If Clark Kent can get away with a spit curl and glasses, Spock can get away with rumpled hair and glasses and and imagine reporter!Spock using contractions because IT IS ONLY LOGICAL


There’s so much beauty in Spirk. Just think about it.

Older, retired Spock and Jim, together for so many years and completely entirely comfortable with each other and themselves. Spock taking a nap with his head on Jim’s growing tummy, Jim having a cup of Spock’s favorite yes waiting for him when Spock has been out in the cold and needs to warm up.

Jim taking Spock home with him to show him Iowa. It’s winter, and Spock experiences snow for the first time. Jim watches him stand by the window, looking out, and the unguarded look of wonder makes Jim’s heart race as fast as it did the day he and Spock first kiss.

Spock takes Jim home to Vulcan and Jim doesn’t enjoy the heat. At all. But he does enjoy the sehlats, and Spock watches Jim play with a dozen baby sehlats and he can’t imagine what drove him to try to undergo kohlinar and remove his emotions entirely, because he’d almost lost this joy, this love, and he never wants to be without this.

The bond between them, the way they can feel each other every moment, their minds curled up right together even when they’re far apart. Feeling the love and devotion they have for each other.

The beauty they find in each other, the way Jim and Spock complete each other and fulfil needs they didn’t even know they had before they were met.

Just… Jim and Spock. The greatest love story.

Mckirk/Spuhura au idea: They’re all seasonal spirits; Jim is summer, Bones is Autumn, Spock is Winter, Uhura is Spring. Jim’s always chasing Bones, and Spock’s always following Uhura.

Jim is bright and vibrant and energetic, but can sometimes be overwhelming, hot tempered, and fierce.  Bones is calm and soothing and grounded, but can be bitter, chilling, and unforgiving.

Bones can cool Jim off when he’s out of control, keep him calm and peaceful and content. Jim can warm Bones up when he goes frigid, make him brighten and smile and show all his colours.

Spock is serene and peaceful and strong, but can be harsh, unrelenting, and completely frigid. Uhura is light and vivacious and nurturing, but can sometimes be temperamental, stormy, and stubborn.

Uhura can bring light back into Spock’s life when he’s gone into darkness, put warmth and life and joy back into him. Spock can ground Uhura when she’s unstable, give her solidity and support and peace of mind.

Summer and Winter are the strongest seasons, but can easily be influenced by Spring and Fall, who they always follow dutifully.

Old married Spirk headcanons:

  • Jim loves pinot noir and enjoys drinking it with his dinner.
  • Spock almost always drinks hot tea. He likes Vulcan flavors and Moroccan mint.
  • Jim gets fanmail every month from cadets.
  • When Spock goes out, he prefers to wear fitted trousers, tunics he bought on Vulcan, and dress shoes. All of these are black.
  • Jim has a collection of plaid shirts hanging in the closet.
  • Jim has a pair of plaid boxers.
  • Jim and Spock sometimes wake up early to watch the sun rise on Earth.
  • In the winter, Jim insists that Spock should use chapstick and wear a scarf.
  • Spock owns two scarves. One is black, one is dark blue. Both have ‘J+S’ discreetly stitched towards the right end of both.
  • ^ They were gifts from Jim.
  • Jim facetiously suggested including smut in the reports Spock writes for the Vulcan Embassy to make sure they’re actually reading them.
  • ^ Spock thought he was serious and cited that would be against regulation.
  • When Jim and Spock are at home and the space is closed between them, they put their foreheads together. A lot.
  • Jim and Spock experience the most explosive mind melds ever because they have decades of massive feels.