’t back down.
  • so now here she was, sitting outside on christmas eve at the weasley’s home..
  • drinking hot chocolate and warming herself up with a heating charm and a thick woolly blanket.
  • she sighed and watched her breath fog up the air.
  • everyone was asleep, but there was no way she could sleep now.
  • she was too happy, and she didn’t want to miss a moment of this.
  • she jumped slightly when she heard someone come out the back door.
  • she was relieved to see it was ron, but she flushed and tried to flatten her messy hair.
  • she hated how she still felt the need to impress him. 
  • “hey,” he said quietly, “are you alright?”
  • astoria smiled slightly as he sat down next to her and made his way under her blanket for warmth.
  • “yeah,” she breathed, “i haven’t felt this good in a long time.”
  • ron bit his lip and looked away from her. he seemed nervous.
  • “that’s good, i’m glad.”
  • they were silent for awhile, but it wasn’t awkward.
  • it never really was with him.
  • “i have something for you,” ron suddenly said, “just look behind you.”
  • astoria raised her eyebrows as her eyes laid upon a package.
  • “presents are supposed to be opened tomorrow.” she teased.
  • ron stared at her intently.
  • she had to look away from his eyes so she wouldn’t drown in them. 
  • she felt herself flush.
  • “i figured you could open this one early.”
  • suddenly nervous, astoria took her hands out from under the blanket and started ripping off the wrapping.
  • her hands were shaking, but not from the cold.
  • she felt ron’s warm hand touch her arm.
  • he knew.
  • “don’t be nervous,” he whispered.
  • she swallowed the remaining saliva in her mouth as she pulled out his gift from the box.
  • it was a brand new kit of paintbrushes and supplies.
  • astoria felt tears well up in her eyes.
  • her parents destroyed her old ones before she moved out.
  • she hadn’t been able to afford new ones.
  • and she knew ron couldn’t have been able to afford these either unless he went skimpy on other people’s presents.
  • ron-” she started, but he silenced her by kissing her softly.
  • his lips were chapped, but she didn’t mind.
  • she melted into his kiss, and in her opinion, he stopped too soon.
  • “you deserve it all stori,” he said, “you deserve the world.” 

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Okay but Ginny and Blaise falling in love around Christmas would be just so wonderful.... like I need the headcanonsssss

so i got another request for blinny during their eighth year, so this is going to actually be combined for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • ginny and harry broke up a few months after the war.
  • something was just missing.
  • and for awhile, it was awkward, but it eventually became like they were siblings once again.
  • ginny felt like she should feel guilty that it was that easy when she broke it off - but a part of her was relieved to have harry back in her life without all those expectations.
  • she was happy that he was going back to hogwarts with her, too, along with her brother, hermione, and all their friends.
  • maybe some normalcy would come back and be good for them - but ginny knew it would never be the same.
  • especially when she ran into blaise zabini in the hall that first night back.
  • he was taller, sleeker, more muscular.
  • her mouth went dry, and all he said was, “excuse me, ginevra.”
  • his voice was like velvet.
  • she had hated him before, so why was this leaving a mark now?
  • he plagued her dreams after that.
  • and the first few months went by quickly without any direct interaction between the two of them.
  • ginny was frustrated that she was even frustrated by that fact.
  • it wasn’t until the beginning of december when they spoke again.
  • ginny was walking back alone from hogsmeade.
  • neville and luna wanted to stay behind for a little longer, but ginny was tired.
  • and she enjoyed the walks in the snow to clear her mind.
  • she took a deep breath as she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.
  • and she focused on how the falling snow felt when it hit her cheeks and the sound of her boots crunching against the snow.
  • ginny was an athlete - she was known to be observant of her environment - but the one time she wasn’t, she ran right into blaise zabini.
  • he was walking back to campus alone too, and he seemed to be in his own mind just as much as ginny.
  • ginny felt her cheeks flush once she realized who she had ran into.
  • she felt as tongue-tied as she used to when she was little towards harry.
  • “sorry, blaise. i-i didn’t mean to run into you.”
  • he looked down at her with a smile on his face.
  • not a smirk - but a smile.
  • ginny’s cheeks turned redder.
  • “it’s okay, ginevra. it’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name. did you notice?”
  • ginny felt flustered - her guard was down. 
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied coolly. 
  • she tried to push past him, but she felt him grab her arm.
  • “you don’t have to do that, you know,” blaise said seriously, “we’re not at war anymore.”
  • ginny was stunned by his words - she felt like he had hit her with a snowball.
  • her mouth dropped open, but it snapped shut quickly again.
  • she didn’t say a word, but he just gave her a small smile - a smile like he pitied her - and he walked away.
  • she saw him again a week later - the day before they were supposed to leave for the christmas holiday.
  • she was sitting in the snow by hogwarts lake.
  • her sweater was pulled close to her chest, and she looked out at the frozen water - she wondered what it would be like to ice skate, she had never tried it before.
  • she was startled when someone sat next to her.
  • and it was him.
  • her cheeks turned red again, and she swore at herself for making her embarrassment obvious.
  • but blaise just turned his head to face her.
  • she tried to avoid looking into his eyes - they were like melted honey. eyes shouldn’t be that beautiful - it frightened her.
  • “what are you doing for christmas break?” he asked her.
  • ginny shrugged. she didn’t want to talk, because she knew it would bring her guard down again.
  • he suddenly sighed.
  • ginevra, i told you that you don’t have to act like we are at war anymore.”
  • she huffed in response.
  • “it’s ginny.”
  • “i know, but ginevra is gorgeous, don’t you think?”
  • she turned her head so she was looking directly at him.
  • a small smile played at his lips. 
  • he was teasing her.
  • she couldn’t help but smirk slightly, but she looked away.
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied.
  • “i have to go,” he suddenly said.
  • he got up and shoved his gloved hands into his pockets.
  • before she realized she sounded desperate for his company, she asked, “why?”
  • he chuckled slightly.
  • “well, you technically have to go, too, the train is going to leave shortly.”
  • she blushed again, and as she got up, she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  • “right.” she replied.
  • they walked toward the train in silence, but as they got closer, blaise grabbed her arm and stopped her.
  • you know, i wouldn’t protest if you wrote to me over break,” blaise explained, “i enjoy talking to you.”
  • “how do you know?” she asked, “we have barely talked.”
  • he smirked.
  • “i’ll be looking forward to your letter.”
  • he walked away then toward draco and pansy.
  • ginny noticed harry rubbing the back of his neck while talking to pansy parkinson.
  • ginny couldn’t help but grin - that was his nervous habit, he was liking parkinson.
  • she couldn’t wait to tease him about that later.
  • but she was still more preoccupied with blaise’s request.
  • she didn’t write to him when she get home.
  • but on christmas day, an owl came for her.
  • it didn’t have a signature, but she knew it was from him by the slanted cursive writing and the beautiful parchment.
  • his words stuck in her mind for the rest of break, but she didn’t write back. what she wanted to say to him needed to be in person.
  • “it’s time for a fresh start, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • she re-read his short message over and over again until it was permanently etched into her brain.
  • and all she could think was, yeah, i suppose it is time. 

Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson - for the @slytherdornet Winter/Holiday Challenge!

Harry woke up on Christmas morning to see Pansy already awake and gazing at him lovingly. He felt his heart swell as she stroked his cheek and blushed from him noticing her gaze. It was her silent way of saying I love you.

“Merry Christmas, Potter,” she whispered softly, “Do you want to go down and open presents?”

He studied her eyes and the softness that was now behind them. Her guard was down this morning, and for that, he was grateful. This was a look she now only reserved for him. 

For once on Christmas morning, he did not want to go down and open his gifts right away. Instead, he wanted to hold her for a little while longer.

He pulled her close to his chest, and he watched as she closed her eyes. He wondered what she thought about whenever she heard his heart beating.

“Merry Christmas, Pans,” he finally answered, “Let’s just lay here for a little while longer.”

And so they did. 

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parvati x theo?

i have never thought of them before, and i’m honestly loving it. this will be for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge

  • there was nothing that parvati hated more than snow.
  • mainly because it was all wet and melted so easily - and it always made you feel like your hands were going to break off if you played in it for too long.
  • and it also reminded her of lavender.
  • it was hard coming back to school after the war with lavender gone.
  • there was nothing worse than losing your best friend; the person you loved more than anything.
  • lavender loved snow; maybe it was too symbolic for parvati now. it only made her think of her and her loss.
  • she crinkled her nose in disgust as she heard her boots crush against the snow as she was walking towards hogsmeade to meet theodore nott.
  • she had no idea why she agreed to go on a date with him, but she knew it was time to be happy again.
  • and she could see how he had changed - how he was actually sociable now and was trying to be a good person.
  • she admired that in all the slytherins trying to be better people now after the war.
  • and she figured, why not give him a chance?
  • she reached the front of the three broomsticks and pulled her pink peacoat close to her chest - and she instantly regretted not wearing her scarf.
  • theo walked up to her with a shy grin on his face, and she swore his cheeks were slightly pink when his eyes met her’s.
  • “hi,” he said shyly, “i wasn’t sure you’d come.”
  • parvati suddenly felt bad for him, and she wondered how many times he had been stood up since the end of the war - or maybe even before then.
  • “i’m a girl of my word,” she replied, “what do you want to do?”
  • theo shot her his crooked smile again, and parvati felt her pulse skip in her chest.
  • “i have one idea, but i’m not sure you’ll like it.”
  • “what’s the idea?”
  • he chuckled slightly and held out his hand for her to take.
  • she hesitated for the first few seconds, but she then took it willingly.
  • even in gloves, their hands fit together perfectly.
  • parvati felt herself flush by this realization, and she was thankful when theo didn’t notice.
  • or he didn’t make it obvious that he noticed.
  • “you’ll see.” was all he said.
  • she sighed as he led her back closer to hogwarts, but she didn’t say anything.
  • she wondered what lavender would say right now.
  • but that thought left her as soon as they were left in an open field of snow.
  • “this is what you have planned?” she asked him teasingly, “we’re going to stand here in the snow?”
  • he huffed playfully, “noooo,” he said in an exaggerated fashion, “we’re going to make snow angels.”
  • “you were right before,” she replied immediately, “i don’t like this.”
  • rather than give her a teasing smile, he looked at her seriously.
  • “is it because of her?”
  • his question caught her off guard.
  • his eyes were staring into her’s intently. it was as though he could see through her completely.
  • “i uh-”
  • “you don’t need to explain,” he said suddenly, “i get it. i know what it is like to lose people you love, and how it is hard to face things that remind you of them.”
  • parvati was stunned silent, and she closed her open mouth quickly.
  • they stood staring at each other for awhile, until parvati looked down and kicked some snow with her boot.
  • “i’m sorry.”
  • don’t be, parvati.”
  • she nodded some and was happy he understood.
  • she watched as he picked up some snow and made a snowball. he threw it far out into the field.
  • “you want to do something else then?” he asked her.
  • parvati contemplated on that idea for a moment, but then she replied honestly, “no, she would want me to have fun.”
  • he smiled slightly and took her hand again. he looked down at her pink fabric glove.
  • “you know, patil,” he explained teasingly, “the reason you probably hate snow is because you wear fabric gloves so the wetness soaks through. leather is where it is at.”
  • he then wiggled his fingers and she rolled her eyes.
  • “that’s not the only reason.” she fibbed.
  • and before she could protest no, he pulled her down into the snow with him.
  • she couldn’t help but laugh.
  • she felt free as she waved her arms around to make a snow angel.
  • and after that day, she knew she had to embrace the good and the bad.
  • sure, the snow was wet and cold, but it also symbolized purity and fun.
  • and the war didn’t have to remain in her forever.
  • she didn’t always have to let lavender’s death be sad.
  • she should embrace the memories she had with her.
  • she should now embrace the new beginnings with theo.
  • lavender would have wanted that for her, she knew it.
  • and as they walked back to hogwarts hand in hand laughing with dripping wet hair, she swore she saw a particular snowflake that fell in front of her twinkle.
  • and that’s when she knew that lavender was still with her.
  • even when she started something new.

Whoop whoop, our second challenge is here! For those that enjoyed #teamnocheats, here is #happyhealthyholidays! A challenge that takes place November First through January First of 2015 - this is your way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle through one of the most difficult times of the year. The holiday months are known to take a toll on people, both mentally and physically. The average person gains between 8 and 15 pounds during this time! This is your way to combat that! 

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The challenge: Create fic or art inspired by a holiday song

We aren’t trying to revive the songfic — you don’t have to include lyrics or specific references to the song you choose — but we want you to derive inspiration from a holiday or winter-themed song in some way. For example:

  • A case fic based on Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 
  • Silent Night-inspired TFW enjoying a quiet holiday in the bunker
  • Something you drew while listening to your favorite winter song

Basic info:

  • Songs can be about any winter holiday or simply winter themed
  • All SPN ships and gen fic and art are welcome. No RPF, please
  • 1k minimum wordcount for fics; new fic & art only
  • Advent-calendar style posting throughout December
  • Sign-ups close October 15

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“AAC” December 1st

Welcome to AAC, one of the first AUideas Advent Calendar to ever grace the code of Tumblr. Here, we will have the first post of this momentous occasion, so buckle up and start writing! (Remember that the completed speed writes are due by midnight [edit: 11:59 p.m.] on December 2nd in your time zone!)

Just A Bit Chilled AU

For Character A, life can be a bit chilled. With a lower than normal body temperature, they will use anything to try and warm up. When in a public place, they can’t hold themself together and continuously inch towards a stranger, Character B, as they are certainly a needed source of heat. Character B is amused, and asks “how Character A is doing.” In response, they simply say that they’re “just a bit chilled.” 

This same routine continues for quite some time until with each day, Character B brings more and more warming “tools,” from a blanket to hot chocolate, eventually compiling to the extreme of building an actual fire on the sidewalk that forces Characters A & B to run from any incoming police officers.

Their relationship is close, unwavering, and grows warmer by the slightly chilled second.

Good luck everyone, and keep your work under 1,000 words! - Admins °M° & Chamomile


The demon Marduk doesn’t know why they are giving away water bottles . He’s not complaining since he’s in hell and he’s not had a drop it for centuries. It’s a good thing and that itself is suspicious.

All he knows is that bottles come from one of the damned souls. He’s not sure when that human fell here.

Recently, he’s heard that the human is angling for a promotion.

It’s ridiculous. Nice guys don’t survive here.

It’s Marduk’s last thought before another demon hit him on the head with a boulder.

“ Bottle!!!” Saursa crows in delight, clutching the precious water to add in his hoard.

Valentine watches the ensuing carnage from the cliffs above. It only takes some ingenuity to get a representative from heaven to negotiate a better deal.

He discloses his scheme to the angels and assures them that he’s far more reasonable than the ones currently in charge.

The plan is a success. Valentine observes how old demonic alliances break down because of greed and other predictable vices.

“Come on, Gazzy” Valentine looks back and grins at his partner in crime.

“ Let’s go fuck this place up!”

Christmas Carriage Ride

Jon listened to the clop of Dancer’s hooves on the pavement and pulled his coat tight against the sleet. When he’d announced he had a part-time holiday gig as a driver of a horse-drawn carriage in the streets of Chicago, his roommate Sam had looked at him like he was daft. “You know you’ll be required to talk to people, right? Show them around? Be a tour guide?”

“Yes, I know, Sam. Satin usually has the job-”

“See, there’s someone who could handle the tourist bit.”

“But he needed a pinch hitter, since he’s traveling to New York for a month to visit his boyfriend. ‘You won’t spook the horses,’ he told me.”

“Just try not to spook the people.”

Jon had done pretty well so far, and when traffic was low he got to ride around the streets in peace. The job was a throwback to an earlier era, and a cheesy one at that. But when a couple got settled in the carriage (usually one was reluctant, and the other excited, eyes bright, pointing at the bells he braided into Dancer’s mane) they had a moment of quiet and calm in the midst of Chicago’s packed Michigan Avenue. The sounds of blaring horns and the swoosh of buses faded away, and typically the couple was giggling and making out within five minutes, paying no attention to the driver. Frankly, Jon was relieved, although he’d lived in Chicago for five years now and, he thought, had a decent tourist riff down.

Jon hadn’t had a single customer all night, though he did have a reservation for 9 pm. The sleet hitting the pavement probably explained it. So he was surprised when a beautiful red-headed woman tentatively approached the carriage as he was petting Dancer. Jon had a particular spot he pulled up to at the old Water Tower building, a small sand-colored stone castle that looked right next to his glossy black carriage, His boss insisted the effect helped sales.

The woman looked like she’d been crying, but was doing her best to hold herself together. “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you,  I know you had a reservation from us - from him -  tonight at 9, but we had to cancel, and I wouldn’t want you to lose the chance to pick up another customer, I know it’s the holidays and-”

Cars were honking behind him, but Jon had learned to ignore them, and this woman looked bereft.

“We’re the Baratheon reservation, I mean, we were.” She had a paper shopping bag under her arm. “I’m sorry, he had to cancel. I’m Sansa, by the way, not that you need to know the name of a customer who’s bailing on you. I just wanted to free up your carriage, I’m sure you can find another couple.” Sansa’s expression softened when she looked at Dancer. The horse pawed the pavement but stayed still as Sansa approached. “He’s beautiful.” Dancer was lovely, a small roan filly with red and green ribbons woven into her mane along with the bells.

“She,” Jon said reflexively. It was the first word he’d spoken. He could visualize Sam rolling his eyes. Sansa gave him a small nod. “She, then. What’s her name?”


“Dancer? Do you go through all of the reindeer names from the song? Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, the rest?” He was glad to see a soft smile playing around her lips. The sleet had turned to snow.

“No.” Come on, Jon, try for two sentences in a row. “She’s always been Dancer. Though that’s not a bad idea.”

Sansa took another tentative step forward. “Could I touch her?” Customers petting horses was strictly against company policy, but when he saw the light in Sansa’s eyes, he found he didn’t care. “Sure.”  

Sansa murmured to Dancer as she stroked her coat. She gazed wistfully at the carriage. Jon was struck by a way he might be able to salvage the night for her.

“So your reservation was paid in advance, and I haven’t heard about a cancellation.” The company didn’t allow for refunds anyway. “Would you still like to go for a ride?”

“No, thank you, I’d feel odd traveling in the carriage alone.” Jon was starting to seriously dislike the guy who’d taken this part of the evening from her. She seemed like a romantic, like someone who’d been looking forward to the ride all day. And it would be lonely in the carriage by herself.

“You could ride up here with me,” he said.

“Is that proper?” No, it wasn’t, and in fact Jon could get in trouble for it. He dodged the question.

“There’s room up here for two.”

Sansa hesitated. She’d wrapped her arms around her blue peacoat. Jon tried again. “Besides, I think Dancer likes you.”

“I bet you say that to all your fares.”

“I don’t.”

“No, you don’t seem like the hard-sell type. Well, if you don’t mind, I’d be grateful.”

Jon helped her up next to him in the driver’s seat. She was warm next to him and squealed in delight when the bells tinkled in Dancer’s mane. They headed out into the river of car lights on Michigan Avenue.

“Thank you. What’s your name?”

“Jon. Is there anywhere in particular you’d like to go?”

Sansa blew into her mittens. “No. I’m sure I’ll love whatever tour we take.” Jon started showing her the sights, but Sansa seemed to enjoy the small details of the ride Jon has never noticed before. She closed her eyes to smell the roasted chestnuts from a street vendor and pointed at the strings of lights draped over the trees lining the street. Little kids waved at the carriage and Sansa waved back. Some of her enthusiasm rubbed off on Jon, and he saw the city through fresh eyes. They hit a pothole at the intersection of Michigan and Wabash and Sansa grabbed Jon’s arm and didn’t let go. Jon silently thanked the city for not maintaining the streets.

“Oh wait! I have an idea.” Sansa rummaged through her bag and pulled out two Santa hats. “We could wear these. I think the crowd would love it.”

“You’re good at this.”

Sansa shrugged. “I run a florist shop, and I specialize in sales.” She faltered. “We don’t have to, of course.” Jon, who’d never worn a piece of holiday clothing in his life, took one of the hats and put it on. Sansa grinned at him and pulled the other hat over her ears.

Tourists started to point and smile at the two of them. When they hit the next stoplight a group of sightseers called out to them. “You two are such a cute couple! Give us a kiss for Christmas!” Jon stared at a sea of phones held up to capture the moment. He had no idea what to do. Sansa turned to him and whispered. “I think it will help business. Though I’m not sure you want to kiss a stranger.” Jon heard a glimmer of hope in her voice. He most certainly did want to kiss Sansa, and she seemed willing and maybe a little excited by the idea. Here goes nothing, he thought. He reined Dancer in and leaned over to her, heart pounding. He held back, though, in case she decided this wasn’t a good idea after all. He saw Sansa take a deep breath and leaned into him. She tasted like sweet peppermint and his hand came up to cup her cheek and he got lost in the softness of her lips and the warmth of her skin. When they finally broke apart, the crowd had dissipated. He could see Sansa’s breath in the cold air. “Thank you Jon.” Anytime, he wanted to reply, but his brain kicked in. “You’re welcome.” OK, that wasn’t much better. Sansa must have seen the right expression on his face, though, because she snuggled closer to him as they arrived where they’d started.

“That was so kind of you, Jon. This city can feel isolating, even though we’re surrounded by people, and I’m happy I met you.”

“I know what you mean. I grew up in a small town in Illinois. I sometimes feel more alone here in a sea of tourists than I did standing on my back porch.”

Sansa nodded. Jon was reluctant to let her go, but he had no reason he could think of to ask her to stay. “Would you like your hat back?”

Sansa smirked. “Keep it. Consider it my contribution to marketing. Oh, by the way, could I have your card? My brother Robb and his fiancé are looking for a holiday outing.” Jon dug around in his pockets and placed the ivory card with an embossed gold carriage in her hand. “Thank you,” she said softly. “Here, take mine too. I think you could sell flowers on rides. Stop by the shop if you like.” Jon felt a brief flutter of hope that Sansa might want to see him again. “OK, I’ll do that.”

Sansa hopped down and gave Dancer one last pet. “Thanks for making the night special, Jon.” Jon swallowed. “I’m glad I could help.”

“So am I.” Whoever had left her behind tonight was a fool, Jon decided as he watched her leave. He ran his finger over the edge of the card she’d given him, and realized she’d written a number on the back. He smiled despite himself. Sam was never going to believe he’d met and kissed a beautiful girl and managed to get her number.