winter 2011

[Translation] Winter 2011 Kool :: INFINITE 5,000 Word Cross Talk

If you would like to use my translations in any way, shape or form, please contact me first! If I catch my translations floating around without my permission (that aren’t direct reblogs) I will stop translating and posting and keep all the fun interviews all for myself.

This magazine is before Infinite’s official Japanese debut. There is a page of smaller questions about who wants to room with who that I am going to skip for now in liu of the newer magazines and possibly come back to later! Also, this interview/crosstalk is originally written as being “10,000 character”, meaning Japanese character, so I changed it to 5,000 word (which it is ;o;) in the title up there. Next is the February Popolo and Asian Place!


We’re here because of Infinite.

“Infinite is everything to me now.
It’s something I’ll have to protect for the rest of my life, something that I can’t lose no matter what.
We all need each other, and Infinite’s something that’s so important to all of us that the 7 of us being together is just like an undeniable fact.
To the point that it feels like we can’t be apart no matter what.”

— Sunggyu

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