winter fierce

pre-war stucky as boyfriends is honestly the most bittersweet thing for me. because i can picture them in their tiny apartment, barely with enough to eat between the both of them, struggling to make ends meet and making it work with their threadbare, patchy clothes…. huddling close in the winter for warmth because New York winters are something fierce, and throwing their one (1) blanket off the side of the bed in the summer because it’s hot enough as it is…. and honestly, just being so so content. not necessarily liking their circumstances but loving going through it with each other. and it’s nice and good…..

…..but then comes the part where bucky falls off the train and steve’s world falls apart. he doesn’t cope /at a// because literally his entire life has essentially been their entire life as long as he can remember. they grew up together, they were family before they were anything else, and then bucky just leaves and it’s like someone took a knife and cut steve in half. literally just butchered him, no regard for making it clean, just a carving, and dragging of the blade until he is a horrible mess. only losing bucky hurts more, somehow. and steve… he’s been cut, and sliced, and poked a lot. from being a sick kid to being a serumed up icon, he’s no stranger to pain (physical or emotional) but this… is the most impossible, soul crushing, excruciating thing he’s ever experienced. 

so. like i said. bittersweet.

but ALSO. can u imagine the sweetness of their reunion? like their proper reunion. when bucky gets his head on straight and he’s okay, and how he probably just holds his hand out for steve to take (metal, flesh, it doesn’t matter because he’s here and steve can actually touch him oh my gosh) and steve just… crumples into him. because yes he’s a supersoldier but god help him he’s still a man and his love was gone and now he’s returned and bucky just… holds him close, kisses his face, and his neck, and his shoulder, and any part he can reach because these 70 years haven’t been a joyride for him either, but steve is the ray of light at the end of a very long, very dark tunnel, and it’s steve’s face buried in his neck, and steve’s tears soaking his shirt that remind him that he himself is real, and present, and not dead. and not dead for both of them is a great place to start

So my work currently have a marvel thing going for kids and we get to dress up as a marvel character for a day. Naturally, I’m not going to pass this up and I went with my fav.
I will be painting part of my arm silver but this is just a “make sure it all looks ok” photo 👌
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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Wires & Nerve, a Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel!

Wires & Nerve, written by Marissa Meyer and illustrated by Douglas Holgate follows Iko, the beloved android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a dangerous and romantic new adventure – with a little help from Cinder and the Lunar team.


I swear if the cast of All Stars 2 does not include all of the following I’m going to sue Rupaul:

- Ivy Winters
- Ben Delacreme
- April Carrion
- Adore Delano
- Max
- Milk
- Alaska
- Alyssa Edwards
- Katya
- Trixie Mattel
- Pearl
- Jaidynn
- Willam

Like seriously if we get some bullshit like Roxxxy Andrews arriving I’m gone