winter burgers

Someone has a crush....
  • Glynda: I’m going to get you through this. Tell me what you like about Qrow.
  • Winter: Nothing. Everything. I don’t know.
  • Glynda: Do you like his hair?
  • Winter: You mean those soft black bangs you wanna hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? No, not really.
  • Glynda: And his face?
  • Winter: Ew, gross, it’s so gorgeous! I just want to slap it. I want to slap it. I just want to slap his hideous, beautiful face.
  • Glynda: Um, you mean kiss?
  • Winter: No, I mean slap.
  • Glynda: Whoa. You got it bad, girl.

- I’ve been wandering around in boxers all day.  it’s been productive other than the lack of putting on clothes like a people

- If there’s anything I’ve learned the last 6 years is that men will literally fuck anything.  6 kids, three arms, 4 diseases, married….. it doesn’t matter.  Women are significantly more picky and most often don’t want to play second fiddle to anything.  The saying ‘if you don’t take care of your woman someone else will’ has lost value to me because if women aren’t picky and they want something they’ll get it.  As Louis C.K. has said…women will shit inside of your heart.

- If the tables were turned the last 6 years and I had committed half of the acts that happened and things said in our marriage I would have been blamed for emotional abuse and adultery.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I were happy or not in the relationship.  With the tables turned, however, the light cast on the situation seems to be a little different when it comes to acceptability.  Not that I’m jaded or anything but this entire experience has taught me what women can actually get away with, their justification as to why, and still not be thrown under the bus for it publicly compared to their male counterparts.

- I’m putting this here because meh.

- it’s 98 outside.  When will winter get here?

- Burgers for dinner tonight.

- I had plans of getting the truck washed today.  Noooope.

- There’s a weeks worth of clean laundry in the basket.  When will it put itself away?

- I already did the dishes today.  That’s enough domestic activity for the weekend.

- Eventually I will have to shower.

Isaac: Pfffft~

Max: I feel like the ‘cold shoulder’ joke here is a little too obvious, buuuut…

Ed: You know I could just paint you a coat, right?

Isabel: I-I’m fine! My prepubescent rage will keep me warm!

When I was younger, I used to think I was hot shit for never wearing a coat during winter (even though it was sometimes 20F/-6C or colder).  Even when I was really cold, I had a ‘reputation’ I had to keep, in my mind, so I would shiver in silence.

Isabel seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t go out of her way to grab a coat if she suddenly needed it–she’d rather tough it out.


“Louise, it’ll be okay. I’m sure you’ll all get presents this year.”
“Are you, Dad? Are you so sure?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”