winter 2002

The crowd was very quiet as I turned into my first quad combo. When I checked the left-side corner of the boards so I wouldn’t land too close to it, I saw Mishin. He knew I would notice him, and that’s why he was standing there, staring at me. He was trying to throw me off, and it was a trick he’d used before. I whispered under my breath:

“God help me.”

At that moment, my eyes fell on the Olympic rings drawn on the boards just to the right of where my former coach was standing. That was enough to urge me on. I jumped, and landed. A few minutes later, after going through most of my elements, I did the triple Lutz right in front of Mishin, who was still standing in the same spot. This time, I gave him a smile.

putting victor’s career on a timeline is giving me some serious headache, i give up? it doesn’t make any sense. but one thing i’m 100% sure of is that he’s won olympic gold at least three times, and those were in torino, vancouver and sochi. can’t prove the sochi one with a picture of the medal, but i don’t think he’d wear the jacket so often if he hadn’t won (and lbr at that point he was basically unbeatable).

the medal on lower right is the one i can’t figure out, it looks like the gold medal for 2002 winter olympics, but there’s no way he would’ve been qualified to compete because of his age? unless he was actually born in ‘86? it would fit the timeline of him being 27 in sochi gpf i guess, since that was in 2013, but mess up everything else bc in that case he would’ve been 21 (read: too old, age limit is 19) by the time of 2008 junior worlds in sofia, which we know he competed in and won. it’s also after this that yuuri sees victor for the first time and yuuko shows him the interview that results in yuuri getting vicchan, and victor’s age is mentioned to be 15 there. idk why i’m even thinking this far, this is an anime ffs the timeline isn’t even supposed to match with real world somebody please stop me