winter hemmings

  • "Scientists said that if you're not a fan of a celebrity then you have a 30% chance of meeting them, and you have a 10% chance of meeting them if you're a fan."
  • Me: Yes, hello... who tf is 4 minutes of winter?

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Wintertime with Luke would include...
  • Him wandering around the place all the time while using a big blanket as a cloak
  • Becoming really excited about seeing his breath in the cold air
  • “Babe look, i’m vaping”
  • He’d have you pulled up against him if you were ever standing outside
  • “Here get into my jacket with me.”
  • Convincing him to make snow angels with you
  • But that just ends up in giggling and pulling you close to him on the snow
  • “Alright this is too damn cold. let’s make blanket angels instead.”
  • Putting his beanie on you because he doesn’t want your ears getting cold
  • Hot chocolate and cuddles
  • he’d so ask you to kiss any whipped cream off his lips :((
  • Going to buy a bunch of festive mugs
  • Attempting to ice skate
  • His legs are basically bambi’s legs on the ice though
  • Holding your hand to keep himself steady
  • “It’s to keep your hand warm, that’s all.  I can totally do this without holding ont-DON’T LET GO!”
  • Staying up late to watch the night time snow fall
  • Carrying you to bed wrapped up in a blanket after you’ve fallen asleep
  • COMPLETELY engulfing your body in bed to keep each other warm
  • Always asking if you like things in magazines so he knows what to get you
  • Spontaneous trip up some tall building to see the view
  • Kissing your little reddened noSE A LOT
  • “Hey rudolph”
  • “No, wait I’m rudolph and you can be Clarice”
  • “After that ice skating, are you sure you’re not bambi?” 
  • “….. Too soon.”

Michael // Ashton // Calum


Just thought I’d share some of my photos from the Melbourne ROWYSO show that I went to!! Please don’t steal these photos, I took them and they are special to me because this was the first time I got to see 5sos-official live!!

Baby It’s Cold Out

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“But, baby,” calum whined as you got out of bed, “it’s cold outside to go for a morning jog.” Calum was a light sleeper so when you struggled to get out of his arms and get out of bed, he immediately woke up and begged for you to sleep with him a few more minutes. 

Hearing his cracky, raspy morning voice made you melt a little. You slid back in bed as he snuggled closer to you, rubbing his hands over your arm to warm you up. Calum played around with your hair until you fell asleep again with you in his arms. 


“No, baby!” luke said as he gently took his little girl and carried her in his arms. “It’s too cold outside to play in the snow.” She whined as she fake cried begging to go play in the snow. Luke struggled. He knew she was fake crying to get what she wanted. Luke brought the four year old to you in the kitchen. You were the only one that could get her to stop crying. 

“She won’t stop, y/n.” Luke spoke a little stressed out. You grabbed her from his arms and kissed her chubby soft cheeks. You had prepared hot cocoa with marshmallows for the cold weather. Once your daughter spotted the little white marshmallows in her cup, she stopped crying and smiled brightly. Luke shook his head in disbelief. 

“You’re a life savor!” Luke kissed you as your little girl stuck her tongue out at Luke giggling.


“Hey, baby,” Michael wrapped his arms around your waist, and swayed his hips along with yours to the slow indie playlist that you played out loud. “It’s cold outside so that means the snow is sticking to the ground!” 

You looked through the shear white curtains in the bedroom you two shared. “Yeah it is!” You and Michael changed into a puffy jacket along with millions of layers to keep yourselves warm. You went in the backyard and played around the snow. You were in the process of building a snowman until a hard snowball hit your back.

“Hey, you dick!” You shouted at him. He laughed and threw another one aiming it at your face. Instead of hitting anywhere near your face, it hit your butt instead. You and Michael stayed in the snow until your body felt numb and your faces were red as tomatoes. 


ashton spotted you in the cold weather through the transparent coffee shop he was currently working in. He finished up his shift which was over in three minutes. Luckily, he had brought an extra jacket with him because the temperatures at 7 AM are colder than at 4 PM. 

“Excuse me,” he gently patted your shoulder, “It’s a little too cold out to just be wearing that isn’t it?” You were working at a small stand outside in NYC that offered miscellaneous tourist items. You were wearing a jacket and grey sweatpants. You didn’t mind the temperature because you were only working for just a few hours, not like Ashton’s.

You smiled and laughed, “Yeah, I guess it’s cold, but I’m tough. I can handle it.” You winked and offered a free NYC keychain. Ashton laughed and passed over his jacket. 

“If you take the jacket, I’ll take the key chain?” Ashton offered. 

“Deal.” You smiled and exchanged. Ashton left, but then came back with two cups of warm coffee to share with you. You two talked until your shift is was over and he took the bus with you so you weren’t lonely.  

luke in literally every bar he goes to in aus
  • luke: oh im in a bar ill have an alcoholic drink cause that's cool
  • luke: oh look at me im drinking alcohol
  • person: can we take a photo?
  • luke: yeah and ill just hold this *yells* aLCOHOLIC DRINK in front of me so its visible
  • luke: that's a good photo of me holding this drink
  • luke: there's alcohol in this you know?
  • luke: i can never let anyone think i'm not drinking alcohol in this bar
  • luke: waiter can i have another aLCOHOLIC DRINK PLEASE

Your blonde hair on the bed, the same one your mother caught me in. Those stars stuck to your ceiling seemed so out of reach, and I let them keep me up while you were fast asleep