winter fire scene


Jonsa + Cuteness Overload 2/

♔♕ Jon & Sansa + Their Son

↳ “I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms.”

{ insp. by @thefandomremembers }

Some contrast here to the previous images featuring older, seasoned, male firefighters. This young girl, just beginning her career, is extremely focused on the task at hand. Not concerned with the cold temperatures which turned the water dripping down the wall into ice, or the fact that her coat and gloves are soaked, she concentrates on her assignment. 

The use of a wide aperture dramatically separates her from the distracting background and keeps just enough of the foreground in focus to maintain the texture of the frozen siding. 

Even though the background is very bright, the viewer is still drawn to her face which is framed by the dark helmet and turnout coat.