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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Wires & Nerve, a Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel!

Wires & Nerve, written by Marissa Meyer and illustrated by Douglas Holgate follows Iko, the beloved android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a dangerous and romantic new adventure – with a little help from Cinder and the Lunar team.

I swear if the cast of All Stars 2 does not include all of the following I’m going to sue Rupaul:

- Ivy Winters
- Ben Delacreme
- April Carrion
- Adore Delano
- Max
- Milk
- Alaska
- Alyssa Edwards
- Katya
- Trixie Mattel
- Pearl
- Jaidynn
- Willam

Like seriously if we get some bullshit like Roxxxy Andrews arriving I’m gone

So I see a lot of you talking about how brave Cinder is and how amazing it was for her to stage a rebellion. How fierce and strong Scarlet is, and how she’s such a kickass character. How important and wonderful Cress is, and how she is such a huge help to the team. But where are all the posts for the beautiful black princess who suffers from a mental illness? Where are the posts about Winter’s bravery, and fierceness, and importance? She is a POC who is the most beautiful of them all, which, if you ask me, is groundbreaking. Yes, she has a mental illness. Millions of people struggle with mental illnesses every day and are just as capable and strong as those without. Her being mentally ill DOESN’T MEAN that she’s any less important. Winter has to grow up with an abusive stepmother who mentally and physically abused her, lost her mother and father at a very young age, and chose to not use her gift. She is so kind and so lovely that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, and decided to hurt herself instead. I DON’T SEE ENOUGH ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT HER KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY AND LOVING HEART IS. She saved Cress’s life. She saved Jacin’s life. She risked her own life for people she had just met. She was a symbol of hope to the people of Luna. Let’s see some more appreciation for Winter Hayle-Blackburn.

The signs as nature sounds
  • Aries: the burning and crackling of a fire
  • Taurus: pouring rain rhythmically hitting a tin roof
  • Gemini: the pleasant chirping of birds in the morning
  • Cancer: the whish of tall grass when you run through it
  • Leo: the crack of lightning that hits before thunder
  • Virgo: the quiet creaking of trees when the wind is strong
  • Libra: an owl hooting in a forest at night
  • Scorpio: the howl of a fierce winter wind
  • Sagittarius: stepping on crunchy leaves on a dirt path
  • Capricorn: crickets chirping in the middle of the night
  • Aquarius: the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore
  • Pisces: the trickle of water from a nearby stream
A court of ice and beauty

This is my first contribution to the ACOWAR Countdown Challenge held by @fcyre and @highfaerys , since I’m working on getting out of a writing-slump I’ll be doing these challenges with words rather than pictures, I hope that’s okay!

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Favorite court: The Winter Court 

Fierce, unyielding cold and darkness was what most associated with the winter court. But for the people who lived here, who grew up in this climate, there was so much more to the beauty of winter than just cold wet snow.

Kallias, High Lord of the Winter Court in Prythian, smiled as he looked out the window of his bedroom. The frozen branches of the trees in the garden below him glimmered as the last rays of the sun stretched to reach them. This was his favorite part of the day, watching as the magic of his court slowly went to sleep.

A doe walked over the white palace-fields, her calf following her towards the forest-line - no doubt on their way home after a day of exploring and learning. The calf stopped as a noise seemed to catch its attention, not noticing that its mother continued walking ahead, and Kallias waved his hand towards it, sending a gentle winter breeze to prod it to keep up with the mother. The young animal jumped, startled by the breeze, its hind legs lifting in the air from the surprise, and trotted to its mother’s side. Kallias chuckled under his breath as he watched the two disappear among the trees.

Shifting his gaze towards the young couple slowly making their way towards the village just down the road from his Palace, the High Lord’s heart soared at the thought of doing the same thing one day with his own mate.

Most people looked to spring for romance and beautiful courting-rituals. But for Kallias, winter had always been the most romantic of seasons. Growing up as an only child, he’d never had to worry about fighting for power - unlike the other seasonal courts, who had been too busy trying to kill each other to appreciate the fact that they had someone equal to them to share in life with - and so the young High Lord had developed a love for books and stories. Fantasy, historical and horror, he’d read them all. But his favorite, surprisingly only to those who didn’t know him, was the stories of eternal love.

When thinking of courting, most people envisioned flowers or maybe long romantic walks on green fields and swims in beautiful hidden creeks. While Kallias could admit that it all sounded wonderful, he’d always prefered the more open and playful part of romance. He’d take an impromptu snowball fight over long walks any day. He’d rather cuddle up with hot chocolate and long talks about everything and anything, than swim in creeks. He’d take walking through his garden, watching the way the ice glimmered like diamonds as it weighed down the weaker branches of the trees surrounding his loved one, enjoying their true laugh as they caught a snowflake with their tongue, over anything any other court could offer. And he knew, in his very soul, that his mate would feel the same.

Kallias stepped away from the window as the darkness laid itself like a blanket over his court, and dragged his blue tunic over his head as he got ready to fall into bed. He crawled under the covers and with a sigh he let his mind drift to a day where he might feel strong arms surrounding his waist and dragging him towards their body in a protective embrace.

When thinking of the winter court, many thought of nothing but cold hard land and darkness. They forgot about the people who lived there and the warmth their hearts had to have to stand the cold of the snow, they forgot about the love that grew in this court of ice.

A love that had made them stand up against Amarantha and plot to overthrow her, knowing they might very well fail. That love would be what made them fight to keep their freedom in this oncoming war. That love would be what helped them win.

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Dating Bucky post-winter soldier would include...

- Fierce kisses:

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- Reading aloud your favorite books in the evenings for him to listen.

- Movie dates! Bucky loves movies and he loves dates. He also loves you.

- The best sex you’ve ever had.

- Helping him through nightmares when they wake him in the middle of the night.

- Man bun!

- Slow dances:

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- Being patient and supportive while Bucky works through all the things he has in his head.

- Competitive video game playing because Bucky is a huge NERD and he’s super good at Super Smash Bros.

- Bucky giving you his jacket when it’s cold, because he doesn’t really feel it anymore.

- Making fun of each others music.

- Watching his face light up when something reminds him of his life before the war. Watching his face fall when something reminds him of his life as the Winter Soldier.

- Hanging out with Steve a lot. Not that you mind. Steve is a pretty cool guy.

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