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you should do some trimberly at the beach headcanons! the rest of the rangers can be there too lmao

You right.


-team mom jason sets up the trip as a bonding exercise. he packs snacks, beach toys, sunblock, anything and everything under the sun

-speaking of sunscreen, jason runs around chasing everyone with the bottle. in reality only jason needs it, but “Skin cancer doesn’t skip rangers, people!”

-zack’s mom totally makes him bring a winter coat so he doesn’t tan. little does she know that kid has his shirt off more than on

-the rangers are hesitant to go in the water, after billy, but he leads the charge into the waves, a smile never leaving his face

-color coded umbrellas.

-zack pulling the string to trinis bikini top. later, zacks shorts mysteriously come off in the ocean. he doesnt seem to care, but the 7 elderly people chasing him off the beach once he puts them back on do.

-jason burns. like. really burns, to the point where the whole squad is calling him sebastian, to which zack runs around yelling “Under da sea!” (”Does that make Trini Flounder?” “Only if you’re Ursula.” “And I can be the princess!” “Yes you can Bill.”)

-(”Jason, the true red ranger.” “Kim, you shouldn’t be talking. Whenever Trini’s around, you’re never not pink.” “That’s biphobic.”)

-they bring as huge raft and just kinda float and chill. that is until jason and zack decide to wrestle and flip overboard.

-once it gets dark, they have a bonfire on the beach

-billy using jason as a surfboard

-”Guys, Kim has a BI-kini!” “Jason, way to show off those BI-ceps!”

-billy and zacks castle wins an award. there wasn’t even a competition going on

-ranger dance party

-after they’ve had their fun, they morph and put on snapchat where they are. party ensues.


-kims SUPER excited to get in the water, ripping off her cover shirt (”Kim this is literally in two pieces why are you this extra.”) and running to the water. she turns to see if Trini is following, only to see her pink bikini.

she runs directly into the life guard stand

-they fall asleep tangled, and when they wake up, kim has a tiny trini sized hand print tan on her thigh (”Shut up Zack!” “I didn’t say anything!” “You were thinking it!”)



-trini is small, waves are tall. protective gf kim fighting the ocean.

-kim pops up from out of the water, brushing her hair back with her. trini is so busy watching her mermaid gf a wave totally decks her. aka kim fighting the ocean part 2

-rangers play beach volleyball, girls vs. boys, and the boys can’t even score ONE point. kim just straight up THROWS trini in the air for a spike (”I wasn’t a cheerleader for nothing guys.”)

-they bury the boys and make mermaid tails out of sand. and then they leave them there. (they totally didn’t go make out in the raft)

B.A.P'S latest Google searches


•  how to act gangster without being mean
•  how can a human fking being sound like a whale
•  original yet hipster tattoo ideas
•  is it okay to call someone kid when they’re only a year younger


•  who is the most beautiful kpop idol
•  does himchan really look like a hamster
•  how to make your kids listen to you
•  stylish winter coats for summer


•  what is a ‘dank meme’
•  google, what is that photoshop thing where you put your head on someone else’s body
•  how to hit on someone without them being creeped out
•  how to make 2 ppl fall in love w/ you at the same time


•  does Youngjae from bap really look like a bird
•  Daehyun and Youngjae cute moments compilations
•  how to make myself taller without heels
•  are bap really aliens


•  why do I constantly have a poker face when I’m not hiding anything
•  is it possible to be possessed by my fellow members 
•  craziest dance moves to practice to
•  why are short people always picked on we’re just normal people


•  craziest cases of growth spurts
•  is it okay to pick on my hyungs if I’m way taller than them
•  fastest rappers in K-pop
•  why did bap decide to dye their hair blonde at the same time

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It snowed here the other day and it made me want to write this. So here’s a little fic filled with our favourite party all together, plus of course some Mileven fluff added in.

By mid-December it had become a tradition that every Friday after school the party would all come to see El at the cabin. Each member would bring one of their favorite books, movies, tapes or comic books to help El pass the time until the next week and a new batch of entertainment. This week Max had brought in the newest issue of the X-Men, Lucas had the Ghostbusters VHS, Dustin had a book of all the birds of North America (after the book on all the flowers of North America had been such a hit last week), Will had one of his favorite picture books from when he was younger (El’s reading was slowly improving but she still preferred books with beautiful pictures in them), and Mike had brought in a record filled with different Christmas songs as he had noticed how much she had liked them when some were played at the Snow Ball the previous week.

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Plagg and tikki headcannons please. :D

Aww two cute little babs. Alright, lemme see…

-They miss each other greatly, but they know that keeping identities secret is the best thing.

-They both love cheesecake because it’s the best of both of their worlds. (cheese and sweets)

-They have a sibling-like relationship where they both annoy each other, but they’re extremely protective and loyal to one another.

-Building little tiny forts on desks and snuggling.

-Wearing little coats in the winter.

-Drinking hot cocoa

-Tikki loves kids, but Plagg thinks they’re too grabby.

-When Marinette and Adrien have kids though, Plagg becomes really protective of Emma and wants to be by her side all the time.

-They’re the mom and dad of the kwamis.

-Plagg is usually the laid-back, fun dad type, but he can get serious when he needs to and is very protective of the other kwamis, especially Tikki.

-They’re so happy when Mari and Adrien learn each other’s identities because it means they can see each other again, but then they worry about the repercussions. 

-They like to reminisce about their past holders sometimes.

-Plagg may pretend not to care, but deep down he’s a big softie and Tikki knows it.

-Cheering each other up when they’re sad.

-Exchanging stories about stupid things their holders did pre-reveal.

-Waving at each other under the desks from Marinette’s purse and Adrien’s bag.

Imagine the Rotten Four being like mini-parents/older siblings to all of the younger kids on the Isle

- Like, yeah, Mal was originally bent on domination and ruling Auradon, but she was never heartless. Part of being a good leader (besides being feared) is protecting your people, she couldn’t just let the young kids wander around parts of the marketplace where known perverts and pedophiles hung out. But some of the kids were little shits and didn’t want to listen to her, Mal would get real low, let her eyes flash green, and hiss ‘listen, brat. If I see you in this area again, it’s not gonna be pretty. The number one thing you have to fear on this Island is me, got it?’ And kids would obediently nod, running away as fast as they could with tears and jeez, kids are so ungrateful when you keep them from getting molested

 - She took on a few kids as students, teaching them how to be nasty and wicked and cruel. Mal would feel just a little pull at her heartstrings whenever they did something particularly evil. She could never give them a hug (because ew), but she would high five them and ruffle their hair

- Evie had an excellent sewing kit and kids would come to her with torn up legs and shredded skin. She would sit them all down, use her calmest and sweetest voice as she told them stories of princes and princesses falling in love and warm castles with enough food for everyone as she threaded her needle and stitched them back together. Evie brushed away their tears and kissed their wounds, promising that she had just a teeny bit of magic that would help them heal faster

 - Some little girls would cry about never having a proper birthday, so Evie would plan a surprise make up party, inviting all of their friends and bringing her kits, letting the girls play around with eyeliner and lipstick and giggle happily.

- Jay knew hunger pretty well and he hated to see anyone go without food, but he can’t just give it away. He can’t be soft and weak. So he would stuff his pockets and backpack with stale bread and old fruit, wander down to the school yard and run down playgrounds, pretending to be distracted as little hands reached in to ‘steal’ from him. He’d critique the kids on their thieving skills, show them how to be faster and lighter with their hands and watch them proudly as they stole their next meal from an actual victim

 - he knew the kids who got hit pretty hard at home and gift them with a hat like his own. Any kid wearing a beanie on their head was under his protection, so back the fuck away from them

 - Carlos, always an advocate of learning, stayed behind to help younger kids with homework. Cruella loved to tell him he was an idiot and useless, it turns out that’s what a lot of villains told their kids and none of them gave a damn about education. He’d patiently explain math and work on reading and tutor with science, steadily raising the esteem of any kids that came to him because your mom is wrong, Dizzy, you’re not stupid, look at how well you spell. You’re so smart, please stop crying

 - if kids lost their winter coats or needed new gloves, they just had to go to Carlos and he’d give away one of his own or sneak into Cruella’s closet and steal something she wouldn’t miss (and sometimes she would realize something was missing and smack him around, but if it’s between taking a beating and letting a kid freeze, it’s not a question which one he would do)

 - All four of them had a secret knock they would teach to kids to use at night if they were in trouble or needed someplace to stay. Mal would meet kids on the roof, Evie would shimmy down her castle wall, Jay would creak open the door to his father’s shop and Carlos would lift his window, all with an extra place on their bed and an old shirt to wrap shivering shoulders up in

Hot n’ Cold - Jakob Chychrun

Gif Credit

Note: Hi again, cuties! I hope you guys have been enjoying all the imagines just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! Here’s another one for you guys, which I almost guarantee I had a shitload of second-hand embarrassment writing. Hope you all enjoy!

Mentions: Max Domi, Lawson Crouse, Clayton Keller

Warnings: Steam (but no smut), second-hand embarrassment if you feel that

Smut: Yes | No

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: William Karlsson

Teaser: “Just take off your coat, babe, you’re gonna have a stroke if you keep it on.” He finally got underneath your hand to undo the top two buttons, revealing the lace you had on underneath.

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Reader x Poe Dameron for the otp thing, please?

who’s the one to wake up the kids: Poe is the early riser, so he usually wakes them up. He sleeps a lot, but he’s the parent that falls asleep on the couch at like seven, and wakes up at ten, and then goes back to sleep and wakes up again at six in the morning. He is also the parent to come and wake up his kids by singing to them or softly talking to them and kissing their foreheads.
who makes the breakfast: Poe. Poe is really into cooking so he makes the best breakfast for his kids. As long as he has time, he goes over the top and makes pancakes, waffles, omelets, smoothies, everything. He usually leaves a mess that he won’t clean up until he gets home or if you beat him to it.
who’s the one to cry for everything: Both. You’re both softies, so anything that happens has a chance of triggering you both. Every time that Poe comes back from a mission, you and the kids meet him and he cries the minute he sees you all, and you tear up just seeing him crying. 
who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Poe is more disciplined, and you’re more lenient. Since you spend the most time with the kids considering that Poe is gone a lot, you know what to let slide and what not to. Poe doesn’t, so he usually is too strict when he gets back, and then you have to make him relax. 
who helps with the science fair: You. Poe is gone a lot, so you are usually the go to parent. Doesn’t mean that Poe can’t help, but they just instinctively go to you. 
who does baby talk: Poe. He wasn’t even shy about it, after you had your first kid, Poe started with the baby talk immediately. Sometimes you have to force him out of baby talk because he gets so used to it.
who wakes up for midnight feedings: Both. You take turns, but it depends who hears it first. Poe tries to get up first, but he’s such a slow mover that you can usually beat him to it. Sometimes you get too competitive and end up making too much noise and waking up the other kids.
who’s the one who always worries: You. I think you would worry the most. A lot of the time you would be left with the kids and wouldn’t have anyone to vent to. So you would worry so much that when Poe came back you would just explode a mountain of worries on him because there was so much to talk about. He would promise you that everything was okay, and that you didn’t need to worry about anything, you were great parents.
who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Poe. Sometimes he’ll lie about when he’ll be back from a mission and he’ll surprise and pick up the kids from school and then come to get you for some fun.
who’s the competitive parent: I don’t think either of you would be really competitive in person, but you would both trash talk other parents when it’s just the two of you.
who kisses the ouches: Both. You are there when they need you, but Poe does it no matter how hurt they are. He’s just melts around his kids, so whatever they might need, he’s there.
who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Poe. You have built up an immunity to the puppy eyes for the most part. Poe pretty much gives the kids whatever they want, after begging you and making sure it’s not completely idiotic what he’s doing.
who makes the “dad jokes”: You. You always make the dad jokes because there are always some many opportunities for them. When Poe returns he is shocked by all your jokes while the kids are like ‘yeah, we’re used to this’
who embarrassed their kid for fun: Both. Poe would always make big public displays of affections when he came home, just to see the kids giggle and blush and complain.
who’s the over protective one: Poe. Not in the sense of ‘you can’t date my child’ but he just worries about keeping them safe, especially because of his line of work.
who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: You. Poe is all about the aesthetic his kids have, and the winter coats they have don’t always go with their look. He eventually buys all of his kids the jacket just so they can look cool and stay warm, pleasing both their parents.

The Christmas That Was Promised – Chapter One

Chapter Two: here

Jonsa politicians’ kids modern AU, set at Christmas. For @jonxsansafanfiction Winter Challenge!

Selected by Senator Ned Stark as the nation’s model foster kid, Jon grew up between two worlds. But then the news breaks: Jon isn’t an orphan after all. He’s the son of President Rhaegar Targaryen. Not just that—he’s the product of a secret affair that has the whole world talking.

The president goes on damage control, inviting Jon to his mansion for Christmas dinner. Jon is sick of being used as a publicity stunt by powerful men. All he wants to do is disappear from the public eye forever—but maybe he can use the Targaryen influence to help fix things for foster youth in Washington, once and for all.

And maybe dinner won’t be so bad. After all… Sansa will be there.

The prince that was promised.

That’s what they were calling Jon. Gossip magazines. Clickbait articles. He was even trending on Twitter.

All he wanted to do was hole up in his dorm and hide until the new year. But even here, he couldn’t avoid the attention. Reporters stood outside his house with parkas and earmuffs, coffees in hand, waiting him out. Sam kept peeking out the window and Jon had given up telling him to stop.

“I’m just nervous, you know, that Gilly won’t be able to make it through the crowd,” Sam said for the fourteenth time.

Jon didn’t reply.

Sam turned away from the window, letting the ugly brown curtain fall back down. The room was shrouded in darkness. “It’s a little exciting, don’t you think?” he asked, unable to keep the smile off his face.

“No,” Jon snapped. “It’s not exciting.”

The silence hung between them. Sam’s smile slipped away and Jon sighed, trying to relax his shoulders. It wasn’t that Sam wasn’t used to his moods, but…

“I’m sorry, Sam.”

“It’s all right.” Sam shrugged. “It’s just that… well, it’s all I ever dreamed of as a boy. Finding my real family. And they’re rich. I think I always saw my father as more of a Mace Tyrell, though.”

It was what Jon had dreamed of as a boy, too. But he’d stopped being a boy a long time ago. He’d learned how the world worked in Washington, DC. There were some families, like the Targaryens, Lannisters, and Starks, that were just better than other families. And then there were those who didn’t have families. Sam, handed over to social services when he was old enough to know his parents’ faces. Gilly, a runaway who took off after her dad called her his girlfriend.

And Jon, of course. Abandoned as a baby. Grew up in the same group home as Sam and Gilly and a rotation of other kids. Some of them were fostered for a time—some were even adopted. But most of them came back. Jon was fostered once, by a kindly old man named Mr. Mormont. But after he died, it was back to the home for Jon.

Of course, there were the Starks.

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Hidden Under Amaryllis (1/ 2)

summary: No one knew when it began. It was a disease a couple generations old. Their butterflies either rise up and escape as kisses, or… (Aka, “The Hanahaki Disease Flower Shop AU No One Asked For.”) Twoshot.

pairings: killugon, leopika

notes: the flower meanings are listed where the fic is posted on ao3 and ffnet

story tag

The bell above the doorframe chimed, marking the three o'clock rush of one customer. 

Kurta Flowers and Creations was far from a popular location and patrons were a selected few. It was a small corner store that only residents who lived here their entire lives could remember existed, tucked away in the shadows of the town. 

It was overstocked with every flower available. There were flowers one wouldn’t believe existed. Anything a florist could get their hands on, The Kurta had it. It was rare to hear they didn’t carry what you were looking for. It was damn near impossible to stump them when it came to types of flowers. They were fairly popular for their Amaryllis, yet they rarely sold these days. The current owner claimed that he didn’t stock them due to lack of interest.

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sorry if you've said this a billion times but i never saw so im asking..what r ur tips to steal without getting caught. sometimes i want to but i get so paranoid that like the cops will immediately bust in and beat my ass for shoving a pack of sharpies into my coat

honestly confidence is key, acting like you’re hiding something or being too nervous is gonna make you move awkwardly and slowly. keep your cool and act like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

loose clothes are good as hell. boots you can tuck stuff into are amazing. underwear or something tight under sweats conceal things beautifully. never use a backpack unless you’re absolutely positive it matches your look (like, college kid or smthn)

a big coat during winter months is another life saver. with a good fluffy coat and some pants you could steal a bass from guitar center. but a pack of sharpies? shoved right in the crotch against my tummy. easy.