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If you can find Orion, you might be able to find the Winter Hexagon. The Winter Hexagon involves some of the brightest stars visible, together forming a large and easily found pattern in the winter sky of Earth’s northern hemisphere. The stars involved can usually be identified even in the bright night skies of a big city. The six stars that compose the Winter Hexagon are Aldebaran, Capella, Castor (and Pollux), Procyon, Rigel, and Sirius. Here, the band of our Milky Way Galaxy runs through the center of the Winter Hexagon, while the Pleiades open star cluster is visible just above. The Winter Hexagon asterism engulfs several constellations including much of the iconic steppingstone Orion.

Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Dai (TWAN)

Has anyone ever noticed the Winter Hexagon? Send me a message, I’d love to hear about it!

A tarot spread to try out during the winter months when the constellations Orion and Taurus are overhead. Within the Taurus constellation is the famous Pleiades Star Cluster. In Greek mythology the Pleiades are seven sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. This star cluster has been observed and worshiped by many ancient civilizations, and today they are connected to the new age idea of higher consciousness life and divine evolution.

Spell Challenge Day 9: Orion Snow Storm Spell

(word inspired by: Snow)

This is a spell to bring a snow storm to your area and help make sure you have a little bit of a white winter.

You Will Need:

  • White Glitter
  • Ice
  • Image or Representation of the Constellation Orion
  • Freezer
  • Container of any kind with a lid


  1. In the container add a layer of ice cubes enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Take the image of the constellation Orion and place it inside the container on top of the ice.
  3. Take a handful of glitter and pour it on top of the picture and ice
    “Swirling twisting winter winds, with the power of Orion’s light, May whistling snowy winds be coming one of these nights.” (incantation may be changed if desired)
  4. Seal container and shake it up, imagine icy winds full of snow blowing inside, powered by the glowing stars of Orion.
  5. Place in freezer, leave there until you get the storm you desire.
  6. Once no longer desiring snow or having received it, take container out and let the ice inside melt. Remove lid and pour water down sick.

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6 and/or 28 Starco

6) things you said under the stars and in the grass 28) things you said but not out loud

“What’s your favorite star?”

He twists his neck to look at her, her hair tickling his cheek as a fans out around her. Her eyes are caught between the the constellations that shine above them, fascinated.

“Mine’s Sirius, just ‘cus it’s so bright and it’s the first one you see when everything goes dark,” she answers, before he can conjugate a response. “Plus, I like that it helps form a dog in the sky. I love dogs.”

He hums looking back up at the winter constellations and finding the one she points to, twinkling now and then but shining ever brighter. It truly outshines all the rest.

“I guess -” he hesitates, thinking, because what other star is there to love above the one that lies next to him? “I guess Polaris is my favorite.”

“The North Star?” She snorts. “C'mon Marco, you’re more original than that.”

“I guess I’m not,” he chuckles. “It’s like…that one star is the center of the sky, and no matter the season or the day, while the other stars come and go, Polaris is always there. It’s constant. And all the other stars move around it, like it’s some sort of beacon.”

He hears her rustle against the grass beside him, turning on her side and folding her elbows, watching him from above with curious blue eyes.

“It helps you find your way home, too,” she says quietly.

He meets her gaze, soft and simple yet holding back, looking as if there’s more to say but no way for her to say it. He wants her to, and he wants the words to spill from his own lips too because she is all of the stars - bright and unyielding and constant and home.

Instead, he smiles gently her way. “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”

vernon; lucida

genre: fluff/romance

word count: 1141

characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

(a/n) for all the stargazers out there! happy valentines day to my valentine @vivavernon, and a big thank you to @vernkn for adding to the starry aesthetic 

On the warmest day in winter, they decided to stargaze.

Well, she decided. Vernon would’ve gone anywhere with her (yet another movie marathon was his first choice) but she really wanted to sit under the stars, and who was he to object to his favorite girl’s request? The prospect did sound romantic, kissing under a beautiful night sky with his beautiful girl, so he was all for it.

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Please give me some pointers on little demon fashion!
Asked by 秋花さん

Some points to note are— As expected, the most basic would be that a demon’s favorite color is black— And preferably, the more items the better♡ Because if you go with the simply-coordinated outfits that are the trend now, you’ll just end up all dressed in black♪ That’s why winter is the perfect season for little demon fashion♡ Tights and boots are definitely perfect!

What sort of loungewear do you wear at home?
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Sorry, this— Is it alright for me to say this? Somehow it’s a bit— I feel like Ruby-chan or Yocchan will get mad at me for this— but well since you asked I’ll just reveal the answer♪ Just as everyone imagined!! Sweatsuits and jerseys!♡♡ I still love wearing my middle school’s jersey even now~♪

To the book-loving Hanamaru-chan, just how many books do you have in your room?
Asked by 紫鮫さん

Ah— what should I do, I never really counted them before— I don’t know zura… Hmm, maybe, I have 2 large bookshelves and 3 smaller paperback-size bookshelves so— around that much♡ Ever since childhood, I would always go to Numazu’s bookshop on my off days and buy entire paper-bags filled with books— I remember being filled with joy over it!

Since you like reading, do you talk about books with your fellow book-lover Hanamaru-chan?
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Maru-chan and I actually have rather different taste in books— As one can tell, she prefers comparatively serious literary fiction, while I like books written by female authors. Things written from a female perspective. But— At the very least I talk about books with her more than I do with my little sister Ruby, so occasionally it feels almost as though Maru-chan is my real sister instead— Well if I say that, Ruby would certainly get mad♡

When you paint, what sort of things do you mostly paint?
Asked by ともちさん

From the start— What I painted was mostly sceneries, and occasionally images of still life— But after coming to Uchiura, I’ve started painting portraits a bit. Compared to Tokyo where I’ve lived all my life, Uchiura is filled with overwhelmingly beautiful sceneries such as the sea, mountains, forests and Mt. Fuji— So even I find it strange that I’ve switched to painting portraits instead♡ Now— I want to paint everyone’s smiles.

I want to know the level of Chika’s talent in table-tennis♪
Asked by かっちゃん!さん

Needless to say, I’m at the level of the Olympic athlete Mizutani— or at least that’s what I would like to say, but that’s obviously a bit impossible— Tehehe♡ But I can smash quite well! Lately I’ve managed to beat Kanan-chan all the time!! Without trouble!! Plus when we were kids, I always lost to the older Kanan-chan. I’m definitely the champion of table-tennis in Uchiura♡

Are there any stars or constellations you like?
Asked by 燃え上がれ、俺の小宇宙よ!さん

I like the winter constellations, because the sky is clear and you can see the stars quite well— And though it might be overly common, I like the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations♡ Back in elementary school— When I first found them during the early moths of the winter constellation, I was moved by how those two were easy to find— and came to like stars because of that. It tells us the position of the North Star even when out at sea, isn’t that role romantic?

Does Starbright have any other horses as friends?

Asked by 鈴生昴さん

Right now, it’s alone in its stable— so while it’s sad, it doesn’t have any other horses as friends, but it seems like it’s friends with the cats and penguins raised on the island. Hehe— Isn’t it amazing, for it to have penguins as friends— Living in a hotel is also interesting in that aspect. So Cute♪ I’m certain it’ll make friends with the sea lions and dolphins while living here too♡♡

If you were to keep a pet, what would it be?
Asked by ハマチャさん

I’m absolutely terrified of dogs so— maybe a cat? Ah, but then if it got mad and lashed out with its claws with a snarl that would be scary too… What should I pick. Something smaller— I know, a rabbit might be great♡ It doesn’t bark or bite, and doesn’t scratch— I want to sleep together with a fluffy and kind rabbit♪ ♪♡☆

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

You’re My Universe- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: You and Bucky go stargazing as a sorta date and he can’t stop marvelling at how you are his everything. Also Lots of fluff and cute moments as he points out all the constellations to you.

Word Count: 1297

You sat beside Bucky in the passenger seat as he drove out of the hustle and bustle of the inner city. The windows were down and the brisk night air poured into the car, pulling at your hair and drowning out the music playing over the stereo. You two were on the way the the suburbs of New York, where you had heard there was a great place to stargaze. Bucky followed your directions, winding through neighborhoods and crossing boulevards.

“You ever been stargazing?” you asked, wondering if he would care to share a tidbit of his past with you, which was sometimes a difficult thing for him.

“Yeah, once I think, when me and Steve were young…” he trailed off, his brows were knit together as he tried to recall a memory long since passed. He shook his head, ridding himself of the thought. You grabbed his hand off the center console, holding it tight. He squeezed lightly, you squeezed back, both listening to the wind continue to overpower the voices on the radio.

After another half an hour on the winding road, you and Bucky arrived at the lookout. You followed Bucky out of the car, your shoes crunching on the dirt path as you went to go look over the edge. The city was sprawled out before you, the lights were tiny and much dimmer this far away. You turned your attention toward the sky, noticing the moon illuminating the surrounding sky in a ghostly light.

“Bucky, it’s such a beautiful night, perfect for a first time stargazer if I do say so myself,” You commented as Buck continued to gaze out over the city, the lights painting his face orange. You had been here before quite a few times with your family to stargaze, you actually did this quite often.

“Yeah, it really is a neat place to stargaze…” he trailed off as he followed you back to the car. You began pulling out all the supplies you had brought with you to make this night both as epic and romantic as possible. You pulled out multiple blankets, a basket filled with a small picnic (complete with all the midnight snack essentials of course), some books on all the constellations in the sky this time of year, and lastly a small telescope you nicked from Tony’s lab. You piled all the items into your arms and began waddling over to the patch of grass a few feet away.

“As amusing as this is, Doll, let me help you with those,” Bucky snickered as you attempted to look over your pile to see what was ahead of you. You dumped some of the things into his arms, glad you could now see the path ahead of you. You got to the patch of grass and noticed a few other couples laying on their backs or cuddling nearby. So this place wasn’t empty, it was still perfect. You layed down the blanket vary carefully, throwing the other ones on top to cover yourselves with later on if it got cold. You sat down on the ground, Bucky set the basket and books down next to you, plopping down after them. You unfolded the telescope legs, standing it up in front of you. You looked into the eyepiece and twisted the knobs on the side, nothing happened.

“Huh, that’s strange, I can’t see anything,” you complained, looking again, this time swiveling the telescope to see if you could see anything.

“Still nothing! When we get back we have to tell Tony that his telescope is broken… what a piece of junk,” you muttered. You looked at Bucky, who just sat there, looking at you with an amused, lopsided smile on his face.

“What?” you wondered, he just shook his head, continuing to offer you his lovey, lopsided grin.

“What?!” you asked again, beginning to get annoyed.

“Doll, the lens cap is still on…” He mused popping off the small black disk from the end of the scope. Your cheeks were aflame with a crimson blush when he looked back at you, his smile now growing to show off his perfect teeth.

“Oh what are you, some master astronomer now? Should I call you Mr. galileo?” you teased.

“I wouldn’t have to be a master to know that you have to take the lens cap off to be able to see anything, babe,” Bucky shot back, a playful gleam in his eye. You just glared at him, unable to quell the smile growing on your lips. You burst out laughing, Bucky joined you seconds later, the couples around you shooting you annoyed looks, only making you laugh harder.

After you two had settled down, you made Bucky open the books you had brought along. While he wasn’t much for reading, he really liked learning about all the constellations. You flipped through the pages as Bucky laid on his back, his features silhouetted by the pale light of the moon.

“Oh! Here, I think I found Orion!” you exclaimed grabbing the telescope to get a better look. Bucky sat up, looking over at you while you gazed up into worlds unknown. He marveled at how he could make out constellations connected in the blemishes of your cheeks and neck. His breath hitched when you looked at him, he could see galaxies swirling behind your irises, full of mysteries and boundless opportunity. Your were created out of eons of life and death and everything that came before you. You were a miracle. And there was no way he would ever let you forget that. Your voice brought him out of his utter infatuation.

“Come look, I really think I can see Orion!”  You squealed with excitement. Bucky scooted closer to you, his arm coming around your shoulders so you could see together.

“Babe, Orion is a winter constellation, but congrats on finding the little dipper!” Bucky chimed. You huffed, frowning at him.

“How did you get so good at this so fast?!” you asked, your voice high with surprise.

“I guess I learned more than I thought when I went with Steve…” he trailed off once again focusing his eyes up at the sky. You once again leafed through the book, looking for the right star guide for today’s date. You eventually gave up and layed back down on the soft blanket, nestling into Bucky’s side and pulling the other blanket over the two of you. Bucky continued to point out constellations, even some planets that gleamed brighter than the other stars (That’s how he had taught you to identify them). Bucky looked down at you as you laid quietly tucked into his side, gazing up into universes you would never know. And once again his heart fluttered at the thought of how everything had to fall into place for you to meet. Eons of life and creation and you two had stumbled into each other’s lives, and he didn’t think that was a coincidence. Billions of years of life and existence and the fact that he got to spend any of that time with you, even if it was only a second, it made him feel eternal. You were both miracles, your bodies forged from years of what had come before you, and what will come after you. Bucky couldn’t stop letting those thoughts circle in his mind until he got dizzy. Anymore thinking about this and he would have an existential crisis… but he loved the these thoughts that drove him crazy.

After recovering his sanity Bucky noticed how you had gone quiet and your shadowed figure was still and your breathing was shallow and rhythmic. He actually thought you were asleep until you pointed straight up and practically shrieked.

“Look a shooting star!”

“That’s an airplane,”






When do the zodiac constellations appear in the sky?

The constellation of Aries is an autumn constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of November.

The constellation of Taurus is an autumn constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of December.

The constellation of Gemini is a winter constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of January.

The constellation of Cancer is a winter constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of February.

The constellation of Leo is a winter constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of March.

The constellation of Virgo is a spring constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of April.

The constellation of Libra is a spring constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of May.

The constellation of Scorpio is a spring constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of June.

The constellation of Sagittarius is a summer constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month July.

The constellation of Capricorn is a summer constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of August.

The constellation of Aquarius is a summer constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of September.

The constellation of Pisces is an autumn constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of October.