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air, earth snow!!

  • earth: are you eco friendly & do you recycle?

i like to think i am!!! i try recycle as much as i can (i go through a LOT of paper & card because im constantly writing notes for college), but also our recycle bins are very specific and if u have like, one single staple or something that cant be recycled, then ur entire recycle bin is ignored?

so yeah i try to be but sometimes i just bin stuff insteas if im not sure if its recyclable or not

  • snow: when was the last time you made a snowman?

the last time it snowed A Lot was winter 2009/2010, so i’d have to say then! we made a snowman in the garden and an igloo-type thing in the field!!! the igloo is probably my proudest achievement too, it was huge and took all day and lasted a week after the rest of the snow melted

  • air: what was the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

okay this ones below a cut because its kinda gross,, eye trauma tw (but not rly? i avoided it)

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