winter documentary

There must be a thing, that most people fall in love and start a relationship in spring but have a break up or only trouble with each other at the end of the year between autumn and winter. I witnessed it so often [almost every year] with friends and others, also strangers.

Must be something biological with the hormones and mating time. Germans call it “Frühlings Gefühle” [ spring feelings] and it means to be in love because it is the start of the year where everything starts to bloom.

Does anyone has some scientific facts about that? Or other theories?

Filmmaker Alex Winter — who you may know as Bill from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure — needs your help to save Frank Zappa’s private archives and make the definitive documentary about the music legend’s brilliant life and work.

Winter and his crew will have unrestricted access to Zappa’s never-before-explored private vault, the vast contents of which are deteriorating as we speak and need to be swiftly preserved. Using what they uncover in the vault and with a ton of exclusive interviews, Winter and his team will be able to make the first ever all-access, fully authorized Frank Zappa documentary. Read more right here.