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So my work currently have a marvel thing going for kids and we get to dress up as a marvel character for a day. Naturally, I’m not going to pass this up and I went with my fav.
I will be painting part of my arm silver but this is just a “make sure it all looks ok” photo 👌
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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Wires & Nerve, a Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel!

Wires & Nerve, written by Marissa Meyer and illustrated by Douglas Holgate follows Iko, the beloved android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a dangerous and romantic new adventure – with a little help from Cinder and the Lunar team.


I swear if the cast of All Stars 2 does not include all of the following I’m going to sue Rupaul:

- Ivy Winters
- Ben Delacreme
- April Carrion
- Adore Delano
- Max
- Milk
- Alaska
- Alyssa Edwards
- Katya
- Trixie Mattel
- Pearl
- Jaidynn
- Willam

Like seriously if we get some bullshit like Roxxxy Andrews arriving I’m gone

Who Do You Think You Are (Part 2)


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Bucky x reader imagine where he gets jealous when the other avengers flirt with the reader :)?
Warnings: Slight swearing
Notes: Part 1 here. Hope you like the second instalment of Who Do You Think You Are, it took longer then I expected it to so sorry for the delay. There will be a part 3, if you still want more after just let me know. Enjoy!

Life around the tower had been weird since the party, and that’s seriously saying something since its residents consisted of a super soldier, 2 genetically modified twins, 3 master assassins, a demigod, a man with severe anger issues and some weird android being, oh and not forgetting Tony Stark, he was almost the weirdest of them all. Ever since you had left Bucky on the balcony, after his outburst at Clint, you two had been avoiding one another like the plague. This was a great inconvenience for the team and a part of you felt really guilty about it, the other part of you was holding on to the anger over your humiliation. Of course the rest of your teammates, minus Steve, just loved teasing you about it. This gave you all the more reason to avoid Bucky, you could deal with the teasing on your own but faced with the situation where he heard it, it was not so appealing.

 If you were honest to yourself you would admit your small crush on the master assassin, though just thinking about it, it sounded absurd.  A crush on a man that had more power in his pinky finger than you had in your whole body, and could probably crush you without a second thought. Yet something about him was strangely appealing, you’d seen photos of him and Steve before the whole Winter Soldier thing and he was an extremely good looking young man. His cheeky grin and sparkle in his eyes made it seem like he was up to something, which Steve confirmed he almost always was. That’s the Bucky you wanted to see, you understood everything he had been through, hell you’d had a similar situation. You didn’t expect him to be all smiles all the time; you just wanted to see the more carefree side of him at least once. Yet he always seemed so guarded around everyone, well except that night on the Balcony. “Shit” you, muttered realising how big of a mistake you had made. Bucky was reaching out to you, asking you to help, asking you to stay and you left him all alone, just like everyone always did. What could you do about it now? It had been 2 weeks since the party and you’d barely seen Bucky around the tower, though that may have something to do with you going out of your way to avoid him and anywhere he may be.

 Meanwhile Bucky was beating the living shit out of a punching bag in the training room. He’d decided to give you space as he realised how far he’d stepped over the line. He knew you could never like him like he liked you, but he just couldn’t help himself. When he saw the other Avengers flirting with you it just made his blood boil, he supposed it was a part of the Winter Soldier in him. Fiercely protective of anything, or anyone, that he loved.  Though he was starting to realise that you didn’t need protecting, especially by him. Slumping against the wall he took a drink from his water. As he lowered his head he felt a presence enter the room that was extremely familiar to him, he heard you walk over and sit down slightly across from him, though refused to meet your penetrating gaze. “Bucky?” you whispered trying to coax the man in front of you to raise his head, though failing majorly. You didn’t know what to do. You slowly pushed yourself towards him so that you were shoulder to shoulder to him, “Bucky, I came here to apologise” you sighed “I’m sorry for over reacting the other night, I’m sorry I walked away from you on the balcony and I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you ever since. You deserve better” Without looking away from him you leant in planting a kiss on his cheek. Then pushed yourself up from the wall and left the training room.

 The next morning you sat at the breakfast table with the whole group for the first time in two weeks, though strangely minus Bucky. “So kiddo, you and Lefty made up then?” Stark questioned. “Yeah, well I think so at least” You shrugged. The chatter around the table suddenly died down, looking around everyone’s faces you saw them all looking at the doorway with a perplexed look on the faces. Turning your head to see what had them all so confused, you were met with the image of Bucky standing there with a tall blond girl wearing his shirt. Averting your eyes quickly you felt the tears about to brim over. It seemed silly; he wasn’t yours, not by any standards. So why did it feel like you had just been punched in the stomach. Excusing yourself from the table you pushed yourself past the happy couple and retreated to your bedroom.



From the Redwater in the west, to the wide plains in the east, and from the barren wastes in the north to the Inland Sea in the south, the nomadic Logath tribes reign supreme.The Area is therefore known as the Logathavuld.

Throughout this region, young Logath males follow the tribal herds through their annual grazing patterns; spending the warm months roaming the rocky hillsides, then descending to the shelter of lowland valleys when the fierce winter winds arrive.

Only a few times a year do their wanderings bring them home, to sheltered wain-camp sites where the tribal matriarchs rule. This traditional social organization has been practiced by the northern nomads since they settled theselands in the mid-Second Age. It’s a rare tribal elder that can recall the old stories that demonstrate that times have not always been this peaceful. The wide lands of Logathavuld are divided into a multitude of different tribal ranges, and only someone familiar with a particular region of Logathavuld will be able to point out the subtle tribal markers to the untrained eye of the occasional traveler. Among the most influential of the tribes are the Narkad, Barak, Utal, Gord, and the most powerful Ibar. Individual clans have their own traditional campsites within the tribal range, most of which are seasonally occupied.

Each year, clan matriarchs evaluate the state of their herds and select a surplus group that will bedriven to the market at Sadvar, on the Ulumur. With the wealth gained through the sale of their cattle, the tribespurchase all those items that the market can provide, but the tribes themselves cannot produce.

  • Young Seb and Jim stand on a pier in winter. The wind blows fiercely and Jim snuggles into Seb's coat, licking a giant lolly Seb bought him earlier. Seb jabs him in the ribs and Jim jumps away with a shriek.
  • Jim: I'll kill you Moran, I'll bloody kill you for that.
  • Seb clutches his stomach in laughter.
  • Jim: You think this is funny? *whacks him over the head with his lolly* Do you?
  • Seb: *tries to suppress his laughter* N-no Boss.
  • Jim: Better fucking not be.
  • Despite his fierce tone, Jim can do nothing to stop the smile that touches his lips as he nestles his head against Seb's arm. His tiger.