winter hemmings

  • "Scientists said that if you're not a fan of a celebrity then you have a 30% chance of meeting them, and you have a 10% chance of meeting them if you're a fan."
  • Me: Yes, hello... who tf is 4 minutes of winter?

5sos as the seasons ; luke

as summer, autumn, winter, spring

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michael ; ashton ; calum

All i want to do is lie against Luke’s chest at around 5pm when the sun is just setting beneath the horizon and it’s just barely light, but everything is still warm from the days sun hitting the house and everything is quiet and calm. All that is audible is Luke’s soft voice humming a tune that’s stuck in his head and his long fingers are playing with mine whilst his lips are laying soft meaningful kisses to the crown of my head, i just want to experience doing nothing with Luke at 5pm every night 


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bad boy!luke drags you out of class and out to the bleachers on the football field in the middle of a cold winter day just to talk to you and smoke one of his cigarettes that always hang loosely between his teeth and even though he tries to seem tough all the time he can’t help but worry when you begin to shiver so he quickly puts out the cigarette that he hardly cares about anymore and brings you into his arms instead to keep you warm while whispering sweet nothings in your ear

you would come home after grocery shopping and plop all the bags down on the floor, noticing that luke wasn’t in the house. you saw that the screen door was open to your backyard so you shuffled outside with just your socks on to see luke comfortably rocking on the hammock. he’d notice you standing above him and take off his sunglasses, giving you a sheepish smile. “whatcha doing, rockstar?” he’d shift in his spot. “just taking a break, enjoying the outdoors.” and he’d open up his arms, beckoning you to join him. you’d sit down and swing your legs as the hammock rocked back and forth, moving luke’s hat and snuggling close to him. he’d hum softly as you both smiled fondly at each other and pick leaves out of each other’s hair, the only other sounds the chirping of distant birds and the wind blowing around you two.

Wintertime with Luke would include...
  • Him wandering around the place all the time while using a big blanket as a cloak
  • Becoming really excited about seeing his breath in the cold air
  • “Babe look, i’m vaping”
  • He’d have you pulled up against him if you were ever standing outside
  • “Here get into my jacket with me.”
  • Convincing him to make snow angels with you
  • But that just ends up in giggling and pulling you close to him on the snow
  • “Alright this is too damn cold. let’s make blanket angels instead.”
  • Putting his beanie on you because he doesn’t want your ears getting cold
  • Hot chocolate and cuddles
  • he’d so ask you to kiss any whipped cream off his lips :((
  • Going to buy a bunch of festive mugs
  • Attempting to ice skate
  • His legs are basically bambi’s legs on the ice though
  • Holding your hand to keep himself steady
  • “It’s to keep your hand warm, that’s all.  I can totally do this without holding ont-DON’T LET GO!”
  • Staying up late to watch the night time snow fall
  • Carrying you to bed wrapped up in a blanket after you’ve fallen asleep
  • COMPLETELY engulfing your body in bed to keep each other warm
  • Always asking if you like things in magazines so he knows what to get you
  • Spontaneous trip up some tall building to see the view
  • Kissing your little reddened noSE A LOT
  • “Hey rudolph”
  • “No, wait I’m rudolph and you can be Clarice”
  • “After that ice skating, are you sure you’re not bambi?” 
  • “….. Too soon.”

Michael // Ashton // Calum

Christmas with best friend!michael would include:

  • dragging his helpless self around the mall last minute to buy his girlfriend a present
  • “this would look cute on her but it would look great on you” “that’s not rude she’s only dating me for the presents anyway”
  • quoting every single word in Elf as you watch it together for the millionth time
  • walking around at night to look at all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood
  • “y/n I’m wearing my ugly Christmas sweater it has a picture of your face on it”
  • singing really bad renditions of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ together
  • following up with your tradition of swapping presents on Christmas Eve followed by a sleepover
  • “Mikey isn’t this the same perfume you bought your girlfriend?”
  • “yeah we broke up” “y/n, can you wake up?” “I don’t believe in Santa or anything but I swore I just heard something on the roof”