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poem: how to stay

or, on loving an assassin

I know. You are always afraid
not of staying, but of what would happen
if you stayed.
You grew up learning
that attachment gets you killed.
You emerged from your mother’s womb
only to discover firsthand
the meaning of abandonment.
You think I don’t notice the way
your fingers                           tremble
when you hold me in your arms.
How you can grip a sword instinctively
but touch me
like I am made
of glass, of smoke.
You think I closed my eyes
when I said I love you.
I love you. I love you.
I hear it in your heartbeat.
Even as you tell me, please,
leaving is all I know—

it hammers wildly, thumps the way
prey runs from predator.

What I need you to know
is not staying. It’s that
I saw everything
and loved you anyway.
If your hands shake I will hold them steady.
If you need to be reminded I am real
I will let you press your fingertips against my pulse,
run your palms along my shoulders,
kiss me like I am water
and you have been parched all your life.
If home has only ever been a series
of temporary houses and rooftops,
let me be the one to teach you permanence.

I know. In the mirror, all you see
is a weapon made flesh.
What I am saying is that
I will be your scabbard.
You do not need to know staying.
After all, you already know
how to come back.


this poem was written for Saizo (from SLBP) because I love Saizo a lot and have no self-control when it comes to him. I hope you like it! please leave comments if you have thoughts on it (and constructive criticism if any) ♡ also, annoyingly enough, tumblr mobile likes to mess around with the formatting of my poems ha ha thx so click here if you’d like to see it on google docs!!

(note: this is my main blog. @kujotaiqa is my side blog / I’m that one girl who keeps posting Saizo things in the tag haha. do check out my other writing if you liked this piece!)

anonymous asked:

May I ask where you're located at? And how do your bees do during the winter months?

I’m currently in the good ol’ down south territory known best as Alabama! Central ‘Bamma to be exactish. And I personally have yet to fill my hives, but all of my local keepers have had consistent losses of about 1/3 of their hives over each winter. They of course build it back up through the summer, but there are always losses.

Except for one keeper…

I only know him as “the all-natural keeper.”

He keeps small-cell bees and they are for all intents and purposes invincible.

They are a miracle of nature and will never die.

There are two ways to get warm on a cold winter day: build a fire, which warms everyone else in the room as well; or wrap yourself in furs, which conserves your own warmth but does not generate any heat or warm anyone else. Thus chassidim would refer to a righteous person whose only concern is with his own righteousness as “a tzaddik in a fur coat.”

Rabbi Bunim of Peshischa

Discover New Music: Tropical House

Summer might be coming to an end, but the hottest songs of the year are still booming out of the radio. A lot of the songs have a distinct ‘island-vibe’ mixed with sweet beats. But what makes songs special? How are they called? But the the real question is - “Where can I find more of them?” We’ve got all your answers!

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Into The Dark - Part Three

Originally posted by readytocomply

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up. 

Words: 997

A/U: Third chapter, hope you guys like it! If you do please leave feedback. Feedback is always lovely and warms writer’s souls. Enjoy!

She hurried down corridors, trying to get an exit, “Miss Y/L/N, hold up!” she ignored him and kept on walking, he grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“Let me go, I wanna get out of this place.”

“We need you,” he insisted, “these facilities, where else will you come across something of this magnitude?”

“I don’t care, you’re insane!” she yelled, “what you did to that man, that’s torture!” she freed her arm, “I’m leaving and going straight to the police!”

“Someone with a double major in neuroscience and biochemistry cannot be that naive, they won’t help you.”

“We’ll see. I am never working for you or anyone in here!” she turned back, having found the exit.

He stayed back letting her go, “you’ll regret this.”

“So?” he insisted, “why are you working for HYDRA?”

“I was recruited  by them,” Y/N said, “Two years ago.”

“And you accepted right away?”

“What does this have to do with the Winter Soldier?” she asked instead, “replaceable or not, someone will come for him.”

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ship songs

band of brothers edition 

((special thank you to @gendryw4ters for consulting <3))

note: I included all the major pairings, plus various rare pairs I’ve seen around the fandom. please let me know if there’s a pairing you’d like to see, and I’ll try to add them!

Babe Heffron & Eugene Roe  -  Vintage Red by Jay Jay Pistolet 

Ron Speirs & Carwood Lipton  -  Young Folks by Richard Walters

Joe Liebgott & David Webster  -  You’re The One by Tracy Chapman

Dick Winters & Lewis Nixon  -  Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

George Luz & Joe Toye  -  5 AM by Amber Run

Bill Guarnere & Joe Toye  -  Way Down We Go by Kaleo 

George Luz & Joe Toye & Bill Guarnere  -  Don’t Deserve You by Plumb

Don Malarkey & Skip Muck  -  In The Embers by Sleeping At Last 

Buck Compton & Don Malarkey  -  Hurts Like Hell by Fleurie

Bull Randleman & Johnny Martin  -  Love Vigilantes by Iron & Wine  

Eugene Roe & Joe Toye  -  The Pugilist by Keaton Henson 

Ron Speirs & Don Malarkey  Stay With Me by Sam Smith 

Ron Speirs & Chuck Grant   -  Heal by Tom Odell

Chuck Grant & Floyd Talbert  -  It’s OK by Tom Rosenthal 

Babe Heffron & Chuck Grant & Joe Liebgott  -  Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

Joe Liebgott & Skinny Sisk  -  Don’t You Find by Jamie T

Skinny Sisk & Chuck Grant - Pluto by Sleeping At Last 

Frank Perconte & Skinny Sisk  -  Paris by The Chainsmokers 

Skinny Sisk & Shifty Powers  -  Charlie Boy by The Lumineers 

Floyd Talbert & Shifty Powers  -  Light by Sleeping At Last

Joe Liebgott & Ron Speirs  -  Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Carwood Lipton & George Luz  -  The Moon Song by Karen O & Ezra Koenig

Dick Winters & Carwood Lipton  -  To Build A Home by the Cinematic Orchestra

Dick Winters & Eugene Roe  -  Bay Of Naples by Eric Margan & The Red Lions

Dick Winters & Joe Liebgott  -  Dust On The Ground by Bombay Bicycle Club 

Lewis Nixon & Carwood Lipton  -  Mess is Mine by Vance Joy 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can anyone explain what shrinkyclinks, shrunkyclunks and all the other variations are?? I get a bit lost!

ShrinkyClinks is for Pre-Serum Steve (because he’s shrinky) and Winter Soldier Bucky (because the arm is clinky).

ShrunkyClunks is for modern, unenhanced Bucky (who’s shrunk in comparison to the winter soldier build) and Captain America Steve (because the shield is clunky).

Then there’s two more variations that don’t really have a ship name:

Modern!Skinny!Steve where we keep fics that feature a Pre-Serum Steve in combination with a modern Bucky, enhanced or no (for example, a combat vet with the metal arm or other prostetic or who was experimented on as a POW).

The last variation, a modern no powers Post-Serum Steve to go with a modern Bucky, enhanced or no, gets tagged under Modern AU.

I hope that makes it at least a little clearer.

You’re Worth Melting For

For snowflake anon & Dr. Anon:

Imagine a pocket-sized you getting inspired by the famous Disney movie Frozen and wanting to make your own Olaf. Standing outside in the freshly-coated yard bundled up head from toe, you stare back at the snowman, who is the same height as you, in its button eyes and place the baby carrot where its nose is supposed to go. The snow crunches under your boots as you step back and smile at your pocket-sized Olaf. He smiles at you with his square teeth (you used a square-shaped piece of gum), and with a satisfied sigh, you turn around to tell Namjoon and Hoseok you’re ready to go inside, but you stop yourself. Hoseok holds Namjoon’s hands in his and have them close to his mouth blowing on them to get them warm because Namjoon forgot his gloves (he didn’t think you’d be out in the cold this long). Clearing your throat while gaining their attention, Namjoon pulls his hands away from Hoseok’s embarrassed. Acting like nothing happened, Namjoon asks if you’re ready to go inside. Biting your lip to keep from smiling, you nod your head.


Modern Worshippers: Brigit [Requested by awitchywoman84earth]

They hide paint spatters and soot stains under crisp white doctors coats. They’re in pediatrics, radiology, cardiology, the operating room, the candy strippers and med students and elderly health givers. Their smile is like a beam of sunlight on the frozen ground, warming and kind. Some have old tombs with faded, tea-stained pages handed down the line while others house sleek new textbooks in a digital space. They go out in March, searching the frozen ground for sprigs of flowers to offer. If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan or Washington D.C, they always host a huge hanami to bring friends and family alike into the celebration of Spring’s return. But they don’t just sit around during the silence of Winter; they build with yarn needles, wood sanders and fire, the forges of yesteryear replaced with one with no physical form. Stunning quilts and dolls, costumes for cosplay conventions or the Renaissance Fair, beautiful poems in free verse, haiku, limerick and couplet forms, replicas of swords at a fraction of the weight. All this and more springs from their fingertips and minds as they wait.

They wait and wait. Because She will surely come back to pull color from the frozen ground and weave it into their hair.