winter beauty routine

My Current Skincare Routine - Winter 2016

 Let’s start with my skin type.

I have dry skin- simple right? Hit it with a metric shit-ton of moisture and I should be golden. But is life ever that simple? I have acne-prone skin as well. You may be asking now, “How is that even possible?” Well, acne isn’t always caused by excess sebum. Irritants and hormones play a big factor, as well. Can I tell you for sure why I get pimples? No, but I suspect it’s a combination of the latter two reasons. This is why I categorize my skin as being sensitive. My skin sensitivity leads to acne, despite my arid skin.

Oh, I also get eczema, too. I’ll discuss that in a different post.

For now, let’s jump into my current routine that has been managing to keep me relatively blemish free and moisturized.

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