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Winter the lamb grows up as he bounces in 7 seconds 🐑 😛 Happy 1st birthday Winter! 🎉🎁



                                                        H A P P Y S A N H A D A Y
sanha might not talk that much during interviews but his energy speaks for him. it is unbelievable how much talent he has at such a young age. even in his fantagio audition you can hear stability in his voice - something that some idols don’t have to this day. but despite how mature his vocal ability is, he is still an innocent and pure little child. now that tiny youngest baby is one step closer to adulthood. as his mother, i could not be prouder of who he is. thank you for your cuteness. thank you for your talent. thank you for your sass. thank you for your cracking voice and high-pitched giggle, which i will always carry in my heart. thank you for being born, yoon sanha. ♥

ARIES, keep it together, and keep it clean. i know you can.
TAURUS,  i can see you eyeing the stars, so what are you waiting for? fear will only win if you wait. 
GEMINI,  you’re holding a dozen roses, so enjoy it while it lasts. change doesn’t happen overnight, but i admire your effort.
CANCER , i had a dream your wish came true, have faith in something. i love you to a limitless degree.
LEO, stay warm this winter and keep on growing. the soil will never be cold enough to stop you.
VIRGO, believe in yourself. we all do.
LIBRA, i’m glad you’ve made it so far.  it’ll only get it better from here.
SCORPIO, work hard but make sure to have some time for yourself. you are a gold champagne feeling, my definition of content.
SAGITTARIUS, dare to be yourself even when it’d be easier to hide. you are something to watch for.
CAPRICORN, square one isn’t a failure, but rather a chance. don’t waste it.
AQUARIUS, you’ll be the first person to breathe underwater if you get through this. hold on.
PISCES,  continue the drive, this highway doesn’t end for miles.  i’ll always be in the passenger seat, whenever you need me.
Will Nick go FLOOF?

You know, in summer, foxes look wiry. Because they are slim, but full of taut muscle. Like this:

BUT IN WINTER, well actualy since autumn, foxes will grow their winter coat and they go FLOOF.


Your mission, should you decide to accept it:


Bonus points for imagining how Judy would ADORE that majestic-looking fox ;-)

It is so much easier to love someone in a relationship when they are not silent, that’s why it can be suffocating when God goes quiet on us. We question and wonder why he has gone so still, we ask ourselves if we did something to anger him.

The reality is that God communicates in more ways than what we may be used to, learn to reach out beyond your emotions.

Sometimes we have to be stretched, even when we have been broken over and over again. The journey we take is full of loud moments and silent moments, learn to walk in both, for the road is long and there will be many times when we will want to give up.

We must keep moving ever on, for we grow in the process. Even in winter, roots can grow deep. That is why we must keep going forward because spring will come again and we will bloom with the warmth of God’s voice once more. Just hold on, He is making all things new, it just takes time and a willing heart.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

Plant Witchcraft: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing


Chives- can grow in limited light and  space, very easily propagate (regrow)

Mint- very hardy, requires shade and some light, start from seeds

Cilantro- fast growing, can be planted indoors, does not transplant easily

Basil- can grow in small spaces, require sun, start from seeds

Parsley- easy to grow, low maintenance and limited lights, though hard to germinate

Oregano (wild marjoram)- very hardy, easy to grow in winter, requires full sun

Sage- large, hardy, start from cuttings, requires full sun

Thyme- requires full sun, hardy, easy to propagate from seeds or cuttings

Aloe Vera- easy to overwater, low maintenance, slow growing, little water, full sun

Chamomile- low maintenance, little water, full sun with some shade, easy to overwater

Dill- start as seeds, small, easy to grow indoors, hard to overwater, requires full sun

Rosemary- though very large, easy to grow indoors and easy to overwater

Bay laurel- requires well-draining soil, full sun, water often, grows large, slow growing

Lavender- hard to grow indoors, requires little water, best in dry conditions, start from seeds

Roses- requires full sun, seasonal, grows only outside, requires fertilizer, best grown from transplants

live with a man who knows you

do you live with a man who knows you / are you living the life you chose?

Summary: Victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern Russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. He’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (Or: adjusting to domestic life in St. Petersburg, the fanfic)

Word Count: 3,569

A/N: Annnnd it’s finished! This one gave me an unusual amount of difficulty to write, but I really, really wanted to do it anyway.  It can also be found posted to AO3 here.

This is the second of a few fics I plan to write for follower requests after I hit a milestone about a week ago. @subteraneans and @demisexualmako both asked me for domesticity in St. Petersburg, and @comet-kind requested something fluffy and sweet and snowy for the season. The two requests ended up in combination here. 

Thanks to @subteraneans for helping me with Russian terms of endearments, and happy belated birthday to @comet-kind, who shares the day with Victor!

Call it a weakness, but if there is one thing that will keep Victor lingering in a store for hours, it is the search for a perfect pair of leather gloves.

He has a whole drawer full of them in his closet, bunched behind soft-knitted scarves and few mismatched fuzzy socks. Yuuri discovers this when helping Victor pack up his room in Hasetsu, his eyes wide with a disbelief Victor rarely gets the pleasure of seeing on him in such a mundane setting. There have to be at least fifteen pairs, he points out. Yuuri pulls each pair one by one from the fingertips and deposits them on the floor in front of him in a damning spread of evidence. For what on earth does Victor need so many pairs of gloves?

The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.

Victor likes the scent of leather. It’s that somewhat sweet, somewhat sharp tang that wears away with age but never fully disappears. He breathes it in from his hands when it clings to his palms and cracks it in the air when he curls his knuckles, flexes fingers with each new glove pulled snug. Good leather, soft leather is pleasant to touch. And most importantly, whether each pair of gloves is lined with fur or fabric or nothing at all, they keep out the cold. 

He jokes to Yuuri that since he has to wear cheaper, moisture-wicking gloves for exercise when he’s skating, he’s had to buy so many other nice ones to make up for all the lost time. Yuuri rolls his eyes and tells him this is absolutely terrible logic. 

Victor laughs and falls back with his head in Yuuri’s lap, holding up a white fleece-lined glove to Yuuri’s cheek.  “Hm,” Victor murmurs. “Perhaps a brighter color would be better with your skin-tone, Yuuri.”

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now rebloggable!! fanfic on ice by anna jinlian


aria: from solo to duet - how “stay close to me” became yuuri’s exhibition program, and how a solo became a duet. yuuri never planned this, but somehow their hands always found each other’s.

live with a man who knows you -  victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. he’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (or: adjusting to domestic life in st. petersburg, the fanfic)

like a design - at twenty-five years old, yuuri katsuki makes his first olympic team. this comes with its own set of responsibilities and questions, and a three-time olympian husband only might be prepared to handle them. or, in regards to love: tramp stamp tattoos. you read that right.

pictures - in which victor likes picture of yuuri.

if it’s gold - yuuri makes sure victor knows that he is golden.

sing me like a choir - the post-episode 7 fic i never wrote, when yuuri and victor finally find themselves alone. there are conversations to be had in touches instead of words, on lips and tongues that say nothing at all.

I’m not really the great at astrology but like, just off the top of the head, here’s what I see everyone as:

  • Shiro: Capricorn. Like, it just makes sense?? Shiro was definitely born in the winter. Growing up, he never got to celebrate his birthday because it was Cold As Hell and SNOWING. Also, I’m a Capricorn and I can Sense the goat in Shiro.
  • Hunk: I… I can’t accept Hunk as a Capricorn. He’s not… A Capricorn… I love him, and since it’s canon I will celebrate sharing a birthday month with the Best Boy Ever, but in my heart… I know this is false. He’s a Libra, maybe??? Honestly, I feel like Hunk should be born in the summer/fall. So, whatever zodiac signs fall into that.
  • Lance: Everyone seems to be fighting over what Lance is lmfaooo. I could see him as any of the water signs because, um, water. So far I’ve seen options like Gemini/Pisces/Scorpio which I’m down w
  • Pidge: I like Taurus!!! Mostly because Pidge reminds me of my friend who is a Taurus lol
  • Keith: Aries! Feels Right.
  • Allura: I don’t know! Maybe Sagittarius? 
  • Coran: I really, really don’t know astrology m’guys.