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Just wanted to check in real quick since I’ve been MIA for a week. My Lupus meds are kicking in and I have a lot more energy so I’m working two jobs now (good ol’ froyo shop and now an aquarium store) to help pay some vet bills. So I’ve been out of the house a lot, and I’ve been staying offline to help me zero in my focus on the remaining Home art and get it done without distractions.

61 drawings are sitting in my “Chapter 18″ folder but there are still a handful to go– I really think I will make my June deadline though! :) Here’s a snapshot of every (blurred) finished piece. Thanks for your support! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Sounds of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel
The Sounds of Silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.

ID #20779

Name: Teri
Age: 19
Country: Czech Republic

I posted here twice before and found some lovely friends, but unfortunately we stopped talking after some time, so here I am again! My name is Tereza, but I don’t really like it, so I go with Teri. I’m 19 years old and I belong to Hufflepuff. Also I am INTJ, if someone wanted to know.

Since I’m graduating in few weeks I don’t have much time to chat and I always feel bad when I’m not responding, so I’m looking either for e-mail friends (I love writing long emails) or snail mail penpals.

I love reading, sleeping, eating (yeah, like almost every teenager) and studying. I love sitting in cafés when it’s raining outside, I love the smell of library and the smell of new books (how nerds get high, lol), I love drinking tea and coffee. Also I love autumn and winter - spring and summer aren’t my favorite seasons (I actually pretty much hate summer). I’m in love with life even though I have my sad moments too (more often than I’d want to). I don’t like going to parties or drinking too much alcohol, I’m more like sitting on a roof alone watching stars type of person. But if you like partying, it’s perfectly okay too!

So since we are going to write letters/e-mails, you should be talkative (I really don’t like short emails/letters) and opened to talk about your life and country and stuff! Don’t be shy and just email me, I’ll respond to all! :)

Preferences: Preferable age is 16-22 and other things don’t matter to me! Maybe if you want to send letters, I’d prefer people from Europe, Africa or Asia. I already have enough snailmail penpals from the US, Canada and Australia :) I’m also not interested in talking with racists, homophobes and people like that, I think you understand.


This has been rattling around in my brain for a while and refuses to die, plus I haven’t seen any other posts concerning age, so…

Starting with Team STRQ; assuming that they started at 17 years of age like normal (*glares at Ruby*), spent 4(?)years at Beacon, they would have been 21 upon graduation. Presumably Taiyang and Raven did the do after they said “I do,” and with Yang being the aforementioned entrance age, then the living members of Team STRQ would be at least 39 years old at the beginning of Volume 1.

Now, with Ruby being 15 when she started beacon, then Summer was 23 years old when she gave birth. According to the wiki, Summer died when Ruby was too young to remember, but Yang was able to remember being two years older though. That makes Ruby around, what, 2-3 years old? Thus Summer died around the age of 24 or 25… that’s depressing T_T

Winter Schnee had graduated from Atlas Academy before Weiss became a student at Beacon, so that puts her at least 4-5 years older (21-22). Whitley is obviously younger than Weiss, but since I wouldn’t put it past ol’ Jacques (Papa Schnee) to push his wife for another pregnancy for another chance at a male heir, Whitley is no younger than 15 years old, though I like to think he’s 16. 

Team CFVY being second years makes them 18 years old, nuff said.

Cinder’s team (sans Neo), are probably around 18-20, with Cinder maybe being 22 (she’s too hot to be younger). 

Goodwitch… I want to say she graduated Beacon and became a teacher immediately after, just in time to instruct Team STRQ *cackles* so she would be at least 43 following that logic.

Not going to touch the hell that is Ozpin… 

So, final ages: 

  • Glynda Goodwitch: 43 years old 
  • Team STRQ: 39 years old 
  • Summer Rose: 24-25 years old at time of death 
  • Winter Schnee: 21-22 years old
  • Cinder Fall: 22 years old
  • Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai: 18-20 years old
  • Team CFVY: 18 years old
  • Teams JNPR and RWBY (sans Ruby): 17 years old
  • Whitley Schnee: 15-16 years old
  • Ruby Rose: 15 years old.

Rebelacptain || Doggy Au Pair AU

It’s Jyn’s godfather, Saw, who gets her the job the winter after her graduation from university: Doggy au pair in the Hamptons for the politician, Monica Monthma. “She only trusts other Brits,” Saw tells her, “and she just needs help for three months.”

“Dog au pair?” Jyn repeats like he just said mooncow wrangler. “That’s a thing? Why three months?”

“Because it’s as long as you can stay without having to get a visa.”


But Jyn says yes, even if the circumstances seem a bit dodgy, and packs her bags for New York, USA.

Her charges are two dachshunds, Galen and Lyra, and the house is the biggest thing she’s ever seen, a mansion in Amagansett with the beach as the backyard. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s lonely, too, just Jyn and two dogs. The only person she even sees on a regular basis is another person walking their dog on the beach, an older man that she finds out is Will Tarkin, a weapons manufacturing magnate, and his mean and nasty poodle, Orson, who harasses poor Galen and Lyra every time they happen to cross on the beach.

One day, Galen gets loose, and Jyn flies into a panic. This was her one job: to keep the dogs safe and alive, and she’s failed at that. Wandering the snow beach, yelling Galen’s name, she gets unexpected help when she literally runs into a dark-haired young man there walking his boxer pup. “Do you want some help?” he asks, and how can she refuse?

Wandering for hours, they finally find Galen, huddled and shivering under an overturned boat on a pier. To thank him, Jyn offers to buy the young man a bagel and coffee–all she can really afford.

“I’m Cassian,” he tells her when he accepts, and in her panic she realizes that she had never asked his name or even given hers. “And this is my dog, Kaytoo.”

The days doggy sitting are less lonely after that, Cassian joining her on the evening walks and then later on, evenings on the couch watching movies or ignoring the movies as they play on in the background. But her time in America is almost up, and she has to go home soon or hear it from immigration.

“Will I see you again?” she asks, as she boards the bus to JFK Airport.

Cassian holds onto her hand until she absolutely has to let go. “I promise,” he says. “We will.”

Based on real events @runakvaed 😉😉😉

V Outfits Masterlist ♡

All the Outfits I’ve done for/with V

Inspired Outfits

Photoshoot #1

Airport Fashion #1

Airport Fashion #2

Airport Fashion #3

Airport Fashion #4

Airport Fashion #5

Airport Fashion #6

Airport Fashion #7

Selca Inspired

Dope Era Inspired

KBOYS x smart

Concept Photos:  花様年華 pt. 2

Summer, Fall, Winter: Taehyung Inspired

Airport Fashion: Maknae Line Inspired

BTS Inspired w/ Converse

BTS on ASC: Maknae Line Inspired

BTS Inspired w/ Dr. Martens

BTS Ideal Type

Selca w/ Glasses Inspired

“War of Hormone” and “Dope” Inspired

BTS Inspired w/ Pastel

Run M/V

BTS Inspired w/ Suspenders

BTS Inspired w/ Adidas Superstars

BTS Inspired w/ Snapbacks

Spring Outfit Inspired

150701 Show Champion


Run Japanese Version

BTS NOW 3 Inspired

Epilogue: Young Forever

BTS Fire

Military/Army Inspired

BTS Gayo Track Ep. 2 Inspired

HYYH Pt. 2 Inspired

All of BTS Inspired

Save Me MV Inspired

Outfit for KCON Inspired

Tropical Prints

All White

Basic Colors


Hair Color Inspired

BTS Bon Voyage Inspired

Aesthetic Inspired

K-Street Style Inspired

Outfit Scenarios 

Sleepover with Taehyung

Movie Marathon with Taehyung

Lazy Day with Taheyung

Christmas with Taehyung

Workout with Taehyung

Cute/ Flirty Outfit with Taehyung 

Autumn Walk with Taehyung

First Date with Taehyung

Birthday Date with Taehyung

Meeting the Parents 

Couple Outfit

Wedding with Taehyung

Prom with Taehyung

Dance Practice with Taehyung

Attending a Wedding with Taehyung

Amusement Park with Taehyung

Writing Music

Beach Day

School with Tae

Valentine’s Day

Night at the Theater

Getting His Attention at a Concert

Attending a Concert

Winter Date

When you First Meet

Warped Tour

Picnic Date

LA Date


Late Night Beach Walk

Coachella Date

Night Out


Day at the Fair

Water Park

Rainy Day In

Winter Date Night

College Graduation Ceremony

Horseback Riding in a Forest

Jeju Island

Vintage Shopping


Awards Show

Aquarium Date

Late Summer Night Date

Coffeehouse Study Date

Attending Your Child’s Graduation

Cruise Couple Outfits


Vineyard Date Couple Outfit


Late Night Exam Cram

Hanging After School

BTS Attending Your Art Gallery

BTS Attending Your Piano Concert

Visting New York

Airport Outfit

Stargazing Date


Family Photo

Sneaking Out

Back to School


Getting Matching Tattoos

Pet Store

Couple Idol Outfit

I just really like the little easter eggs with Señor Bunny in the background of Bitty’s videos

In Linemates he’s reading Bitty’s notes

In Playoffs Pt. 1 he’s cheering on the team

In Goodbye For the Summer he’s hiding behind Bitty’s laundry, ready to go back to Georgia

In Tadpoles he’s ready for Bitty’s Samwell tour in his festive Samwell red ribbon

In Meet the Frogs he’s holding a hockey puck

In Hazeapalooza he’s ready to haze the frogs in his little bandana

In Providence Falconers he’s reading Bitty’s Women, Food, and American Culture textbook, foreshadowing Bitty joining Jack’s class in the next update

In Shinny he’s dressed up warm for the winter and outdoor skating

In Graduation he’s laying on Bitty’s stripped bed, ready for Georgia again

And finally, in Meet the Falconers he’s studying Bitty’s French notecards

I just love these little touches that make him seem alive!

anonymous asked:

okay but a Red Room romance would still be pedophilia and THAT'S THE PROBLEM that every single one of you seem to be ignoring

these look like children to you?

i mean surely if they can de-age rdj 30 years to show how young he was supposed to be when his parents died and put chris evans’s face in someone else’s skinny body surely they have the technology to do a similar thing with natasha if their intention was to show how young she was in the red room. and yet they didn’t. 

now if the movies had shown natasha in the red room like agent carter did with dottie:

THEN i’d agree that it’d be creepy (although they could very well have natasha be 18 and have a ~fling w the winter soldier near her graduation since in the comics their relationship in the red room lasted for only a few weeks anyway)

That cold winter day, we exchanged rings made of clovers. Even if we were still too young to marry, we’ve promised to be together forever.

For Epinard Week (ง´• ω •`)ง They day they exchanged wedding vows :3c